Presentation: Privacy and Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing

LAW424 – Privacy_and_DTC_Genetic_Testing Hi everyone, please find my presentation attached. I have also provided an approximate transcript below for easy reference, but please see the notes on the slides for any citations. I hope you will find it interesting! “Hello everyone, today I will be telling you about privacy law in relation to genetic information…. Read More

Presentation: Cyberbullying, Regulation and Accountability

Hello everyone! I’ve attached my powerpoint presentation on Cyberbullying, Regulation and Accountability. Due to problems with file size, I’ve split my presentation into 3 Parts. My sincerest apologies for the inconvenience caused. Vanessa’s Presentation on Cyberbullying Part 1 Vanessa’s Presentation on Cyberbullying Part 2 Vanessa’s Presentation on Cyberbullying Part 3 I chose to research and… Read More

Upcoming Presentation – Super Bowl Commercials and Canadian Content

Hi everyone! Jessica and I are doing a project on Canadian Content laws and their effect on the Super Bowl ads that are broadcasted in Canada. To familiarize yourself with the topic, feel free to check out this article: Also, check out this case that we will discuss in our presentation: And if… Read More