News of the Week; May 6 2020


  1. Advocacy group wants CRTC to do more to protect privacy amid contact tracing debate: Telecommunications Act requires privacy protections and monitoring and disclosing of contact tracing
  2. NYT defeats Ajit Pai as judge orders FCC to provide net neutrality records
  3. Judge Orders FCC To Hand Over Data On Fake Net Neutrality Comments
  4. CenturyLink still hasn’t met 2019 FCC deadline, now faces pandemic roadblocks
  5. AT&T CEO Steps Down After Bungled, Megamerger-Fueled TV Failure
  6. ‘Job Creating’ Sprint T-Mobile Merger Triggers Estimated 6,000 Non-Covid Layoffs
  7. Federal Communications Commission Penalizes Marriott Vacations for Unauthorized Transfer of Private Radio Licenses
  8. Comcast overcharged elderly couple $600, denied refund until contacted by Ars
  9. Comcast Graciously Extends Suspension Of Completely Unnecessary Data Caps
  10. Frontier, amid bankruptcy, is suspected of lying about broadband expansion
  11. What’s New in 5G – May 2020


  1. Bye, Amazon (Tim Bray)
  2. Amazon VP Tim Bray Quits To Protest Employee Firings
  3. Amazon Vice President: ‘I Quit in Dismay’ at Company Firing Whistleblowers
  4. Tim Bray, Early Internet Guru, And Amazon VP Quits Over The ‘Chickenshit’ Company’s Targeting Of Employees Speaking Out About COVID-19
  5. An Amazon VP’s resignation has cast a spotlight on the company’s working conditions
  6. An Amazon VP’s resignation shows internal unrest is rising to the top: Tim Bray wrote that staying an Amazon VP would have meant “signing off on actions I despised.”
  7. “Chickens**t” whistleblower firings are “poison,” resigning Amazon VP says
  8. The Pandemic Has Ended the Amazon Debate: It’s clearer than ever that supporting Amazon is a tacit endorsement of abusive work policies and more
  9. An Amazon warehouse worker in New York has died of COVID-19: Amazon confirmed the death to The Verge
  10. House Panel Wants Bezos to Testify in Antitrust Probe: Amazon reportedly used sensitive seller information to develop its own competing products.
  11. Congress wants Jeff Bezos to testify in Amazon antitrust probe: A House subcommittee is scrutinizing whether the company unfairly competes against its own marketplace sellers.
  12. Amazon locks down internal employee communications amid organizing efforts
  13. Congress calls on Bezos to come explain Amazon’s possible lies
  14. The Decentralized Web Could Help Preserve The Internet’s Data For 1,000 Years. Here’s Why We Need IPFS To Build It.
  15. A Sure Way to Ruin My Day: The Phrase “Enforceable Browsewrap”–HealthplanCRM v. Avmed
  16. California sues to make Uber and Lyft drivers employees
  17. Uber lays off 3,700 people as its ride business craters
  18. Illinois Supreme Court Finds Daily Fantasy Sports to Be Legal, Rejects DFS Loser’s Gambling Loss Recovery Act Claim
  19. Is It Illegal to Prohibit Online Selling?: High Court has ruled on whether it is illegal for a business to restrict online selling by its retailers under competition law – Ping Europe Limited v Competition and Markets Authority
  20. Here We Go Again: Russia Gears Up to Interfere in 2020 Election With Coronavirus Disinformation: A campaign linked to Russia aims to manipulate this year’s elections in the United States and Europe.
  21. Inside the Early Days of China’s Coronavirus Coverup: The dawn of a pandemic – as seen through the news and social media posts that vanished from China’s internet.
  22. How Can Anyone Argue With A Straight Face That China’s Approach To Speech Online Is Better Than The US’s During A Pandemic
  23. China Tried To Get The EU Not To Release A Report On China’s COVID-19 Disinformation Efforts
  24. Cambodian Government Using Fake News Law To Silence Critics And Coronavirus Reporting
  25. Being Too Aggressive At Policing COVID-19 Disinformation Risks Breaking The Important ‘Collective Sensemaking Process’
  26. Coronavirus: David Icke kicked off Facebook – Facebook has taken down the official page of conspiracy theorist David Icke for publishing “health misinformation that could cause physical harm”.
  27. Ninth Circuit Revives Class Action Suit against Facebook for Selling Users’ Browsing History
  28. Court Approves Historic FTC-Facebook Settlement Giving Businesses 5 Billion Reasons to Reevaluate Privacy Programs
  29. Facebook’s Zuckerberg praises coronavirus lockdowns as Tesla’s Musk sees ‘fascism’
  30. Counter-archiving Facebook (Anat Ben-David)
  31. These are the people Facebook put in charge of deciding whether to delete controversial posts
  32. Why I’m Joining Facebook’s Oversight Board: Former Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger on why the social media giant ‘needs independent, external oversight’
  33. How Facebook’s oversight board could rewrite the rules of the entire internet: The new content moderation board is built so other companies could get in on the action. That could be a mixed blessing.
  34. Texas Appeals Court Brushes Off Section 230 In Allowing Lawsuit Over Sex Trafficking Against Facebook To Continue
  35. If You’re Complaining About COVID-19 Misinformation Online AND About Section 230, You’re Doing It Wrong
  36. Armslist Wins Another Section 230 Ruling–Stokinger v. Armslist (Eric Goldman)
  37. Senator Wyden And Others Introduce Bill Calling The DOJ’s Bluff Regarding Its Attempt To Destroy Section 230 & Encryption
  38. Twitter runs a test prompting users to revise ‘harmful’ replies
  39. Another Suspended Twitter User Loses in Court–Wilson v. Twitter (Eric Goldman)
  40. Twitter tests telling users their tweet replies may be offensive
  41. Supreme Court Streams Oral Arguments Live For The First Time (Thanks To The Pandemic)
  42. In an unusual investor call, Apple reports flat quarterly earnings amid COVID-19
  43. How ‘Karen’ Became a Coronavirus Villain: A popular joke about entitled white women is now a big pandemic meme.
  44. ICANN blocks controversial sale of .org domain to a private equity firm
  45. ICANN Board Blocks The Sale Of The .Org Registry
  46. It’s a No-Win for Gig Workers in the Covid-19 Moment
  47. Hedge Fund ‘Asshole’ Destroying Local News & Firing Reporters Wants Google & Facebook To Just Hand Him More Money
  48. Zoom matchmaking is giving lockdown singletons a shot at love: A reinvention of traditional matchmaking is helping the single, bored, and lonely meet like-minded people, wherever they might live.
  49. Zoom Video Conferencing: Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Implications
  50. Google Meet, Google’s Zoom competitor, gets wider Gmail integration
  51. New earnings report shows Microsoft’s shift to cloud and subscriptions is working
  52. ‘What are we doing this for?’: Doctors are fed up with conspiracies ravaging ERs: “I left work and I felt so deflated,” one doctor said about an effort to counter misinformation he saw on Facebook. “I let it get to me.”
  53. Medical students learn through virtual clinical rotations
  54. In rural Oklahoma, a Wi-Fi hot spot brings a dash of hope and excitement: At high schools, libraries, parking lots &  side streets, Americans are tapping public Wi-Fi hot spots that are lifelines during the coronavirus pandemic.
  55. Zoom says it has 300 million daily meeting participants, not users
  56. Deplatforming: Following extreme Internet celebrities to Telegram and alternative social media
  57. The Power and Perils of Influencer Marketing: Recent Developments, Competition Considerations and Best Practices
  58. NFL Draft Prompts Big Social Media Spike
  59. YouTube Taps Barack And Michelle Obama, BTS, Jackie Aina, More For Virtual Graduation Event
  60. CAA Signs YouTube Beauty Guru Rachel Levin (Exclusive)
  61. YouTube Expands Recommendation-Filtering Feature ‘Topics’ To iOS, Browser Site
  62. Top 50 Most Viewed YouTube Channels Worldwide • Week Of 5/04/2020
  63. Top 50 Most Viewed US YouTube Channels • Week Of 5/04/2020
  64. YouTube To Let News Publishers Natively Vend Their Own Subscription Products By Year’s End (Report)
  65. Boots on the Moon! Netflix drops official Space Force trailer
  66. Hulu Becomes Latest HBO Max Launch Partner, Will Upgrade Current HBO Add-Ons For Free
  67. The Promise – and Risk – of a Career in TikTok: For many young people, being a paid content creator on social media is the dream job. But it’s not as easy as it may look.
  68. TikTok Has Reportedly Surpassed 2 Billion Global App Downloads
  69. Candidates Can’t Campaign, So They’re Trying To Go Viral: Down-ballot candidates are starting to look a lot like influencers
  70. The Biden campaign faces a mind-boggling challenge: How to make Joe go viral – The ex-veep’s small digital team has a tall order going up against Donald Trump, who intuitively understands what clicks.
  71. Straight from Monty Python – Implied Warranties: The British Columbia Dead Parrot Case
  72. This baby goat live stream is the mood-booster we need: Play, eat, sleep, repeat
  73. This Mental Health App Is Tailor-Made for Your Pandemic Woes: Covid Coach, from the National Center for PTSD, offers exercises and resources for dealing with uncertainty, isolation, and unemployment.
  74. Google tells employees they can’t expense food or other perks when working from home
  75. Google—Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200: Why the Tech Giant Is a “Bad” Monopoly (Alicia Ginsberg)
  76. Justin And Hailey Bieber Debut Self-Shot Facebook Watch Series During Quarantine
  77. Eko’s Tech Theft Lawsuit Against Quibi To Be Funded By New Investor Elliott Management Corp. (Report)
  78. Quibi Denies Purposely Leaking Users’ Emails, But Has Retooled Its Sign-Up Process
  79. Quibi Turns To YouTube For Audience Growth, Uploading Full Episodes Of Select Originals
  80. Quibi Is What Happens When Hollywood Overvalues Content And Undervalues Community
  81. Hulu Becomes Latest HBO Max Launch Partner, Will Upgrade Current HBO Add-Ons For Free
  82. Disney hammered by coronavirus shutdowns as operating income drops 37 percent
  83. The Black Box and Japanese Discourses of the Digital (David Humphrey)
  84. On the Relief of Ignoring the Internet in Fiction: Joyce Hinnefeld Considers the Obstacles of Digital Obsolescence
  85. After the Tech-Lash: Digital Policy Priorities in the Post-Pandemic World (Michael Geist)


  1. Jukebox: Introducing Jukebox, a neural net that generates music, including rudimentary singing, as raw audio in a variety of genres and artist styles. We’re releasing the model weights and code to explore the generated samples.
  2. To Invent is Human: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Rejects AI System as an Inventor
  3. Video: How 343 uses machine learning for optimal matchmaking
  4. US patent office rules that artificial intelligence cannot be a legal inventor: Only ‘natural persons’ need apply
  5. Does An Invention Discovered With Artificial Intelligence Obtain Patent Protection?
  6. Ha Ha, Our New Robot Overlords Can’t Get Patents
  7. USPTO denies patent application for invention by AI
  8. USPTO Rules Artificial Intelligence Cannot Be Named As Inventor for Patent Application
  9. Harrisburg University Researchers Claim Their ‘Unbiased’ Facial Recognition Software Can Identify Potential Criminals
  10. AI Software Gets Mixed Reviews for Tackling Coronavirus
  11. Drone-to-door medicines trial takes flight in Ireland
  12. An AI algorithm inspired by how kids learn is harder to confuse
  13. How well can algorithms recognize your masked face?
  14. How coronavirus set the stage for a techno-future with robots and AI
  15. “Deepfake” Technology: Very Real Marketing Value … and Risks
  16. Harnessing artificial intelligence (AI) to increase wellbeing for all: The case for a new technology diplomacy
  17. Volvo plans cars with lidar and “eyes off” highway driving by 2022
  18. US FTC Publishes Guidance on Using Artificial Intelligence and Algorithms


  1. York University statement on recent court decision regarding Access Copyright
  2. Supreme Court May Weigh In on the Legality of Data Scraping
  3. Supreme Court Offers Guidance Regarding Eligibility of State Legislative Records for Protection Under the Copyright Act
  4. Allen v. Cooper and Georgia v. The Supreme Court Navigates the Relationship Between State Government and Federal Copyright Law
  5. Jennifer Lopez sued for copyright infringement
  6. Once Upon a Time: Everything was Copyrighted
  7. 11th Circuit Tells Guitar Maker to Take a [Pantera] Walk on Delayed Copyright Claims
  8. Ricky Martin’s “Vida” Lives On, but Plaintiff Will Get Another Shot at It
  9. Hiring out cars with radios is not a “communication to the public”
  10. IP in Street Arts
  11. Surely Not The Equivalent Of The Mona Lisa?*
  12. EU Joins In The Bullying Of South Africa For Daring To Adopt US-Style Fair Use Principles
  13. IP Alert: Two Recent IP Rulings Have Far-Reaching Consequences
  14. Show me the money: Supreme Court rules that trademark infringers may disgorge profits even if the law was not willfully violated
  15. Supreme Court Raises the Stakes Against Unauthorized Resellers: Willfulness No Longer Required for Manufacturers to Obtain Profits in Trademark Cases
  16. Court Sides With Nike And Dismisses Kawhi Leonard’s Lawsuit Over ‘Klaw’ Logo
  17. Remix Culture Done Right: Wes Tank Mashes Up Dr. Seuss With Dr. Dre (And So Far The Copyright Police Have Left Him Alone)
  18. Can Smells be Trademarks?
  19. Ardbeg v AlbergWhisky
  20. Luxury Arcade Game Win
  21. Lion’s head trade mark not sufficiently distinctive for Parisian brand Pierre Balmain
  22. Bentley Clothing wins trade mark battle against Bentley Motors
  23. Highest EU court pours hot water on Coty v Amazon case
  24. High Court disarms ‘weaponised’ TMs in landmark ruling
  25. There are more things …than are dreamt of in your philosophy: Damages for infringing a revoked and unused trademark? Yes says the CJEU…
  26. C‑622/18 – AR v Cooper International Spirits LLC and Others – Damages for trade mark infringement possible where trade mark revoked for non-use
  27. Sky v Skykick – High Court decision
  28. Skykick liable for infringement of Sky’s trade mark registrations even after they are held to be partially invalid
  29. Are second hand sales use of a registered trade mark?
  30. SCOTUS Livestreams Oral Arguments on BOOKING.COM Trademark Registerability
  31. As Twisted as Cheese!
  32. Supplementary protection for vaccines: Canada diverges from Europe
  33. USPTO Reports on Examination Outcomes Post-Alice
  34. U.S. Patent Office Report Shows Improving Post-Alice Patent Examination Outcomes
  35. Fish Hook Claims Can’t Catch a Patent
  36. Fishing for Eligibility in Murky Waters
  37. Wurst Case Scenario: Sausage Tray Design Patent Found Obvious
  38. An Invention That Changes the Normal Operation of a System Is Not Abstract Under § 101
  39. A History of the Solar Cell, in Patents
  40. Wearable Technologies and Intellectual Property: Stand Alone Software and Software as Medical Devices
  41. Patent Infringement for the Public Good
  42. Patents – public interest argument fails in medical devices case
  43. Most number of Patent Applications filed by?
  44. Patent Litigation Filings on the Increase with the COVID-19 Pandemic
  45. We’re Saved! Company Claims It’s Patented ‘Containing the Spread of Disinformation’ And Will Stop COVID-19 Disinfo


  1. UK City Leaves Nearly Nine Million License Plate/Location Data Records Exposed On The Open Web
  2. Suspected DNC & German Parliament Hacker Used His Name As His Email Password
  3. A facial recognition company wants to help with contact tracing. A senator has questions.: Clearview CEO Hoan Ton-That said it’s in discussions with federal and state agencies to help with contact tracing.
  4. Here’s how Apple, Google will warn you if you’ve been exposed to COVID-19
  5. Ethics of instantaneous contract tracing using mobile phone apps in the control of the COVID-19 pandemic
  6. Contact tracing, data and privacy: Technological choices in response to COVID-19
  7. Would you let Google, Apple contact-trace your family? Here’s what Reddit’s Alexis Ohanian says
  8. Court Filings Show NSO Group Ran Malware Attacks Through Servers Located In California
  9. Filings In Facebook’s Lawsuit Against NSO Show FBI Director Chris Wray Was For Encryption Before He Was Against It
  10. Hard Pass: Clearview Offers To Help Out With COVID-19 Contact Tracing
  11. Google Purged Almost 1,000 Abusive ‘Creeperware’ Apps. Now Some Are Coming Back.: Catch a Cheating Spouse now has more than 10,000 downloads
  12. Coronavirus Has Complicated California’s Internet Privacy Law: Business groups have asked the state to hold off on enforcement of privacy rules.
  13. South Korea is relying on technology to contain COVID-19, including measures that would break privacy laws in the US — and so far, it’s working
  14. Downloading COVID-19 contact tracing apps is a moral obligation
  15. Ring Docs Show Company Is Testing Consumer Enthusiasm For Facial Recognition, License Plate Reader Capabilities


  1. A $750,000 Foot Long: Costs Awarded to CBC in Failed Subway Defamation Suit
  2. Court Tosses Former Sheriff Arpaio’s Attempt To Relitigate His Libel Lawsuit The Court Tossed Last Year
  3. Devin Nunes’ Lawyer Facing Sanctions, While Nunes Himself May Have To Pay His Opponents’ Legal Bills
  4. Court Slaps Down Corporal Punishment Defamation Case Against Broadcasting Corporation
  5. What’s the ASA’s ‘beef’ with Burger King?
  6. Media consortium seeking search warrants from Nova Scotia mass shooting: Halifax Judge says she’ll push to hold hearings as soon as possible
  7. Journalism, press freedom and COVID-19 (UNESCO)
  8. A Brave New Art World Online
  9. How Art Movements Tried to Make Sense of the World in the Wake of the 1918 Flu Pandemic
  10. Thinking Through Covid-19 Responses With Foucault – An Initial Overview
  11. AMC Theaters Pouts Like A Child Because NBC Universal Proved Movie Release Windows Are Nonsense
  12. 2H 2019 and Q1 2020 Quick Links, Part 6 (Pornography/CSAM) (Eric Goldman)
  13. 2H 2019 and Q1 2020 Quick Links, Part 7 (Content Moderation, Censorship, Defamation, & More) (Eric Goldman)


  1. Microsoft facing controller drift suit: Plaintiff in class-action suit says Xbox One controllers have problems with faulty analog sticks
  2. Who Owns the Ink?
  3. Billy Mitchell suing Twin Galaxies over disqualified Donkey Kong scores: Former record holder asserts leaderboard site “at least implied [that he was a cheater]”
  4. Billy Mitchell takes his Donkey Kong high-score cheating case to court
  5. No More Monkeying Around – Donkey Kong High Score Record Holder Sues Video Game Leaderboard For Defamation
  6. Drama in iRacing as IndyCar champ wrecks F1 star on purpose
  7. Why the makers of Plague Inc. are building a mode where you destroy the virus
  8. Sony says The Last of Us Part 2 leak didn’t leak from employees
  9. Sony says major The Last of Us Part 2 leak didn’t come from employee
  10. Proposed Anti-Spying Legislation May Not Be Cause for Alarm for Gamers in Congress
  11. Australia integrity boss eyes corruption threat in online games
  12. Gambling Games by Another Name? District Court Offers Clarity On Line Between Social Gaming and Gambling.
  13. ESRB and PEGI Introduce Loot Box Warnings
  14. Video Games: What’s in for the ‘Look and Feel’?
  15. Are bootleg game soundtracks damaging the industry?: The popularity of video game music clashes with its lack of availability in physical formats — we examine both sides of this complex issue
  16. Report: Work-from-home issues to blame as Nintendo axes June Direct
  17. Fans Port Mario 64 To PC And Make It Way Better, So Of Course Nintendo Is Trying To Nuke The Project
  18. Generating Game of Thrones characters in Skyrim’s character creator
  19. Beyond emulation: The massive effort to reverse-engineer N64 source code
  20. Shooter genre sees the most growth on PC in the midst of social isolation
  21. Roblox believes user-generated content will bring us the Metaverse
  22. Roblox Corp launches $2 million fundraiser to support COVID-19 charities
  23. Xbox Game Pass now has over 10 million subscribers
  24. Xbox Game Pass now has more than 10 million subscribers
  25. Why Gears Tactics is an important release for modern Xbox
  26. Phil Spencer says COVID-19 could delay Xbox Series X launch titles
  27. Amid “Significant Reduction” In Q1 Ad Buys, Video Game Marketing Is Showing “Relative Strength,” Facebook Says
  28. Rovio profits soar to $14 million as UA spending is cut by almost half
  29. Gaming viewership, playtime surged in China under lockdown: Niko Partners – But ad revenue dropped, and players gravitated toward familiar, not new, titles
  30. The “COVID bounce” in games shouldn’t obscure what lies ahead | Opinion: The spike in interest and revenue is temporary, says MIDiA Research’s Karol Severin, and will likely give way to recession and harder times
  31. MicroProse brand, known for X-COM and Civilization, has been revived
  32. MicroProse returns after two decade absence: The storied publisher is back with three new games, 18 years since its last release
  33. The resurrection of MicroProse and return of “Wild Bill” Stealey: The original publisher’s co-founder explains how he’s helping the new MicroProse’s CEO restore the brand to former glories
  34. Multiple EA titles are headed to Nintendo Switch this year: Publisher also planning a fourth sports title, an HD remake, and next-gen upgrades for some current games
  35. Electronic Arts beats investor expectations with $1.39 billion in Q4 revenue
  36. Live services drive fiscal 2020 rebound for EA: Publisher enjoys record net revenues, plans for continued focus on live services into 2021
  37. UK Charts: FIFA 20 reclaims No.1 from Animal Crossing New Horizons – Mario Kart 8 Deluxe speeds back into the top five
  38. Animal Crossing Pocket Camp enjoys halo effect from New Horizons: April was the mobile title’s highest ever month for revenue, according to Sensor Tower’s data
  39. How Animal Crossing’s fake industries let players afford real rent amid COVID-19
  40. Activision Blizzard bookings up 21% amid pandemic: New Call of Duty on track for fall, two other Activision IP titles in the works for current fiscal year
  41. Activision Blizzard posts $1.79 billion Q1 revenues as pandemic creates gaming surge
  42. Activision Blizzard raises full year outlooks as Q1 revenue beats expectations
  43. Activision Blizzard now fully WFH and covering employees’ COVID-19 costs
  44. Sensor Tower receives $45m investment: Private equity firm Riverwood Capital invests following record year for Sensor Tower
  45. After deadline issues for Doom Eternal’s OST, a new composer will score its DLC
  46. THQ Nordic and Koch Media trade IPs: Franchise swaps put Red Faction and Risen series closer to their original developers; Painkiller, Sacred, and more change hands
  47. Google’s Stadia controller will finally work wirelessly with computers starting this week: But it still won’t work wirelessly with a phone
  48. Cloud Gaming: Why It Matters And The Games It Will Create
  49. The impact of one streamer on a game after release
  50. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla won’t be launching on Steam
  51. New Guild Wars 2 content won’t have voice acting at launch due to COVID-19
  52. Indivisible publisher 505 Games says release tool mishap caused surprise launch
  53. Video Game Chic
  54. PewDiePie Signs Exclusive Livestreaming Deal With YouTube
  55. PewDiePie signs exclusivity deal with YouTube: Video platform secures live streaming rights for its most-subscribed content creator, with 104 million followers
  56. NBA 2K League to air live on ESPN2: Sports network gives esports league matches three Tuesday primetime slots this month
  57. ESPN to air live NBA 2K League games: On ESPN2,, and the ESPN app, depending on when you’re watching
  58. Tulip mania? The business of esports and its time in the sun
  59. Twitch is launching a dedicated esports channel
  60. Esports Conglomerate ReKTGlobal Pacts With Management Company TalentX On Gamer-Focused Firm
  61. RektGlobal launches talent agency for esports athletes and influencers: TalentX Gaming is a joint venture with TalentX Entertainment
  62. Fortnite World Cup and Dota 2 International cancelled
  63. There won’t be a Fortnite World Cup in 2020: All competitions will be online this year
  64. Epic Games Axes Second Annual ‘Fortnite World Cup’ Due To Coronavirus
  65. Fortnite Streamer Ewok Pens Sponsorship Deal with HyperX
  66. Fortnite’s newest mode cuts combat to create a purely social space
  67. Valve indefinitely delays Dota 2’s The International 2020: Valve’s annual Dota 2 championship is the latest event impacted by COVID-19
  68. Valve Drops Support for SteamVR on MacOS
  69. Valve drops SteamVR support for MacOS
  70. Valve ends support for SteamVR on macOS
  71. Analysis: ‘Half-Life: Alyx’ Adds Nearly 1 Million VR Users to Steam in Record Gain
  72. Half-Life: Alyx triggers surge in new VR users on Steam: But number of Steam players with virtual reality headsets is still less than 2%
  73. The Half-Life effect on PC-VR is the biggest Steam has ever seen
  74. Report: Facebook is working on an updated version of its Oculus Quest VR headset
  75. Magic Leap warns of “critical” battery safety issue
  76. Cedar Lane Technologies Inc. v. Corel, Inc.
  77. Sega launches new Sega Music brand
  78. The latest Unreal Engine update adds initial support for next-gen consoles
  79. Epic updates Unreal Engine to support next-gen development: Version 4.25 allows developers to build and ship games for PS5, Xbox Series X
  80. Microsoft will build Xbox Series X buzz with monthly ‘Xbox 20/20’ showcase
  81. Guilded raises $7m to build gaming chat platform
  82. Guilded raises $7 million to expand its community-focused game chat platform
  83. My.Games launches $10m hypercasual publishing programme
  84. My.Games launches $10 million publishing program for hyper-casual developers 
  85. Finnish studio Dazzle Rocks nets $6.8 million to build social sandbox MMO
  86. Dazzle Rocks raises $6.8m for new social sandbox game: Galaxy Interactive leads Series A funding for Helsinki studio
  87. EA reports net revenue of $5.5 billion for fiscal 2020
  88. EA reaped $5.5 billion in revenue last year, most of which came from digital dealings
  89. Zynga reports $104M loss for Q1 despite record-setting revenues
  90. Zynga posts its best-ever Q1 by way of $404 million in revenue
  91. Zynga continues to post soaring revenues and deepening losses: For the fifth straight quarter, publisher says the bottom line has been hurt by success of 2018 acquisitions
  92. How big is too big for a popular game? | Opinion
  93. Review: Sagrada, a top dice-drafting board game, goes digital
  94. Unity has acquired visual scripting solution Bolt
  95. War Stories: How Prince of Persia slew the Apple II’s memory limitations
  96. Prince of Persia concept video appears—and confirms why series has been dormant
  97. Have a look at this pitch footage for a canned Prince of Persia game
  98. Don’t Miss: Creating a natural movement system for Dying Light
  99. Don’t Miss: A level designer breaks down The Last of Us 2’s trailer level
  100. Don’t Miss: A classic postmortem of BioWare’s Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
  101. Don’t Miss: Balancing storytelling and player choice in Prey
  102. Don’t Miss: Examining the pay-to-flay monetization of Mortal Kombat X
  103. Don’t Miss: Games, psychology, and UX with Celia Hodent – GDC Podcast ep. 8
  104. Blog: Should players buy their own UI?
  105. Blog: Developing games for the Sinclair Spectrum Plus
  106. Blog: Tips for marketing your queer narrative indie game
  107. Blog: Anatomy of a failed Kickstarter – Part 3
  108. Blog: Five lessons learned growing a game dev start-up
  109. Blog: How to crack the match 3 code – Part 1
  110. Video: How NetEase applied reinforcement learning to build game AI
  111. Tales From The Quarantine: ‘Queer Eye’ Guy Now Offering Support And Advice On Your Video Game Home Furnishings
  112. Summer Game Fest 2020 Steps in to Fill E3 Void for Video-Game Biz
  113. GDC’s summer event will be digital only: The conference returns, sort of, in August
  114. Global Game Jam founders Susan Gold and Gorm Lai leave after 12 years
  115. U.S. Patent no. 10,313,679: Systems and methods for encoder-guided adaptive-quality rendering


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