UK anti-trust probes Facebook practices

Hello Class, I was compelled by a short article in today’s Vancouver Sun about how the UK’s competition regulator has begun investigating Facebook’s practices. While looking further into this issue, I encountered a report posted in SIlicon Angle by MARIA DEUTSCHER. In summary, Facebook is being investigated over its alleged anti-trust practices. One concern by… Read More

News of the Week; February 24, 2021

COMMUNICATIONS Court Tosses Devin Nunes’ Silly SLAPP Lawsuit Against CNN California can enforce net neutrality law, judge rules in loss for ISPs California Poised To Defeat Broadband Industry In Scrum Over Net Neutrality ‘Net Neutrality Hurt Internet Infrastructure Investment’ Is The Bad Faith Lie That Simply Won’t Die Comcast reluctantly drops data-cap enforcement in 12… Read More

News of the Week; February 17, 2021

COMMUNICATIONS Vancouver’s TSN 1040 off the air after Bell suddenly pulls the plug: Vancouver’s most popular sports radio station shut down Tuesday morning, surprising fans and staff alike Bell abandoning all-sports format at radio stations in Vancouver, Winnipeg, Hamilton Why Laid Off Bell Sports Journalists Should Form A Worker Co-op: We cannot rely on legacy… Read More

News of the Week; February 10, 2021

COMMUNICATIONS Conservative MP Files Amendment Calling on the Government to Withdraw Bill C-10 (Michael Geist) Why The Secrecy on Bill C-10?: How the Liberals Abandoned Their Commitment to Consultation, and Transparency in Pushing Their Broadcast Reform Bill (Michael Geist) Vancouver’s TSN 1040 off the air after Bell suddenly pulls the plug: Vancouver’s most popular sports… Read More

News of the Week; January 27, 2021

COMMUNICATIONS Report calls for powerful new federal body to regulate social media  Telecoms Paused PAC Spending To Insurrectionists, But Their Umbrella Lobbying Orgs Didn’t Democrat Jessica Rosenworcel replaces Ajit Pai, is now acting FCC chairwoman Rosenworcel Announces Staff Appointments New Interim FCC Boss Jessica Rosenworcel Will Likely Restore Net Neutrality, Just Not Yet SpaceX adds… Read More

News of the Week; January 6, 2021

COMMUNICATIONS Broadband Infrastructure Companies Ripe for M&A, Experts Say Pudding-Brained 5G Conspiracies Somehow Get Even Dumber  FCC Issues Ruling Limiting Call Volumes Permitted Under TCPA Exemptions FCC issues voluntary caller id authentication best practices for Voice service providers FCC Takes A Break From Not Caring About Consumers To Hassle Some Landlords Over Pirate Radio ViaSat… Read More

News of the Week; December 30, 2020

COMMUNICATIONS FCC Seeks Input on FM Booster “Zonecasting” Proposal  FCC Threatens Large Fines Against Landlords Who Allow Pirate Radio Broadcasts on Their Property  Congress Appropriates $7 Billion to Fund Broadband Initiatives Impact of Section 889’s Telecommunications and Video Surveillance Equipment Prohibitions on Federal Grant and Loan Recipients Verizon’s Latest 5G Innovation: A 5G ‘DSS’ Network… Read More