News of the Week; July 22, 2020


  1. Ajit Pai urges states to cap prison phone rates after he helped kill FCC caps
  2. FCC: Phone carriers that profit from robocalls could have all calls blocked
  3. FCC approves call blocking safe harbors
  4. FCC Adopts Safe Harbors to Encourage Phone Companies to Block Illegal Robocallers
  5. AT&T claims a phone made in 2019 will stop working, urges users to upgrade
  6. Verizon Has To Walk Back Bogus 5G Coverage Claims
  7. Charter Spectrum’s Bullshit ‘Broadcast TV’ Fee Soars To $16.45 Per Month
  8. Attorney General’s Office Achieves Victory on Maine Broadband Privacy Law
  9. Interim Rule Implements Section 889 Ban on Contractors Using Technologies from Certain China-Based Companies
  10. Rule Banning Chinese Telecommunications Equipment is Released
  11. August Is Coming: Interim Rule Banning Federal Contractor Use of Certain Chinese Technologies Takes Effect August 13th\
  12. New Rule Expands U.S. Government Contracting Ban on Targeted Chinese Telecommunications and Video Surveillance Suppliers
  13. UK to remove Huawei from UK 5G networks by 2027, bans Huawei from supplying new 5G equipment
  14. What’s New in 5G – July 2020
  15. If Thumbs Are Required, It’s Not an Autodialer
  16. Study: Community Broadband Drives Competition, Lowering Costs
  17. The Political Defence of the Commons: The Case of Community Networks (Félix Tréguer, Melanie Dulong de Rosnay)


  1. Twitter accounts of prominent figures hacked
  2. Hackers obtained Twitter DMs for 36 high-profile account holders
  3. The importance of the Twitter hack should not be missed (Andres Guadamuz)
  4. Thieves Breach Twitter Security to Commandeer Famous Accounts
  5. Who’s Behind Wednesday’s Epic Twitter Hack?
  6. Holy Hell Were We Lucky That Twitter’s Big Breach Was Just A Bunch Of SIM Swapping Kids; Can We Please Encrypt DMs Now?
  7. Twitter and the way of the hashtag
  8. QAnon conspiracy kicked off Twitter as platform bans thousands of accounts
  9. Court Can’t Compel Twitter to Shut Down Trump’s Account (Eric Goldman)
  10. If Twitter Shuts Down Trump’s Account For Repeat Infringement Then Will Trump Fans Finally Realize That Copyright Is The Problem?
  11. The Trump Administration Has Given The CIA Free Rein To Engage In A Cyberwar
  12. Tech Policy In The Time Of Trump: Mid-2020 Edition
  13. A Case Where The Courts Got Section 230 Right Because It Turns Out Section 230 Is Not Really All That Hard
  14. Content Moderation Case Study: Can An Open Encyclopedia Handle Disinformation? (2005)
  15. Facebook Cannot Separate Itself From the Hate It Spreads: The social network doesn’t just ‘hold a mirror up to society’— it does something much more powerful and concerning
  16. Facebook overrides fact-checks when climate science is “opinion”
  17. Facebook Bans Content Promoting Conversion Therapy
  18. Copyright Trolling Evolved: Okularity Accused Of DMCAing Social Media Accounts, Then Demanding MILLIONS To Reinstate
  19. Content Moderation Case Study: Dealing With Misinformation During A Pandemic (2020)
  20. Russia-linked hackers accused of targeting COVID-19 vaccine developers
  21. Emojis Keep Teen Out of Jail–State v. DRC (Eric Goldman)
  22. Time to tackle market dominance of tech giants says CMA
  23. The end of 30%? | Opinion: The European Commission has opened an antitrust investigation into Apple — will this be the end of the App Store’s 30% revenue share?
  24. Amazon Will Now Let You Create Your Own Streaming Service, Using Twitch Technology
  25. more transparency, less counterfeits
  26. Can a Blawg Be Liable for Defamation? Not Likely (Whew!) 
  27. Google Bans Advertising for Spying Products and Services 
  28. Google Strengthens Clickbait Advertising Policy 
  29. Google Prohibits Ads Promoting COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories
  30. Why some self-driving startups reject Google’s “moonshot” approach
  31. Online platforms required to deal with business users fairly and transparently from 12 July 2020
  32. How SVODs Are Leveraging Facebook And YouTube To Grow Their Audiences
  33. Snap Sees Slowdown In User, Revenue Growth, Says Originals Now Reach 75% Of U.S. Gen Z Population
  34. US investors try to buy TikTok from Chinese owner
  35. Facebook To Launch TikTok Competitor ‘Reels’ Globally In August
  36. TikTok Drops New Creator-Starring PSAs To Help Users Recognize Misinformation Online
  37. TikTok Plans To Hire 10,000 U.S.-Based Staffers Over Next 3 Years, Company Says
  38. Charli And Dixie D’Amelio Drive Hollister’s New ‘Jeans Lab’ Campaign To 2.5 Billion TikTok Views In 6 Days
  39. Influencer Marketing Firm CreatorIQ Closes $24 Million Funding Round
  40. Student-Athletes & NIL: The Next Rising Class of Social Media Influencers
  41. Do old social media posts constitute advertising? And when is a question a claim?
  42. Lilly Singh Unveiled As Co-Owner Of Pro Women’s Soccer Team Coming To Los Angeles
  43. Judge Denies Netflix’s Request To Dismiss Discrimination Lawsuit From Comedian Mo’Nique
  44. ‘Extraction,’ ‘Bird Box,’ ‘The Irishman’ Among Netflix’s Top 10 Most-Watched Original Film Debuts Ever
  45. Netflix’s Q2 Report: 10 Million New Subscribers, Production Delays For 2021, And Content Head Ted Sarandos Is Now Co-CEO
  46. Insights: Netflix Is Still Winning The Streaming Wars, But That Might Start Getting More Difficult Soon
  47. HBO Max, Peacock Already Losing Major Launch Titles Like ‘Harry Potter,’ ‘The Matrix’ Trilogy (Report)
  48. NBC’s Peacock Topped App Charts On Release, Besting The Debuts Of Quibi, HBO Max (Report)
  49. Rapper Logic Signs Seven-Figure Streaming Deal With Twitch
  50. Vox Media Lays Off 70 Employees, As Coronavirus Continues To Grind Away At Revenues
  51. Petnet ‘Smart’ Feeder Customers Are Stuck In ‘Internet Of Broken Things’ Purgatory
  52. Consumer IoT – European Commission initiates inquiry into the consumer Internet of Things sector
  53. Woman Who Refused To Wear Mask At Starbucks Wants Half The $100k In Tip Money Barista Got From GoFundMe Campaign
  54. Is It OK to Embed Instagram Photos? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  55. Instagram Opens Up New ‘Shop’ Tab For Users In The U.S.
  56. We Shouldn’t Call Michelle Obama’s (And Joe Rogan’s) Proprietary Exclusive Audio From Spotify A ‘Podcast’ Any More
  57. Spotify Rolls Out Native Video Podcast Capability To H3h3 Productions, Rooster Teeth, The Misfits Podcast, More
  58. Podcast Advertising Remains Resilient In Face Of COVID, Will Surpass $812 Million This Year (Study)
  59. FinCEN warns of virtual currency social media scam
  60. DOJ Indicts Cyprus National Who Apparently Hacked Ripoff Report And Deleted Negative Reviews
  61. Tech And COVID-19: MLB Rolls Out Remote Cheering Function In Its MLB App
  62. Hands-on: The $300 Kano PC, a “build-it-yourself” Chromebook competitor
  63. Socialism’s DIY Computer: The Galaksija computer was a craze in 1980s Yugoslavia, inspiring thousands of people to build versions in their own homes. The idea was simple – make technology available to everyone.
  64. Mediated trust: A theoretical framework to address the trustworthiness of technological trust mediators (Balázs Bodó)
  65. The Political Power of Platforms: How Current Attempts to Regulate Misinformation Amplify Opinion Power (Natali Helberger)
  66. Seeing the forest for the trees: Visualizing platformization and its governance (José Van Dijck)
  67. Governing smart mobility: policy instrumentation, technological utopianism, and the administrative quest for knowledge (Dalia Mukhtar-Landgren, Alexander Paulsson)
  68. Re-assembling the surveillable refugee body in the era of data-craving (Martin Lemberg-Pedersen, Eman Haioty)
  69. Commission launches sector inquiry into the Internet of Things for consumer related products and services
  70. European Commission launches a Sector Inquiry into the Consumer Internet of Things


  1. European Artificial Intelligence Policy: Mapping the Institutional Landscape
  2. Can Algorithms Tackle the ‘Infodemic’?
  3. Science Fiction, Science Fact, And AI Consciousness with Beth Singler
  4. Big data and modern slavery
  5. Video: An overview of knowledge representation in game AI
  6. Regulating human control over autonomous systems
  7. Robots, Automation, and Employment: Where We Are (Lukas Wolters)
  8. Resisting the Algorithmic Boss: Guessing, Gaming, Reframing and Contesting Rules in App-based Management (Joanna Bronowicka, Mirela Ivanova)


  1. “No one can own the law” – United States confirms copyright protection does not extend to works of legislators or judges
  2. Forever(ly) Brothers, Forever(ly) Rivals: The Everly Brothers’ Epic Battle Over Authorship of “Cathy’s Clown”
  3. Reproduction of infringing content online: who’s liable?
  4. Yet Another ‘Stranger Things’ Copyright Suit Over A String Of Likely Non-Protectable Elements
  5. Porn distribution company loses piracy suit appeal against Web host
  6. Court Reconsiders and Changes Course in Instagram Embedding Case
  7. Copyright Win Falls Apart at the Seams on Challenge to Registration Validity
  8. Why Are Pizzerias Arguing Whether Web Browsing Is Copyright Infringement?–Imapizza v. At Pizza (Eric Goldman)
  9. Court sanctions Liebowitz $103K! Requires service of a copy of the order on all of his clients and filing in all of his cases!! But can the Court do that?
  10. Copyright Troll Richard Liebowitz Says It’s Really Unfair That He Should Have To Tell Clients And Courts How Frequently He’s Been Caught Lying In Court
  11. Using Music in Podcasts – Talk to the Copyright Holders – Why You Can’t Rely on Your ASCAP, BMI, SESAC and SoundExchange Licenses
  12. Amendments to Mexico’s Copyright Legislation, in a Nutshell
  13. “I told you NO, you can’t have their number…” – CJEU confirms IP Enforcement Directive does not require disclosure of email addresses, telephone numbers or IP addresses
  14. Trademark Licensing in Canada: Everything You Need to Know You Can Learn From The Hells Angels
  15. That’s Not My Employment Law Group! A Trademark Battle Between Two Law Firms.
  16. Lady Antebellum Changes Name to “Lady A” and Files Trademark Lawsuit
  17. British Amateur Gymnastics Association v UK Gymnastics Ltd [2020] EWHC 1678 (IPEC)
  18. XOXO mark fails to distinguish, says General Court
  19. Trademark Law Alert – “LADY A” Case Could Present Interesting Issues…or Not
  20. Brighton & Hove Albion FC seeks trade mark protection for ‘Albion’ – but why?
  21. Remand on USPTO Attorney Fee Issue Portends Closure on Circuit Split
  22. Stone Brewing, One-Time Battlers Of ‘Big Beer’, Out Here Trying To Cancel Non-Confusing Trademarks
  23. SCOTUS Alert: Adding “.com” To A Generic Term Can Be A Trademark
  24. Supreme Court: ‘’ Domains Not Necessarily Generic; May Be Federally Registered
  25. Success for Louis Vuitton in pattern trademark dispute
  26. Check Mate! Louis Vuitton defends its chequerboard pattern for the second time
  27. The EU General Court provides clarification on trademarks consisting of slogans, advertising messages, idiomatic expressions
  28. Loss of gravity for the Moon Boot
  29. A breakthrough for the luxury trademark ‘Damier Azur’, but the battle is not yet won!
  30. Nosecco Appeal of UKIPO Decision Dismissed
  31. No-go for Nosecco following opposition by Prosecco
  32. Nosecco, Prosecco and the clash between marketing ideas and IP rights
  33. Still no perfect trademark for ‘perfect’ energy bar
  34. The Michael Jordan Case and The New Balance Case: The Latest Trend in Chinese Trademark Battle
  35. Don’t Get Schooled: What You Can Learn from the Wave of Trade Secret Cases That Followed the 2007-2008 Financial Crisis
  36. In assessing design patent infringement, the devil is in the details
  37. The Federal Court finds compelled disclosure and review of third-party rebates are ultra vires the Patent Act
  38. Board Should Fix Obvious Claim Errors in Order to Make a Decision on the Merits
  39. Necessity of Articulated Reasoning with Rational Underpinning in an Obviousness Rejection
  40. Aerospace to garden hoses: differing opinions in the English Court of Appeal as to obviousness over obscure prior art
  41. Functional Limitations vs. Intended Use
  42. Publication Does Not Necessarily Defeat Joint Inventorship
  43. Collaboration and Concerted Effort are What Result in Joint Inventorship
  44. Federal Circuit Upholds Enbrel® Patents and Blocks Biosimilar
  45. Who owns patents, SEPs and develops standards for smart home technologies?
  46. Modern methods for improving conventional prior-art searches
  47. Patentability of Diagnostic Inventions in the United States, Europe and Canada – Part 1
  48. Patentability of Diagnostic Inventions in the United States, Europe and Canada – Part 2
  49. Zombie Patents? USPTO Issuing Notices of Abandonment in U.S. National Stage PCT Applications After Filing of an RCE where no Inventor Oath or Declaration or Substitute Statement has been Filed
  50. Mid-year review of 2020’s major patent cases from across the globe
  51. Do you need to put in place an escrow agreement with respect to the software and/or source code that you license?
  52. Ontario Government Unveils Intellectual Property Action Plan Along with COVID-19 Research Projects
  53. Business Development Bank of Canada Commits $160-Million Fund Geared Towards Canada’s Intellectual Property Development
  54. IP Litigation Quarterly Update
  55. Q2 2020 Quick Links (Everything) (Eric Goldman)


  1. The impact of Schrems II on Canada: No more onward transfer on the basis of the EU-US Privacy Shield
  2. US-EU Privacy Shield data sharing agreement struck down by court
  3. As Expected, US Surveillance Of Social Media Leads To EU Court Of Justice Rejecting EU/US Privacy Shield
  4. The European Court of Justice invalidates the EU-US Privacy Shield: Case-by-case assessment necessary when using EU standard contractual clauses
  5. Adapting to the Death of Privacy Shield
  6. Court of Justice of the European Union invalidates EU-U.S. Privacy Shield, while standard contractual clauses survive (for now)
  7. Privacy Shield Is Dead! Long Live Standard Contractual Clauses! For Now…
  8. Federal judge calls out CSIS for ‘cavalier institutional approach’ to rule of law: Judge calls for comprehensive review after failure to flag info likely obtained illegally
  9. DOJ: Chinese hackers stole “hundreds of millions of dollars” of secrets
  10. Latest VPN Security Scandals Show (Yet Again) That VPNs Aren’t A Panacea
  11. Privacy and civil rights advocates urge federal government to ban facial recognition surveillance
  12. CBP Updates Privacy Impact Assessment On License Plate Readers; Says Opting Out Involves Not Driving
  13. Three LAPD Officers Facing Criminal Charges For Faking Gang Database Records
  14. The Microsoft Police State: Mass Surveillance, Facial Recognition, And The Azure Cloud
  15. Slack says Microsoft is up to its old tricks, “browser-war” style
  16. Iranian state hackers caught with their pants down in intercepted videos
  17. Website Accessibility Under the California Consumer Privacy Act
  18. There’s a reason your inbox has more malicious spam—Emotet is back
  19. CBP does end run around warrants, simply buys license plate-reader data
  20. Injunction Defunction: The Second Circuit Extinguishes Injunctive Relief as a Remedy for Consumer False Advertising Claims
  21. Recent Court Decision Carries Lessons for Retaining and Using Cybersecurity Consultants to Investigate a Breach
  22. Can Companies Record Customer Service Calls Under U.S. Law?
  23. The EU Commission publishes its first evaluation of the GDPR
  24. Don’t Give Up on Your Digital Privacy Yet: A federal data privacy law is still important. Here’s why.


  1. In brief: prohibited and controlled advertising in Canada
  2. The importance of the Johnny Depp libel trial
  3. Banksy’s face-mask themed artwork removed from London Underground
  4. Second Circuit Wrecks All Sorts Of First Amendment Protections To Keep Lawsuit Against Joy Reid Alive
  5. Third Circuit Court Of Appeals: F Cheer, Indeed
  6. California Federal Judge Denies Motion to Dismiss False Advertising Class Action Involving Breyers Natural Vanilla Ice Cream
  7. Court Deems Vanilla False Advertising Claims Too… Vanilla
  8. New Florida Law Gives College Athletes Right to Profit from their Name, Image and Likeness
  9. We harmed him—really we did: NHL hockey team argues unwanted texts it sent actually did injure people because…TCPAWORD
  10. Advertising a Game of Chance? Contact a Sweepstakes Lawyer
  11. How Artists Can Support Charitable Initiatives Through Art Sales
  12. New York City Reopens for Film and Television Production


  1. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey has two leads because Ubisoft execs believed women don’t sell: Both Syndicate and Origins also originally featured women leads more prominently
  2. Ubisoft fires PR director over harassment allegations: Stone Chin denies allegation of sexual assault, claims it was not linked to Ubisoft’s decision to terminate his employment
  3. French union preparing collective lawsuit against Ubisoft amid abuse allegations: Solidaires Informatique invites victims of sexism and abuse to join as it seeks to take publisher to court 
  4. Ubisoft CEO: When informed of misconduct in the past, “we made tough decisions” – Yves Guillemot says certain individuals “betrayed trust,” while Frédérick Duguet defends representation in publisher’s games
  5. Ubisoft has a five pronged plan to address the studio’s culture of misconduct
  6. A record quarter at Ubisoft can’t distract from its troubled studio culture
  7. Ubisoft is keeping its next-gen games priced at $60, for now
  8. The writing team for Voltage’s Lovestruck is on strike over pay, working conditions
  9. Lovestruck dev Voltage defends conduct following writers strike
  10. Voltage Entertainment says striking writers group “is not a union”: Group of 21 Lovestruck writers wants better pay, but Voltage says freelance contracts preclude collective bargaining
  11. Despite gov’t approval, Google rejects Attentat 1942 from Google Play Store in Germany
  12. Google blocks anti-fascist game for containing references to Nazis: “Stores and platforms have to deal with hateful content, if reviewers took a closer look at Attentat 1942 for just a moment, they would find out we are not that”
  13. German regulator won’t ban Coin Star after all
  14. Deadly Premonition 2 dev claims transgender content “fixed”: A patch has altered a sequence criticised for treatment of a transgender character, but issues remain elsewhere in the game
  15. Deaf accessibility in video games
  16. Twitch Stops U.S. Army From Linking To Recruitment Page Under Guise Of Xbox Controller Giveaway 
  17. Twitch orders end to US Army giveaway promotion on its channel: Alleged controller giveaway reportedly sent users to a recruitment page with no mention of a contest
  18. ISFE, EGDF express concerns over CJEU ruling on EU to US data transfer: Both organizations call free data transfer “crucial” to the EU games industry 
  19. Government responds to the DCMS Select Committee’s Report on Immersive and Addictive Technology
  20. EA’s new $30 online-only game: An uphill slog in a free-to-play world
  21. EA to update Madden NFL 21, making Washington a “generic team”: Following team’s decision, EA will also ditch name and logo until new ones are chosen 
  22. Video game streaming 
  23. GameStop will require face masks for customers; reportedly won’t enforce it: Employees say if customers refuse to wear masks, they are to complete transactions “quickly as possible” 
  24. Wales Interactive quietly pulls announcement for FMV game about female streamer abuse: Publisher says Gamer Girl was designed to raise awareness of the toxicity women face online
  25. Metacritic counters review bombs by eliminating launch-day user reviews
  26. Metacritic now delays user reviews until more than 24 hours after games launch: Company says the decision was not influenced by backlash and review bombing against The Last Of Us Part II
  27. How to design better communities: Kitfox Games’ Victoria Tran explained how the right ruleset can lead your community away from toxicity
  28. Numinous Games announces The Playability Initiative for accessible gaming: New initiative to partner with AbleGamers, disabled communities for new, adaptive game
  29. Cloud gaming “will take the biggest hit” from 5G delays caused by Huawei ban: But analysts tells mobile market “will thrive with or without 5G” 
  30. GDC Survey: One third of game businesses suffering decline amid COVID-19 pandemic: Decline is offset by similar numbers seeing business improve, but 25% of developers have been hit financially
  31. Developing Bake It under quarantine: Kwalee’s head of development Simon Platt on the processes and tools needed to make and ship a new product during lockdown
  32. 63% of UK games businesses report no risk of closure during COVID-19 pandemic: Meanwhile, 80% do not expect to make redundancies and 56% are still recruiting despite difficulties
  33. Ghost of Tsushima comfortably beats Paper Mario to No.1 | UK Charts: But Paper Mario The Origami King enjoys the biggest launch in the series to date
  34. Please insert disc: Microsoft Flight Simulator will spread across ten DVDs
  35. ‘We believe in generations:’ PlayStation argues cross-gen games risk stifling innovation
  36. As the PS5 draws near, PlayStation promises there’s ‘still a ton of life in’ the PS4
  37. Microsoft resets expectations ahead of Xbox Showcase: “No business, devices or similar news, just games,” says Xbox marketing head Aaron Greenberg
  38. Microsoft is adding xCloud to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate in September
  39. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate gets free xCloud game streaming in September
  40. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will get Project xCloud access from September: Platform holder announces cloud streaming will soon be added to subscription service in supported countries
  41. Xbox backs off Game Pass on every platform goal: Phil Spencer says other consoles “aren’t really that interested in having a full Xbox experience on their hardware”
  42. No Man’s Sky has added 1 million new players since Xbox Game Pass launch
  43. Can Xbox One continue on as gaming’s “low-end” console option?
  44. Microsoft ending production of Xbox One X and Xbox One S All-Digital Edition
  45. Xbox One minus two: Microsoft kills console versions before Series X launch
  46. Xbox One X and Xbox One S All-Digital discontinued ahead of Xbox Series X: Only the Xbox One S remains in production as Microsoft pulls the plug on its high-end and disc-less current-gen consoles
  47. Microsoft halts sale of 12 month Xbox Live Gold subscriptions
  48. Xbox Series X won’t support Kinect hardware, games
  49. Xbox closes Q4 with gains in hardware revenue, record engagement
  50. Microsoft’s gaming revenues jump in Q4 of FY20 due to ongoing lockdowns: After several flat or down quarters in a row, Xbox content and services revenue up 65%
  51. Layoffs at Microsoft as it begins new fiscal year: Reports suggest less than 1,000 people affected, currently unclear whether this includes any at Xbox 
  52. Cloud streaming: complement, not competition, to next-gen consoles: Microsoft’s decision to bundle xCloud as part of Games Pass Ultimate is the smartest decision anyone has made in cloud streaming so far 
  53. Microsoft migrates ‘Minecraft’ from Amazon Web Services to its own Azure: Since 2014, developer Mojang had used AWS servers for Minecraft Realms.
  54. Ubisoft’s holiday next-gen games will be the same price as current-gen: However, the publisher leaves the door open for a price hike next year
  55. Ubisoft reports record bookings despite light Q1 release slate: Assassin’s Creed, Just Dance, Rainbow Six Siege performing well in pandemic; Ubisoft Forward had more concurrent viewers than any of publisher’s E3 briefings
  56. Stadia’s ‘Click To Play’ – the future? 
  57. Rocket League goes free-to-play: Game will launch on Epic Games Store; Steam version will no longer be available for new users
  58. Rocket League’s free-to-play transition is a red card for its Steam listing
  59. Rocket League will tone down its Steam presence following free-to-play shift
  60. Crossfire dev Smilegate opens Barcelona studio to develop triple-A projects
  61. Smilegate opens new Barcelona studio: Spanish office to be focused on AAA titles, beginning with an open-world console game
  62. Paradox acquires Surviving the Aftermath developer Iceflake Studios
  63. Paradox buys Iceflake Studios: Finnish company becomes the ninth developer in the Paradox family
  64. TinyBuild nabs Hello Neighbor dev team, plans to invest $15M into the franchise
  65. TinyBuild acquires Hello Neighbor developers: Team will now be called Eerie Guest Studios, indie publisher will invest more than $15 million into franchise
  66. Nazara Technologies buys majority stake in Paper Boat Apps: Indian firm raises stake to 51%, values the educational game developer at around $20m
  67. Nintendo isn’t throwing in the towel on mobile just yet: Annual report positions mobile business as a key target area in company’s long-term strategy
  68. Mobile dev Carbonated raises $8.5 million in seed funding
  69. Carbonated raises $8.5m in seed funding: Developer started by ex-EA, Zynga vets working on mobile real-time PVP game Madworld
  70. Mobalytics closes $11.25m Series A round: Almaz Capital and Cabra VC lead investment in the startup’s “personal gaming assistant” and analytics platform
  71. Nexon OC shuts down: Company says studio’s in-development projects didn’t fit with overall focus
  72. Investment health check: Growing your studio from seed to Series A: In the first of two articles, Sheridans’ Tim Davies outlines four key steps to prepare your company for investor scrutiny
  73. VGames raises over $30m for Israel and Eastern Europe-focused investment fund: Fund founded by Eitan Reisel to focus on early-stage game studios
  74. Reaching Chinese gamers through internet cafés
  75. Ring Fit Adventure sprints to the US top 10 in June thanks to stock increase – NPD: The Last of Us Part 2 debuts at No.1, sees second-highest launch month dollar sales for a Sony-published game ever
  76. Roblox now has a social Party Space for online hangouts
  77. Adopt Me: The most popular game you’ve never played – Josh Ling on the rapid rise of the biggest game on Roblox — millions in revenue, 50m monthly users, and a team set to reach 100 people by the end of 2020
  78. How to guarantee your pitch will be rejected: Publishers and investors share advice on the common mistakes to avoid in your presentation when you’re pitching
  79. Polish studio Far From Home launches with close-to-home support network: CEO Blumenfeld explains why the “AA+” development studio is using alternative stock exchange NewConnect to support big ambitions
  80. Drive-in esports arenas planned for Horizon malls in the US: Four cities in Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Texas to launch centers for both viewership and competition 
  81. Former Faze Clan executives launch new esports organization Xset: Co-founder Greg Selkoe wants to recruit more women and people of color, have a “clear social mission”
  82. A new skull has been added to Halo 3 after 13 years
  83. Designing the real-time stealth and combat of Desperados III
  84. Blog: Looking at the response to accessibility in The Last of Us Part II
  85. Blog: Game composers and the importance of themes – Part 2
  86. Blog: How modern roguelikes are becoming more accessible
  87. Blog: Macro and micro narrative storytelling 
  88. Video: Uses and abuses of analytics in games
  89. Video: Using machine learning, live telemetry & computer vision to manage communities
  90. Don’t Miss: Talking evocative games with thatgamecompany’s Jenova Chen
  91. Don’t Miss: Frog Fractions 2 and the art of surprising players expecting to be surprised
  92. The Asus ROG 3 is the ultimate Android gaming phone that nobody asked for 
  93. Dreams wins Game of the Year at Games for Change Festival: Media Molecule and Thatgamecompany picked up two prizes each at the online event
  94. Why Ian Livingstone is building a school: Industry veteran on the ethos behind Livingstone Academy and why “there’s no point teaching children like robots”
  95. U.S. Patent no. 9,861,896: Method and system for an integrated platform wide party system within a multiplayer gaming environment


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