Presentation: Internet Censorship of Sexually Explicit Content

Hi Everyone, Saska and I (Hellen) are doing our presentation on censorship of sexually explicit content by online platforms. Saska’s presentation will be on how internet platforms have treated nipples differently based on assumptions about the person’s gender identity; Hellen’s presentation will be on Only Fans. In preparation for our presentations please read these two… Read More

Misinformation and Coronavirus

In the wake of COVID 19, ensuring correct and honest information is disseminated to individuals has never been more important. Now more than ever, people need to hear about society’s big plan to socially isolate ourselves and maintain higher sanitization standards than we are used to. The threat of misinformation is a threat to the… Read More

A Ring Trilogy: A Primer on Police Partnerships, Privacy and Facial Recognition Concerns

Recently, Amazon’s Ring (the electronic doorbell and surveillance technology and subsequent apps) has been the subject of criticism by media outlets for various reasons such as privacy breaches and mismanaging user data. Many issues pertaining to Amazon’s Ring intersects with some of our course lecture topics and student presentations of data privacy, facial recognition technology… Read More

Law Society of B.C.’s 3rd Annual Rule of Law Lecture: Right Honourable Beverley McLachlin & Richard Peck, Q.C. on “Privacy, Technology and The Rule of Law”

The third annual LSBC Rule of Law Lecture took place on Tuesday, June 25, 2019 at UBC Robson Square. The speakers addressed subjects covered extensively in this course, particularly “whither regulation?” and how privacy law fits (or not) in a digital world. Given that the speakers were the Right Honourable Beverley McLachlin, former chief justice… Read More

I Want Your Opinion: Driving Force Behind Facebook Pivot?

Hey all, I’m sure we’ve all heard about Mark Zuckerberg’s recent post on Facebook titled “A Privacy-Focused Vision for Social Networking” that many are calling a manifesto of sorts. I don’t want to give too many opinions about the post since it has been commented on ad nauseum (including in a few good articles included… Read More

Tinder, Dating Apps, and Privacy Policy – Discussion Outline

Tinder, Dating Apps, and Privacy Policy (Brendon Easton, Cayleigh Handford, Sarah Manschreck, and Margaux Ripert) Discussion Outline 1. Foundations a. What is personal data? b. Why do we want to keep it private? c. Risks d. Issues: Grindr HIV scandal, Ashley Madison case, Guardian article on Tinder 2. Overview of Privacy Legislation in Canada a…. Read More

Questions of the Week (Class 5): For The Honourable Marshall Rothstein C.C., Q.C.

At our guest’s request I put together some questions which we reviewed over the weekend and which will guide at least parts of Justice Rothstein’s remarks and our interactions. May be helpful to post them as they may spur further thoughts:   “Questions that the Honourable Mr. Justice Marshall Rothstein, Q.C. might want to consider… Read More

Special Guest on Tuesday February 5, 2019: The Honourable Marshall Rothstein C.C., Q.C

It is a thrill and an honour to welcome to our next class the Honourable Marshall Rothstein C.C., Q.C. He will speak about In Reference re Broadcasting Regulatory Policy CRTC 2010-167 and Broadcasting Order CRTC 2010-168, 2012 SCC 68, [2012] 3 S.C.R. 489 where he wrote the judgment for the majority. In that context he will provide some… Read More