What does COVID-19 mean for the future of sports broadcasting?

Obviously COVID-19 has put a stop to large gatherings of people, and this has also meant that for now, all major sports events have been cancelled. Originally some of the sports were playing played behind closed doors without spectators, but now all sports have either cancelled their competitions or suspended them indefinitely. The sports broadcasting… Read More

Apple and Google’s Contract-Tracing Specifications

(For a tweet-sized take: https://twitter.com/sanchom/status/1250508266171437056) Apple and Google have collaborated to create specifications for tracing COVID contacts using Bluetooth and cryptography ( https://covid19-static.cdn-apple.com/applications/covid19/current/static/contact-tracing/pdf/ContactTracing-BluetoothSpecificationv1.1.pdf, https://covid19-static.cdn-apple.com/applications/covid19/current/static/contact-tracing/pdf/ContactTracing-CryptographySpecification.pdf). These protocols look like they would actually preserve privacy. Your phone would generate a unique key each day. Your phone would also generate and transmit a unique ID (based on the… Read More

What Will Upcoming Elections Look Like?

Like everything else in the world, the (at least short-term) future of elections has been significantly shook by COVID-19. Alaska and Wyoming have shifted their primary and caucus, respectively, to be entirely by mail. South Korea has mandated all voters wear gloves and masks, get their temperature checked, and be “sprayed with hand sanitizer” before… Read More

Could COVID-19 Finally Spell the End of the Movie Theater? And What Does That Mean for Netflix?

Following up on Tristan’s post from a few days ago, it seems that one person’s crisis is another’s opportunity. As Netflix seems to be outperforming the market (at least in the short term), brick and mortar movie theatres seem to be looking into the face of oblivion. Already struggling to remain relevant in a world… Read More

Defining Essential Communications Services Further Entrenches Who is the Media and Who Isn’t

After the government of Ontario announced that it would shut down all non-essential workplaces as part of the effort to halt the spread of the novel coronavirus, it became necessary to define which workplaces were and were not “essential”. On March 25th the government of Ontario released its official list of essential workplaces. Included were… Read More

Blockchain Smart Contracts

Anyone who has taken Contract law will remember the struggles that can arise in interpreting contractual provisions, or keeping on top of 100 pages documents. To address these complexities, many law firms and organisations are looking to enabling contracts through blockchain, allowing these documents to operate through data and logic. This article provides an interesting… Read More