News of the Week; February 12, 2020


  1. The Broadcast Panel Report and Discoverability of Canadian Content: Searching for Evidence of a Problem (Michael Geist)
  2. The BTLR and USMCA, Part One: Why the Broadcast Panel Recommendations Conflict With Canada’s Emerging Trade Obligations (Michael Geist)
  3. Higher Costs and Less Choice: Why Consumers Will Pay the Price for the Broadcast Panel’s Plans to Increase Costs of Internet Services and Sites (Michael Geist)
  4. Canadian Broadcasting and Telecommunications Legislative Review Panel releases Final Report
  5. Update on Allarco Litigation – Allarco’s Potential Exit Costs in the Federal Court (Howard Knopf)
  6. Judicial Review: Impact of the Vavilov Judgment
  7. Goodbye, Sprint: US judge approves T-Mobile’s purchase of competitor
  8. US Antitrust Enforcement Clearly Broken As Court Rubber Stamps T-Mobile Merger
  9. US Broadband Gaps Are Twice As Bad As The Government Claims
  10. FCC data fails to count 21 million people without broadband, study finds
  11. Ajit Pai defeats another attempt to restore FCC’s net neutrality rules
  12. Comcast “not welcome” here: Customers protest sale of tiny cable company
  13. AT&T Keeps Pretending It Wants Real Net Neutrality And Privacy Laws. It Doesn’t.
  14. 5G choices: a pivotal moment in world affairs
  15. 5G Could Actually Make The ‘Digital Divide’ Worse
  16. iPhones Will Get Bigger And More Expensive This Year Thanks To 5G
  17. Microsoft’s first-ever Android Phone, the Surface Duo, spotted in the wild
  18. Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip is the first foldable with a flexible glass cover
  19. Samsung’s Galaxy S20 is official, with bigger screens, higher prices
  20. Andy Rubin’s smartphone startup, Essential, is dead
  21. IoT Update: FCC Raises the Benchmark for Rural Broadband Deployments
  22. Frontier, nearing bankruptcy, faces scrutiny over weeks-long phone outages


  1. TikTok reportedly waited nearly 3 hours to call police in Brazil after a teen’s death was livestreamed on the platform, but the company notified its own PR team almost immediately
  2. When You Set Out To Block Misinformation, You Can Wind Up Blocking A Hero Like Li Wenliang
  3. Chinese Hacking Is Alarming. So Are Data Brokers.
  4. The Speaker, the President, and the Case of (the) Ripped Up Speech (Jonathan Zittrain)
  5. The Billion-Dollar Disinformation Campaign to Reelect the President 
  6. Audit Indicates Intuit Made $1 Billion By Hiding Free File Program From The Public
  7. Can Public Infrastructure Fix Social Media?
  8. Defamation, social media and the right to insult
  9. Ninth Circuit Rules that LinkedIn Cannot Block Data Scraping
  10. Registrars raise alarm over proposal for big .com fee hikes: Proposed contract allows Verisign to raise registration fees 7 percent per year.
  11. Understanding Internet Culture
  12. Competition Bureau’s Marketing and Advertising Priorities: False Online Consumer Reviews
  13. Logitech debuts $169 StreamCam: A streamer-focused, USB-C webcam
  14. Canadian Government Officially Warns 100 Brands And Ad Agencies To Comply With Influencer Marketing Laws
  15. Bad Influence: FTC Settles Two Complaints Alleging Fake Social Media Influence
  16. US says Chinese military stole masses of Americans’ data
  17. Equifax breach was the work of Chinese state hackers, DOJ says
  18. China’s To Blame For The Equifax Hack. But It Shouldn’t Let Equifax, Or US Regulators, Off The Hook.
  19. DOJ Charges China With Hacking Equifax. That’s No Reason to Forgive Equifax: We’ve identified the culprits. But corporate accountability and meaningful victim compensation remains nowhere in sight.
  20. Justice Department Ramps Up Google Probe, With Heavy Focus on Ad Tools: Antitrust enforcers have contacted more than a dozen publishers, ad tech rivals and ad agencies
  21. Why Google Might Prefer Dropping a $22 Billion Business: Divesting its third-party ad operation could stave off even worse regulatory action.
  22. Google Tells Websites–Including YouTube–To Remove “Particularly Disruptive” Ads On Short Videos
  23. YouTube Wants To Hook Its Users Up With Third-Party Video Subscriptions (Report)
  24. The Young Turks Launches Google-Funded Video Course For Aspiring Local Journalists
  25. We Need to Talk About ‘Cloud Neutrality’: A multibillion-dollar, privately-owned infrastructure is now essential to the modern internet economy. That should freak you out.
  26. Video Sharing Site Protected by CDA Immunity for Removal of Poster’s “Objectionable Material”
  27. Sun To Rise on .GAY
  28. The Iowa caucuses were a comedy of tech errors and poor planning
  29. Snapchat introduces new interventions for mental health
  30. Snapchat is testing a big new redesign: A new home for the Snap Map and its original shows – plus a new test of news briefs
  31. Justin Bieber Docuseries Becomes YouTube’s Most-Viewed Original In One Week
  32. YouTube continues to mirror Twitch, tests new clap feature that lets fans donate to creators: Clapping costs $2 on YouTube now
  33. YouTube could compete with Apple and Amazon by offering third-party video subscription services: The report comes after Google boasted good subscriber numbers on YouTube
  34. Patreon Adds European Currencies, Will Open Berlin Offices As It Eyes Global Expansion
  35. Brazil judge rejects hacking accusation against Greenwald
  36. Brazilian Court Refuses To Move Forward With Bogus Charges Against Glenn Greenwald ‘For Now’
  37. European Commission continues crack down on cross-border online trade restrictions
  38. Can a Retweet Constitute Copyright Infringement? Uh….–Bell v. Chicago Cubs (Eric Goldman)
  39. Two New Mass Copyright Lawsuits – Rambo: Last Blood & Angel Has Fallen
  40. What Happens When a High-Tech Apparel Brand Shares the Same Name as the Company that Backed the Controversial Iowa Caucus App?
  41. ­­
  42. Mother Meets Recreation of Her Deceased Child in VR
  43. Ubisoft’s next Prince of Persia game is a VR escape room 
  44. Oxford VR Picks up $12.5M in Funding for Its VR-based Therapy Platform
  45. Steam: Virtual reality’s biggest-ever jump in users happened last month
  46. Acer Has Cancelled its ConceptD OJO Headset
  47. Nreal Temporarily Halts Production of ‘Light’ AR Headset due to Coronavirus
  48. Mobile World Congress canceled due to coronavirus [Updated]
  49. Facebook Watch Sets Limited John Legend Series For Valentine’s Day
  50. What it takes to get a hate page off Facebook: A letter from the state AG
  51. Senators Threaten Twitter For Allowing Iranian Official Who Helped De-Escalate Tensions Via Twitter To Tweet
  52. Twitter beats revenue, user growth estimates in fourth quarter
  53. Arizona Legislator Wants To Strip Platforms Of Section 230 Immunity If They’re ‘Politically Biased’
  54. Pigs Fly As Charles Harder And Donald Trump Support Anti-SLAPP Laws (When They Protect Trump, Of Course)
  55. Good News: Virginia Legislature Passes Anti-SLAPP Law
  56. Federal Court Ignores Journalist Privilege For Reporting On Court Documents; Allows Bullshit Defamation Suit To Proceed
  57. Downloading public court documents costs a dime a page—is that legal?
  58. Google Maps gets new icon, tweaked UI for 15th birthday
  59. Instagram Launches New Tool To Help Users Tidy Up Their Follows
  60. Instagram Confirms It’s Prototyping An Ad-Share Monetization Program For IGTV
  61. Instagram Claims Should Be Discontinued, NAD Recommends
  62. Amazon might offer Twitch’s streaming technology to businesses: Twitch would still exist, but Amazon would have a new way to monetize its technology.
  63. Regulator Ofcom to have more powers over UK social media 
  64. Logan Paul Drops Antonio Brown Diss Track, Compounding Reports Of Boxing Bout
  65. Apple will introduce universal app purchases for iOS and macOS
  66. Here Are All The Titles Netflix Has Removed Because Of Government Censorship
  67. Netflix Finally Lets Users Turn Off Contentious Autoplay-While-Browsing Feature
  68. Hell freezes over as Netflix finally lets users turn off autoplaying previews
  69. Quibi’s Oscar Ad Blitz A Decent Start Amid Disney Networks’ Promotional Blizzard
  70. Brands Owning Super Bowl Social Video Conversation Before And After Game
  71. ViacomCBS plan would unify all of Star Trek (and more) in one new streaming service
  72. WarnerMedia Forms New Film Division To Produce “Mid-Budget” Originals For Streamer HBO Max
  73. Hilton Hotels Named Title Sponsor Of BuzzFeed’s ‘BringMe’ Travel Vertical In Sweeping Pact
  74. Spotify’s Purchase Of The Ringer Won’t Be Cheap, But The Payoff Could Be Huge
  75. Spotify is giving songwriters their own pages and playlists
  76. Spotify launches ‘walled garden’ app Spotify Kids to millions more users
  77. Tentpole Events Boost Celebs’ Engagement On Social
  78. Just one day after launch, Moto Razr durability problems begin to pile up
  79. Bitcoin, CRA, and telemarketing scams in Metro Vancouver, Whistler and Squamish, and Vancouver Island
  80. The End Of Ownership: Tesla Software Updates Giveth… And Tesla Software Updates Taketh Away…
  81. Electronic signatures – legally binding or not worth the paper they’re written on?
  82. New Paper Explains How FOSTA Devastated Male Sex Workers (Eric Goldman)
  83. AOC Supports Full Repeal Of FOSTA
  84. The Future of International Crime: AI, 5G, Encryption, Cryptocurrencies and 3D technologies?
  85. Who’s Prone to Drone? A Global Time-Series Analysis of Armed Uninhabited Aerial Vehicle Proliferation (Michael Horowitz,Joshua Schwartz. Matthew Fuhrmann)
  86. ’90s nostalgia: Dancing Baby does the cha-cha once more in new HD rendering
  87. Techdirt Podcast Episode 238: Larry Lessig Defends His ‘Clickbait Defamation’ Lawsuit


  1. Review of Artificial Intelligence May Result in Significant Changes to PIPEDA
  2. Facebook, YouTube order Clearview to stop scraping them for faces to match
  3. Google Says Clearview’s Site Scraping Is Wrong; Clearview Reminds Google It Scrapes Sites All The Time
  4. Clearview AI and the Legal Challenges Facing Facial Recognition Databases
  5. Clearview Looking To Expand Its Market To Problematic Countries Known For Human Rights Abuses
  6. Ajunwa to Congress: Help stop employers’ AI-fueled bias
  7. AI isn’t just coming to the world of dating—it’s already here
  8. Artificial Intelligence at the Patent Trial and Appeal Board
  9. LAW’s Danielle Citron: How Campaigns Can Counter Deepfakes – Cybersecurity expert and MacArthur Fellow has devised an eight-point plan for political campaigns to protect against fabricated video and audio
  10. Machines have learned how to be creative. What does that mean for art?: A.I. is imbuing computers with the most human of traits, creativity. Not everyone is happy about it
  11. AI-Mediated Communication: Definition, Research Agenda, and Ethical Considerations (Jeffrey Hancock, Mor Naaman, Karen Levy)
  12. Can Fiction Introduce Empathy Into AI? Do We Want It To?: Flynn Coleman on the Potential for Ethical Technology
  13. Radiant app taps Spotify for ‘digital radio hosted by AI’
  14. EPO Publishes Grounds for Refusing AI-Invented Patent Applications
  15. The EPO explains why the inventor has to be a human being, not a machine
  16. The untapped potential of AI for conglomerates
  17. Canadian Privacy Regulator Launches Consultation on its Proposals for Ensuring AI Regulation
  18. Personal choices and situated data: Privacy negotiations and the acceptance of household Intelligent Personal Assistants (Jason Pridmore, Anouk Mols)


  1. Downtown Music Publishing LLC v. Peloton Interactive, Inc.
  2. “Pound Cake” Sampling Is Fair Use According to the Second Circuit
  3. 2nd Circuit Appeals Court Upholds Drake Sampling Fair Use Victory, But Doesn’t Think It’s Useful For Anyone Else
  4. Estate of James Oscar Smith v. Drake (USCA 2nd Circuit, 2.3.20)
  5. Transformative Editing as Fair Use Under Copyright
  6. Google v. Oracle: Will Software Be Free?
  7. Supreme Court Set to Hear Copywrite Arguments in “Google v. Oracle”
  8. China and United States see eye to IP
  9. Copyright Troll Lawsuit Over Duct Taped Banana Picture
  10. Photo Of $120K Banana Art Leads To Copyright Fight
  11. Seattle Kraken or Sockeyes: How Legal Implications May Influence Seattle’s Decision
  12. Get Up, Stand Up, For Your Copyrights
  13. Fashion designers to have more protection against copying
  14. Can copyright protect your fabric design from copycats and competitors?
  15. Making Waves: IPEC finds fabric design a work of artistic craftmanship
  16. CJEU rules that the provision of e-books is an act of communication to the public
  17. Caltech Ten-Figure Patent Verdict Showcases Impact of University Intellectual Property
  18. Patenting Coronavirus Treatments
  19. EU’s top court clarifies when a patent settlement agreement can infringe EU antitrust rules
  20. You Mess With Me, You Mess With My Whole (Patent) Family
  21. Express License of Patent Includes Implied License of Continuations
  22. The six big ways the US and Europe differ on software patents
  23. What will France’s PACTE law mean for patents?
  24. Standard-essential patents in United Kingdom
  25. The future of 5G patent licensing
  26. Top Issues in 2020: 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing
  27. Government Looking in the Mirror: How to Do Better in IP Protection and Commercialization
  28. Tech tools to draft patent applications could revolutionise IP proceedings
  29. BREXIT’s Projected Impact on Intellectual Property Rights
  30. Copyright Troll Richard Liebowitz Drops Case After Suing On Behalf Of The Wrong Party And Trying To Swap Plaintiffs 


  1. Man who refused to decrypt hard drives is free after four years in jail
  2. Appeals Court Rules That People Can’t Be Locked Up Indefinitely For Refusing To Decrypt Devices
  3. Harvard Students Again Show ‘Anonymized’ Data Isn’t Really Anonymous
  4. As The World Frets Over Social Media Tracking For Advertising, Young People Are Turning Fooling Sites Into Sport
  5. US says it can prove Huawei has backdoor access to mobile-phone networks
  6. Huawei fires back, points to US’ history of spying on phone networks
  7. Privacy Commissioner says Facebook violated PIPEDA: OPC made an application to Federal Court Thursday, seeking declaration Facebook broke the law
  8. IP Addresses No Longer Protected in Alberta: From a privacy perspective, the decision is “exceedingly troubling” argues Lisa Lifshitz
  9. One of the most destructive botnets can now spread to nearby Wi-Fi networks
  10. Personal Data of All 6.5 Million Israeli Voters Is Exposed
  11. Transparency Report Shows Rejected A Warrant Demanding Access To Its DNA Database
  12. Inside the closed-door campaigns to rewrite California privacy law, again: How Google, Facebook, the EFF and others lobbied Alastair Mactaggart — and what they managed to get.
  13. For decades, US and Germany owned Swiss crypto company used by 120 countries
  14. New “red team as a service” platform aims to automate hacking tests for company networks
  15. Do Sports Clubs’ WhatsApp Groups Breach the GDPR?
  16. Windows trust in abandoned code lets ransomware burrow deep into targeted machines
  17. Google Play apps with 470k installs can log in to your Facebook and Google accounts
  18. How Attorney General Barr’s War On Encryption Will Harm Our Military
  19. Why is the healthcare industry still so bad at cybersecurity?
  20. Why you can’t bank on backups to fight ransomware anymore
  21. The CJEU’s cookie judgment: why the cookie consent debate continues


  1. Advertising Watchdog Says Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop Is Making False Health Marketing Claims
  2. Philadelphia Police Clear Gritty of Alleged Assault
  3. Former “Bachelor” Contestant Stripped of $1 million Fantasy Football Win
  4. MLB Drops Joint Promotion with Roger Waters Over Anti-Semitism Charges
  5. Was it all a fantasy? New York Appeals Court says fantasy sports are illegal
  6. New York Appellate Court Rules Fantasy Sports is Illegal Gambling
  7. Ohio minister may face uphill fight in Super Bowl halftime
  8. Could employers ban office football chat?
  9. ABC Rejects Frida Mom Commercial for Oscars Broadcast
  10. The Beguiling: Glamour in/as Platformed Cultural Production (Alison Hearn, Sarah Banet-Weiser)


  1. Sweeney criticizes “customer adversarial” industry tactics: Epic CEO condemns privacy invasion, pay-to-win, and loot boxes, calls for companies to “divorce ourselves from politics”
  2. Epic’s Sweeney: Game companies should be platform agnostic, ‘divorce’ from politics
  3. Proposed Washington Gambling Law Changes Aimed at Keeping State Video Gaming Industry Around
  4. Mario Kart Just Added Vancouver As A Race Track Location
  5. Games industry faces major disruption across all sectors as coronavirus spreads: PUBG Corporation postpones Berlin esports event in response to coronavirus
  6. Mobile World Congress Barcelona show cancelled over virus fears: Organizing body GSMA says travel concerns and other factors “made it impossible” to hold 2020 edition of annual conference
  7. Coronavirus concerns lead to delay of The Outer Worlds Switch port
  8. Switch production delayed in China due to coronavirus outbreak
  9. Coronavirus concerns lead to delay of The Outer Worlds Switch port
  10. Coronavirus concerns lead to delay of The Outer Worlds Switch port
  11. Nintendo: Switch “just entering the middle of its lifecycle”: President Shuntaro Furukawa says Switch Lite purchasers who already owned a Switch down to 30% from 43%
  12. The world’s only known Nintendo PlayStation could be yours—for over $15,000
  13. With 2 million sold, Take-Two is unsure how Game Pass affected The Outer Worlds
  14. Take-Two stock slumps following Dan Houser’s departure from Rockstar: Publisher’s share price has increased eight-fold since the day that Grand Theft Auto V launched
  15. Grand Theft Auto Online just had its best holiday quarter ever: Six and a half years after launch and 120m units sold, Rockstar’s behemoth leads Take-Two Interactive’s Q3 alongside Red Dead Online
  16. GTA, Red Dead can’t stop Take-Two’s revenue from sliding in Q3 2020
  17. Take-Two still isn’t sure about subscription services
  18. Recurrent consumer spending made up 37% of Take-Two’s $930 million Q3 revenue
  19. Team Ninja’s Nioh surpasses 3 million sold
  20. With no profit motive, new kids’ mobile IP from BBC focuses on a “safe gaming experience”: A luxury not afforded to most developers yields interesting results
  21. Accessible design and focusing on the gaps: HyperDot dev Charles McGregor explains how he stumbled into accessibility after an experiment with eye-tracking
  22. King’s Sabrina Carmona wants more women in game dev leadership
  23. Black game pros assess industry’s diversity efforts: Panelists at Ubisoft Toronto event say they see progress but there’s still a lot left to do
  24. The road to removing crunch is a long one | Opinion: RCP Scotland head Mark Lloyd says a revolution is coming as developers new and old discover a better way of working
  25. Nexon Korea agrees to 6.8% pay rise after talks with union
  26. Nexon Korea and union agree on pay raises: Publisher tentatively agrees with Starting Point labor union on an average 6.8% salary increase for this year
  27. Survey: Game devs, what are you doing about your studio’s carbon emissions?
  28. Blizzard president on Warcraft 3 Reforged: “We stand behind our games”: J Allen Brack commits to continued updates and support after poor reception
  29. GeForce Now loses all Activision Blizzard titles weeks after launch
  30. Activision Blizzard pulls support for Nvidia’s GeForce Now streaming platform
  31. Activision Blizzard pulls all games from GeForce Now a week after launch: Nvidia hopes to work with publisher on bringing its titles back to streaming service’s catalogue
  32. Mobile is now Activision Blizzard’s leading platform for revenue
  33. Call of Duty rises as rest of Activision Blizzard stumbles: Handful of bright spots in year-end financial results came courtesy of flagship shooter series
  34. Activision Blizzard saw $6.49 billion in revenue during 2019
  35. EA handing Need for Speed franchise back to Criterion
  36. EA will move Need for Speed development back to Criterion: Ghost Games to become an EA engineering hub with 30 staff at risk
  37. Atari acquires Wonder assets to expand capabilities of VCS console
  38. Atari acquires assets from tech start-up Wonder: Technology nods to possible cross-platform functionality with mobile and Atari VCS
  39. Steam brought in 95 million monthly active users in 2019
  40. Metro Exodus comes to Steam after a year of Epic Games Store exclusivity
  41. Zynga posts record revenue of $1.32B in 2019; Q4 revenue and bookings were highest in its history
  42. Ubisoft’s net bookings beat expectations, though still down from last year
  43. Ubisoft quarterly revenues down 26%: Rough Q3 results still beat forecast as publisher points to full slate for next fiscal year
  44. How will Brexit affect investment opportunities for the UK games industry?: With Britain leaving the EU, VC investment is up and game dev tax breaks could be strengthened, but uncertainty looms over every outcome
  45. Profits flat at Bandai Namco as video game sales dip slightly
  46. UK Charts: FIFA 20 reclaims No.1 and Ring Fit Adventure re-enters Top Five – Zombie Army 4 Dead War is the only new game to enter the charts this week
  47. 30% of Switch Lite owners already owned a Nintendo Switch
  48. Nintendo will no longer work with outlet that leaked Pokemon Sword and Shield details: Company publicly denounces Portuguese website that broke review embargo with early photos
  49. Sony files patent which encourages stuck players to spend money on DLC: Machine learning system also uses contextual data to help players overcome challenges using in-game resources
  50. Sony’s 2019 acquisition of Insomniac Games priced at $229 million
  51. Sony paid $229 million for Insomniac: SEC filing reveals acquisition cost of Ratchet & Clank and Marvel’s Spider-Man developer in a majority-cash deal
  52. ‘Games need to find players’: Phil Spencer talks Game Pass, Series X as next gen looms
  53. Phil Spencer: “There’s no slide deck that says we want to turn everyone into a subscriber” – Xbox head wants to “put the player at the center” in the next gen through services, hardware, and models that fit different needs
  54. Xbox Chief Says Its Main Competitors Are Now Google, Amazon Rather Than Sony, Nintendo
  55. Who are Microsoft’s “real” competitors?: Google and Amazon being the “real” competition for Xbox reveals the tricky balancing act that Microsoft’s games team now faces
  56. Xbox extends Project xCloud preview to iOS devices
  57. Stadia’s free tier to launch at some point in ‘the next few months’
  58. Have we got Google Stadia all wrong?: Google Stadia’s focus should be on accessibility, not on subscription models or exclusives
  59. BioWare hits pause on seasonal content to work on full Anthem overhaul
  60. BioWare promises “substantial reinvention” for year-old Anthem
  61. Anthem team ditches major seasonal updates in favor of “longer-term redesign”: BioWare intends to “reinvent the core gameplay loop” after a challenging first year
  62. Glu Mobile returns to profitability with $8.9 million net income for 2019
  63. Glu Mobile avoids second year of loss thanks to Q4 surge: Mobile dev posts $8.9 million profit as revenue rises across portfolio
  64. Mobile drives Innogames’ FY19 sales to $208 million
  65. THQ Nordic opens Slovakian studio Nine Rocks Games
  66. THQ Nordic opens new studio Nine Rock Games: Slovakia-based developer staff by team who has worked on DayZ, Conan and Soldier of Fortune 3
  67. IronSource opens mobile studio Supersonic Games to create ad-based games
  68. IronSource launches new mobile studio Supersonic Games: Debut game Sort It 3D already a chart topper in Europe, America, Korea, and Japan
  69. Fledgling mobile studio Double Loop secures $2.5 million in seed funding
  70. Double Loop Games raises over $2.5m for mobile games: LVP leads investment in push to make relaxing, connective titles for everyone
  71. PUBG Mobile was the top-grossing mobile game for the fifth month in a row – Sensor Tower: Tencent’s title brought in $176.3 million in January, over half of which came from Chinese users
  72. Yager receives strategic investment from Tencent
  73. Spec Ops: The Line developer Yager nets minority investment from Tencent
  74. 2K Silicon Valley studio becomes 31st Union and expands to Spain: “We want to identify opportunities where they haven’t traditionally existed for underrepresented voices”
  75. Payday ‘front and center’ as Starbreeze closes out its reconstruction-filled 2019
  76. Starbreeze relies on Payday as full-year losses increase to $12m: Co-op heist game accounted for 99.4% of the developer’s Q4 net sales
  77. Clash of Clans maker Supercell to ‘significantly’ cut back on hiring
  78. Supercell to “slow growth significantly” in coming year: As mobile studio enters its second decade, CEO Ilkka Paananen reaffirms goal to be “as small as possible”
  79. Report: System Shock 3 developers are “no longer employed”
  80. System Shock 3 development staff reportedly “no longer with the studio”: Highly-anticipated sequel supposedly halted after studio falls “critically behind” in development
  81. Lineage 2 M surpasses $152m in three months: NCSoft’s Mobile MMORPG is currently only available in South Korea
  82. The New Zealand games industry has doubled its annual revenue in two years
  83. New Zealand’s games industry has doubled revenue in two years: National industry earned more than $200m in revenue in the last fiscal year, but investment and skills remain impediments to growth
  84. UK spend on Video Games Tax Relief rose to record £582.6m in 2019: But number of projects receiving interim certification reduces as console cycle nears its end
  85. Bigben Interactive is now Nacon as publishing and accessories businesses merge
  86. Ultimate Rivals dev Bit Fry Game Studios lands $3.5 million investment
  87. Putting together an All-Star team of sports licenses: Bit Fry’s Ben Freidlin talks about how & why the developer got the NHL, NBA, MLB, WNBA, NFL Players Association and more on board for Ultimate Rivals
  88. Twitch, Gillette Further Three-Year-Old Brand Deal With Fleet Of Five Top Gaming Creators
  89. Riot Games Rioting Over Esports Team’s Trademark Infringement
  90. Major esport organisations launch new team-owned CS GO league: Flashpoint aims to address “lack of stability and long-term investment” issues of current pro scene
  91. Hitmarker: Number of full-time esports jobs doubled last year – The number of senior-level jobs in esports grew an impressive 190% in 2019
  92. $1.4bn divestment offsets modest annual loss for MTG: Esport and gaming revenue continues to climb for Swedish entertainment group
  93. Teamwork makes the dream work – the crossover between sports and esports
  94. Bit Fry backers invest additional $3.5 million: Bitkraft Esports Ventures and 1Up Ventures increase their stake in creator of many-licensed sports franchise Ultimate Rivals
  95. Facebook Expects Coronavirus Will Have “additional impact” on Oculus Quest Availability: Quest “unavailable” in most regions
  96. Facebook expects coronavirus outbreak to impact Oculus Quest production
  97. How to get the best game publishing deal: Don’t be afraid to negotiate and realise your value to avoid a publishing deal gone wrong
  98. How Star Trek Online managed to live long and prosper: In a decade when many licensed MMOs struggled and died, lead designer Al Rivera discusses why Cryptic Studios’ voyage to the final frontier has survived
  99. Light Brick wants to rebuild how we play with digital Lego: Studio head Karsten Lund explains why Lego’s new internal studio is getting back to basic building bricks with Lego: Builder’s Journey
  100. After another major E3 data leak, a gaming luminary says bye to the expo: Comes as reaction to E3 organizers’ plans for the event.
  101. ESA names 10 companies still attending E3: Xbox, Nintendo, Ubisoft, and Take-Two among the bigger outfits participating in 2020 show, which will have an industry-only day
  102. Ultra-tough dungeon-crawler Below adds easier “Explore” mode
  103. Cloudspire: a $130 MOBA for your tabletop?
  104. 15 co-op games to play with your partner this Valentine’s Day
  105. 5 important realizations about game balance
  106. Don’t Miss: The world design of Diablo III
  107. Don’t Miss: Sonic the Hedgehog co-creator’s philosophy of game design
  108. Sonic the Hedgehog film review: You can slow your roll, Sega fans
  109. Don’t Miss: Devs look back at the influential BioShock 2
  110. Don’t Miss: Translating the humor & tone of Yakuza games for the West
  111. An inside look at how Bungie found and fixed Destiny 2’s currency-deleting bug
  112. Video: How Guerrilla crafted the lush vegetation of Horizon Zero Dawn
  113. Video: Indexing and iterating design space permutations in game dev
  114. Video: How the Nyamakop team broke into game dev from Africa
  115. Video: Monetization design and overcoming the dark side of gacha
  116. Video: Monitoring and validating world design data in Assassin’s Creed Origins
  117. Blog: How my sci-fi adventure Aquamarine found Kickstarter success
  118. Blog: Finding the right publisher for your game and other dev tips
  119. Blog: Video game composers and the importance of research
  120. And Yet it Hurt: How I made a game played in Notepad
  121. Humble Bundle rolls out regional pricing for a handful of currencies
  122. Humble Bundle joins efforts to raise money for Australian bushfire relief: Humble Bundle sells 60,000 bundles to raise over $2.4 million for bushfire relief effort


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