Rogers agrees to buy Shaw in a deal valued at $26 billion

Hi everyone, Some recent news here. Rogers Communications has agreed to buy Shaw Communications in a deal valued at $26 billion, which would make Rogers the 2nd largest cell operator in Canada behind BCE Inc., overtaking Telus. Currently, the deal is waiting on 2/3rds majority shareholder approval. Also, the deal will be scrutinized by… Read More

Google announces its intention to move away from all forms of third-party identifiers

Hello Class, Earlier this week, Google announced that it intends to move away from third-party cookie trackers in response to an “erosion of trust”. This move will fundamentally impact digital advertising. Where current practices allow companies to track a user’s online activity to the extent of collecting their personal information, Google now strives to achieve… Read More

Presentation: Internet Censorship of Sexually Explicit Content

Hi Everyone, Saska and I (Hellen) are doing our presentation on censorship of sexually explicit content by online platforms. Saska’s presentation will be on how internet platforms have treated nipples differently based on assumptions about the person’s gender identity; Hellen’s presentation will be on Only Fans. In preparation for our presentations please read these two… Read More

Soundcloud’s new royalty model

Soundcloud announced today its new ‘fan-powered royalties’ model. Unlike the current industry model which pools revenues and pays based on total number of streams, the new fan-powered model distributes royalties based on revenue from fans/users directly to the artists that they streamed. Prior to reading about this I was not aware that there was such… Read More