News of the Week; January 1, 2020


  1.  Court backs Comcast, puts Maine’s à la carte cable law on hold
  2. Court Blocks Maine Attempt To Force Cable Providers To Sell Individual TV Channels
  3. New Law Finally Bans B.S. Cable TV Fees
  4. DOJ Antitrust Boss Delrahim Ignored Hard Data As He Rubber Stamped T-Mobile Merger
  5. Wired for sound: How SIP won the VoIP protocol wars
  6. FCC Postpones Filing Deadline for First Annual Children’s Television Programming Report and Announces Effectiveness of Other Changes in Children’s Television Rules


  1. European Court of Justice’s Landmark Decision on the Resale of E-Books
  2. U.S. Internet Access Provider Hit with a Billion Dollar Verdict for Copyright Infringement by its Subscribers
  3. Internet Access Provider Gets Another Devastating Result in a Secondary Copyright Infringement Case – Sony v. Cox (Eric Goldman)
  4. Huuuge Mistake in Contract Formation
  5. A Lost Gamble on Enforcement of Electronic Terms and Conditions in a Browsewrap Agreement
  6. Internet Access Provider Gets Another Devastating Result in a Secondary Copyright Infringement Case—Sony v. Cox (Eric Goldman)
  7. Federal Circuit Decides Apple’s Invalidity Challenges Were Properly Litigated; Are Precluded
  8. Sour Note: Mraz Sues MillerCoors for ‘I’m Yours’ Clip in Instagram Ad
  9. Doctor’s Promotion of ‘Vampire Facial’ a Pain in Kim Kardashian’s Neck
  10. FTC Approves Settlement with Former Cambridge Analytica CEO and Application Developer Over Claims of Deceiving Consumers
  11. Amid Ongoing ‘Explore’ Tab Tests, YouTube Makes ‘Creator On The Rise’ Shelves More Prominent
  12. Facebook Wants To License Official Music Videos — A Massive Draw On YouTube
  13. YouTube Takes Down Chanukkah Parody Of Old Town Road… Because It Infringes On A Date?
  14. Why the 2010s were the Facebook Decade
  15. Turkish Court Says Government’s Two-Year Ban Of Wikipedia Violates Freedom Of Expression Rights
  16. Driver training was reportedly too much of “a bottleneck” for Amazon
  17. Spotify will ‘pause’ political ads in early 2020: The platform says it does not have the capability to ‘responsibly validate’ ad content
  18. Spotify Says “No” to Political Advertising
  19. Cloudflare Removes Warrant Canary: Thoughtful Post Says It Can No Longer Say It Hasn’t Removed A Site Due To Political Pressure
  20. CMA seeks new regulatory regime to regulate online platforms
  21. “They’re abysmal students”: Are cell phones destroying the college classroom?
  22. Travis Kalanick quits Uber’s board, sells off all his Uber stock
  23. NYTimes Predicted San Francisco Would ‘Drown In Millionaires’ Post IPO Boom; Now Whines That It Never Happened
  24. NIST digitized the bullets that killed JFK
  25. GPS is going places
  26. 88% of Americans use a second screen while watching TV. Why?
  27. No foolin‘—the 2010s were a crazy decade for tech
  28. New Year’s Message: Opportunities Come From Unexpected Places


  1. Enhanced Intelligence, VR Sex, and Our Cyborg Future: Recent progress in AI, many believe, makes the promise and peril of transhumanism increasingly possible.
  2. NIST Study Of 189 Facial Recognition Algorithms Finds Minorities Are Misidentified Almost 100 Times More Often Than White Men
  3. Counting the Countless: Why data science is a profound threat for queer people
  4. How AI helps unlock the secrets of Old Master and modernist paintings
  5. Attack of the terrifying robot vacuum
  6. Data Science as Political Action Grounding Data Science in a Politics of Justice (Ben Green)
  7. The Second Wave of Algorithmic Accountability (Frank Pasquale) 


  1. IoT vendor Wyze confirms server leak: Details for 2.4 million users were exposed online for 22 days.
  2. Employee error to blame for massive data leak, Wyze says
  3. Tracking College Students Everywhere They Go On Campus Is The New Normal
  4. Survey of Fortune 500 Companies’ Privacy Representations
  5. NAI Issues New Guidance on Consumer Opt-In Consent for Sharing of “Sensitive” Data
  6. SEC reminds public companies to assess technology and IP theft risks when preparing their disclosures
  7. The 2019 Privacy Legislation Bomb Cyclone


  1. UK Metropolitan Police Admit They’ve Finally Shelved ‘Investigation’ Into Journalists Who Reported On Snowden Docs
  2. Federal Court Blocks Unconstitutional Arkansas Law That Prevents Plant-Based Food Companies From Using Meat Words
  3. Chris Cornell’s Widow Sues Soundgarden for Copyrights to Unreleased Songs
  4. No Apologies: Marc Jacobs Pushes Back on Nirvana’s Copyright and Trademark Infringement Claims
  5. Washington Court Says Local Pot Dealers Can Hang Up Christmas Lights That Spell ‘POT’
  6. Austrian Hotel Drops Libel Lawsuit Against Guest Who Complained About Pictures Of Nazis In The Lobby
  7. Too Funny to Be Believed? NAD Says No.
  8. IP Alert: Copyright Course Correction of the Year
  9. Right of Publicity Punch: Bruce Lee Enterprises Sues Kungfu Catering
  10. Trump could mandate free access to federally funded research papers
  11. The 2010s were a veritable golden age of opening credits in television
  12. TV Technica 2019: These were our favorite shows and binges this year
  13. Journalists under siege around the world: The global assault on journalists continued unabated in 2019.
  14. Ars Technica’s best films of 2019
  15. 2019 – The Copyright Year
  16. The 2020 Intellectual Property Year in “Preview” Article


  1. Running Man Stars Suing Epic Games for Fortnite Dance
  2. Fortnite Lawsuit a Battle Over Jack-o’-Lantern Figures
  3. Corinna Kopf Leaving Twitch to Stream Exclusively on Facebook Gaming
  4. Blog: Scalable content management with Unity addressables
  5. The one video game my kids played all year long
  6. How much of a genius-level move was using binary space partitioning in Doom?
  7. UK Charts: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is the final No.1 of the year – Official charts to change suppliers in 2020 and to include a digital chart
  8. Police Departments Are Using Swatting Registries To Help Protect Swatting Targets From Police Officers
  9. U.S. Patent no. 10,272,346: Bounded competitions in a video game framework
  10. The 2010s were full of video games we’ll gladly revisit for decades to come
  11. Best of 2019: How Steam users see your game
  12. Gamasutra’s Best of 2019: 8 standout Apple Arcade games
  13. Gamasutra’s Best of 2019: Bryant Francis’ Top 10 Games
  14. Gamasutra’s Best of 2019: Chris Kerr’s Top 5 Games
  15. Gamasutra’s Best of 2019: Alissa McAloon’s top 5 games (from 2018’s backlog)


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