Google responds to Australia proceeds with a new code requiring payment to use media content

Hello Class,

I hope everyone had a restful weekend! As I was browsing the news tab of Google (ironically) I came across an article that may be of interest. Australia is planning on introducing a new law which would force Google and Facebook inc to pay media companies for the right to use its content. While I can’t speak for the class, I personally rely on both print and digital media and do not necessarily have a preference for news sources other than that the source must reputable. This article was featured in the Financial Post 2 days ago. The subject is particularly fascinating as it juxtaposes the common theme of government censorship when discussing internet regulation. I have a few friends in media and having discussed the issue of the dying platform of print media, I find it refreshing to see that a government would stand up for the rights of media companies. This occurred after French news corporations reached a content-payment deal with Google for 3 years. I have attached the news article for anyone interested. See you all on Tuesday!

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