News of the Week; May 22, 2019

COMMUNICATIONS Cable TV customer satisfaction falls even further behind streaming video: Pay-TV again ranks last in customer satisfaction among all US industries. US Targets Telecommunications Transactions Involving the Information and Communications Technology and Services Supply Chain Chairman Pai, Commissioner Carr Issue Formal Statements Supporting T-Mobile/Sprint Merger; Commissioner O’Rielly Also “Inclined” to Support Merger Ajit Pai OKs… Read More

News of the Week; May 1, 2019

COMMUNICATIONS  SCC decision could focus on CRTC’s reach Anti-spam laws are overreaching, say lawyers  Of Course Wireless Carriers Are Fighting a Bill That Stops Them From Throttling Firefighters’ Data  Verizon Media Unveils Augmented Reality News Partner Program, 5G Tech At NewFronts AT&T Settles Lawsuit Over ‘Fake 5G,’ Won’t Change A Thing Ajit Pai-proposed upgrade to… Read More

“To Regulate or Not to Regulate: Some final (and personal) thoughts”

For the past two academic years, the base theme of Communications Law was “To Regulate or Not to Regulate”. At first the question was really just a useful way to “sharpen the saw” (apologies to Stephen Covey), allowing space for the possible self-renewal of communications law through a unified theory (apologies to Albert Einstein) that… Read More

News of the Week; April 24, 2019

COMMUNICATIONS Millimeter-wave 5G will never scale beyond dense urban areas, T-Mobile says The DOJ Isn’t Buying T-Mobile’s Nonsensical Merger Benefit Claims AT&T’s fake 5G icons aren’t going away despite settlement with Sprint AT&T says 5G will be priced like home Internet—pay more for faster speeds Exit of AT&T’s WarnerMedia could spell trouble for OpenAP AT&T… Read More

See you later Allard Comm. Law 2019

There is an inherent contradiction in saying goodbye to a communications law class in 2019. There are precious few certainties given the multi-dimensional nature of the subject, but one feature we can identify with reasonable certainty is that there are few if any permanent goodbyes. Communications technologies make information frighteningly persistent. Even the right to… Read More

News of the Week; April 10, 2019

MEDIA, COMMUNICATIONS & NET NEUTRALITY Supporting a More Competitive Canadian Wireless Market: Speak Out on Navdeep Bains’ Proposed CRTC Policy Direction (Michael Geist)  FCC Proposes Protections for 5G Infrastructure Hub and Relay Antennas to Spur Deployment  In Verizon 5G launch city, reviewers have trouble even finding a signal Verizon’s ‘World First’ 5G Launch Was A… Read More

(Sincere or not…) Answer of the Week (Class 11): “I believe we need a more active role for governments and regulators” – Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook

By the time  end of term rolled around, everyone in our course surely was feeling a bit too familiar with our oft-repeated theme/query “To regulate or not to regulate?”. Lucky for us then that Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook has taken it upon himself to answer the question, and perhaps in an unexpected way at that…. Read More