News of the Week; April 15, 2020


  1.  Fox News Set the Stage for America’s Poor Coronavirus Response: The network has conditioned its viewers to hate experts and to trust miracle cures for 25 years.
  2. Charter still hates broadband competition, asks FCC to help prevent it
  3. Citing BGP hijacks and hack attacks, feds want China Telecom out of the US
  4. Trump Administration Establishes the Committee for the Assessment of Foreign Participation in the United States Telecommunications Services Sector
  5. President Trump Has Issued an Executive Order Formally Establishing a Committee to Assess Foreign Participation in the US Telecommunications Services Sector
  6. White House Clarifies and Expands Executive Branch Review of Foreign Participation in FCC Regulated Telecom Services
  7. A Formalized Team Telecom: White House Establishes Committee to Review Foreign Ownership or Control in U.S. Telecom Sector
  8. Canada’s Communications Regulators Take Action in the Fallout from COVID-19
  9. Shaw Communications temporarily lays off 10% of workforce
  10. TeamTelecom Recommends that the FCC Revoke China Telecom’s Authorizations to Provide International Telecommunications Services to and from the United States
  11. FCC Waives Gift Rules for Rural Health Care, E-Rate Entities in COVID-19 Response
  12. FCC Takes Action Against COVID-19-related Scam Robocalls
  13. It Shouldn’t Have Taken A Pandemic To Make Us Care About Crappy U.S. Broadband
  14. Dish’s Wireless Network, A Cornerstone of the T-Mobile Merger, Is Already On Shaky Ground
  15. Celebs share rumors linking 5G to coronavirus, nutjobs burn cell towers
  16. Dutch telecommunications towers damaged by 5G protestors: Telegraaf
  17. 5G coronavirus conspiracy theory driven by coordinated effort: Earlier this year, as COVID-19 began to spread, fringe groups began claiming the virus was linked to 5G technology.
  18. What’s New in 5G – April 2020
  19. Frontier bungles redaction of network audit that it doesn’t want you to see
  20. Want To Know Why U.S. Broadband Is A Bad Joke? Take a Close Look at Frontier Communications
  21. Frontier files for bankruptcy, says its broadband service won’t get any worse
  22. Major US ISP Frontier Files For Bankruptcy, Monopolistic Apathy Isn’t A Business Model.
  23. Verizon Quietly Stops Doing Broadband Installs, Repairs During COVID-19
  24. Why you’re still paying for sports on cable when there’s no live sports
  25. Corporations Not Happy Innovators Have ‘Hacked’ The Crappy U.S. Binding Arbitration System


  1. Federal government open to new law to fight pandemic misinformation: It’s one of several measures the government is considering to counter fake news about the virus online
  2. Puerto Rico Decides The 1st Amendment Doesn’t Apply To Its Citizens; Criminalizes ‘Fake News’
  3. French Government Says Google Must Pay French News Agencies For Sending Traffic Their Way
  4. French regulator says Google must pay news sites to send them traffic: Officials rejected Google’s plan to stop using snippets in news search results.
  5. YouTube Schools PragerU on Lanham Act in Censorship Case
  6. A First Amendment Win for YouTube!
  7. YouTube May Be An Enormous Town Square, But It’s Still Not Subject to The First Amendment
  8. Lessig Withdraws ‘Clickbait Defamation’ Lawsuit Against NY Times After Changed Headline
  9. Instagram’s TOS Authorizes Third-Party Embedding of Photos–Sinclair v. Mashable (Eric Goldman)
  10. Another Court Significantly Limits the Scope of Criminal CFAA–Sandvig v. Barr (Eric Goldman)
  11. Amazon fires at least 3 employees who criticized workplace conditions
  12. Nine Amazon workers describe the daily risks they face in the pandemic
  13. The pandemic is playing to almost every one of Amazon’s strengths
  14. Amazon was already powerful. The coronavirus pandemic cleared the way to dominance.: The global health crisis has forced 250,000 US stores closed, clearing the way to Amazon’s dominance.
  15. Amazon isn’t accepting new grocery customers while it strains to meet current demand
  16. Amazon pauses new grocery signups, hires another 75,000 workers
  17. Unsanitized: Why Amazon May Not Emerge From the Crisis Dominant
  18. Even Google and Facebook May Face an Ad Slump: Though ad sales at the two companies are expected to be down, they are likely to fare better than smaller peers and publishers.
  19. Senator Tillis Angry At The Internet Archive For Helping People Read During A Pandemic; Archive Explains Why That’s Wrong
  20. Florida Governor Responds To Lawsuit Over Coronavirus Infection Documents By Pressuring Newspaper’s Law Firm To Drop The Suit
  21. Alphabet CEO tells employees the company will slow hiring and other investments
  22. Judge Rakoff: MLB Broke the Hearts of All True Baseball Fans, But Did Not Break the Law
  23. Twitter will now give more of your user data to advertisers
  24. Oncologists Say The Absolute Best Information They’re Getting These Days Comes From Twitter
  25. How Steak-umm Became The Tweeting Voice Of Reason In A Pandemic
  26. Kate Klonick and Alina Polyakova on Pandemics, Platform Governance and Geopolitics
  27. Computer Service Providers Face Implied Limits on CDA Immunity
  28. Canadian Maker of Smart Locks Settles with FTC Over Deceptive Security Claims
  29. FTC The Latest To Discover ‘Smart’ Locks Are Dumb, Easily Compromised
  30. Your COVID-19 Internet problems might be COVID-19 Wi-Fi problems
  31. The Law of E-Signatures in the United States and Canada
  32. The Pandemic Sparked A 75% Jump In Views For YouTube’s News Content, Chief Product Officer Says
  33. As YouTube Traffic Soars, YouTubers Say Pay Is Plummeting: Advertising rates on the platform have dropped significantly during the coronavirus pandemic
  34. YouTube Testing ‘Chapters’ Feature To Help Users Better Navigate Lengthy Videos
  35. YouTube launches a free, DIY tool for businesses in need of short video ads
  36. YouTube Drops Free ‘Video Builder’ Ad Tool To Aid Small Businesses Amid Pandemic
  37. Coronavirus Survivors Tell Their Stories In Anthony Padilla’s New YouTube Series
  38. Andrea Bocelli’s Easter Concert Breaks YouTube Record For Biggest Classical Stream To Date
  39. Top 50 Most Viewed YouTube Channels Worldwide • Week Of 4/13/2020
  40. David Dobrik, Donald Trump, Charli D’Amelio Are Teens’ Top Social Influencers, Study Finds
  41. What Google and Facebook need to do to fight disinformation
  42. ‘Infodemic’ puts social media platforms under heightened regulatory scrutiny
  43. Hunting down the rumours of COVID-19
  44. Coronavirus Drives 30% Surge in Video on Demand Viewing for March
  45. 3D Printers Recast Virus-Weary Supply Chains
  46. Instagram has plans to help artists monetise livestreams
  47. Instagram announces new features for small businesses including gift cards, food orders and fundraisers
  48. Hearst pivots to Instagram Live while audiences are cooped up at home
  49. New Research Suggests Spotify Is Pulling Away From Apple Music: Despite having the largest user base, Spotify is growing faster than its peers.
  50. Spotify signs licensing deal with Indian company Shemaroo
  51. In 1 Week, ‘Parasite’ Becomes Hulu’s Most-Streamed Foreign-Language Film Ever
  52. Say goodbye to Samsung’s S-Voice—the servers shut down June 1, 2020
  53. IGTV Redesign Puts Creators Center Stage, Adds New ‘Discover’ Tab, Hands-Free Recording
  54. One Week After Launching In India, Disney+ Hits 50 Million Paying Subscribers
  55. Disney+ surpasses 50 million subscribers in just 5 months
  56. Remember: When Creatively Engaging With Socially Distanced Kids, Be Sure to Avoid Creating COPPA or CCPA Compliance Concerns
  57. Airbnb now offers virtual ‘travel’ experiences to keep you entertained at home: Virtually visit a goat farm or get your fortunes read
  58. Is virtual travel really a thing?
  59. Facebook is adding a Quiet Mode that silences push notifications on mobile: A new digital well-being feature for Facebook’s main mobile app
  60. Facebook Ad Rates Fall as Coronavirus Undermines Spending: Advertisers can reach more users per dollar – or save money for whatever is ahead
  61. Google wants to dump Qualcomm, launch smartphone SoC as early as next year
  62. Has Apple finally bitten off way more than it can chew?: Apple used to be about changing the world one magic box at a time. Now it’s fighting to conquer TV drama, healthcare, money, news and much else besides
  63. IBM scrambles to find or train more COBOL programmers to help states
  64. We Can’t Let Tech Companies Use This Crisis to Expand Their Power
  65. Navigating the ‘infodemic’: how people in six countries access and rate news and information about coronavirus
  66. Netflix Has Tripled Its Digital Ad Spend Since COVID-19 Hit The U.S. (Report)
  67. Netflix Hits All-Time Stock High, Making It Temporarily More Valuable Than Disney
  68. In Light Of Quarantine, Instagram Makes Live Streams Viewable On Desktops
  69. TikTok TikTok Boom! The ticking time bomb threat of copyright infringement claims for the burgeoning social media platform
  70. TikTok Pledges $250 Million For Coronavirus Relief, $125 Million In Ad Credits For Small Businesses And NGOs
  71. “Tech, lies and video-conferencing”: The Court’s implementation of remote hearings
  72. It’s Time for Online Dispute Resolution (a.k.a Virtual Mediation)
  73. Mark Carrigan Asks If We’re All Digital Scholars Now?
  74. When school is online, the digital divide grows greater
  75. Digital hoarders: “Our terabytes are put to use for the betterment of mankind”
  76. Do you even 10-key, bro? Our homage to the classic keyboard standard
  77. Community building on crowdwork platforms: Autonomy and control of online workers? (Christine Gerber)
  78. Navigating the ‘infodemic’: how people in six countries access and rate news and information about coronavirus (Rasmus Kleis Nielsen, Richard Fletcher, Nic Newman, J. Scott Brennen, Philip N. Howard)
  79. Federal Rules of Platform Procedure (Rory Van Loo)
  80. The coronavirus pandemic turned Folding@Home into an exaFLOP supercomputer


  1. AI Update: FTC Provides Guidance on Use of AI and Algorithms
  2. Robots Welcome to Take Over, as Pandemic Accelerates Automation: Broad unease about losing jobs to machines could dissipate as people focus on the benefits of minimizing close human contact.
  3. IP Protection of Artificial Intelligence in Europe: Tailor-Made Solutions Required
  4. Meet humanity’s new ally in the coronavirus fight: Robots
  5. Update from LitLand: Vermont Attorney General Sues Clearview AI
  6. When artificial intelligence is the inventor or creator: who claims the rights?
  7. Facebook is building a hidden, bot-only platform to learn about trolls and scammers


  1. Canadian Federal Court Decides Patent Action by way of Summary Trial
  2. Canadian patents claiming a formulation for a medicinal ingredient may be eligible for patent term extension
  3. Federal Court Considers the Availability of Certificates of Supplementary Protection for Vaccines
  4. As Record Labels Still Are Demanding Mandated Filters; Facebook’s Copyright Filter Takes Down A Guy Playing Bach
  5. Did the Supreme Court Just Give States License to Pirate Copyrights? Protecting Copyrights Post Allen
  6. U.S. Supreme Court Confirms that States Have Sovereign Immunity from Copyright Infringement Suits–Allen v. Cooper (Eric Goldman)
  7. Judge smacks down copyright suit over Instagram embedding: Ruling could provide a stronger legal basis for embedding photos and videos.
  8. Court Decision Dismissing Photographer’s Lawsuit Shows Breadth of Rights Granted to Social Media and Denies Infringement Claim for Instagram Embedded Photo
  9. Sinclair v. Ziff Davis, LLC
  10. NY Court Tosses Lawsuit Over Street Art Depicted in Film
  11. Ninth Circuit Gleefully Rejects Copyright Claims against California High School
  12. Dark Horse Comes in Just at the Wire! A Music Copyright Analysis
  13. Retrograde in Taurus: Ninth Circuit Upholds Judgment That Stairway to Heaven Did Not Infringe Taurus
  14. VARA Lives On: A $6.75M Lesson on Respecting Moral Rights
  15. Internet Archive’s National Emergency Library: Public Service or Copyright Infringement?
  16. Shot on iPhone: Media Group Found to Infringe “Simple Picture,” Court Rejects Fair Use Defense
  17. Update On The “Mandatory Tariff” Issue, Fair Dealing And Copyright Advocacy In Canada (Howard Knopf)
  18. Photographer Unsuccessful in Copyright Case Over Use of Embedded Instagram Photo
  19. Embedding Photos from Instagram – Infringement or Licensed Use?
  20. Intellectual Property rights in the platform economy: A chance to rise or fall
  21. The esquivalience of mountweazels protecting copyright
  22. No Red Light: Fed. Circuit Opens Door for Registration of Multi-Color Product Packaging
  23. Criminal sanctions for trade secret disclosure and the implementation of CUSMA
  24. JaM Cellars Sues Franzia For Trademark Over ‘Jammy’, An Incredibly Common And Descriptive Term In Wines
  25. Authors and publishers — which elements of a book can you protect with trade marks?
  26. Planetart LLC v Photobox Ltd & Anor – Trade Mark Infringement and Passing Off in the context of mobile apps
  27. The Cold Hard Fact of Arctic Cat: Actual Notice is Necessary to Protect a Damages Claim from the Cold After Unmarked Patented Goods are Sold
  28. Manufacturers Refuse To Allow Hospitals To Fix Ventilators That Are The Last Hope For Many COVID-19 Patients
  29. Opening Up Information In A Pandemic, Rather Than Locking It Down: The Open COVID Pledge Is Important
  30. Copyright & Coronavirus: What You Need to Know
  31. No Trade Dress Protection for Functional Shape and Color Scheme
  32. U.S. Supreme Court Denies Review of ABPA v. Ford: Ford’s Win on Enforcing Replacement Parts Design Patents Stands
  33. Are There Patent Infringement Implications of 3D Printing PPE to Help Health Care Workers in the War Against COVID-19? Yes.
  34. A Patent Claim is not Indefinite Merely Because Infringement Can’t be Determined in Advance
  35. “Method of Preparation” Claims Found Patent-Eligible Under §101
  36. Similar Compounds at Overlapping pH’s Created Prima Facie Case of Obviousness
  37. Is it possible to patent Bitcoin?
  38. Belt Fastener Trade Dress Conveyed as Invalid for Being Functional
  39. Patent Pooling and its Contribution to Collaborative IP Attempts at Targeting Patent Access
  40. Bad Faith Required to Prevent Speech Regarding Potential Patent Infringement
  41. Good Friday 2020 and a History of Easter Eggs According to a Patent
  42. Recent IP Law Highlights
  43. Why Is The Copyright Office Celebrating That All Our Cute Pet Photos Are Locked Up Under Copyright?
  44. Happy Birthday, Statute of Anne


  1. NSO Fires Back At Facebook, Says It’s Not Responsible For Malware Deployments By Foreign Governments
  2. Privacy in a pandemic: Privacy laws matter
  3. Some shirts hide you from cameras—but will anyone wear them?
  4. Has coronavirus opened the door to mass electronic surveillance in the UK?
  5. Apple and Google detail bold and ambitious plan to track COVID-19 at scale
  6. Apple, Google Join Forces To Create Free Tools For Coronavirus Tracking
  7. Apple and Google’s Coronavirus Tracking Plan Is a Symptom of Their Power: The tech giants power makes them the only available choices during a dire crisis. This influence is an enlarging feature of post-virus capitalism.
  8. Stop the Apple and Google contact tracing platform. (Or be ready to ditch your smartphone.)
  9. Apple and Google are launching a joint COVID-19 tracing tool for iOS and Android
  10. Will Google’s and Apple’s COVID Tracking Plan Protect Privacy?
  11. Tested positive for coronavirus? Health workers may share your address with police
  12. Coronavirus contact-tracing apps: What are the privacy concerns? – Special smartphone apps could help to reduce the spread of COVID-19, but they could also have profound implications for privacy in the long term.
  13. Can mobile contact-tracing apps help lift lockdown?
  14. The tech ‘solutions’ for coronavirus take the surveillance state to the next level (Evgeny Morozov)
  15. Public support for Live Facial Recognition and implications for COVID-19 policing
  16. What are the biggest holes in data privacy that have been exacerbated by coronavirus?: Geolocation services, the mass adoption of niche tools and weak encryption top the list of concerns for experts in Protocol’s Braintrust.
  17. UK government using confidential patient data in coronavirus response: Documents seen by Guardian show tech firms using information to build ‘Covid-19 datastore’
  18. Welcome To The Coronavirus Surveillance State: Digital technologies for tracking people and monitoring outbreaks may be the only way out of the crisis – but misuse could aid a slide into authoritarianism.
  19. Coronavirus: Surge in health surveillance apps in India, concern among privacy advocates
  20. Kushner’s COVID Task Force Is Looking To Expand The Government’s Surveillance Of Private Healthcare Companies
  21. Your Boss Is Spying on You
  22. To Zoom or Not to Zoom—Privacy and Cybersecurity Challenges
  23. US Senate tells members not to use Zoom
  24. Will the Pandemic Usher in an Era of Mass Surveillance in Higher Education?
  25. Coronavirus: As mental health services move online, problems of access and privacy emerge – Even in normal times, mental health services are not easily available to everyone. The coronavirus has deepened the divide.
  26. For non-intrusive tracking of Covid-19, smartphones have to be smarter: Monitoring the pandemic with personal technology is a thorny issue. We can get results without having our privacy on parade
  27. Global information governance in pandemic times: In the geopolitics of global health information, international institutional law is more important than ever
  28. Growth in surveillance may be hard to scale back after pandemic, experts say: Coronavirus crisis has led to billions of people around the world facing enhanced monitoring
  29. We Should Have a Democratic Debate About Trade-Offs Between Public Safety and Privacy
  30. Focus on Children’s Privacy Intensifies as Daily Life Moves Online


  1. Study with jazz improv musicians sheds light on creativity and the brain
  2. Dual-process contributions to creativity in jazz improvisations: An SPM-EEG study
  3. Knight First Amendment Institute Sues The CDC For Failing To Provide Details Of Its Media Gag Order
  4. ‘Free Speech’ Supporter Jerry Falwell Jr. Thinks It’s Criminal To Report On His Dumb And Dangerous Response To The Pandemic
  5. Trump Campaign Actually Sues TV Station Over Anti-Trump Ad
  6. The mural and the message: How a community advocate and a graffiti artist are spreading facts on the DTES
  7. Supreme Court Denies Cert in Transit Advertising Case, With Separate Opinion (and Warning) from Gorsuch and Thomas
  8. In a Bittersweet Victory, Second Circuit Affirms $6.75 Million in Damages to Artists for Destruction of Graffiti Art
  9. Universities Fill the Void: Working Across Borders to Solve the Pandemic Where International Institutions Have Failed
  10. ‘We are all Surrealists now’: how life with Leonora Carrington prepared me for coronavirus lockdown
  11. Counterpoint: MIT scientists translate coronavirus protein structure into music


  1. In Legal Warfare Over HUMVEE Trademarks, the First Amendment Goes Beyond the Call of Duty in Dismissing AM General’s Claims
  2. Judge Daniels: Video Game “Call of Duty” Is Allowed to Feature Humvees
  3. Call of Duty streamer accidentally fires gun on-air, lands Twitch ban: Glock and awe.
  4. Chinese Government Bans ‘Animal Crossing’ After Hong Kong Gamers Stage Protests Inside The Game
  5. Amid in-game Hong Kong protests, Chinese retailers drop Animal Crossing sales
  6. Chinese e-commerce sites Pinduoduo, Taobao delist Animal Crossing: New Horizons – The game hasn’t been approved in China, and government regulator is now enforcing the ban
  7. Animal Crossing: New Horizons pulled from online stores in China
  8. Roundtable: The unique allure of Animal Crossing: New Horizons
  9. Duke Nukem Goes Retro in Music Copyright Suit
  10. Cooking Mama: Cookstar drama thickens as publisher asserts right to publish
  11. Cooking Mama license holder threatens legal action against Cookstar publisher
  12. Cooking Mama IP holder taking legal action against Cookstar publisher Planet Entertainment: Planet Entertainment responds, saying it was “fully within its rights” to publish Cookstar
  13. ESRB ratings will now note if in-game purchases involve random items
  14. Australian Parliamentary committee recommends loot box regulation: Also suggests mandatory age verification for purchases toward any simulated gambling elements in games
  15. Court Dumps Almost All Of A New York Sax Player’s Lawsuit Against Fortnite Over Use Of His ‘Likeness’
  16. Epic Games Does a Victory Dance Over Dismissal of Right of Publicity, Privacy, and Trademark Claims but False Endorsement Levels Up
  17. Who Owns an Athlete’s Tattoos? The Player? The Tattoo Artist? A Licensor?
  18. Washington State’s Nexus Blitz Against Riot Games
  19. Ring 0 of fire: Does Riot Games’ new anti-cheat measure go too far?
  20. ESRB intros new label for loot boxes: “In-Game Purchases (Includes Random Items)” designation created in response to concerns of players, not parents
  21. Zynga Hit With Class Action Lawsuit Over Data Breach: Lawsuit seeks to certify a subclass of young users of the company’s social games claiming that the minors aren’t bound by contractual terms forced on users upon sign-up.
  22. Pokemon Rumble Rush is being shut down one year after launch
  23. Nintendo’s latest Switch update ushers in system-level button remapping
  24. Switch firmware update adds controls remapping: Nintendo’s latest feature welcomed as “a great first step for accessibility” by AbleGamers founder
  25. Nintendo spent over $14m on TV ads in March: No other gaming brand cracked $1 million in TV ad spend last month
  26. COVID-19: The state of the games industry – From esports and events to development and retail, it’s a mixed bag for the games industry in the middle of a global upheaval
  27. Esports May Be the Best Play During the COVID-19 Pandemic
  28. All Sports Are Esports Now: The MLB The Show, Players Tournament Edition
  29. NASCAR driver fired for idiotic behavior in esports
  30. Formula E starts a new “battle royale” online series this weekend
  31. Esports Gets Local With Facebook’s New DIY Tournament Tool
  32. League of Legends players raised $6m for charities they’ll pick: Players will vote to determine which nonprofits the money raised in their region will support
  33. What does a year without events mean for indies?: A slew of cancellations due to COVID-19 has dealt a blow to smaller developers that depend on events to improve their chances of success
  34. The games industry must protect its vulnerable businesses | Opinion: People are buying lots of games, but the health of the games business is still in jeopardy
  35. Striking Distance in the era of social distance: Glen Schofield says shifting the PUBG-owned studio to remote work has changed his perspective on telecommuting
  36. Capcom implementing work-from-home policy until early May
  37. Capcom implements work-from-home policy through early May: Osaka, Tokyo now under state of emergency, but no government mandate to work from home
  38. WWE 2K21 reportedly cancelled in favour of new game: Former developer claims 2K will publish a different title following 2K20’s woes, 2K22 will skip next-gen
  39. Virtual racing series has injured Canadian driver Robert Wickens back on the ‘road’
  40. Xbox Game Pass to launch in Japan on April 14: Subscription service will go live in Japan next week for both PC and console
  41. Sony invests $400 million in Chinese entertainment platform Bilibili
  42. Sony takes $400 million stake in Bilibili: PlayStation maker picks up almost 5% of Chinese video and mobile game company
  43. PlayStation is pulling together a $10 million fund to support indie devs during COVID-19
  44. PlayStation reveals $10m fund to support indie developers during COVID-19: It’s also giving away Journey and Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection as part of the Play At Home Initiative
  45. TurboGrafx-16 Mini review: Mostly best-in-class retro gaming, sometimes WTF
  46. The biggest ray-traced game yet: Minecraft RTX Beta debuts April 16 on PC
  47. CD Projekt Red: Cyberpunk 2077 “in a complete form,” further delays unlikely – Aside from minor localization difficulties, studio says development “business as usual” despite COVID-19
  48. CD Projekt reports yearly gains in sales as it looks toward Cyberpunk 2077 launch
  49. With well over 2.5 million sold, 2019 was The Witcher 3’s best-ever year on PC
  50. The Witcher 3’s second-biggest year drives CD Projekt revenues to $124.7m: Downloads drive RPG’s ongoing success, company still confident of September launch for Cyberpunk 2077
  51. Avalanche restructures, brands self-publishing unit Systemic Reaction: Just Cause creator will now operate as three units under the Avalanche Studios Group name
  52. Nordisk Film invests $4.5 million into Finnish mobile studio Nitro Games
  53. Nordisk Film invests $4.5m in Nitro Games: Investor’s funding will establish it as the studio’s largest shareholder
  54. Nifty Games secures over $12 million to develop sports titles for mobile
  55. Mobile sports startup Nifty Games raises another $12M, reveals NFL game
  56. Nifty Games raises $12m in Series A funding: Funding so far totals $15m, will support new, licensed NFL mobile title
  57. Valorant makes you watch before you play—that’ll change online games forever
  58. Valorant breaks Twitch single-day viewership records: It also ties League of Legends, Fortnite for concurrent viewership record
  59. Esports entertainment platform Players Netwrk launches today: Serial entrepreneur Stratton Sclavos lines up big names from the worlds of traditional sports and esports
  60. Twitch Rolls Out ‘Watch Parties’ Feature, Letting Partner Creators Livestream Amazon Prime Video Content
  61. Ecommerce Upstart NTWRK Leads FaZe Clan’s Latest Funding Round, Including Merch Pact
  62. New video game enlists players to help advance scientific research: Free downloadable content gives gamers the chance to contribute to the study of the gut microbiome
  63. Indie Megabooth winding down operations due to coronavirus
  64. Valve Explains the Deceptively Simple Design Process That Made ‘Half-Life: Alyx’ Excellent
  65. Resident Evil 3 remake ships 2 million in five days: Digital sales account for half of total as Capcom’s latest zombie shooter trails pace of last year’s Resident Evil 2 remake
  66. UK Charts: Final Fantasy 7 Remake is No.1 as boxed market grows again – But Square Enix’s new release sells half of Final Fantasy XV’s launch week
  67. Latest iteration of EGM ceases publication of daily features
  68. The industry mines for ’90s nostalgia | Opinion: Between Resident Evil 3 and Final Fantasy 7, we’re playing like it’s 1999 — but few other PlayStation-era titles justify this high-budget treatment
  69. Final Fantasy XIV Online delays next patch due to COVID-19: Director Naoki Yoshida says team is testing new remote work tools to help resume normal development times
  70. A bevy of COVID-19 issues lead to delay in planned Final Fantasy XIV update
  71. Ubisoft delays next For Honor season after sudden shift to work-from-home
  72. The evolution of Ape Out: Gabe Cuzzillo explains how a song helped defined the aesthetic for his BAFTA-winning action game
  73. Journey into the mysterious and unknown with Gothic 2: Why I Love – Gisle Sølvberg explains the appeal of playing an ambitious example of a genre he wasn’t familiar with in a language he barely understood
  74. Ethical community management in a struggling world: Kitfox Games’ Victoria Tran on the positive role of community management during times of stress and upheaval
  75. The five deadly sins of game attractiveness
  76. Blog: The likelihood of making $10,000 in your first month on Steam
  77. Blog: Animal Crossing in the age of social distancing
  78. Blog: The making of Warcraft II
  79. Blog: Inside the development of The Riftbreaker’s AI system
  80. Blog: Lessons learned from reviewing indie games
  81. Blog: Composing the interactive music of SPYDER
  82. Don’t Miss: Designing and structuring great boss battles
  83. Don’t Miss: How Maxis put the ‘sim’ in SimCity
  84. Don’t Miss: Firaxis Games’ classic postmortem of XCOM: Enemy Unknown
  85. Don’t Miss: The afterimage of Final Fantasy VII
  86. Deep Dive: The subtle art of building tension in Yes, Your Grace
  87. Video: Understanding the rules of Baba Is You
  88. Video: Understanding how people shop for games on Steam


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