News of the Week; June 17, 2020


  1. What the Federal Court of Appeal Anti-Spam Law Case Means for the Interpretation of CASL (Michael Geist)
  2. US Falls Out Of Top 10 Fastest Broadband Speeds
  3. Another 5G Infrastructure Win for the Wireless Industry
  4. Senators Wyden And Markey Make It Clear AT&T Is Violating Net Neutrality
  5. AT&T’s “headcount rationalization”—i.e. job cuts—hits thousands more workers
  6. U.S. Commerce Department Revises Export Controls on Huawei, Permits Some Sharing of Export Controlled Technology in Setting Standards for 5G and Other Technology
  7. FCC Republican has “deep reservations” about Trump’s social media crackdown
  8. FCC Adopts Declaratory Ruling and Starts Rulemaking on ATSC 3.0 TV Datacasting Issues – the Broadcast Internet
  9. FCC proposes $225m fine for spoofed robocalls and state AGs follow suit
  10. FCC has “serious doubts” that SpaceX can deliver latencies under 100ms
  11. FCC’s Advisory Committee on Diversity and Digital Empowerment Makes Statement on Civil Rights Demonstrations and the Racial Divide
  12. FCC Reaches $5 Million Settlement with magicJack
  13. FCC Proposes Largest Fine in Its History for Telemarketing Violations
  14. T-Mobile Merger ‘Synergies’ Culminate In Massive 12 Hour Nationwide Outage
  15. The DOJ’s Plan To ‘Fix’ The T-Mobile Merger Is Already A Hot Mess
  16. T-Mobile’s outage yesterday was so big that even Ajit Pai is mad
  17. Platform Mergers: Lessons from a Case in the Digital TV Market (Mark Ivaldi, Jiekai Zhang)


  1. Undress or fail: Instagram’s algorithm strong-arms users into showing skin
  2. Instagram Users: Post at Your Own Risk. Your Public Content May Be Legally Sublicensed
  3. Instagram To Review Its Policies, Algorithms For Any Bias Against Black Community
  4. Two SDNY Courts Post Opposite Conclusions on Instagram Fair Use
  5. Zoom cites Chinese law to defend censorship of human rights activists
  6. Amid pressure, Zoom will end-to-end encrypt all calls, free or paid
  7. Zoom & China: Never Forget That Content Moderation Requests From Government Involve Moral Questions
  8. Philippines Spits On Free Speech, Convicts Journalist Maria Ressa For Criminal ‘Cyber Libel’
  9. Amazon Senses US Isn’t Currently Receptive To Its Cop Tech, Puts Rekognition On Mothballs For A Year
  10. Internet Archive ends “emergency library” early to appease publishers
  11. Internet Archive Closing National Emergency Library Two Weeks Early, Due To Lawsuit, Despite How Useful It’s Been
  12. KleptoSettlement: Behavioral Advertising Data Collection in Kids’ Apps Leads to Avoidable FTC Fine
  13. Brokerage Account Formation Process Upheld–Valelly v. Merrill Lynch (Eric Goldman)
  14. Justice Department proposes major overhaul of Sec. 230 protections
  15. Per Section 230, Facebook Can Tell This Plaintiff To Piss Off–Fyk v. Facebook (Eric Goldman)
  16. Cybersecurity Experts Support Supreme Court Review of Enigma v. Malwarebytes Ruling on Section 230(c)(2)(B) (Eric Goldman)
  17. Ron Wyden Explains Why President Trump (And Many Others) Are Totally Wrong About Section 230
  18. Justice Department Releases Its Own Preposterous Recommendations On Updating Section 230
  19. Devin Nunes’ Lawyer Tells Judge To Ignore Section 230, Because Twitter Is Anti-Devin Nunes
  20. Senator Hawley’s Latest Dumb Anti-230 Plan Would Wipe Out The President’s Advantage On Facebook
  21. Senator Hawley’s Section 230 Reform Even Dumber Than We Expected; Would Launch A Ton Of Vexatious Lawsuits
  22. Trust & Safety Professional Association Launches: This Is Important
  23. eBay execs sent roaches and “bloody pig mask” to harass journalists, feds say
  24. eBay Execs Thought Sending Dead Pigs, Live Spiders To Small News Website Was A Good Idea
  25. Facebook Defends Not Censoring Political Ads – Looking at the Differences In Regulation of Political Speech on Different Communications Platforms
  26. Facebook to Allow Users to Block all Political Advertising
  27. Facebook Lets Users Turn Off Political Ads, Launches Voter Registration Campaign
  28. The Bureau targets privacy: Facebook Inc. to pay the Competition Bureau a $9M administrative monetary penalty for misleading representations
  29. Why one email app went to war with Apple—and why neither one is right
  30. EC opens antitrust probe into Apple Pay, Apple’s App Store
  31. The European Commission opens formal antitrust probes against Apple in relation to Apple Pay and the App Store
  32. The Antitrust Case Against Apple (Bapu Kotapati, Simon Mutungi, Melissa Newham, Jeff Schroeder, Melody Wang)
  33. A crackdown on illegal content – but at what cost? Debate around the EU’s online liability overhaul
  34. Disclosing networks of state-linked information operations we’ve removed (Twitter)
  35. Has Twitter just had its saddest fortnight ever?: A tool that quantifies global happiness on social media recorded an unprecedented dip in mood starting in May.
  36. Twitter Introduces Audio Tweets, Enabling Users To Share 140-Second Voice Missives
  37. No, Google Didn’t Demonetize The Federalist & It’s Not An Example Of Anti-Conservative Bias
  38. An investigation of Google’s ad personalisation: After 10 years using Google services, here’s what I learned about surveillance capitalism
  39. Google Updates Ad Targeting Policies to Help Prevent Discrimination
  40. New Google rule bans discriminatory targeting for housing ads
  41. Top 50 Most Viewed US YouTube Channels • Week Of 6/15/2020
  42. Top 50 Most Viewed YouTube Channels Worldwide • Week Of 6/15/2020
  43. YouTube Launches $100 Million, Multiyear Fund To Amplify Voices Of Black Creators
  44. ‘Dear Class Of 2020’ Becomes YouTube’s Most-Watched Live Original To Date, Raising $2 Million
  45. YouTube Pulls Creators’ AdSense Fundraisers, Citing Policy Violations—But Will Donate The Amount They Raised
  46. YouTube To Introduce Channel Customization, Rolls Out Algorithm-Generated ‘Creator Mixes’ For Each Viewer
  47. YouTube Rebrands Influencer Marketing Platform ‘FameBit’ To ‘BrandConnect’, Taps Google Vet Lori Sobel To Lead Unit
  48. Buzzy ‘Dad, How Do I?’ YouTube Channel Links With Lowe’s For Father’s Day Contest
  49. Linus from Linus Tech Tips looks back on YouTube comments and Internet fame
  50. OpenZFS removed offensive terminology from its code
  51. Lawsuit vs. Western Digital wants to end any use of SMR in NAS drives
  52. Collapse of Quadriga crypto exchange was a result of fraud, says OSC: With company bankrupt and founder dead, enforcement action ‘not practical’
  53. Machine-learning clusters in Azure hijacked to mine cryptocurrency
  54. Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian Resigns From Board, As Company Agrees To Replace Him With Black Candidate
  55. Viral TikTok Satirist And Donald Trump Imitator Sarah Cooper Signs With WME
  56. National Security Threat: TikTok
  57. Cars, Guns, Cider, And Snapchat Don’t Cause Crime
  58. District of Columbia AG claims online lender violated usury statutes
  59. Cameo Adds New Product Tier, Enabling Fans To Chat With Celebrities On Zoom
  60. WarnerMedia Axes HBO Go, Rebrands HBO Now In Wake Of Max Launch
  61. Netflix Drops Somber Dave Chappelle Special ‘8:46’ On YouTube, Netting 3.4 Million Views In 24 Hours
  62. Quibi Predicted It Would Net 7 Million Year-One Subscribers. It’s On Track To Bring In Just 2 Million. (Report)
  63. Eyeing Living Rooms, Quibi Reportedly In Talks To Create Roku, Amazon Fire TV Apps
  64. Hulu is ending Hulu VR support for most (but not all) virtual reality headsets
  65. Hulu is Shutting Down Its VR App on Most Headsets Tomorrow
  66. Snap Taps Rickey Thompson, Denzel Dion For Original Docuseries; Re-Ups With Disney, ViacomCBS, More For ‘Discover’
  67. The Young Turks To Drop Non-Political Interview Series On Just-Launched Twitch Channel
  68. ‘Myth: A Frozen Tale’ is Disney Animation’s First Publicly Released VR Short Film, Now on Quest
  69. After Libra, Digital Yuan and COVID-19: Central Bank Digital Currencies and the New World of Money and Payment Systems (Douglas Arner, Ross Buckley, Dirk Zetzsche, Anton Didenko)


  1. Why general artificial intelligence will not be realized (Ragnar Fjelland)
  2. Algo IP: Intellectual Property in AI Datasets, Insights and Outputs – the Growing Importance of Trade Secrets
  3. Deepfakes aren’t very good—nor are the tools to detect them
  4. Occupational Change, Artificial Intelligence And The Geography Of EU Labour Markets
  5. If the shoppers can’t come to the shops, let the shops come to them: can AI save our shops?
  6. Artificial Intelligence and Europe: Risks, Developments and Implications (Jacopo Scipione)
  7. The Chinese approach to artificial intelligence: an analysis of policy, ethics, and regulation
  8. Artificial Intelligence and WIPO
  9. Will Robots Replace Patent Examiners?
  10. Who’s a Bot? Who’s Not?: It sometimes seems that automated bots are taking over social media and driving human discourse. But some (real) researchers aren’t so sure.
  11. Can AI mitigate the climate crisis? Not really.
  12. Getting it right: Using consumer-facing AI tools wisely
  13. Don’t Miss: A look at the data-driven AI framework behind Destroy All Humans 2
  14. Boston Dynamics now sells a robot dog to the public, starting at $74,500


  1. Apple, SOCAN highlights changing role of Copyright Board, says IP professor Ariel Katz
  2. Federal Court of Appeal Issues Two Decisions on the Copyright Act’s “Making Available” Right
  3. I’m So Tired: IP Rights Exhaustion
  4. SA Music LLC v., Inc.: Court dismisses copyright claims, holding distribution of work through digital music store requires transfer or download of file containing copyright work from one computer to another.
  5. A co-hop-yright clash
  6. Wheely good news for product designers?
  7. Brompton Bicycle – far from folded
  8. Riding copyright in the right direction?
  9. I want to Ride my (Brompton Folding) Bicycle
  10. CJEU confirms that original functional shapes may obtain copyright protection
  11. The CJEU confirms copyright can subsist in functional shapes provided they are original
  12. CJEU rules that functional shapes are eligible for copyright protection, in so far as they are original works
  13. CJEU on eligibility of functional shape under Copyright Law
  14. Can copyright protect technical products? Brompton provides some answers
  15. The Brompton Bicycle – the collapsible bike with a collapsing monopoly?
  16. WIPO brings ‘poor man’s copyright’ into digital age
  17. Copyright protection for Brompton’s folding bicycle? CJEU gives green light to the possibility across Europe
  18. Karen Hepp v. Facebook, Inc.: Dismisses news anchor’s right of publicity claims against Facebook & others, holding exception to safe harbor based on “any law pertaining to intellectual property” does not apply.
  19. Do You Like The Creepy Dolls Horror Subgenre?
  20. Pablo Star Ltd. v. The Welsh Government: Court rejects Welsh government’s motion to dismiss on sovereign immunity grounds finding use of photographs in tourism ads is commercial activity without immunity.
  21. Social media influencers beware: Street art is protected by copyright
  22. Inaccuracies in copyright registration doom fabric designer’s big jury verdict against H&M
  23. Stop Asking Marvel To Keep Cops From Wearing Masks With ‘The Punisher’ Skull On It
  24. Toys “R” Us Successful in Depreciation of Goodwill Claim Against “Herbs R Us”
  25. Canada: Protective Orders in Trademark Cases
  26. Netflix Trumps US Armed Forces in Space Race
  27. Does a make a brand name distinctive?
  28. Yes, your product is incredible, but should you call it that?
  29. The Kimono controversy: a matter of cultural awareness and risk management
  30. Dissecting SkyKick
  31. Supreme Court Suggests Claim Preclusion May Be Less Relevant to Trademark Cases and Questions Its Applicability to a Defense Rather than a Claim
  32. A trademark tasting session to celebrate World Gin Day
  33. Time to Brighton up that brand portfolio?
  34. Trade marks: Don’t register them “purely as a legal weapon”
  35. The Scent of a Crayon: Unique Complications with Scent and Other Non-Traditional Trademarks in Canada
  36. 3M Continues to Use Lanham Act to Combat Nefarious Use of 3M Mark for N-95 Masks
  37. Flag Day Greetings
  38. My Big Fat Greek Lawsuits
  39. Ninth Circuit Closes Lips on Confusion Claims Against Pucker Vodka
  40. Flying on Red Bull’s wings
  41. UK High Court issues latest decision in MERCK trademark saga
  42. L’Oreal Appeals $66 Million Trade Secret Judgment
  43. UK based .eu domain name owners beware – Brexit is coming
  44. Southern District Of New York Grants Motion To Dismiss Patent And Trade Secret Claims, Finding Patents Ineligible Under Section 101 And That Trade Secret Claim Failed To Identify A Protectable Secret
  45. Follow the Rules! Recent Changes to Canada’s Patent Procedures
  46. PTAB Designates As Informative a Decision Instituting Post-Grant Review for a Design Patent Lacking Ornamentality
  47. Federal Circuit Affirms Rule 12(b)(6) Dismissal Because the Patent Was Directed to the Patent-Ineligible Abstract Idea of Teaching a User to Play the Guitar
  48. Encrypting/decrypting audio data with reduced latency: technical
  49. PTAB Decision on Functional Language for a Camera Claim Limitation
  50. Efficient use of search tools for prior art and patent searching


  1. B.C. woman finds photos, videos of herself for sale online. And it’s legal
  2. High-tech surveillance amplifies police bias and overreach (Andrew Ferguson)
  3. Quebec Introduces New Amendments to Its Privacy Regimes
  4. Congressional Reps Demand Federal Law Enforcement Agencies Stop Surveilling Protesters
  5. Tradeoffs: Facebook Helping The FBI Hack Tails To Track Down A Truly Awful Child Predator Raises Many Questions
  6. UPnP flaw exposes millions of network devices to attacks over the Internet
  7. Knoxville shuts down parts of its network after being hit by ransomware
  8. Intel will soon bake anti-malware defenses directly into its CPUs
  9. More than 7 in 10 Americans won’t use contact-tracing apps, data shows
  10. Political groups use “deeply spooky” protester location data, report finds
  11. Tracking Kids Through Your App? Think Again.
  12. Data Sharing Without Borders: New ‘landmark’ US-UK data sharing agreement.
  13. Data protection, gaming affiliates, & direct marketing – processor or controller?
  14. Highest German Court Rules on Cookie Consent (Planet49)
  15. Can You Build A Privacy Law That Doesn’t Create Privacy Trolls?
  16. A tale of two cybers – how threat reporting by cybersecurity firms systematically underrepresents threats to civil society (Lennart Maschmeyer, Ronald Deibert, Jon Lindsay)
  17. Own Data? Ethical Reflections on Data Ownership (Patrik Hummel, Matthias Braun, Peter Dabrock)


  1. Appeals Court Again Says That The White House Can’t Just Remove A Press Pass Because It Didn’t Like A Reporter Mocking Seb Gorka
  2. The First Amendment Protects Radio Hosts Covering Online Attacks Against A Sports Referee
  3. Trump Campaign Is So Pathetic It Claims CNN Poll Is Defamatory; Demands Retraction
  4. Legally Bombed: Reese Witherspoon’s Clothing Company Earns Failing Grade on ‘Free Dress’ Giveaway
  5. Stolen Banksy mural rediscovered in Italian farmhouse
  6. Is it Misleading to Name a Product “Potato Skins Snacks” When the Product Isn’t Made From Potato Skins?
  7. Retrial Ordered in Libel Case Concerning UK Polish-Language Newspaper


  1. Judge rejects defence theory of ‘gaming consciousness’ and convicts man of Marpole murders
  2. Federal Court Affirms Activision’s First Amendment Rights In Using Humvees in ‘Call Of Duty’ Game
  3. Activision investigating after Modern Warfare update goes rogue on Xbox
  4. Nintendo issues cease-and-desist for Switch modchip installation service
  5. Nintendo Cryptically Points Out That Selling ‘Animal Crossing’ Assets For Real Money Violates ToS
  6. Rockstar stops hackers from spawning KKK members in Red Dead Online
  7. FDA approves game marketed as a treatment for ADHD: Prescription-only device is first game-based therapy the US agency has approved for any condition
  8. May I Have This Dance? Epic Games Prevails in Second Dance Emote Suit.
  9. Fortnite Defeats Another Lawsuit Over Emote Dance Moves–Brantley v. Epic Games (Eric Goldman)
  10. Duke Nukem and the Dangers of Acquired IP in Serial Game Development
  11. Gearbox sues 3D Realms for breach of Duke Nukem acquisition contract: After original Duke Nukem composer sues Gearbox over royalties, developer brings in original IP owner
  12. Manchester United sues Football Manager makers for trade mark infringement
  13. Developers remove games from Steam over Valve’s Black Lives Matter silence
  14. Riot Games exec Ron Johnson resigns following inflammatory George Floyd Facebook post: Johnson exercised “really poor judgement” says Riot CEO Nicolo Laurent
  15. Little Devil Inside dev apologizes for racist stereotypes shown in trailer
  16. “The industry hasn’t changed enough — not even close”: POC in Play’s Chella Ramanan and Adam Campbell on the industry’s response to the Black Lives Matter movement, and the effort needed to make a lasting change
  17. Kowloon Nights launches $2m fund for projects by Black creators: Fairchild Initiative aims to empower Black-owned and led studios worldwide
  18. The Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality has surpassed its $5M goal
  19. Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality finishes with $8.1m raised: Over 810,000 people purchased the bundle, which contained more than 1,700 games
  20. Humble Bundle launches Fight for Racial Justice bundle: 100% of proceeds will support NAACP Legal Defense Fund, Race Forward, and The Bail Project
  21. Humble’s huge ‘Fight for Racial Justice’ charity bundle has already raised over $1.3M
  22. Applications are open for Humble’s $1 million Black Game Developer Fund
  23. GDC renews commitments to supporting game developers in marginalized communities
  24. Square Enix apologises for “insensitive” Marvel’s Avengers tweet: “Now was not the appropriate time to share this content.”
  25. Tomb Raider and Deus Ex dev Eidos Montreal opens new R&D studio
  26. Square Enix announces new Eidos-Sherbrooke studio: The newly created R&D studio will be remote, with premises not due to open until early 2021
  27. The importance of diversity in games
  28. The chicanery of Penguin Cretins: Valve maintains its signature silence as wayward developers code-swap games on Steam, leaving users frustrated and confused
  29. UK government to call for evidence that loot boxes should be classed as gambling: DCMS confirms call will begin later this year, findings will be considered alongside a review of the Gambling Act
  30. The UK Government sets out its plan of action on immersive technologies (mostly video games)
  31. Capcom bans ex-EVO champion after racist tweet: Ryan “FChamp” Ramirez apologizes for “very insensitive” post, refuses to call it racist
  32. Xbox demands racist influencer team disassociate from its brand: Brazilian streamers XboxMilGrau has been banned on Twitch and YouTube, reportedly worked with Microsoft in the past
  33. Virtual concert company Wave nets $30 million to stage more interactive gigs
  34. Devs can now dig around in the source code for three games from Blendo Games
  35. Resident Evil becomes first Capcom franchise to surpass 100 million sales
  36. Neostream will change character designs using racist stereotypes: The developer was criticised following Little Devil Inside’s appearance at the PS5 reveal last week
  37. EA extends free Xbox Series X upgrade offer for Madden NFL 21 after player complaints: Publisher is not using Xbox’s Smart Delivery tech, but instead using its own ‘Dual Entitlement’ model
  38. Xbox expands on Smart Delivery, confirms game progress will carry forward
  39. PS5 will far outsell Xbox Series X, predicts analyst: Ampere’s Piers Harding-Rolls expects PS5 to sell 66 million sold by end of 2024, compared to 37 million for Series X
  40. Sony unveils PlayStation 5 design, but remains silent on price
  41. Spider-Man, Ratchet and Clank, Gran Turismo, and more are coming to PS5
  42. Sony finally reveals PlayStation 5 hardware—and a discless “Digital Edition”
  43. PlayStation 5’s reveal was all about continuity | Opinion: Laser-focused on game announcements, Sony’s unveiling was an hour-long promise to maintain the software strategy that has driven the PS4’s success
  44. Sony announces PlayStation 5 Digital Edition: Two versions of next-gen console shown alongside 26 upcoming games
  45. PS5 Digital Edition exists because “many consumers purchase solely digitally”: PlayStation boss says no news on price but platform holder is focused on “getting the value equation right”
  46. GTA Online is getting a standalone release on PlayStation 5
  47. Grand Theft Auto Online coming to PS5 for free in 2021: Standalone version of GTAV’s online game will be available as a free exclusive for three months
  48. Grand Theft Auto Online is a killer app for PlayStation 5 | Opinion: The deal between PlayStation and Rockstar has the potential to win over millions of fans for Sony’s next console
  49. Bethesda’s Deathloop and Ghostwire: Tokyo will be timed PS5 exclusives – New games from Arkane and Tango Gameworks among a handful of console exclusives at PS5 reveal event
  50. The PlayStation 5 looks to be the biggest game console in decades
  51. Data suggests almost half of Xbox One users also own a PlayStation 4
  52. Google cuts Stadia Premiere Edition price from $130 to $100
  53. Google Stadia Premiere Edition gets a price cut: But it’s no longer offering three months of Stadia Pro for free
  54. Ubisoft’s next open-world game leaks as an unfinished prototype on Stadia
  55. The Evolution of Game Genres: NES, Gameboy, and SNES
  56. Playable Worlds raises $10 million to beef up cloud-based game tech
  57. For sale to good home: Warner Bros’ gaming division
  58. AT&T reportedly looking to sell Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment: Take-Two, EA, Activision Blizzard among potential buyers for potential $4 billion purchase of division
  59. Analyst says a WBIE deal could “set off a wave” of mergers, acquisitions: Stephens’ Jeff Cohen expects largest publishers will be looking to expand their line-ups going into the next generation
  60. Report: Fortnite maker Epic could sell stake at $17 billion valuation
  61. Epic reportedly worth $17 billion in new funding round: Bloomberg reports that the Fortnite firm is about to close a $750 million round
  62. Fortnite “The Device” event was capped at 12m players: But 8.4 million more watched live on Twitch and YouTube
  63. Latest Fortnite event attracts 12M in-game players, another 8.4M via streams
  64. Virtual concert firm Wave raises $30m in funding: Series B round will fund “in-game activations and social experiences at the nexus of gaming and entertainment”
  65. NPD: May US game sales jump 52% – Despite no new releases in the top 10, software sales up 67% as hardware grows 56% for strongest May numbers since 2008
  66. Mario Kart 8: Deluxe races back to pole position | UK Charts – Ring Fit Adventure holds firm at No.2
  67. Brawl Stars outpaces Clash Royale on Chinese App Store launch: Supercell’s new game also earned more in one week in China than on its global launch, according to Sensor Tower estimates
  68. NetEase teams up with Warner Bros for The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War
  69. New Zealand games industry shrunk 9% in 2019: Rebound expected as next gen console releases loom and subscription service revenue climbs
  70. The Last of Us Part 2 | Critical Consensus: Naughty Dog’s latest is a great achievement, but a sky-high Metacritic score masks discord among critics about its treatment of violence
  71. The Last of Us Part 2 review: A less confident, less focused sequel
  72. Studio 369 formed out of Rune 2 launch disaster
  73. Unity changes up its business model to prioritize long-term support services
  74. Playable Worlds lands $10m investment: Galaxy Interactive leads Series A funding for Raph Koster’s sandbox MMO company
  75. Ziggurat has acquired the BloodRayne franchise and other Majesco licenses
  76. Ziggurat Interactive acquires BloodRayne and other Majesco licenses: Retro publisher working with BloodRayne dev to revive franchise
  77. Facebook Gaming Snags TikTok Star Noen Eubanks For Exclusive Livestreaming Deal
  78. Facebook Gaming Expands Availability Of Key Monetization Tools, Readies New ‘Live Breaks’ Ad Format
  79. Twitch Looking To Give Creators More Control Over Clips After “Sudden Influx” Of Copyright Claims
  80. Twitch Faces the Music: A Sudden Influx of DMCA Takedown Notices Hits Twitch
  81. WWE Lawyers DMCA Tweet With Video Of Independent Wrestling Event, Probably Over A Hashtag That Promotes WWE
  82. Verizon Inks Three-Year Sponsorship Deal For Riot Games’ ‘League Of Legends’ Championships
  83. Luckbox closes $3.8m investment round: Esports betting platform prepares to go public after turnover increases 13 times since March
  84. Is Esports Betting Sports Betting in Iowa?
  85. Influencers and esports
  86. COVID-19 & Esports – Part 1 – The Economic and Industry Impact
  87. COVID-19 & Esports – Part 2 – The Socio-Cultural Context
  88. COVID-19 & Esports – Part 3 – Implications For the Future
  89. PlayStation 5 Will Support PSVR, Sony Affirms
  90. Armed and Gelatinous: Building an arcade cabinet that sticks – Rob Howland and Anthony Prusakowski on taking a goopy game jam title to the arcade, and why that approach might benefit indie developers
  91. Double Loop’s plans for relaxing mobile games are far from “casual”
  92. Talking Tiberium: Command & Conquer dev on LAN mode, going open source, and more
  93. Boomshakalaka: How the original NBA Jam caught fire through chaos
  94. Pokemon takes another stab at free-to-play with Pokemon Cafe Mix
  95. Pokemon Go dev Niantic delays plans to end support for 32-bit Android devices
  96. Pokemon Snap is being revived on the Nintendo Switch
  97. Over 21 years later, Pokémon Snap is coming back on Switch
  98. Dissecting the dual-genre design of Disintegration
  99. Don’t Miss: Creating the ‘hidden horror’ of Observer
  100. Don’t Miss: Making Insomniac’s Spider-Man do what a spider can
  101. Don’t Miss: What was it like programming Skyrim?
  102. Don’t Miss: The game is the boss – Housemarque’s Resogun postmortem7
  103. Blog: Starcom: Nexus postmortem, an indie dev journey
  104. Blog: Finding, choosing, and managing moderators
  105. Video: Golden rules for designing chatbot games
  106. Watch EA’s Jim Vessella discuss the remastering of Command & Conquer
  107. Niantic to promote 1,000 small businesses in Pokemon Go for free for a year: Players can nominate favorite local spots across US, Japan, Great Britain, Canada, Mexico
  108. An EVE Online mini-game is helping researchers better analyze COVID-19 data
  109. EVE Online’s latest citizen science project to help COVID-19 research: CCP Games has announced the third phase of its Project Discovery initiative
  110. U.S. Patent no. 10,322,346: Interactive collectible card games with defense and offence team formations
  111. U.S. Patent no. 10,322,351: Matchmaking system and method for multiplayer video games


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