News of the Week; July 8, 2020


  1. Federal Court of Appeal Rules CASL Constitutionally Valid and Provides Interpretive Guidance
  2. Federal Court of Appeal Rules on Constitutionality and Application of Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation
  3. Senators Challenge Trump’s Ongoing Pressure on Internet Platform Protections
  4. House OKs $100B broadband plan with $50 monthly discounts for poor people
  5. House Passes Massive Broadband Bill That Surprisingly Doesn’t Suck
  6. City builds open-access broadband network with Google Fiber as its first ISP
  7. FCC’s Assault On Low-Income Broadband Program Is Making The COVID-19 Crisis Worse
  8. Charter Spectrum Lobbies FCC To Kill Time Warner Cable Merger Conditions
  9. FCC Finalizes Designations of Huawei and ZTE
  10. FCC Issues Important Autodialer Ruling
  11. Supreme Court strikes down 2015 law allowing robocalls by debt collectors
  12. A Dark Day for Free Speech: Supreme Court Upholds Statute Supposedly Preventing Robocalls-But at what Cost?
  13. Supreme Court Decides Barr v. American Association of Political Consultants
  14. In a Win Against Robocalls, the Supreme Court Severs TCPA Federal Debt Collection Exemption
  15. Supreme Court Declines to Invalidate the TCPA Cell Phone Calling Restrictions
  16. If You Thought the TCPA Was on Its Way Out, Think Again: The Supreme Court Expands Its Prohibitions Instead
  17. Delicate Surgery: Supreme Court Upholds the TCPA but Strikes Down the Government Debt Exception as Unconstitutional in Barr v. AAPC
  18. What lies ahead for regulation of the 5G ecosystem?
  19. 5G was going to unite the world—instead it’s tearing us apart
  20. Chinese 5G Plans Start At $10, Showing The ‘Race to 5G’ Isn’t Much Of One
  21. New EU Rules for Platform Providers
  22. The remote British village that built one of the UK’s fastest Internet networks
  23. For All The Hype, Trump’s Favorite ‘News’ Channel (OAN) Faces Shrinking Footprint


  1. Does First Amendment let ISPs sell Web-browsing data? Judge is skeptical
  2. Hong Kong’s National Security Law Allows Police To Censor The Internet, Compel Decryption
  3. Trump administration “looking into” ban on TikTok, other Chinese apps
  4. Secretary Of State Mike Pompeo Says U.S. Is “Certainly Looking At” A TikTok Ban
  5. Pompeo Says US May Ban TikTok; It’s Not Clear That It Can
  6. As India Bans TikTok, Instagram Has Begun Testing TikTok Clone ‘Reels’
  7. Behind Bars, but Still Posting on TikTok
  8. TikTok, Once an Oasis of Inoffensive Fun, Ventures Warily Into Politics
  9. New ‘National Security’ Law Threatens Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Protesters With Life In Prison
  10. Hong Kong downloads of Signal surge as residents fear crackdown
  11. Lawsuit & Bi-Partisan Group Of Senators Seek To Push Back On Trump Administration’s Attempt To Corrupt The Open Technology Fund
  12. Harvard, MIT sue Trump admin to block deportation of online-only students
  13. Lessons (re)learned from the new ECHR case Vladimir Kharitonov v. Russia on blocking access to a website and the freedom of expression
  14. The Guardian view on Facebook and democracy: real and present danger – Political advertising is banned from being on television or radio. Unless Facebook changes, it may be time to extend this prohibition to social media
  15. Facebook Follows Twitter In Recognizing A ‘More Speech’ Approach Is Best For Newsworthy Liars
  16. Facebook Agrees to Prohibit Hate Speech in Ads in the Wake of #StopHateForProfit Campaign
  17. Facebook Shutters TikTok Competitor ‘Lasso’, As Instagram’s Own Clone ‘Reels’ Expands To New Markets
  18. Facebook Launches New Business Tool Feature To Support CCPA Compliance
  19. A Review of the “Final” CCPA Regulations from the CA Attorney General (Eric Goldman)
  20. Facebook removes false accounts linked to Brazil President Bolsonaro: Decision comes as Brazil’s president careens from crisis to crisis, with different investigations drawing close to him, his family and allies.
  21. Amazon’s settlement with OFAC puts e-commerce companies on notice
  22. The Loss Of Public Goods To Big Tech: What has not been questioned enough during the COVID-19 crisis is unrelenting capitalism itself.
  23. Harper’s Gives Prestigious Platform To Famous Writers So They Can Whine About Being Silenced
  24. Rather Than Attacking Section 230, Why Aren’t Trump Supporters Angry About The DMCA That’s Actually Causing Issues?
  25. Why Does Richard Blumenthal Always Feel The Need To Lie About Section 230?
  26. Want to Learn More About Section 230? A Guide to My Work (Eric Goldman)
  27. “Shitty Media Men” List Operator Doesn’t Qualify for Section 230 (Yet)–Elliott v. Donegan (Eric Goldman)
  28. US DoJ Report Recommends Curtailing Immunity of Online Platforms for User-Generated Content
  29. Post No Evil: Content Moderation Decisions Are Always Trickier Than You Think
  30. Right-Wing Media Outlets Duped by a Middle East Propaganda Campaign
  31. Beware the dangers of complacent clicktivism (Andres Guadamuz)
  32. Supreme Court of Canada Invalidates Uber Arbitration Clause in $400-Million Class Action
  33. Uber v. Heller: Supreme Court applies the law of unconscionability to arbitration agreements and identifies a new role for the Court
  34. California Appeals Court Relies on Nexus Theory to Reverse Dismissal of ADA Website Violation Complaint
  35. IT pros indicted after arranging credit card payments for weed startup
  36. ‘Hamilton’ Film Debut Drove 72.4% Spike In U.S. Disney+ App Downloads This Weekend
  37. Amid Sputtering Launch, Here Are All Of The Originals That Quibi Has Renewed To Date
  38. To Gmail, Most Black Lives Matter Emails Are“Promotions”
  39. Unhappy Google Advertiser’s Lawsuit Completely Falls Apart–Dreamstime v. Google (Eric Goldman)
  40. Google Has Developed Auto-Generated Comment-Replying Technology For YouTube Creators
  41. YouTube Unveils New Analytics Hub For Musicians, Tracking Official And Fan-Uploaded Videos Alike
  42. YouTube Test Note Indicates Platform Is Developing “Multi-Segment” Video Feature—AKA A TikTok Competitor
  43. YouTube Might Let Creators See How Their Videos Perform Compared To Uploads On Similar Channels
  44. YouTube Lowering Minimum Video Length For Mid-Roll Ads From 10 To 8 Minutes
  45. YouTube Jacks Live TV Streaming Prices 30%, As Streaming Sector Starts To Resemble Good Old Cable
  46. YouTube Calls On People To Film Their ‘Life In A Day’ July 25 For Sequel To 2010 Documentary
  47. Top 50 Most Viewed US YouTube Channels • Week Of 7/06/2020
  48. Top 50 Most Viewed YouTube Channels Worldwide • Week Of 7/06/2020
  49. TINA Fires First Salvo at Virtual Influencers
  50. Petnet charges new $30 annual fee for a service that still doesn’t work
  51. TikTok Launches Self-Serve Ad Sales, Pledges $100 Million In Ad Credits For Small Businesses Affected By Pandemic
  52. The case for a digital non-aligned movement: The world wide web is on a crash course that could lead to permanent fragmentation. Only coordinated international solidarity can stop it.
  53. Internet Nondiscrimination Principles Revisited
  54. Do Emails Create Legally Binding Contracts?
  55. Is DocuSign the new Zoom? Do we trust e-signatures yet?
  56. Online user reviews in the spotlight – Preliminary results of sector inquiry published in Germany
  57. Amazon Prime Video will finally offer one of Netflix’s most basic features
  58. The rise and fall of Adobe Flash
  59. The 416 quadrillion reasons why Japan’s supercomputer is number 1


  1. How AI can empower communities and strengthen democracy
  2. Detroit Police Chief Says Facial Recognition Software Involved In Bogus Arrest Is Wrong ’96 Percent Of The Time’
  3. Boston The Latest City To Ban Facial Recognition Use By Government Agencies
  4. Protecting inventions which use Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  5. When your AI starts to invent: Hot topics in patenting AI-generated inventions
  6. Tru Luv secures investment for “emotionally conscious AI”: Startup founded by Brie Code to explore “an alternative to the gamification model of rising challenge, fear, shock, or FOMO”
  7. FTC and NAD Actions Highlight Continued Scrutiny of Online Reviews
  8. WIPO’s revised paper on IP policy and AI
  9. Into the Whirlpool: How Predictive Data Put Brainwashing on the Spin Cycle (Rebecca Lemov)
  10. Understanding the societal impacts of machine translation: a critical review of the literature on medical and legal use cases (Minako O’Hagan, Carol O’Sullivan)
  11. Software-Sorted Exclusion of Asylum Seekers in Norway and Finland (Funda Ustek-Silda, Marja Alastalo)
  12. Insights: VidCon, Comic-Con, Other Conferences Go Virtual, Try To Keep The Fun


  1. Research Libraries Tell Publishers To Drop Their Awful Lawsuit Against The Internet Archive
  2. Google v. Oracle and the Future of Software Development
  3. The Case of Enola Holmes
  4. Estate Of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Alleges Copyright Infringement Over Sherlock’s Emotional Awakening
  5. In Copyright Case Over Photos, the Second Circuit Brings Four Critical Issues into Focus
  6. Court Reconsiders Decision About Website Getting License to Embedded Photo from Instagram Terms of Use
  7. S.D.N.Y Reconsiders Instagram Embedding By Mashable
  8. Sinclair v. Ziff Davis, LLC: Court grants photographer’s motion to reconsider dismissal of copyright case against news site that embedded link to plaintiff’s Instagram image
  9. Instagram Rolls Out Ability To Pin Three Comments To The Top Of Any Thread
  10. Law firm marketing alert: Blog image violated copyright, photojournalist’s complaint says
  11. Copyright, Competition, and Controversy: Press Publishers’ Right under the Copyright Directive
  12. News Company’s ‘Digital Audience Director’ Fails To Understand Embedding, Issues Bogus DMCA Takedown Notices
  13. Can cloud storage-portals be asked to put in place a filtering mechanism to ferret out infringing materials?
  14. Not so elementary
  15. Pablo Escobar Estate Sues Atlanta Restaurant
  16. Sci-Hub Downloads Boost Article Citations — And Help Academic Publishers
  17. Copyright Office Issues Report on DMCA Safe Harbors: Section 512 is “Unbalanced”
  18. A functional shape may be protected by copyright rules the CJEU
  19. Functional shapes and copyright law
  20. Copyright and Trade Marks in relation to Shapes: two European Perspectives
  21. Supreme Court Decision in Generic Domain Names Can Be Protected as Trademarks
  22. US Supreme Court Holds That Adding ‘.com’ to Generic Name May Create Protectable Trademark
  23. Supreme Court Clears the Way for Trademark Registrations
  24. Consumer Perception Is Key To Registration Of Generic “.com” Marks
  25. Supreme Court Rules that “” Is Eligible for Trademark Protection
  26. SCOTUS Holds That ‘’ Trademarks Like May Be Capable of Registration
  27. Supreme Court Upholds Trademark Registration
  28. Supreme Court Rejects PTO “Generic Term” Rule
  29. U.S. Supreme Court Allows to Trademark Its Domain Name
  30. SCOTUS Eliminates Bright Line Rule Against Generic Term and Top Level Domain Name Trademarks
  31. Generic + Generic = Protectable Trademark
  32. U.S. Supreme Court rejects categorical rule that generic term plus “.com” results in a generic composite
  33. Should I File for My Trademark + ‘.COM?’ It Depends
  34. Supreme Court Promotes Weaponization of Generic Domain Names–USPTO v. (Eric Goldman)
  35. Manchester United Alleges Trademark Infringement through Third-Party Mods to Football Manager
  36. Trademark Battle Heats Up Over Fizzy Way To Cool Down
  37. Black Lives Matter in trademarks and branding
  38. More Disputes Over Trademarked Area Codes. Why Is This Allowed Again?
  39. Pairing Unsuccessful: Bluetooth and Fiat Denied Summary Judgment in Suit over Unauthorized Use of BLUETOOTH Marks
  40. The G.O.A.T. Trademark Registration Stands, and the Goats With It
  41. easyJet opposes Easy Nurse at the UKIPO
  42. The General Court looks at distinctiveness of the XOXO mark
  43. CJEU annuls EUIPO’s trade mark invalidation of Louis Vuitton’s Damier Azur pattern
  44. Hermès: How WWII shortages led to the creation of an iconic brand
  45. Prosecco celebrates a non-alcoholic win
  46. ‘Nosecco’ is a no-no, says the High Court
  47. A clear NO to Nosecco! High Court of Justice rejects the appeal in a new chapter in the bubble war. The protected designation of origin “Prosecco” is an obstacle to the registration of the trademark “Nosecco”
  48. Trademark Enforcement Tips and Traps: Navigating Canada’s Trademark System One Year After the Major Changes
  49. The protection of wine geographical indications: legislative efforts since Pliny
  50. Federal Court releases decision on validity of the Amending Regulations of the Patented Medicines Regulations
  51. Granting Security Interest in Patents Did Not Deprive Patent Owner of Standing to Sue for Patent Infringement
  52. UK Supreme Court upholds appeal by biotech firm Kymab to revoke antibody patents held by US giant Regeneron
  53. Patenting the future? Kymab prevails in the battle of the mice
  54. Regeneron Patents Revoked for Claim Breadth
  55. G 3/19: plants produced by essentially biological processes are excluded from patentability
  56. European Patent Office did not grant a patent on concept of linking customer data with a key instead of personally identifiable information to improve privacy protection.
  57. Nanotechnology patents: challenge for industrial property and its regulations
  58. Crystal clear? Patenting polymorphs in Europe
  59. Federal Circuit: Digital Guitar Instruction Patent Directed to an Abstract Idea
  60. Federal Circuit: Common Sense May Substitute For Elements Not In The Prior Art
  61. Federal Circuit Emphasizes Role of Common Sense in Obviousness Analysis
  62. Patents Claiming a Range of Values, Such as Gate Sizes for Semiconductor Chips, Must Enable One of Ordinary Skill to Make and Use the Entire Claimed Range
  63. Double Patenting: A comparative guide between U.S. & Canadian practice
  64. Global patent strategies in the world of tech & engineering
  65. Intellectual Property in the Cloud: The Patent Troll Threat
  66. PODCAST: Patent Troll Litigation is on the Upswing
  67. The space IP race: protection and enforcement of your orbiting assets


  1. Court Shoots Down AT&T, Comcast Attempt To Crush Maine Privacy Law
  2. COVID-19: Data protection lessons from Google’s contact-tracing API
  3. Unbridled Surveillance Will Not Save Us From COVID-19
  4. Police infiltrate encrypted phones, arrest hundreds in organized crime bust
  5. NY partygoers get subpoenas after stonewalling COVID-19 contact tracers
  6. Social Media Platform Fined 100,000 USD by Washington State AG for COPPA Violations
  7. Toss Out the Milk, The Cookie Party is Over
  8. What factors determine whether the use of an advertising cookie constitutes the sale of information?
  9. Apple’s iOS 14 Transformative Privacy Announcements
  10. GALA Releases First-Ever Global Guide to Privacy Laws Related to Advertising & Marketing
  11. California Privacy Rights Act to appear on November 2020 ballot


  1. That Was Quick: Appellate Court Says Simon & Schuster Not Subject To Prior Restraint Order Over Mary Trump’s Book; But Fight’s Not Over Yet
  2. Court of Appeal Affirms: No First Amendment Protection for Misleading Commercial Speech
  3. That’s a relief (from sanctions) for Johnny Depp – libel trial can proceed despite failure to disclose texts
  4. Why Music Matters In Our Professional Space During COVID-19
  5. Live Nation Seeks Sweeping Changes to Artist Contracts for Music Festivals: What Does this Mean for Brand Sponsors?
  6. Scrabble players move toward banning 200+ slurs from tournament play


  1. India bans 59 Chinese apps, including Clash of Kings: Moonton’s Mobile Legends also banned over security concerns
  2. How mobile games crushed consoles
  3. UK government urged to ‘immediately’ classify loot boxes as gambling
  4. House of Lords calls for loot boxes to be immediately reclassified as gambling: Committee believes chance-based monetisation should be regulated without waiting for wider Gambling Act review
  5. Ofcom: Less than 6% of UK children, 4% of adults have purchased loot boxes – Regulator’s report also shows game subscription services have yet to take off
  6. Infinity Ward has removed the controversial ‘OK’ gesture from Modern Warfare
  7. Infinity Ward pulls “OK” gesture from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Sign has become known as a white supremacist gesture; developer has yet to comment
  8. Ubisoft exec Maxime Beland has resigned after harassment and assault allegations
  9. Ubisoft’s Maxime Béland resigns amid abuse allegations: Tommy François placed on disciplinary leave, one unnamed Toronto employee dismissed
  10. ‘Change starts today’ says Ubisoft CEO, after years of allegations arise
  11. Ubisoft to restructure its editorial team in wake of abuse allegations: Publisher also bringing in third-parties, new roles for internal culture examination and reformation
  12. EVO co-founder/CEO Joey Cuellar removed after sexual abuse allegations
  13. Evo CEO dismissed, event cancelled amid accusations of misconduct and abuse: Capcom, NetherRealm and influencers pulled support before cancellation
  14. Nintendo condemns abuse as allegations spread across Smash Bros. community: Platform holder is “deeply disturbed” as more than 50 players accused of a variety of sexual offences
  15. We need a movement to tackle systemic abuse, not a moment | Opinion: For years people within the industry have listened, but they refused to hear
  16. Naughty Dog condemns abusive fan response to The Last of Us 2: Creative director Neil Druckman and voice actor Laura Bailey receive death threats and abuse over game’s narrative decisions
  17. FaZe Clan, Twitch, Facebook Gaming Hook Up With Gamers.Vote For Monthlong Voter Registration Campaign
  18. Former Bungie boss says deal with Activision “not a marriage made in heaven at all”: “We knew it was a risk right from the get go, and it turned out to be exactly as bad as we thought it to be,” says Marty O’Donnell
  19. PES loses licenses for AC Milan and Inter Milan: Unrenewed agreements will not affect eFootball PES 2020 or myClub, but likely to affect PES 2021 and other future games
  20. 2K breaks gaming’s de facto $60 ceiling, asks $70 for next-gen NBA 2K21
  21. Take-Two Interactive’s NBA 2K21 will cost $10 more on next-gen consoles
  22. NBA 2K21 price is $10 more expensive on Xbox Series X and PS5: First next-gen game details suggest higher game pricing for new machines
  23. IDG: Other publishers are considering raising game prices for PS5 and Xbox Series X – Cost of development has increased between 200% and 300% while game prices have remained flat
  24. Microsoft reportedly against publishers from charging for Xbox Series X upgrades: Platform holder said to be encouraging alternative models for those who don’t want to engage with its Smart Delivery scheme
  25. Report: Xbox ‘encouraging’ publishers to keep cross-gen game upgrades free
  26. Report: Microsoft eyeing purchase of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
  27. PlayStation suspends Facebook advertising: The platform holder joins Coca-Cola, Honda, Unilever, Ford, Starbucks and Microsoft
  28. Sony considering a bid for Digital Extremes owner Leyou
  29. PlayStation Unveils Indie Games Initiative
  30. The Last of Us Part 2 holds firm as Iron Man VR debuts at No.2 UK Charts: 3DS games continue to flood the chart
  31. PlayStation unseats Nintendo in June with The Last of Us Part 2 l UK Charts: Console hardware sales begin to show signs of slowing down
  32. Furukawa: Mobile is still ‘contributing to the sustainable growth’ of Nintendo
  33. Since launching four years ago today, Pokémon Go has grossed $3.6bn: Despite global lockdown, Niantic’s location-based mobile game is on track for another record year
  34. Analyst: Pokemon Go revenue still on the rise despite global pandemic
  35. How to patch out implicit bias from your hiring process: Speaking at Ludicious X, Celia Hodent suggests avoiding discrimination when recruiting is much like improving a video game
  36. Crush Crushing stereotypes with adult games about everyday people: Nutaku and Sad Panda Studios talk about the stigmas still facing adult and dating games, and the importance of visible women creators
  37. COVID-19 and pivot towards game development lead to layoffs at Kongregate
  38. Kongregate no longer accepting new titles, undergoing layoffs: Company apologies for employees finding out about layoffs through direct deposit notifications
  39. Overcoming the “ugly necessity” of scaling back inactive teams: Matchmaking platform SupplyDrop aims to connect studios that have too many developers with those that have too few
  40. Zynga closes acquisition of Peak for $1.8 billion: Mobile giant takes on Istanbul studio along with Toon Blast, Toy Blast 
  41. 11 Bit Studios commits $21m to production of seven games: Four of the new products are through its publishing label, while three are first-party titles
  42. Google makes its Maps Platform gaming solution available for all mobile developers 
  43. Amazon and Google are in games for the wrong reasons | Opinion: Amazon’s Crucible won’t be the last embarrassment if tech companies don’t stop viewing games as a means to drive cloud service revenue
  44. Paradox Interactive acquires Playrion Game Studio to help with mobile push
  45. Paradox acquires Playrion: Mobile-focused developer behind Airlines Manager becomes publisher’s eighth internal studio
  46. Animoca Brands raises $4.1 million ahead of proposed initial public offering 
  47. Zynga acquires Toon Blast developer Peak for $1.85 billion
  48. Discord raises $100 million and plans to move beyond gaming
  49. With $5.7 million, One More Game comes out of the shadows 
  50. Voicemod raises $8 million for silly or serious voice filters in games
  51. Core is paying devs per DAU in a bid to kickstart the creation platform’s economy 
  52. Manticore Games launches $1m creator fund for proprietary game dev platform: Core creator economy kickstarted after four months in Alpha
  53. Why the discussion around difficulty is outdated and archaic: At Ludicious X, ArenaNet’s Jennifer Scheurle offered a roadmap for moving beyond the tired language and debates around difficulty in video games 
  54. Westworld creators take aim at Fallout in upcoming Amazon Studios series 
  55. Amazon Studios developing new Fallout TV series: Westworld co-creators to produce the project with Kilter Films 
  56. ‘Fallout’ TV Series From ‘Westworld’ Creators in the Works at Amazon: Based on the video game, the drama is currently in development but has a series commitment penalty attached.
  57. EA partners with TBS for four-episode The Sims reality show: The Sims Spark’d will see 12 community personalities compete in creative in-game design challenges 
  58. My Friend Pedro to get a TV adaptation: Legendary Television to develop game into an R-rated dramedy
  59. The Netflix of gaming? Why subscription video-game services face an uphill battle
  60. Sega’s next retro hardware is a 1/6th-scale multi-game arcade cabinet
  61. Sega announces Astro City Mini arcade cabinet: Tiny arcade machine comes pre-loaded with 36 Sega arcade titles
  62. Video game projects remain steadfast on Kickstarter despite COVID-related declines: March 2020 saw two video games projects raise over $2m each, and funded project ratios are holding steady 
  63. PUBG Mobile shoots through $3 billion in lifetime revenue 
  64. PUBG Mobile has made over $3 billion in lifetime revenue 
  65. Following Dissolution Of Mixer, Gaming Luminary Ninja Hosts First YouTube Live Stream 
  66. Ninja appears to have moved to YouTube Gaming: Following Mixer’s shutdown, Twitch’s former top streamer has moved platforms once more 
  67. 72% of esports audience is male, says report: IDC and Esports Charts report looks into who’s watching esports and how the pandemic pushed up viewership
  68. Psyonix commits $4.5m a year in prizes to Rocket League esports: RLCS X will be protected “if live international events are not possible during the season due to worldwide health concerns” 
  69. EVO 2020 game tourney canceled, co-founder fired
  70. Iron Man VR review: A sad, painful end to the PS4’s PlayStation VR era 
  71. First game from Oculus co-founder’s new studio “unlikely to be VR” 
  72. How to successfully cater to older players: Mobile veteran Wilhelm Taht looks at lessons from Bingo Bash’s success on successfully appealing to players aged 55+
  73. Mobile game discovery – Why it’s tricky for indies
  74. We traced Namco’s “new” Pac-Man demake to its source: A 2008 fan ROMhack
  75. European trade bodies unite for Eurovision-style Gamescom contest: Live showcase hosted by Mr Midas will celebrate the best unreleased games from across Europe
  76. Understanding how to implement a prototype (or ‘template’) system in The Machinery
  77. Homebound with EarthBound 
  78. THQ Nordic’s Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning remaster opens the door for new DLC
  79. An extended interview with Star Control creators Fred Ford & Paul Reiche III 
  80. Notes on inspiration from a BAFTA-winning studio: Sarepta Studio’s CEO Catharina Bøhler explores the many ways to find inspiration and stay creative during development
  81. F1 2020 reviewed—Codemasters takes another racing game win
  82. PR danger closer than it may appear | 10 Years Ago This Month: EA’s Medal of Honor studio honors the troops by letting people play as the Taliban amidst a good month for bad calls 
  83. Integrating ‘the nobility of work’ into Hardspace: Shipbreaker 
  84. Opinion: Backlash to criticism harms The Last of Us Part II 
  85. Blog: Soft skills for game developers
  86. Blog: The subtle manipulation of mobile games
  87. Blog: A Torchlight 3 early access launch weekend postmortem 
  88. Video: Balancing accessibility with depth to make vehicles feel great 
  89. Video: Tips and tools for finding inspiration when you’re stuck
  90. Video: A microtransaction design primer for game devs 
  91. Don’t Miss: The Team Fortress 2 guide to keeping your game alive
  92. Don’t Miss: Designing Destiny 2’s PvEvP Gambit mode
  93. Don’t Miss: A deep dive into the ‘old school’ save system of Alien: Isolation
  94. Video Gaming/E-Gaming Law update 
  95. U.S. Patent no. 10,029,177: System and method for a videogame with a secondary metagame
  96. U.S. Patent no. 10,078,410: System to locomote an entity in three dimensional space


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