Class 5 Slides & Video – The Honourable Marshall Rothstein C.C., Q.C.; + “Broadcasting & Telecommunications: Origins, Policies & Law Part 1”

Video & slides below. Huge thanks to the Honourable Marshall Rothstein C.C., Q.C. for his generosity in spending so much time with us today talking about his judgment in Reference re Broadcasting Regulatory Policy CRTC 2010-167 and Broadcasting Order CRTC 2010-168, 2012 SCC 68, [2012] 3 S.C.R. 489 and its ramifications. During our discussions today we mentioned… Read More

Class 4 Slides & Video – “The Many Meanings of Broadcasting”

Slides and video below. Also below you will find  the video we watched in class of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers partner Mary Meeker delivering her internet trends report at the 2017 Code Conference. Below that is her 2018 report presentation. Finally, the world changing technology ideas brainstormed were (in particular order other than receipt):… Read More

Class 3 Slides & Video – “The Roles of Communications & Content in Defining Justice, Sovereignty & Culture” 

Video & slides below. Also below you will find the video  we didn’t get to watch “Lessons from fashion’s free culture” which addresses question of  the conditions required for optimal creative eco-systems. Since so much of what broadcasting, telecommunications, and the internet carry and facilitate is “creative”, any deeper analysis of the roles of regulation… Read More