CRTC approves MNVOs and Mandates Low Cost Mobile Wireless Plans

The CRTC announced today that they are requiring the “dominant mobile providers” to grant wholesale access to their networks to resellers. In theory, this is supposed to encourage more competition, faster, for cell phone plans and help push down the current in-market prices. This is pretty similar to how the larger internet providers are required… Read More

Dark Patterns in Web Design & Tricking Users Into Consent

Hi everyone, Recently came across this article which I thought was a pretty interesting read on how companies are using “dark patterns” (UI design choices) to “manipulate or heavily influence” users to make certain choices, often to obtain their consent for various data processing activities. The end of the article contains a section on how… Read More

Facebook Data Breach Left Unreported in Canada Recently, a cybersecurity leak occurred within media giant Facebook that led to a privacy breach of more than 533 million Facebook accounts worldwide. Alon Gal, the chief technology officer of Facebook’s cybersecurity company said the leaked database includes information about users’ phone numbers, past and current locations, birthdates, relationship statuses, bios and, in some… Read More

Mark Zuckerberg proposes conditional “intermediary liability protection” model for internet platforms

Governments are growing more concerned with large online social media and content platforms in the wake of Camridge Analytica and the general penumbra of misinformation and disinformation. Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified before a US senate committee in 2018 and refused to appear before a similar investigation in the UK. The senate committee… Read More

Rogers agrees to buy Shaw in a deal valued at $26 billion

Hi everyone, Some recent news here. Rogers Communications has agreed to buy Shaw Communications in a deal valued at $26 billion, which would make Rogers the 2nd largest cell operator in Canada behind BCE Inc., overtaking Telus. Currently, the deal is waiting on 2/3rds majority shareholder approval. Also, the deal will be scrutinized by… Read More