Commissioners found Clearview AI (US) violated Canadians’ privacy.

Following from the previous posts on digital privacy, a recent report from four Canadian privacy commissioners expressed frustration at Clearview AI’s infringement of Canadian privacy law, and doubt that our current regime is capable of enforcing compliance. The facial recognition company stopped assisting Canadian law enforcement agencies the last time these concerns were raised, but… Read More

Apple Privacy Changes: A response to Ad-based social media platforms

I have been following this news progress since first learning of Tim Cook (Apple’s CEO) publicly criticized social media platforms (though thinly veiled referenced to Facebook Inc. in particular) over online privacy concerns. This week, we discussed advertising regulation and how digital media has escaped the stringent advertising regulations that traditional media has been required… Read More

Interoperability of Social Media Hi everyone, I came across an interesting blog post talking about the possibility of an interoperable internet and the pros/cons for such interoperability. The idea behind an interoperable internet is that “digital walls” between social platforms are eliminated so that users can choose whichever platform they want but still be able to interact with… Read More