Shaw opts out of participating in 5G airwave auction amid acquisition deal with Rogers

Hello class, Shaw Communications Inc. has decided not to participate in the June 15 auction of the 3,500-megahertz spectrum which are airwaves used to deliver wireless signals. This may open more opportunities for smaller telecommunication companies to compete in the 5G market. This decision may be due to the fact that Shaw has struck an… Read More

UK anti-trust probes Facebook practices

Hello Class, I was compelled by a short article in today’s Vancouver Sun about how the UK’s competition regulator has begun investigating Facebook’s practices. While looking further into this issue, I encountered a report posted in SIlicon Angle by MARIA DEUTSCHER. In summary, Facebook is being investigated over its alleged anti-trust practices. One concern by… Read More

Google announces its intention to move away from all forms of third-party identifiers

Hello Class, Earlier this week, Google announced that it intends to move away from third-party cookie trackers in response to an “erosion of trust”. This move will fundamentally impact digital advertising. Where current practices allow companies to track a user’s online activity to the extent of collecting their personal information, Google now strives to achieve… Read More

Facebook restores access to news pages in Australia after a week-long blackout

Hi class, Building on the most recent News of the Week over Facebook’s decision to blackout access to both Australian news on the international scale and news pages on Facebook in Australia, an agreement has been reached between Facebook and the Australian Government. To summarize, Australia has been at the forefront of the news recently… Read More

Apple Privacy Changes: A response to Ad-based social media platforms

I have been following this news progress since first learning of Tim Cook (Apple’s CEO) publicly criticized social media platforms (though thinly veiled referenced to Facebook Inc. in particular) over online privacy concerns. This week, we discussed advertising regulation and how digital media has escaped the stringent advertising regulations that traditional media has been required… Read More

BC Government’s cybersecurity practices found lacking by Auditor General

Hello Class, I found this article in this morning’s Vancouver Sun. I personally find cybersecurity a prevailing issue that seems underemphasized in the public sphere unless a significant data breach has occurred. One that stands out is the privacy breach of personal health records of millions of Canadians that Lifelabs failed to protect in 2019…. Read More