News of the Week; April 22, 2020


  1. Fox News hosts have measurable effect on COVID cases, study finds: Comparison of Fox News hosts reveals effect of disinformation on COVID-19 deaths.
  2. Misinformation During a Pandemic (Leonardo Bursztyn, Aakaash Rao, Christopher Roth, David Yanagizawa-Drott)
  3. Charter has 230 infected employees after resisting work-at-home requests
  4. Why the Murdochs backed Donald Trump’s COVID-19 denialism: Fox News has been accused of ‘deceiving the public’ in its coverage of the coronavirus pandemic. Has it finally gone too far?
  5. FCC Denies Application of Hoax Rule to Trump Press Conferences on COVID-19 – Looking at the First Amendment and the Commission’s Regulation of Political Speech
  6. FCC and Industry Groups Ask for Supreme Court Review of Third Circuit Ownership Decision
  7. FCC approves 5G network despite military saying it will harm GPS
  8. FCC blasted for “shameful” ruling against cities and fire department
  9. ISPs Ignore Toothless FCC Demand To Not Kick Users Offline During COVID-19
  10. Tracfone Made Up “Fictitious” Users To Defraud Taxpayers, FCC
  11. FCC Still Doesn’t Know Where Broadband Is As It Eyes $9 Billion In New Subsidies
  12. Spotty broadband is robbing students of their education during COVID-19
  13. AT&T gave FCC false broadband-coverage data in parts of 20 states
  14. AT&T Provided FCC Bunk Broadband Availability Data Across 20 States
  15. AT&T’s massive TV losses continue as another 900,000 customers flee
  16. Net neutrality: are ‘zero-rated’ bundles prohibited traffic management measures under regulation 2015/2120?
  17. Telecom’s Latest Dumb Claim: The Internet Only Works During A Pandemic Because We Killed Net Neutrality


  1. TheDirty Easily Defeats Another Defamation Lawsuit–Laake v. Dirty World (Eric Goldman)
  2. Another Terrible Copyright Ruling on IAPs’ Liability for Users’ File-Sharing–Warner v. Charter (Eric Goldman)
  3. Section 230 Doesn’t Protect Advertising “Background Reports” on People–Lukis v. Whitepages (Eric Goldman)
  4. Ninth Circuit Reinstates Decade-Old Lawsuit Against Facebook For Tracking Logged-Out Users–In re Facebook Internet Tracking (Eric Goldman)
  5. Facebook Tells Court Laura Loomer’s Defamation Allegations All Target Protected Opinions
  6. Disgraced Former NASCAR Boss, Brian France, Uses SLAPP Suit To Silence Parody Twitter Account
  7. Federal Court Dismisses Twitter’s Long-Running Lawsuit Over NSL Reporting
  8. The Internet’s Titans Make a Power Grab: Facebook and other platforms insisted that they didn’t want to be “arbiters of truth.” The coronavirus changed their mind overnight.
  9. Facebook takes down event pages for several anti-quarantine protests
  10. Australia Gives Up Any Pretense: Pushes Straight Up Tax On Facebook & Google To Pay News Orgs
  11. Coronavirus has made Amazon a public utility – so we should treat it like one
  12. Amazon closes warehouses in France, tries to make US shoppers buy less
  13. No more negotiating: new rules could finally force Google and Facebook to pay for news
  14. Uber accuses Levandowski of fraud, refuses to pay $179M Google judgment
  15. Russia’s online disinformation has a 100-year history
  16. ICANN delays .org sale again after scathing letter from California AG
  17. Netflix streams some educational films on YouTube for free
  18. Consumers Seeking Uplifting YouTube Content During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Recent surveys found that majority consumers are seeking uplifting YouTube content during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  19. The Web-based version of Apple Music has officially launched
  20. Why Apple has stopped making small phones—and why it should start again
  21. Report: Apple’s Chinese contractors cut hours as iPhone demand falls
  22. Apple just announced one of its biggest regional expansions for the App Store ever
  23. The App Store and Apple Arcade rolled out in 20 more countries
  24. Fraggle Rock is back as Apple TV+ quarantine fodder—so here’s our fan-fiction
  25. A Lot Of YouTube Creators Just Disclosed Their Declining AdSense Rates Amid The Coronavirus Pandemic. Most Are Down At Least 20%, With A Few Bright Spots.
  26. New YouTube Updates Will Help Reduce Creator Workload and Emphasize Security
  27. Who’s Zoomin’ who? How the coronavirus crisis is finally putting the ‘social’ into social media
  28. The right to Internet as the right to health? Obligations to remove barriers to the access of information during a pandemic
  29. China’s NBA Free Speech Debacle Turned Out To Be A Prelude To Its COVID-19 Denialism
  30. Chinese Embassy Gets Briefly Suspended From Twitter; Insists ‘Free Speech Must Be Honored’ On Platform Banned Across China
  31. The Geopolitical Streisand Effect: The More China And The WHO Try To Silence Taiwan, The More Attention Its Success Fighting COVID-19 Gets
  32. People Are Making Bots to Snatch Whole Foods Delivery Order Time Slots: Developers are creating a tech divide between those who can use a bot to order their food and those who just have to keep trying during the pandemic.
  33. Coronavirus Could Lead to the Next Wave of Automation: A survey of executives found more than a third investing in automation in response to the coronavirus. Workers need to get organised.
  34. NYAG Announces Shut Down of More Than 20 Websites Promoting Coronavirus Scams
  35. Technology’s had us ‘social distancing’ for years. Can our digital ‘lifeline’ get us through the coronavirus pandemic?
  36. Straight to (CO)Video: We’re finally getting around to watching these things
  37. This Is No Time for an Internet Blackout: Citing security to silence dissent is always a bad look, but right now the side effects are especially cruel.
  38. A Snap Shot on Inadvertent Licensing Through Social Media
  39. How 3-D printing is helping the US fight medical equipment shortages and the coronavirus pandemic
  40. Ga. Supreme Court’s First Zoom Arguments to Run Monday Through Thursday: For its first-ever remote oral arguments, the Georgia Supreme Court will hear appeals of several murder convictions plus
  41. The Jury Is Still Out On Zoom Trials: Courts are moving online due to COVID-19. No one is sure if that’s a good thing.
  42. Mirror, Mirror on the Screen: The Tyranny of Zoom Calls –  Working from home was supposed to turn people into slobs. But many say constant video calling has heightened their awareness of their appearance.
  43. The New White Lies of Lockdown: Spotty Wi-Fi, an upcoming meal, another Zoom happy hour—people are coming up with new excuses for ending social interactions.
  44. COVID-19 and Virtual Meeting Best Practices
  45. [Virtual] Data Overload: Data, Journalism, & COVID-19: Responsibly And Accurately Interpreting And Reporting Complicated Data
  46. Social-media companies must flatten the curve of misinformation: The pandemic lays bare the failure to quarantine online scams, hoaxes and lies amid political battles.
  47. Instagram Is Rushing To Roll Out A Memorial Account Feature Because Of COVID-19 Deaths: “We’ve been working on these updates…we’ve accelerated in light of COVID-19 to help support our community…”
  48. Instagram wants to move all of the Lives you’ve been watching to IGTV
  49. Spotify now lets Premium users hide songs they don’t want to hear from playlists: Skip that one track
  50. ‘Feasting on fantasy’ – my month of extreme immersion in Disney+: Disney’s streaming service arrived as the lockdown kicked in. It seemed like a sensible investment. Pretty soon, it was infiltrating my every waking hour.
  51. The Computer Scientist Who Can’t Stop Telling Stories: For pioneering computer scientist Donald Knuth, good coding is synonymous with beautiful expression.
  52. Even Cars and Coffee is going virtual thanks to COVID-19
  53. The race to save the first draft of coronavirus history from internet oblivion: How researchers, archivists, and citizens are racing to preserve a record of we lived and changed during this strange period of history
  54. Is this the end of Airbnb?: Hosts are calling it the Airbnb apocalypse. But it’s more akin to an enema
  55. “A Darwinian Moment”: The Coronavirus Is Blowing Up the Media Landscape: The 2008 financial collapse killed a lot of media dinosaurs. But the COVID-19 asteroid may be even bigger.
  56. The pandemic was bitcoin’s chance to shine. It hasn’t… yet
  57. Digital Finance & The COVID-19 Crisis
  58. Digital Ethics
  59. Logistics of the Future – Physical Internet and Its Practicality
  60. The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Facebook: Updating Identity Economics


  1. Chinese Dreamwriter Decision: a Dream Come True for AI-generated Works?
  2. Fairness and AI: Sandra Wachter on why fairness cannot be automated
  3. When artificial intelligence is the inventor or creator: who claims the rights?
  4. Some countries in the Middle East are using artificial intelligence to fight the coronavirus pandemic
  5. Coronavirus: Will Covid-19 speed up the use of robots to replace human workers?
  6. AI Diagnostics & Digital Healthcare
  7. Delivery robots move medical supplies to help with COVID-19 response: The road-legal robots will be limited to 5 miles per hour for safety reasons.
  8. Navigating Artificial Intelligence and Consumer Protection Laws In Wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic
  9. AI lets you be Albert Einstein or the Mona Lisa on all your Zoom calls
  10. Artificial Intelligence: The Growing Role of AI on Patents
  11. A note on artificial intelligence and intellectual property in Sweden and the EU
  12. How much access to data should be permitted during the COVID-19 pandemic?: Urs Gasser explores the risks and benefits of mining data to combat COVID-19


  1. Access Copyright v York University: York Wins re “Mandatory Tariff” and Loses re Fair Dealing Guidelines (Howard Knopf)
  2. Two Montreal lawyers file application to trademark the term COVID-19
  3. A Copy of a Copy of a Copy: Internet Mimesis and the Copyrightability of Memes (Elena Elmerinda Scialabba)
  4. All’s Fair in Love and War . . . So What About Fair Use in the Time of Coronavirus?
  5. 3M files lawsuit in Canada against firm accused of price gouging on N95 masks: Ontario company allegedly claimed a phoney affiliation with the U.S. medical-gear maker
  6. Court Rules Photographer Gave Up Exclusive Copyright Licensing Rights by Posting to Instagram.
  7. Instagram Terms of Use Allows Mashable to Avoid Copyright Infringement Claim for Embedded Content
  8. It’s not infringing if it’s an authorized embedding
  9. Kendall Jenner Sued for Posting Video of Kendall Jenner
  10. Keeping Up with Copyright: Kendall Jenner Sued for Infringement over Instagram Video
  11. Cortés-Ramos v. Martin-Morales, aka Ricky Martin: In copyright suit against pop singer Ricky Martin, Court dismisses based on plaintiff’s failure to plead registration with Copyright Office should be without prejudice
  12. Purohit v. Legend Pictures, LLC: In suit alleging that film infringed on plaintiff’s book featuring mythological figure Krampus, court dismisses plaintiff’s claims, finding no substantial similarity between works
  13. An Untimely Copyright Lawsuit About a Timeless Guitar
  14. Making waves: Nike and Footlocker face challenge from the makers of ‘The Endless Summer’ film
  15. Copyright protection for original clothing designs
  16. Self-driving startup Zoox settles Tesla lawsuit, lays off 100 workers
  17. What’s Your Type? Intellectual Property Rights In Fonts And Typefaces
  18. What’s your type? Intellectual Property Rights in Fonts and Typefaces
  19. Constructing a firm foundation for copyright protection
  20. SCOTUS Redefines State “Piracy”
  21. CJEU’s in Coty v Amazon: storing without knowledge of infringement is not itself infringement
  22. Trademark infringement: Liability for counterfeit goods
  23. Balmain case highlights risk of using specialised public with low distinctive character marks
  24. INTA releases brand valuation report, offers blueprint to put trademark professionals at centre of conversation
  25. Implementation of the E.U. “Trademark reform package” in France: the French TM Office now competent to invalidate or revoke trademark registrations
  26. Trade Dress Update: Federal Circuit Holds that Multi-Colored Product Packaging Marks May Be Inherently Distinctive
  27. The Federal Circuit Reconsiders the Inherent Distinctiveness of Color Marks in In re Forney
  28. You can’t be blue anymore: Blame colour monopolies
  29. Bad Spaniels Dog Toys — Expressive Art or Noisy Trademark Infringers?
  30. Adding another dimension to your trademark portfolio: Securing registration in 3D trademarks
  31. How Will SCOTUS Resolve the Circuit Split on Recovery of Profits for Trademark Infringement?
  32. The impact of Brexit on the resale of software licences
  33. The Simpsons Shows Precisely How One Should Handle Derivative Homage Works
  34. Dog Toy Maker Wins Big in Appeal Against Jack Daniels
  35. Jack Daniels Gets Chewed Up In Trademark Case Over ‘Bad Spaniels’ Doggy Chew Toy
  36. Trademark Owners Can Protect Themselves from Unauthorized Distributors Price Gouging in Their Name
  37. Trade Secret Litigation: Activity on the Rise
  38. 3D printing — the value of patents for the future of manufacturing
  39. Australia Takes Its First Baby Steps On the Road To A Right-To-Repair Law, With A Consultation About Tractors
  40. IP protection in the autonomous vehicle space
  41. Open COVID Pledge Rolled Out to Make Patents and Other IP Available for COVID-19 Response
  42. Patents and Their Role in a COVID-19 Cure
  43. Key IP Considerations in Corporate Venture Capital Transactions
  44. The pursuit of balance between antitrust laws and Intellectual Property
  45. EU’s proposed post-Brexit trade agreement: three key IP takeaways for life sciences
  46. COVID-19 and its effects on Intellectual Property
  47. Innovation’s Relationship with IP and Antitrust Laws in Times of Crisis
  48. 2H 2019 and Q1 2020 Quick Links, Part 1 (Copyright, E-Commerce, Advertising) (Eric Goldman)
  49. 2H 2019 and Q1 2020 Quick Links, Part 2 (Trademarks/Keywords) (Eric Goldman)
  50. 2H 2019 and Q1 2020 Quick Links, Part 3 (FOSTA/Backpage) (Eric Goldman)


  1. Facebook takes Canada’s privacy czar to court over personal data probe: A 2019 Privacy Commissioner investigation report found major shortcomings in Facebook’s procedures
  2. Revival of Facebook Internet Tracking Litigation Reveals Importance of CCPA Compliance and Highlights Ambiguities
  3. French Hypocrisy: Fines Google For Being Soft On Privacy; Now Angry That Google Won’t Let It Spy On Users
  4. IoT Update: FTC Settles with Smart Lock Manufacturer and Provides Guidance for IoT Companies
  5. A start-up is using photos to ID you. Big tech can stop it from happening again.
  6. Cybersecurity Firm Finds A Bunch Of Clearview’s Secret Stuff Sitting Around In An Poorly-Secured Cloud Storage Bucket
  7. Leaked pics from Amazon Ring show potential new surveillance features
  8. Hackers target oil producers as they struggle with a record glut of crude
  9. Apple and Google look like problematic heroes in the pandemic: New contact-tracing technology is supposed to go away after the pandemic. Privacy experts aren’t so sure it will.
  10. Google Apple Contact Tracing (GACT): a wolf in sheep’s clothes.
  11. 2 billion phones cannot use Google and Apple contact-tracing tech
  12. As Google becomes key infrastructure for new coronavirus relief, old issues haunt it
  13. NYC Mayor Asks Residents To Snitch On Social Distancing Violators, Gets Dick Pics And Hitler Memes Instead
  14. Surveillance, Privacy and COVID-19
  15. Coronavirus tests Germans’ devotion to privacy: New initiatives to limit the spread of Covid-19 have sparked a debate over how far the government can go to control the pandemic
  16. The secret behind “unkillable” Android backdoor called xHelper has been revealed
  17. Children’s privacy is at risk with rapid shifts to online schooling under coronavirus
  18. EU Publishes Common Toolbox and Data Protection Guidance on Tracing Apps to Fight COVID-19
  19. Europe’s coronavirus-tracing apps risk an unprecedented increase in mass surveillance, experts warned
  20. We need privacy and data laws to tackle this world pandemic: Governments are increasingly using digital technologies and big data analytics to address the Covid-19 pandemic.
  21. Tracking Covid-19 using big data and big tech: a digital Pandora’s Box
  22. The Privacy Factor in Ending the Lockdown: The only way to protect health and the economy is through tracking & tracing. To make this palatable in democracies, regulatory & technological hurdles need to be cleared.
  23. More surveillance and less privacy will be the new normal after the coronavirus pandemic
  24. Gulf states use coronavirus threat to tighten authoritarian controls and surveillance
  25. COVID-19 tracking data should be managed the way data trusts are
  26. Contact-tracing apps enjoy limited success amid privacy fears: Phone apps designed to help limit the spread of coronavirus have had only modest uptakes so far.
  27. A European Contact-Tracing App Might Be More Privacy-Invading Than Apple and Google’s
  28. The expansion of mass surveillance to stop coronavirus should worry us all
  29. Is Contact Tracing a Privacy Threat?
  30. German government might have lost tens of millions of euros in COVID-19 phishing attack: German state failed to put in place a citizen verification procedure and allowed fraudsters to steal millions of euros.
  31. Global Examples of COVID-19 Surveillance Technologies
  32. U.S Treasury Issues North Korea Cyber Threat Advisory
  33. Team Trump Turns to Peter Thiel’s Palantir to Track Virus
  34. Trump Admin Gives Coronavirus Tracking Contract to Peter Thiel’s Palantir: Report
  35. More surveillance and less privacy will be the new normal after the coronavirus pandemic
  36. Another Federal Court Says Chalking Tires Is A Violation Of The Fourth Amendment
  37. Opting Out: Biometric Information Privacy and Standing (Michelle Jackson)


  1. Court Tells Pro-Trump 12-Year-Old That Calling Him A Defender Of Racism And Sexual Assault Is Protected Speech
  2. Iraq Joins China In Suppressing Journalism About COVID-19
  3. Southeast Asia’s Coronavirus-Driven Censorship: Across Southeast Asia, there’s a worrying rush to sacrifice free speech in the name of nebulous benefits amid a crisis.
  4. The complicated issue of coronavirus merch: The next big fashion trend or simply problematic? We investigate.
  5. Daily Fantasy Sports Case Skillfully Comes to a Head


  1. Selena Gomez suing fashion game makers for using likeness without permission
  2. Selena Gomez suing Chinese mobile publisher over using her likeness: Singer says she did not agree to appear in Clothes Forever – Styling Game, decries “unsavoury” microtransactions
  3. Infinity Ward updates matchmaking in Call of Duty to bring cheaters together
  4. NBA 2K Avoids Tattoo Copyright Infringement in Three Ways
  5. Video Game Tattoo Copyright Litigation: LeBron Scores a Slam Dunk While WWE Still Wrestling with Allegations
  6. Epic Sues Game Tester Over Trade Secret Breach
  7. Epic Games Dances Around Infringement Claims as Court Finds Transformative Use
  8. Report: Epic Games exploring funding round at over $15 billion valuation
  9. Cooking Mama creator threatens lawsuit over “unauthorized” Switch launch
  10. Gaming Emote Litigation: Battle Royale Ensues Over Fortnite Emotes with Plaintiffs Testing Different Causes of Action
  11. Google wins victory royale over Epic Games, snags Fortnite for Google Play
  12. Fortnite finally hits Google Play, but Epic still isn’t a fan of Google’s mobile tactics
  13. Valve confirms code leak for two online games
  14. Analyst: US game spend jumps during COVID-19 pandemic as more are encouraged to stay home
  15. Finland recognises the Demoscene as part of its cultural heritage: Subculture is now part of the National Inventory of Living Heritage, and can be nominated for UNESCO international heritage status
  16. Activist investor ValueAct believes Nintendo can rival Netflix, Disney+: San Francisco company has built up $1.1 billion stake in the platform holder over the last year
  17. Nintendo Switch sales doubled year-over-year in March
  18. Nintendo working with suppliers to boost Switch production in 2020
  19. Nintendo Account holders told to bolster security due to spike in ‘unauthorised activity’
  20. The curious case of Animal Crossing in China | Opinion: China plays a bigger role in console sales than people think, says Apptutti’s Daniel Camilo, and Nintendo’s game is compelling proof
  21. Nintendo isn’t saying, so here’s how to fend off the account hijacking spree
  22. Finally, you can build an entire “game” out of Super Mario Maker 2 levels
  23. Pokemon Rumble Rush shuts down: Service will end July 21, 2020, just over one year after launch
  24. Xbox Game Studios, Codemasters, and others pull games from GeForce Now
  25. Sony Plans Limited PlayStation 5 Output in First Year
  26. PlayStation’s low-key PC experiment | Opinion: Rumours of more PS4 exclusive titles following Horizon: Zero Dawn to PC have been squashed, but is that the end of Sony’s multiplatform strategy?
  27. Sony, Sega say PC listings for Bloodborne, Persona 5 and more were “not accurate”: Publishers shut down rumours of ports after several titles were listed on Amazon France
  28. Report: Sony scaling back initial PS5 production numbers
  29. Sony reportedly limiting PS5 launch window to 6m units: But sources suggests COVID-19 has not affected production of next-generation console
  30. Recession’s impact on next-gen consoles to be felt “later in 2021,” says analyst: Ampere’s Piers Harding-Rolls says downturn will inevitably undermine sales once early adopter crowd gets theirs
  31. Monster Hunter Riders tops 5 million downloads in Japan after two months
  32. Minecraft ray tracing is now live on PC—and it’s a must-play, if you can
  33. Keywords reports strong 2019 performance amid COVID-19 doubts: Revenue up 30% last year, but the company declines to offer guidance for 2020 due to pandemic disruption
  34. Superplus Games nets $4.7 million to create casual PvP titles for mobile
  35. Superplus Games raises $4.7m: Finnish studio currently working on multiple casual, PvP-focused mobile titles
  36. Report: The games industry braces for a recession (Ampere Analysis)
  37. European mobile game downloads growing faster than spending: Sensor Tower finds March new installs were up 19% over February while spending grew 12%
  38. Sega shuttering two mobile games after parting ways with developer Demiurge
  39. Facebook has launched its dedicated ‘Facebook Gaming’ mobile app
  40. Paradox reports “best” financial year in its history for 2019
  41. Newzoo: Shooter games are growing during coronavirus, but esports forecast takes a dip
  42. Nevada authorizes betting on League of Legends, Overwatch esports
  43. Paytm First Games teams up with ESPL for mobile esports tournaments in India
  44. BMW Motorsport is winning a lot in esports, and here’s why
  45. BMW teams up with 5 global esports teams in a brand alliance
  46. How COVID-19 Made Esports the ‘Only Game in Town’
  47. One Consequence Of The COVID-19 Shutdown? This Is Esports’ Moment
  48. Esports Milestone: Gambling On Esports Will Double To $14 Billion In 2020
  49. Riot Games lays out prize pools, no blood rule for Valorant esports: New shooter will cap prize pools at $10k for small tournaments, and $50k at medium tournaments
  50. Riot addresses “kernel-level driver” concerns with expanded bug bounties
  51. Riot posts $100,000 bug bounty to track down flaws in Valorant’s anti-cheat
  52. Riot Games acquires Hytale developer Hypixel Studios
  53. Riot acquires Hypixel: League of Legends maker was already an early investor in the developer of upcoming sandbox game Hytale
  54. One month after COVID-19 closures, GameStop readies to reopen stores
  55. Ubisoft Developing Senior Citizen Esports Movie From ‘I Feel Pretty’ Team
  56. Konami indefinitely delays PES Euro 2020 DLC, cancels boxed edition: Planned esports tournament will still take place, but London finals will now be played online
  57. In Half-Life’s improv scene, anyone can speak for Gordon Freeman
  58. Steam gets ‘editorial’ when we weren’t looking
  59. Final Fantasy VII Remake digital sales and shipments have topped 3.5 million units
  60. Oculus Connect shifts to digital as Facebook extends in-person event ban into 2021
  61. Bethesda Has “no update” on ‘Elder: Scrolls Blades VR’ Nearly Two Years After Announcement
  62. ‘Half-Life: Alyx’ Was Among the Best Selling Steam Games Released in March
  63. Magic Leap lays off staff in bid to ‘adapt to new market realities’
  64. Magic Leap Announces Layoffs & Pivot Away From Near-term Consumer Ambitions
  65. An extended interview with Homeworld designer Rob Cunningham
  66. Disruptor Beam completes pivot to tools provider with Beamable rebrand
  67. The enduring ripples of the Indie Megabooth: Founder Kelly Wallick shares her hopes for the Megabooth to drive industry-wide change toward diversity and sustainability
  68. Baba Is a tough act to follow: Arvi Teikari talks about following up the innovative Baba Is You with a “very traditional Metroidvania” and livestreaming development
  69. The design of Peggle-like dungeon crawler Roundguard
  70. Don’t Miss: Doing an HD remake the right way: Chrono Trigger edition
  71. Don’t Miss: A look at choice overload in games, and how to avoid it
  72. Don’t Miss: Veteran director Khris Brown on the secrets of great voice acting
  73. Don’t Miss: The secret history of Donkey Kong
  74. Video: Less stressful game development via DevOps
  75. Video: The origin story of Void Bastards’ striking art style
  76. Video: What you should know before making a cross-platform game
  77. Video: The Kine game dev postmortem
  78. Blog: Anatomy of a failed Kickstarter
  79. Blog: The production data and tools I used to develop Hang Line
  80. Blog: Prioritizing accessibility considerations
  81. U.S. Patent no. 10,290,142: Water surface rendering in virtual environment
  82. U.S. Patent no. 10,286,328: Modular accessory for video gaming


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