News of the Week; September 23, 2020

COMMUNICATIONS  Why It’s Time to Reboot Canada’s Failed Digital Agenda (Michael Geist)  “Get Money From Web Giants”: Why Canadian Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault’s Top Legislative Priority is Risky Business (Michael Geist) Trump Nominates Guy Who Wants To Police Speech Online To Be The Next FCC Commissioner DOJ Continues Its Quest To Kill Net Neutrality (And… Read More

News of the Week; September 16, 2020

COMMUNICATIONS Court rejects Bell, Rogers appeals of CRTC decision on internet wholesale rates Court rejects Bell, Rogers appeals of CRTC decision on wholesale internet rates: Big telecom companies ordered to pay court costs for smaller ISPs on other side of case Weakening Net Neutrality: How the Government’s Internet Regulation Plan Abandons the Principle of Equal… Read More

News of the Week; September 9, 2020

COMMUNICATIONS  Canadian Heritage Minister Guilbeault Says Social Media Sites Linking to News Content Without Payment is “Immoral” (Michael Geist) As Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault Plans Link Taxes and Internet Content Regulation, Where Is Navdeep Bains? (Michael Geist)  America Needs To Stop Pretending The Broadband ‘Digital Divide’ Isn’t The Direct Result Of Corruption AT&T’s current 5G… Read More

News of the Week; September 2, 2020

COMMUNICATIONS D.C. Circuit Casts Doubt on FCC’s Authority to Impose Merger Conditions Yet Another Study Shows U.S. 5G Is Far Slower Than Many Other Nations SpaceX seeks FCC broadband funds, must prove it can deliver sub-100ms latency  U.S. Cable Broadband Monopolies Close In On 70% Broadband Market Share  Small Satellite Operators’ C-Band Challenge Rejected by… Read More

News of the Week; August 26, 2020

COMMUNICATIONS Bizarre Court Ruling Helps Cable Broadband Monopoly Charter Tap Dance Around Merger Conditions AT&T, T-Mobile fight speed tests that could prove their coverage maps wrong Commerce Department Further Restricts Huawei Access to U.S. Technology Abroad and Expands Reach of Entity List Zombie BlackBerrys! QWERTY BlackBerry Android phones are coming back Regulators Are Ignoring How… Read More

News of the Week; August 5, 2020

COMMUNICATIONS NTIA Asks FCC to Broaden Internet Platforms’ Liability for Third-Party Content and Moderation Efforts FCC Seeks Comment on Section 230 Petition Ajit Pai calls for “vigorous debate” on Trump’s social media crackdown The FCC Knows Trump’s Social Media Order Is A Joke, But Fecklessly Pretends Otherwise FCC Adopts New Safe Harbor Rules for Blocking… Read More