News of the Week; August 26, 2020


  1. Bizarre Court Ruling Helps Cable Broadband Monopoly Charter Tap Dance Around Merger Conditions
  2. AT&T, T-Mobile fight speed tests that could prove their coverage maps wrong
  3. Commerce Department Further Restricts Huawei Access to U.S. Technology Abroad and Expands Reach of Entity List
  4. Zombie BlackBerrys! QWERTY BlackBerry Android phones are coming back
  5. Regulators Are Ignoring How Low Orbit Satellite Broadband Is Trashing The Night Sky
  6. Boys And Girls Club Backtracks After Folks Ask Why It’s Helping A Cable Monopoly Lobby The FCC
  7. FCC’s 5G Fast Plan Gains Momentum
  8. 5G in US averages 51Mbps while other countries hit hundreds of megabits
  9. The FCC begins streamlined processing of licensing applications for small satellites
  10. FCC Overhauls Its Broadband Data Collection Rules and Modernizes its Broadband Mapping
  11. FCC Seeks Comment on Developing 2021 Annual Broadband Deployment Report
  12. Running a friends-and-family promotion in Canada? Cruel, cryptic CASL strikes again 


  1. Surprise: Report Claims Facebook Has Been Driving White House TikTok Animosity
  2. TikTok Sues Trump Administration, Reveals It Has 100 Million U.S. Users
  3. TikTok sues Trump to challenge US government restrictions
  4. TikTok Files Suit to Prevent U.S. Ban of its Mobile Application
  5. TikTok sues Trump admin., says ban is unconstitutional and political
  6. US administration takes on Chinese social media
  7. Tim Wu Joins The Ban TikTok Parade, Doesn’t Clarify What The Ban Actually Accomplishes
  8. The Clock is Ticking on TikTok, 90 Days to Divest
  9. LinkedIn sued by iPhone users for breach of data privacy
  10. Fourth Circuit Dramatically Expands Scope of Personal Jurisdiction for Website Operators
  11. Appeals Court: City Employee’s Horrific Facebook Posts About Tamir Rice Shooting Were Likely Protected Speech
  12. Does Facebook Still Sell Discriminatory Ads?
  13. iOS 14 privacy settings will tank ad targeting business, Facebook warns
  14. Facebook claims iOS 14 will harm developers that rely on ad-driven revenue
  15. Arizona State University Sues Facebook With Bogus Trademark Claim To Try To Stop COVID Parties Account
  16. After Lawsuit is Filed, Instagram Deletes Account Promoting Parties at Arizona State University
  17. Takeaways from The Weather Channel Settlement over Location Data Practices
  18. Two Suspects Arrested Following Brutal Hollywood Attack Against Three Trans Influencers Of Color
  19. The Future of American Industry Depends on Open Source Tech
  20. Content Moderation Knowledge Sharing Shouldn’t Be A Backdoor To Cross-Platform Censorship
  21. Content Moderation Case Study: Nextdoor Faces Criticism From Volunteer Moderators Over Its Support Of Black Lives Matter
  22. Content Moderation Case Study: US Army Bans Users For Asking About War Crimes On Twitch & Discord (July 2020)
  23. Content Moderation And Human Nature
  24. Washington Court Says First Amendment Protects Teen’s Emoji-Laden Rant About Her Mother
  25. Section 230 Protects Craigslist from Sex Trafficking Claims, Despite FOSTA–JB v. Craigslist (Eric Goldman)
  26. Court Orders Rightsowner to Withdraw DMCA Takedown Notices Sent to Amazon–Beyond Blond v. Heldman (Eric Goldman)
  27. Message Board Operator Isn’t Liable for Third-Party Posts (DUH)–East Coast Test Prep v. Allnurses (Eric Goldman)
  28. How I’m Teaching My “Internet Law” Course Online (Eric Goldman)
  29. Historic Charges: First Enforcement Action Filed by New York Department of Financial Services Under Cybersecurity Regulation
  30. The Conscience of Silicon Valley: Jaron Lanier warned us all about the evils of social media. Too few of us listened. Now, in the most chaotic of moments, his fears—and his bighearted solutions—are more urgent than ever.
  31. Napster sold for a song to UK virtual events company
  32. Apple market value tops $2tn: iPhone maker is first publicly-listed US company to reach this milestone
  33. Apple’s iOS 14 Requires New Opt-in Consent for Advertising Identifiers
  34. Apple apologizes to WordPress, no longer requires free app to add purchases
  35. US government built secret iPod with Apple’s help, former engineer says
  36. China trade war could push iPhone contractor Foxconn to build in Mexico
  37. Last-minute California ruling means Uber and Lyft won’t shut down today
  38. Former Uber security chief faces criminal charges for hiding 2016 breach
  39. Genealogy Giant Tagged for Iffy Auto-Renewal Policies
  40. Tesla stock reaches $2,000 amid soaring interest in EV companies
  41. Complex Launches First Tabletop Game Inspired By Hit ‘Hot Ones’ YouTube Series
  42. HBO Max cranks up the Widevine DRM, leaves Linux users in the cold
  43. A Chrome feature is creating enormous load on global root DNS servers
  44. Family Vlogger Landon Clifford, Of ‘Cam & Fam’ Channel, Has Passed Away At Age 19
  45. YouTube Terminates LeafyIsHere’s Channel For Repeated Violations Of Harassment Policies
  46. YouTube Took Down Most Videos Ever In A Single Quarter After COVID Altered Its Moderation Approach
  47. YouTube Unveils List Of Year’s Top ‘Direct Response’ Ads As Format Continues To Flourish
  48. YouTube Millionaires: Benji Krol Brings His 11 Million TikTok Followers To YouTube
  49. BTS Reclaims YouTube Record With 3 Million Concurrent Viewers For “Dynamite” Music Video Premiere
  50. Top 50 Most Viewed YouTube Channels Worldwide • Week Of 8/24/2020
  51. Top 50 Most Viewed US YouTube Channels • Week Of 8/24/2020
  52. Los Angeles Cuts Sway House’s Power, Water To Stop Them From Having Parties
  53. Insights: Crunchyroll Shows How To Build A Giant Audience For A “Niche” Channel
  54. Back to School Special: Recordings, Photos, Kids, and Parental Consent
  55. Has The Pandemic Shown That The Techlash Was Nonsense?
  56. Blockchain and Digital Assets News and Trends
  57. Tech Company and its CEO charged for fraud and registrations violations in connection with a $5 million Initial Coin Offering
  58. US Justice Department seizes cryptocurrency from three terror finance cyber-enabled campaigns
  59. Calif. App. Court (1st Dist) Rejects Claims Against Digital Currency Exchange Regarding Unsupported Currency
  60. Twitter to SEC: FTC Steamed Over Violated Consent Decree
  61. The Ethics of Social Media “Friendship”
  62. The death of Legal Tech?
  63. Understanding DNS—anatomy of a BIND zone file
  64. How Zeynep Tufekci Keeps Getting the BigThings Right
  65. Pixel Pioneer Passes


  1. Appeals court hands down the UK’s first judgment on automated facial recognition
  2. The term ‘ethical AI’ is finally starting to mean something
  3. Data-Informed Predictive Policing Was Heralded As Less Biased. Is It?
  4. British Grading Debacle Shows Pitfalls of Automating Government
  5. Regulation of Artificial Intelligence in Europe and Japan
  6. NIST Publishes Proposed Principles for “Explainable” AI Systems
  7. AI Standards Update: NIST Solicits Comments on the Four Principles of Explainable Artificial Intelligence and Certain Other Developments
  8. NIST Seeking Comments on Draft AI Principles
  9. NAIC adopts principles for trustworthy artificial intelligence in insurance that support the avoidance of proxy discrimination against protected classes
  10. AI: Security and Privacy Risks with Big Data


  1. On the Barefoot Contessa, Peppermint Bark, and the Volitional Conduct Requirement for Copyright Infringement
  2. Virtual Reconstruction Of Ancient Temple Destroyed By ISIS Is Another Reason To Put Your Holiday Photos Into The Public Domain 
  3. Mango v. Buzzfeed: On claim that media site violated DMCA by publishing photographer’s work without permission 2nd Cir. holds plain language of DMCA does not require evidence of infringement by third party.
  4. Buzz-sawed: Give Copyright Credit or Face Statutory Damages, Fees, Costs 
  5. To Embed or Not to Embed?: A New Challenge to Embedding Images From Social Media
  6. Basset v. Jensen: Artist prevails on summary judgment against production company after her home used as set for pornographic films resulted in unauthorized use of her copyrighted works appearing in background.
  7. Waite v. UMG Recordings, Inc.: In class action involving termination of grants of copyrighted sound recordings, court rulrd that “gap grants” are terminable under Section 203 of the Copyright Act.
  8. Genius Media Group v. Google LLC: Court dismisses suit against Google for copying and using content from lyrics website Genius in search engine results, finding state law claims preempted by Copyright Act. 
  9. In Da Courts: Second Circuit Affirms Lower Court Ruling in Rick Ross vs. 50 Cent Copyright Feud
  10. Copyright Troll Richard Liebowitz Reveals His Retainer Agreement: He Gets Most Of The Money
  11. Judge Recommends Copyright Troll Richard Liebowitz Be Removed From Roll Of The Court For Misconduct In Default Judgment Case
  12. Copyright Wars – Episode I: The Fandom Menace?
  13. Open Source Software: Litigation Windfall or Landmine?
  14. Copyright Board Ordered to Take a New Look at Streaming Services Rate Structure
  15. New Cost-Efficient Copyright Registration Option for Influencers and Bloggers
  16. Quebec Superior Court declines to issue a Norwich order to identify the supplier of grey market perfumes
  17. Apple Goes In Even Harder Against Prepear Over Non-Apple Logo
  18. Trademarks and the obligation of use
  19. Common misconceptions when managing trademarks internationally 
  20. Defender vs. Grenadier
  21. Look into Local Connotations for Your Proposed Trademark 
  22. Race to the Top: Trademark Litigation in the Equine Industry
  23. Second Circuit Vacates Tiffany’s $21 Million Win Over Costco
  24. Diamonds are Forever, but Tiffany’s $21M Trademark Win is Not
  25. Understanding the nuances of trademark use in various ARIPO jurisdiction
  26. Where’s my world trademark?
  27. How A Non-U.S. Trademark Applicant Establishes a Bona Fide Intent to Use in U.S. Commerce
  28. Brew Dog, Aldi Get Into Brand Battle With Good Nature, Not Cease And Desists 
  29. As the craft beer market goes mainstream, how should brand owners go about protecting their trade marks?
  30. Danger on the Horizon: Detecting Early Signs of Trade Secret Theft by Competitors 
  31. First Circuit Reverses Trade Secret Misappropriation Verdict Even Though Employee Stole Company Information
  32. Workplace Confidential: Preventing Former Employees from Using Your Trade Secrets
  33. No License, No Chips, No Problem: Ninth Circuit Vacates Injunction in FTC v. Qualcomm 
  34. Unwired Planet v Huawei – Supreme Court decision
  35. Admitted Art Ruled Out as IPR Trial Ground Reference
  36. Black Box Structure Insufficient for MPF Element
  37. Standard Essential Patent Licensing Practices Do Not Violate Antitrust Laws
  38. Supreme Court decision in Unwired Planet v Huawei and Conversant v Huawei and ZTE
  39. Unwired Planet v Huawei and Conversant v Huawei & ZTE – Supreme Court Judgment 2020
  40. “Half-Liquid” is Wholly Indefinite
  41. Improved Method of Operating a Flow Cytometry Apparatus Is Not Abstract 
  42. Standard Essentiality Is a Question for the Fact Finde
  43. Golden Rules for Drafting Enforceable US Claims
  44. Promoting the Progress of Science: How Clinical Stage Patent Strategies Can Bring New Pharmaceuticals to Market 
  45. CJEU rules that “pay-for-delay” agreements may be anti-competitive
  46. Intellectual Property Intel: Understanding the Impact of Bankruptcy on a Company’s Most Valuable Assets 
  47. Bipartisan “Advancing America’s Interests Act” Seeks to Curtail Intellectual Property Enforcement at the International Trade Commission


  1. Responding to cyber-attacks – lessons for Saskatchewan municipalities from recent data breaches
  2. Ontario announces major privacy consultation – privacy laws in Canada’s two largest provinces may soon change
  3. Ontario signals the coming of commercial privacy legislation
  4. De-identify, Anonymize and De-index: New Verbs and New Obligations!
  5. Manufacturers of internet of things devices: guidance from the Canadian Federal Privacy Commissioner
  6. Massachusetts Top Court Says Cops Need Warrants To Engage In Long-Term Video Surveillance Of People’s Houses
  7. Unredacted suit shows Google’s own engineers confused by privacy settings
  8. VoLTE Flaw Lets A Hacker Spy On Encrypted Communications For A Measly $7,000
  9. “DeathStalker” hackers are (likely) older and more prolific than we thought
  10. Secret Service Latest To Use Data Brokers To Dodge Warrant Requirements For Cell Site Location Data
  11. Bridgefy, the messenger promoted for mass protests, is a privacy disaster
  12. The Battle Continues: 101 Complaints are Filed Against Companies Transferring Data to the United States
  13. Police Monitoring Of Social Media Sparks Concerns In Black And Brown Communities
  14. California Fusion Center Tracked Anti-Police Protests, Sent Info To 14,000 Police Officers
  15. College contact-tracing app readily leaked personal data, report finds
  16. Court of Appeal gives guidance on digital records held on electronic devices in criminal proceedings
  17. UK Says South Wales Police’s Facial Recognition Program Is Unlawful
  18. Have retailers disclosed whether they “sell” personal information?
  19. Uber ex-security chief charged with covering up data hack: Prosecutors say Uber attempted to hide a massive breach as a sort of favour hackers did to the company by identifying a flaw in its computer networks
  20. NSA Releases Helpful Guidance for Limiting Location Data Exposure
  21. The CCPA Regulations Are Now Final, But They’re Not Exactly What The Attorney General Proposed
  22. Frequently Asked Questions: Privacy and Cybersecurity Issues Arising from the Virtual Learning Environment
  23. Schrems II – What Next for International Data Transfers?
  24. Schrems II Could Disrupt US Courts’ Common Ground on eDiscovery and Data Transfers from Europe
  25. Do most retailers take the position that the use of third party behavioral advertising cookies is, or is not, the “sale” of personal information?
  26. Consumer Reports Study Shows Many ‘Smart’ Doorbells Are Dumb, Lack Basic Security
  27. DiceKeys creates a master password for life with one roll


  1. Class-action alleges that carrot cake containing “natural and artificial flavor” is deceptively advertised
  2. Oreo False Advertising Class Action Lacks Filling
  3. Archaeologists discover earliest British art on Jersey


  1. On Appeal, ‘Star Trek Discovery’ Still Doesn’t Infringe On Video Game’s Copyright
  2. Judge issues restraining order protecting Unreal Engine development on iOS
  3. Temporary restraining order will protect Unreal Engine on Apple platforms
  4. Epic wins restraining order against Apple but Fortnite remains blocked: Judge says Epic has yet to demonstrate antitrust, but agrees that “serious questions do exist”
  5. Judge Rejects Epic’s Temporary Restraining Order Request For Fortnite (But Grants It For The Unreal Engine)
  6. Protection granted to Unreal Engine but not Fortnite following altercation with Apple
  7. Apple on Epic’s retaliation claims: ‘The emergency is entirely of Epic’s own making’
  8. Epic vs Apple judge decided in Apple’s favour in similar case: In 2013, US District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers said plaintiffs failed to prove that Apple “deprived [them] of lower cost alternatives”
  9. Apple opposes Epic’s restraining order, says dispute is “completely avoidable”: iPhone maker claims damage to Fortnite and Unreal is self-inflicted, says Epic has not proved Apple is a monopoly
  10. Epic Games Moves Battleground From Mobile Phones to Courtroom With Antitrust Attacks on Apple and Google
  11. Epic Battles Apple: I Missed a Spot
  12. Epic Games turns Apple dispute into Fortnite event: Upcoming #FreeFortnite Cup will feature anti-Apple prizes as iOS users prepare to be blocked from updates
  13. Epic is hosting a Fortnite tournament themed around its legal battle with Apple
  14. Your iPhone copy of Fortnite is about to become out of date
  15. Game Discoverabilityland: Tim Epic vs. Tim Apple (also non-Tim news!)
  16. Microsoft backs Epic Games in legal dispute with Apple1
  17. Microsoft files statement supporting Epic Games against Apple: Xbox firm says Unreal Engine is “critical technology” and blocking it on iOS “will harm game creators and gamers”
  18. Microsoft backs Epic against Apple in legal fight over Unreal Engine on iOS
  19. Apple reaches $2 trillion market valuation as legal battle with Epic rages on
  20. Epic Games Sued By Company That Manages ‘Coral Castle’ In Florida Over New Fortnite Map
  21. Hitman 3 for PC to be Epic Games Store exclusive: IO Interactive’s title is set to release in January 2021
  22. Democratizing in-app purchase with direct payment: Following the Apple vs Epic dispute, Raymond Arifianto gives a crash course on how to implement in-app purchase with direct payment in your game
  23. Tfue And FaZe Clan Have Settled Their Lawsuits
  24. Devs exiting Lab Zero Games blame owner’s persistent pattern of misconduct
  25. Developers cut ties with Lab Zero, accuse lead designer of abuse, harassment: Skullgirls IP holder will work with former employees on future Skullgirls content without Mike Zaimont or Lab Zero
  26. Rocksteady’s response to claims of inaction outlines past and future anti-harassment plans
  27. Rocksteady responds to sexism accusations again: Batman Arkham studio says it addressed issues appropriately, has now hired external firm to interview current and former employees
  28. India’s prime minister appeals for games based on “Indian culture and folk tales”: Narendra Modi offered a rare display of government support for India’s emerging games industry
  29. Riot Games and Valve Win Over PalTalk’s Invalidated Patent Affirmed
  30. The Sinking City yanked from stores in dispute over publishing rights
  31. The Sinking City pulled from stores amid legal dispute: Developer Frogwares accuses publisher Nacon of missing payments, holding €1 million in royalties and claiming IP rights
  32. Copyright changes could limit in-game props, but might defeat clones | Opinion: Kostya Lobov warns that recent EU court decisions could drastically affect what is protectable by copyright
  33. Six ways to make your user-generated content game successful and lawsuit-free: Mythical Games’ Jamie Jackson detailed the dos and don’ts of user-generated content in a Devcom talk this week
  34. Activision Deletes And Replaces ‘Call Of Duty’ Trailer Worldwide Over 1 Second That Hurt China’s Feelings
  35. Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War trailer blocked in China: Activision replaces original version, featuring Tiananmen Square protest footage, with shorter edit worldwide
  36. A ‘cross-gen’ copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War will cost $69.99
  37. The next Call of Duty will cost $70 on next-generation consoles
  38. Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War will cost $70 for next-gen console versions: Current-gen versions will be playable via backward compatibility, but will be missing enhancements
  39. Devolver apologises for cancelling legitimate keys during clampdown on Fall Guys scammers: Those affected will be able to reclaim copy of popular combat-free battle royale
  40. Fall Guys has surpassed 7 million sales on Steam
  41. Bilibili will publish Fall Guys on mobile in China
  42. Fall Guys is coming to mobile in China: Mediatonic confirmed Fall Guys will get a mobile release in China, but it looks like other territories will have to wait
  43. How Fall Guys’ bouncing, bumbling beans gave the game its soul
  44. How did Fall Guys get it so right?
  45. Fall Guys is now the most downloaded PS Plus game in history
  46. Loot Box Update
  47. FTC Staff Perspective Paper Offers Key Takeaways on Loot Box Workshop
  48. FTC Scrutinizes Loot Boxes – What are the Odds?
  49. Valve assures slow Flight Simulator downloads won’t affect refunds: Steam operator says lengthy install time will not count against store’s two-hour policy
  50. Ubisoft swaps physical games for digital on some upcoming Xbox CEs
  51. Ubisoft drops discs from Xbox collector’s editions: Premium SKUs for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Watch Dogs Legion and Far Cry 6 will include a digital code instead
  52. $60+ for a game is an “unfair price,” G2A study finds: 41% of the respondents said younger players were being “outpriced by gaming”
  53. Report: Latest Switch Pro rumors point toward early 2021
  54. Nintendo Switch Pro rumors resurface, this time expected in Q1 2021: Report says improved Switch model would feature better display, more interactivity
  55. Reports: “4K” Nintendo Switch revision slated for 2021 launch
  56. DMG launches accelerator for developers from marginalised backgrounds: Damage Labs Studio Startup is set to help founders from underrepresented identities in Canada
  57. Diablo 2: The human cost of making a classic: At Devcom, David Brevik recalled the “terrible grind” required to finish Blizzard North’s evergreen masterpiece
  58. BrainLeap launches games series aimed at children with attention difficulties: The Attention Arcade features six PC games that are controlled by eye movements
  59. Microsoft sells Halo masks to benefit frontline workers: For each mask purchased on Meta Threads, two additional ones will be donated to MasksforDocs
  60. 343 Industries squashes rumours of Halo Infinite dropping Xbox One: The new game will not be delayed any further and will support current-gen Xbox hardware
  61. 505 Games: There are “blockers” preventing free next-gen upgrades for Control – Publisher claims it was impossible to offer Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 versions without some players being left out
  62. PlayStation: Launching a console during a pandemic “is a massive challenge on every front” – PlayStation reveals its first PlayStation 5 ad
  63. PlayStation 5 devs explain how DualSense haptics will actually work
  64. Sony could detect PlayStation users based on how they hold a controller: New patent IDs unique controller positioning and movement between console users.
  65. Your PlayStation allegiance may determine whether you can preorder a PS5
  66. The silver linings in the clouds of 2020 | Opinion: Even as recession and schedule slippages bite hard in the coming months, some sectors have an opportunity to flourish
  67. Razer sees record-high revenues during pandemic: Peripheral maker says “stay-at-home trends” fueled first half sales up 25.3% to $447.5m as net losses were lessened to $17.7m
  68. Unity’s long-rumored IPO is finally moving forward
  69. March Capital establishes $60 million game investment fund
  70. March Capital launches $60m games startup fund: Investment firm form new entity to seek seed and series A financing opportunities
  71. Online gaming M&A levels up
  72. Polish games industry is worth nearly €500m: Game Industry Conference organizers report the country has 9,710 game dev staff employed across 440 studios
  73. Social game platform Hiber nets $2.25 million to accelerate development
  74. Hiber raises $2.2m to build out its browser-based game platform: Users have created over 300,000 games on Hiber so far in 2020
  75. Amazon Games and Smilegate enter exclusive publishing agreement: The pair will collaborate on a game to be released in 2021
  76. UK Charts PGA Tour 2K21 lands at No.2: And Animal Crossing New Horizons is No.1 again
  77. Ghost of Tsushima sold 1.9m digital units in July: And Pokémon Go’s Go Fest event just gave the game its best month since August 2016
  78. What the advent of 5G—mmWave and otherwise—will mean for online gaming
  79. Unity prepping an IPO: Engine maker declares intent to go public, reports net losses despite more than half of all mobile, PC, and cnsole games using its tech
  80. Unity Software Inc. Form S-1 (United States Securities and Exchange Commission)
  81. What did we learn from the Unity IPO filing?: Engine maker’s decision to go public gave details on how much it spent on recent acquisitions, CEO compensation, what happened with its sexual harassment suit, and more
  82. Gamers are logging millions of hours a day on Roblox: The platform, popular with tweens, allows developers to cash in on its success
  83. Mobile studio Colossi Games nets $650,000 to fund debut title
  84. Colossi Games raises $650,000 in pre-seed funding for new survival game: Cyprus-based studio hopes mobile survival RPG will push back against growing predictability in the genre
  85. Animal Talking: “It’s a hobby that spiralled wildly out of control”: At our Changing Channels conference, screenwriter Gary Whitta described the past, present and future of his Animal Crossing talk show
  86. The National Videogame Museum reopens this weekend: After fears that COVID-19 would mean permanent closure, UK museum to reopen with new safety precautions
  87. Amazon Games signs on to publish a Smilegate RPG game in the West
  88. Ring Fit Adventure set for official release in China: Tencent says Switch fitness game frequently imported during the pandemic will see a formal release early next month
  89. Harnessing the power of positive reviews: How Steam’s review system helped Size Five Games’ Dan Marshall to sell Lair of the Clockwork God
  90. The literal wandering adventures of The Wandering Band: Co-founders Ben Wander and Zach Mumbach share how they built an indie company culture centered on trust, self-knowledge, and personal adventures
  91. Twitch Unveils Chat’s Choice Awards, Where Each Streamer’s Chat Room Crowns Its Own Winners
  92. Smosh Games Launches Twitch Channel With Slate Of 3 Weekly Series
  93. How do you do, fellow gamers?—Burger King exploits Twitch for cheap ads
  94. Burger King’s ad agency frustrates Twitch streamers with “predatory” stunt: Oglivy uses text-to-speech chat bots to deliver ads during livestreams for $5 or less
  95. Spotify Sponsors ‘League Of Legends’ Esports, Will Produce Exclusive Original Podcasts
  96. NBA Star Ben Simmons Joins FaZe Clan As Investor, Global Ambassador
  97. Shots Studios Signs Content, Merch Partnership With Gaming Org ‘NRG Esports’ (Exclusive)
  98. Making the most of the esports opportunity
  99. Here’s Where Facebook “Guaranteed” Users Would Never Need a Facebook Account to Use Oculus Headsets
  100. Why the Facebookening of Oculus VR is bad for users, devs, competition
  101. Tone Deaf Facebook To Cripple VR Headsets Unless You Link It To Your Facebook Account
  102. Facebook renames its Oculus VR studio to Facebook Reality Labs: And Oculus Connect is now called Facebook Connect
  103. Facebook’s VR rebranding changes Oculus Connect to Facebook Connect
  104. Facebook has begun ghosting the “Oculus” moniker in its VR division
  105. Google AR app lets you place prehistoric creatures, Apollo 11 in your room
  106. Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality Litigation Update: Virtual Immersion Technologies Asserts Virtual Reality Patent for the 43rd Time
  107. Lennon Image Technologies, LLC v. Ulta Beauty, Inc.
  108. Earthbound and the power of representation | Why I Love: Afterburner’s Robert Taylor explains how the classic Super Nintendo RPG taught him to read and inspired a career
  109. Making Blaseball, at our mercy: The Game Band discusses making a community game led by its fans, and their adaptation to Blaseball’s grand slam of popularity
  110. How do you make hitting something fun?: A panel of experts answered this burning question at Devcom, and gave advice on the skills you need to become a combat designer
  111. Video: Watch a GDC Summer game music concert from insaneintherain
  112. Q&A: Making an outer space roadtrip with Night School’s Next Stop Nowhere
  113. Blog: How to measure fun for game designers
  114. Blog: Utilizing shape language and symbols in level design
  115. Blog: The road to Ruinarch – Wishlist gathering and expectations
  116. Blog: The meta-responsibilities of a game writer
  117. Don’t Miss: The tricky history of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater
  118. Don’t Miss: A game design deep dive into Rocket League’s rocket jumps
  119. Don’t Miss: Plumbing the secret depths of Bubble Bobble’s design
  120. Video: Enjoy this GDC Summer game music concert from pianist 88bit
  121. The best game-breaking speedruns of Summer Games Done Quick 2020
  122. All proceeds from Children of Morta’s latest DLC are being donated to charity
  123. Summer Games Done Quick raises over $2.3 million for charity
  124. Summer Games Done Quick raises $2.3m for Doctors Without Borders: SGDQ was fully digital this year, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic
  125. U.S. Patent no. 9,649,568: Game system for changing a difficulty level of a game


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