News of the Week; July 15, 2020


  1. Federal Court Defends CASL, Says Prohibition on Spam is Constitutional
  2. Supreme Court Upholds Robocalling Restrictions but Leaves Future of Regulatory Exemptions Uncertain
  3. Supreme Court Makes Debt Collection Robocalling Illegal (Again)
  4. TCPA Restrictions on Robocalls Expanded by SCOTUS
  5. The U.S. Supreme Court Broadens The TCPA Class Action Trap For Unwary Businesses
  6. FRACTURED LANDSCAPE: This One Graphic Explains Exactly why SCOTUS is Taking Yet Another Look at the TCPA
  7. The TCPA and the First Amendment: Where We Are and Where We’re Going
  8. Breaking: SCOTUS Will Decide ATDS Definition in Facebook, Inc. v. Duguid et al.
  9. Supreme Court Agrees to Review Growing Circuit Split on Definition of ATDS
  10. SCOTUS to Resolve Autodialer Circuit Split
  11. Two FCC Fines for Contests Where Prizes Not Awarded on a Timely Basis – What Broadcasters Should Watch Out for in Conducting Contests
  12. FCC Continues to Prosecute Pirate Radio Operators – Two Settlements with Identified Violators
  13. FCC Proposes to Update Ex Parte Rules
  14. FCC releases new guidance on autodialers, leaves key questions unanswered
  15. Old School TV Gatekeepers (AT&T, Comcast), Struggle With Modern Streaming Gatekeepers (Amazon, Roku)
  16. Frontier misled subscribers about Internet speeds and prices, AG finds
  17. Charter’s hidden “Broadcast TV” fee now adds $197 a year to cable bills
  18. Verizon’s 5G network is tiny—Verizon ads “falsely implied” it’s nationwide
  19. UK bans Huawei from 5G networks in “victory for the Trump administration”
  20. Small ISPs Being Forced To Eat The Costs Of FCC’s Huawei Ban
  21. This Iowa Town Is Building An Open Access Fiber Broadband Network. Google Fiber Is Its First Customer


  1. ‘Too big to fail’: why even a historic ad boycott won’t change Facebook – The company has survived previous seemingly existential crises with little damage to its monarchical structure
  2. Zuckerberg and the Facebook ad boycott; how will it end?
  3. The Fake Nerd Boys of Silicon Valley
  4. We need tougher action against disinformation and propaganda
  5. Musk, Obama, Biden, Bezos, Gates—bitcoin scam hits Twitter in coordinated blitz
  6. Twitter lost control of its internal systems to Bitcoin-scamming hackers
  7. Trump’s Twitter Tantrums Are Affecting How Judges Evaluate Online Discourse–US v. Cook (Eric Goldman)
  8. Trump admin caves to Harvard and MIT, won’t deport online-only students
  9. White supremacist pleads guilty to multiple “swatting” incidents
  10. Reports of a Silicon Valley/Military Divide Have Been Greatly Exaggerated
  11. UN Special Rapporteur Warns of Racial Discrimination Exacerbated by Technology
  12. Emerging digital technologies entrench racial inequality, UN expert warns
  13. Heller v. Uber – What Employers Need to Know
  14. Canada: Supreme Court Strikes Down Uber’s Arbitration Clause In Uber Technologies Inc. V. Heller, 2020 SCC 16
  15. Uber Technologies Inc. V. Heller (2020 SCC 16)
  16. Images and misinformation in political groups: evidence from WhatsApp in India
  17. Rise of The Karen. feat. Apryl Williams
  18. When Piracy Literally Saves Lives
  19. EFF, Orin Kerr Ask The Supreme Court To Prevent Turning The CFAA Into A Convenient Way To Punish Site Users, Security Researchers
  20. French parliament passes porn age-verification legislation
  21. What A Shock: Scammers Are Abusing YouTube’s Notice And Takedown System With DMCA Claims
  22. Now That USMCA Is In Effect… Can Congress Even Reform Section 230 Without Violating The Agreement?
  23. DOJ Section 230 report unintentionally highlights dangers of internet heckler’s vetoes
  24. House Government Appropriations Bill Would Bar FTC & FCC From Doing Anything Related To Trump’s Inane Anti-230 Executive Order
  25. Understanding The ‘Splinternet’
  26. Americans Disagree On What Content Should Be Moderated, But They All Agree Social Media Companies Suck At Moderation
  27. Spotify Launches Podcast Charts, Challenging Apple’s Status As Industry’s De Facto Ranker
  28. Google Finally Gets Around To Banning Ads For Stalkerware
  29. Google bans ads for stalkerware apps—with some exceptions
  30. Google Search Results Allegedly Promote YouTube Videos Over More Popular Clips From Competitive Platforms
  31. YouTube Now Tells Creators Exactly How Much They Make From Ads, Super Chat, Channel Memberships Per 1,000 Views
  32. What Makes A YouTube Video Hit The Trending Tab? This Data Scientist Broke Down Every Single Video That Trended In 2019.
  33. Top 50 Most Viewed US YouTube Channels • Week Of 7/13/2020
  34. Top 50 Most Viewed YouTube Channels Worldwide • Week Of 7/13/2020
  35. YouTube Adds Mental Health Information Panels To Videos About Depression, Anxiety
  36. YouTube Kids Finally Arrives On Amazon Fire TV
  37. Amazon supermarket will roll out fancy new smart cart when it opens
  38. Amazon bans TikTok on employee phones, then calls it a mistake
  39. Amazon Doubles Back, Saying Email Instructing Employees To Delete TikTok Was “Sent In Error”
  40. TikTok Says It Removed 49 Million Videos For Content Violations In The Second Half Of 2019
  41. FYP.RIP Lets TikTok Creators Download Every Video They’ve Ever Made At Once
  42. Addison Rae, TikTok’s Second-Biggest Star, Soars Past 50 Million Followers
  43. Jason Derulo Says He Makes “Far More” Than $75,000 Per TikTok
  44. Tiktok deletes 49 million videos for rule-breaking over 6 month period
  45. Snapchat Tests Special ‘Brand Profiles’ — Complete With Ecommerce, Lens Collections, More
  46. NBCUniversal’s Peacock Debuts With 13,000 Hours Of Free Content
  47. Noted Incubator Reportedly Shells Out $10 Million To Develop Patrick Starrr Beauty Brand, Launching At Sephora
  48. Influencer-Enmeshed Beauty Brand Morphe Ceases All Ties With Jeffree Star
  49. Just 8% Of Quibi’s Early Free Trial Users Converted To Paying Subscribers
  50. What’s wrong with WhatsApp:As social media has become more inhospitable, the appeal of private online groups has grown. But they hold their own dangers – to those both inside and out.
  51. Jukin Launches Fourth OTT Brand, ‘WeatherSpy’, A Hip Weather Hub Targeting Cord Cutters
  52. Spotify Launches Podcast Charts, Challenging Apple’s Status As Industry’s De Facto Ranker
  53. Registration of generic Top Level Domains (gTLD)
  54. Tesla’s stock soars as tens of thousands of Robinhood users buy it
  55. New York State Department of Financial Services Proposes Framework for a Conditional BitLicense
  56. Who Should Be in Charge of Cyberspace? The European Union, Member States and the Constitution of Structural Power (Moritz Weiss)
  57. The Postdigital Emergence of Memes and GIFs: Meaning, Discourse, and Hypernarrative Creativity (Albin Wagener)
  58. Content Moderation Case Study: Dealing With Misinformation In Search (2004)


  1. Don’t ask if artificial intelligence is good or fair, ask how it shifts power
  2. Fan Uses AI Software To Lipread What Actors Really Said In TV Series Before Chinese Authorities Censored Them
  3. Detroit PD Now Linked To Two Bogus Arrests Stemming From Facial Recognition False Positives
  4. Algorithmic state surveillance: Challenging the notion of agency in human rights (Eleni Kosta)
  5. The algorithmic regulation of security: An infrastructural perspective (Rocco Bellanova, Marieke de Goede)
  6. Data and the Task of the Humanities: We have automated the society of clues to act on its own divinations, with consequences far beyond the individual.
  7. CFPB Highlights the Growing Role of Artificial Intelligence in the Delivery of Financial Services
  8. Deepfakes Can Mean Deep Water and Deep Pockets for Your Business
  9. Transparency in artificial intelligence (Stefan Larsson, Fredrik Heintz)


  1. U.S. Court Of Appeals Hears Arguments That Lawsuit Against Disney For ‘Pirates’ Shouldn’t Have Been Dismissed
  2. Top EU Court Says Online Platforms Must Only Provide Postal Addresses Of People Who Upload Unauthorized Copies Of Copyright Material
  3. Neil Young ‘NOT ok’ with Trump playing his music at Mount Rushmore event
  4. Legal Implications of Syncing Copyrighted Music with Other Content
  5. Meek Mill, Atlantic Records Face Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Over Lifted Lyrics
  6. US copyright enters the social media age
  7. IP Insight – Brompton Doesn’t Fold Before Court of Justice
  8. How Absolutely Desperate Must You Be To Try To Claim That The Answer To ‘Cancel Culture’ Is Stronger Copyright?
  9. Are fundamental rights the answer to the deficiencies of EU copyright law, discussed in a European context? (Maria Christina Michailidou)
  10. Brexit: Intellectual Property and Software Code Post-Brexit Transition
  11. When Paying for It Doesn’t Mean You Own It
  12. Conducting your way through music licensing: common issues
  13. Random Issues to Consider as Media Businesses Adapt to the New World of the Virus – Music Uses on Zoom and Other Platforms, Unlicensed FM Transmitters
  14. A look at recent student athlete name, image and likeness legislation
  15. Not all pun and games: Federal Court not amused with cannabis company’s brand parody
  16. GOOGLES Wins Right to Sue Google
  17. PlanetArt v Photobox offers practical tips for designing UK-targeted apps
  18. “Trump Too Small” is Too Personal for Trademark Registration
  19. No, Trademark Trolls Collecting Various Fake Names For A Washington Football Team Will Not Get In The Way Of The NFL Team’s Renaming
  20. If It Isn’t Perceived as Generic, Then It Isn’t Generic: Takeaways from USPTO v.
  21. Trade mark rights in generic terms: does the US decision open the door in the U.S. or Australia?
  22. Supreme Court: “” Can Be Registered as Trademark
  23. The Greek Freak and celebrity trade marks
  24. Iconic Ferrari 250 GTO Trademark (Partially) Cancelled
  25. Ferrari loses EU trade mark for ‘world’s most expensive car’
  26. “Nosecco” lost its sparkle: Logo trade mark application rejected by UK IPO and decision upheld by High Court
  27. Owls swoop in to secure WAWAW trade mark
  28. Tiger King: Murder, mayhem and misuse of intellectual property
  29. A tale of conflicting data sets: filing and litigation statistics paint a contrasting picture of the US trademark landscape
  30. Trademarks for Business Owners: 4 (More) Things Every Trademark Owner Should Know
  31. I found out about this amusing Karen parody of American Girl dolls because they want it taken down
  32. American Girl Brand Sees The Light On Parody
  33. Knock It Off, Knockoffs? Ninth Circuit Affirms Trade Dress Rights but Not Fame
  34. IBM has a problem with Google’s Open Usage Commons: The ties between the Open Usage Commons and Google may be too strong and clear.
  35. Can Trademark Law Combat Price Gouging? 3M is Testing Theories to Protect its Brand
  36. Amazon Will Display Seller Identifying Information On Seller Profile Pages – What Does It Really Mean For Brands Trying To Stop Unauthorized Sales?
  37. Descriptive marks: marketer’s nirvana or lawyer’s nightmare?
  38. Moving on Up: Increased Costs Awards in Canadian Patent Litigation
  39. Challenges in Canada: how CIPO is tackling a backlog caused by covid-19, legislative change and Madrid
  40. Device Having a Chamber “Loaded With” a Composition Positively Requires Presence of Composition in Device
  41. Do Lord Justice Arnold’s comments on Fibrogen v Akebia signify a change in approach to instruction of experts?
  42. Patentee’s Failure to Fully Define Non-Standard Physical Characteristic Leads to Invalidity Holding
  43. Lights Out for Light-up Shoe Patents Found to Be Obvious
  44. Lights Out for Light-Up Shoe Patent, Thanks to Non-Limiting Preamble
  45. Reliance on Common Sense Permitted in Obviousness Analysis
  46. Electronic Communication Technologies, LLC v., No. 2019-1587 (Fed. Cir. May 14, 2020)
  47. Cochlear Bone Anchored Solutions AB v. Oticon Medical AB, No. 2019-1105 (Fed. Cir. May 15, 2020)
  48. Common Sense in Patents: Makes Sense?!
  49. Can One Have Too Many Patents?
  50. Patent Assignments: Difficult Decisions in a Difficult Time
  51. Patent Analytics Provider Tracks “Examiners Who Procrastinate”
  52. A Tale of Two Districts: Patent Trials in the Eastern and Western Districts of Texas During the COVID-19 Pandemic
  53. The One Secret Everyone Needs to Know About Patents
  54. Canada Announces Accelerated Exam for Pandemic Related Inventions Filed by “Small Entities”
  55. China’s Latest Patent Law Amendment Introduces Patent Linkage and Patent Term Extension
  56. Keeping a secret: five tips for creating an effective non-disclosure agreement
  57. EUIPO Report Names Turkey as the Third Biggest Producer of Counterfeit Goods
  58. How Do I Protect Intellectual Property?


  1. Clearview Calls It Quits In Canada While Under Investigation By The Privacy Commissioner
  2. Safety first! New Canadian cloud security guidance is issued
  3. Companies Are Selling Cops Access To Personal Data Harvested From Malicious Hacking And Data Breaches
  4. C Is for Cookie Lawsuit: Google Accused of Wiretap Act Violations for Collection of Web Browsing Data
  5. Malware stashed in China-mandated software is more extensive than thought
  6. Are consumers in Europe more likely than consumers in the United States to “opt-in” to cookies?”
  7. Ars readers hated this startup’s privacy policy—so the company changed it
  8. This device keeps Alexa and other voice assistants from snooping on you
  9. California’s Effort to Suppress the Publication of Age Information Violates the Constitution–IMDb v. Becerra (Eric Goldman)
  10. CCPA 2.0: How the California Privacy Rights Act is “Targeting” Digital Advertising
  11. The Nuances of Data Colonialism
  12. Data is Dangerous: Comparing the Risks that the United States, Canada and Germany See in Data Troves (Susan Aaronson)


  1. Judge Does The Expected: Gets Rid Of Prior Restraint Order Against Mary Trump, Allows Her To Publish Her Book
  2. Tucker Carlson’s top writer resigns after secretly posting racist and sexist remarks in online forum
  3. ‘His hatred is infectious’: Tucker Carlson, Trump’s heir apparent and 2024 candidate?
  4. A Letter on Justice and Open Debate
  5. A Deeply Provincial View of Free Speech: Many prominent writers and thinkers seem invested in the notion that simply facing strong public criticism is a threat to free speech.
  6. Documents Show SFPD Ignored The Press Pass The Department Had Issued To Brian Carmody In Order To Place Him Under Surveillance
  7. L.A. Newspaper Sues Sheriff’s Department Over Its Repeated Refusal To Comply With The Law
  8. What That Harper’s Letter About Cancel Culture Could Have Said
  9. Legally blown: Reese Witherspoon and her fashion line face breach of contract and privacy class action over ‘free dress’ giveaway
  10. France to exactly restore Notre Dame spire, ditching modern designs


  1. Big Fish Games Reaches $155 Million Settlement over Online Gambling Games
  2. European Union sets limits on platform madness: A new regulation will create a more fair and transparent relationship between games companies and the app stores
  3. Three-quarters of all US households include someone who plays video games – ESA: Of 214 million gamers, 41% are women, and 21% are under the age of 18
  4. Ubisoft’s “most powerful creative force” resigns in wake of sweeping allegations
  5. Ubisoft executives resign amid sexual misconduct allegations
  6. Three more Ubisoft executives step down due to toxic culture: Chief Creative Officer Serge Hascoët and Ubisoft Canadian studios head Yannis Mallat leave the company as global head of HR Cécile Cornet leaves her role
  7. Toxic culture at Ubisoft connected to dysfunction in HR department: About half of the recent cases of toxic behaviour unearthed at Ubisoft had previously been flagged to HR, recent reports suggest
  8. What went wrong at Ubisoft? | Podcast: In this week’s double episode, we discuss recent developments at Ubisoft along with the wider issues of abuse in the games industry
  9. Top Ubisoft Executives Out Amid Allegations Of Company-Wide Misconduct
  10. Christophe Derennes named head of Ubisoft Montreal after Yannis Mallat’s resignation
  11. Interplay silent on Earthworm Jim developer’s racist, homophobic remarks
  12. Researchers criticise whiteboard technical tests: Software engineer hiring practice discriminates against women, suggests study
  13. Feminist Frequency launching Games and Online Harassment Hotline: Free text message emotional support service goes live next month, will be staffed by paid agents trained in crisis response
  14. WoW Alters Its Character Creation System to Add Diversity
  15. Blizzard will make changing character gender free in next WoW expansion: Most other aesthetic character changes can already be made without spending real money 
  16. Swery apologizes for depiction of transgender individual in Deadly Premonition 2 
  17. BAFTA Games Awards applicants will be challenged over diversity and inclusion
  18. Decades later, these remakes haven’t fixed their racial representation issues
  19. There’s a new initiative to create a game industry code of ethics 
  20. 8,000 games have been pulled from the App Store in China over missing ISBNs 
  21. Over 8,000 games pulled from App Store in China in one week: Apple clamps down on paid games or titles with in-app purchases that have not been approved by Chinese regulator 
  22. EA developing an addiction to executive overpay, says investment group: CtW Investment Group launches shareholder campaign against publisher, highlights “fallacy” of above-ordinary compensation as a motivator
  23. ‘The Sims’ game has been turned into a reality show, and players are competing for $100,000 
  24. You’ll Be Mad You’re Not Competing In This Sims Reality TV Show 
  25. Global Mis-Steps: From acquisition to accusations – GlobalStep sources describe “culling” of staff, incorrect pay, and a stifling culture of fear at UK QA studio formerly known as Testology 
  26. Tilting Point acquires Plamee Studios and FTX Games assets 
  27. Huuuge Games has purchased interactive ad company Playable Platform 
  28. Huuuge Games acquires Dutch advertising startup: Mobile developer now has 11 international offices and over 600 staff
  29. Animoca Brands buys social gaming platform Gamee for $6.53 million 
  30. Former Ubisoft developers open new Canadian studio Beans
  31. Game companies line up for pandemic relief loans: Developers take advantage of a US program that will forgive loans for retaining staff, deadline to apply is August 8 
  32. Analyst: Mobile games generated 1 billion downloads each week in Q2 2020
  33. Analyzing those Satisfactory sales numbers (& more!)
  34. F1 2020 overtakes The Last of Us Part 2 at No.1 | UK Charts:Codemasters licensed racing game enjoys its biggest launch since 2017
  35. Sony invests $250 million in Epic Games
  36. Sony Invests $250 Million In Epic Games, Reportedly Valuing The ‘Fortnite’ Publisher At $17.9 Billion 
  37. Sony invests $250m in Epic Games: Tech giants plan to broaden existing collaborations across technology, social entertainment, and digital ecosystems 
  38. Report: Sony increasing PlayStation 5 production by 50 percent 
  39. Sony reportedly increasing PS5 production to 10m units by 2021 
  40. Could Sony stumble on cross-generation games? | Opinion: If Sony tries to charge for PS5 versions of late-gen PS4 hits, comparisons with Microsoft’s consumer-friendly strategy will be harsh
  41. Are Xbox Series X developers being held back by Xbox One?: “Held back is a meme that gets created by people who are too caught up in device competition”
  42. Developing for Xbox Game Pass: “I could never pitch these ideas to a publisher”: Xbox, Double Fine, Obsidian, Mojang and InXile discuss how Game Pass is changing the games they make
  43. Microsoft details how Xbox Series X will load 4.8GB/s from memory
  44. Microsoft rolls out special version of Project xCloud for developers in lockdown: PC Content Test App allows games makers to access their Xbox development kits remotely 
  45. How Minecraft and Mojang taught Xbox how to buy studios – Xbox’s new studios: “Things have been almost exactly the same, just without the terror of going out of business” 
  46. Phil Spencer: “I don’t have any regrets about Mixer” – Xbox chief discusses what the Mixer closure means for its strategy
  47. PES 2021 “pared back” as Konami focuses on Xbox Series X, PS5 version: Publisher confirms there will still be a release this year with an “affordably priced” season update
  48. Stadia lands exclusives from Konami, Harmonix, and more: Bomberman publisher & Rock Band dev join Splash Damage, Uppercut Games, Supermassive, and Bad Dream in working on games for Google’s service
  49. Splash Damage exploring friendlier territory with Outcasters: Veteran developer of competitive online shooters aims for approachability with its new game for Stadia
  50. Stadia’s Click to Play aims to speed up game launches with sharable, instant-play links
  51. For the second time this year, Amazon Games puts a new title into hiding
  52. Amazon delays MMORPG New World into 2021: Company says alpha feedback demonstrated need for more endgame experiences
  53. Google Play apps with 500,000 downloads subscribe users to costly services
  54. The return of the $70 video game has been a long time coming
  55. Rising video game prices drove UK inflation in June: The Last of Us Part 2’s launch, plus ongoing Switch success stories, likely to be biggest contributors
  56. PUBG has sold over 70 million copies worldwide
  57. Unreal Engine devs can now capture facial animation using an iOS app
  58. Unreal’s new iPhone app does live motion capture with Face ID sensors
  59. The surprising way that paid DLC works
  60. Capcom says its game sales are 80% digital and rising: Publisher aiming to reduce physical media to just 10% of its game sales in the future
  61. Finnish mobile studio Traplight nets $9 million to support Battle Legion
  62. Traplight closes €8m investment round: Finnish mobile dev to focus on live-service development of latest title, Battle Legion 
  63. Tencent is the latest potential buyer for Leyou Technologies: Chinese tech and games giant reportedly in talks to acquire parent of Warframe developer Digital Extremes
  64. Twitch Faces Sudden Stream of DMCA Notices Over Background Music
  65. Twitch reinstates Donald Trump’s channel after two-week ban
  66. What did (and didn’t) work for the first year of Valve’s Steam Labs experiments
  67. Valve secrets spill over—including Half-Life 3—in new Steam documentary app
  68. Half-Life Alyx developers want to make a full-scale Half-Life game for consoles: “This ice has been broken, now we’re hoping to smash through the ice completely”
  69. Far Cry 6 announced at Ubisoft Forward, launches next year: Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla and Watch Dogs: Legion also get release dates, smart delivery on Xbox 
  70. Pokémon Snap had a different kind of focus | Why I Love: Tag Games CEO Marc Williamson believes developers could learn from the Nintendo photo safari’s escapist tourism without pressure
  71. How COVID-19 transformed Pokémon Go into “Pokémon stay-at-home”
  72. Nintendo and Lego team up on a $229 mechanical NES and TV set
  73. Paper Mario: The Origami King folds the usual RPG tropes into knots
  74. Why is this copy of Super Mario Bros. worth a record $114,000?
  75. Vintage ‘Super Mario Bros.’ Video Game Sells for $114,000
  76. Rare copy of Super Mario Bros sells for a record $114,000: The NES classic seta new standard for vintage game prices at auction last weekend
  77. Free-to-play brawler Ninjala surpasses 3 million downloads on Switch
  78. Moderating the “marketplace of ideas” with user-made gaming platform Core: Manticore Games co-founder Frédéric Descamps discusses challenges & potential with new platform that promises to be YouTube of gaming
  79. Twitch deletes Black Lives Matter video after criticism it lacked Black creators: Twitch partners from the Black community said they were overshadowed, spoken over by white personalities
  80. Ninja Denounces TikTok As Concerns Surrounding App’s Ban Mount — And Byte Soars To Top Of Apple App Charts
  81. The New Frontier of Esports Sponsorship
  82. TikTok Collab House SwayLA Launches ‘SwayGaming’ Offshoot For Esports Creators
  83. ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ VR Support Still a Post-Launch “top wish list item”: No direct confirmation of future VR support
  84. A ‘nod’ to Command and Conquer’s Construction Yard
  85. The Chinese Room’s ambition to move out of the art house niche: With Sumo at their side, Dan Pinchbeck and Ed Daly want to make the best games of the decade
  86. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla hands-on: An incomplete Witcher-ization
  87. Watch Dogs: Legion hands-on: Play as anyone, care about no one
  88. Ghost of Tsushima review: An open-world haiku of honor, stealth, and revenge 
  89. Video: Emergent storytelling techniques in The Sims
  90. Video: A game dev’s guide to organizing your levels and mechanics 
  91. Don’t Miss: An oral (‘Sporal’?) history on the development of Maxis’ Spore
  92. Don’t Miss: How adding 0.2 seconds to Halo 3’s sniper rifle fire rate changed the game 
  93. Blog: Balancing Tips – How we managed math on Idle Idol
  94. Blog: Camera evolution in third-person games
  95. Blog: Money or passion? How to become an indie entrepreneur
  96. Blog: Improving narrative accessibility
  97. Blog: A beginner’s guide to making your own games
  98. Media Molecule’s Dreams named GOTY at 2020 Games for Change Awards


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