News of the Week; October 2, 2019

COMMUNICATIONS Telcos And Rupert Murdoch Pushing Nonsense Story That Google Helping Keep Your Internet Activity More Private Is An Antitrust Violation Comcast Apparently Feels Qualified To Give Google Lectures On Monopoly Power Hidden Fees Mean US Cable & Broadband Bills Can Be 45% Higher Than Advertised Sprint Busted For Allegedly Defrauding The FCC Lifeline Program… Read More

News of the Week; September 25, 2019

COMMUNICATIONS Can Price Caps or Virtual Competitors Solve Canada’s Wireless Pricing Problem? (Michael Geist) Net Neutrality Proposals for Tech Platforms Raise First Amendment Concerns FCC loses in court, judges say agency would fail “intro statistics class” Courts Shoot Down Yet Another FCC Proposal For Being Factually Sketchy Sprint took FCC cash for “serving” 885,000 people… Read More

News of the Week; September 4, 2019

COMMUNICATIONS Fraudsters preying on Telus customers impacted by major email outage AT&T’s confusing mess of online TV services even has AT&T confused Unlicensed signal boosters get a boost from Amazon The FCC Doesn’t Actually Know How Many People Have Broadband DOJ ‘Solution’ For Sprint T-Mobile Merger Will Result In Less Overall Wireless Coverage Comcast, beware:… Read More

News of the Week; August 14, 2019

COMMUNICATIONS CRTC Establishes New Internet Code For Consumers CRTC’s latest report shows price decline in communications services CBC News: High cost of internet access leaving low-income families behind, report finds Competition Bureau Study on the Broadband Industry Paints a “Largely Positive Picture” It’s Back: The Netflix Tax Debate Returns for the 2019 Election (Michael Geist)… Read More