News of the Week; October 23, 2019


  1. What Comes Next for Canadian Digital Policy Under a Liberal Minority Government? (Michael Geist) 
  2. No more free rides for large online digital media services
  3. Canadian Broadcasting Company Hits Conservative Party With Questionable Copyright Infringement Lawsuit 
  4. The CBC Lawsuit, Fair Dealing and Future Reform: The Unexpected Arrival of Copyright in Election 2019 (Michael Geist) 
  5. The Conservative Party of Canada Moves to Dismiss the Controversial CBC Litigation and CBC’s Apparent Inaction on Removing Barton & Tasker (Howard Knopf)
  6. CBC lawsuit against CPC raises questions about use of copyrighted media content in partisan election advertisements
  7. CBC “Fresh as Amended” Lawsuit Against the Conservative Party of Canada (Howard Knopf)
  8. After court loss, Ajit Pai complains about states regulating broadband
  9. Ajit Pai Whines About The Numerous State-Level Net Neutrality Laws He Just Helped Create
  10. FCC Approved T-Mobile Sprint Merger Without Even Seeing The Full Details
  11. FCC Issues “Clarifications” of Political Broadcasting Public File Disclosure Requirements – Significantly More Disclosures to Be Required on Issue Ads
  12. States Rush To Protect Net Neutrality On Heels Of Court Ruling
  13. AT&T hits online TV customers with second big price increase this year 
  14. AT&T Jacks Up Broadband Rates With Misleading ‘Property Tax’ Fee
  15. Frontier gets away with “paltry” settlement after breaking 35 laws and rules
  16. Comcast’s “free” streaming box requires you to rent $13-per-month router
  17. Verizon’s 5G network can’t cover an entire basketball arena, either
  18. Google Fi will soon connect you to two LTE networks at once
  19. General Services Administration issues consolidated schedule solicitation and mass modification which contain prohibitions against the People’s Republic of China
  20. Germany Chooses China Over the West: Berlin’s refusal to shut Huawei out of its 5G networks weakens Europe’s prospects of standing up to Beijing.
  21. Calling time on hands-free? Government considers blank ban on mobile phone use while driving


  1. Privacy bill would give FTC actual authority, land lying executives in jail: CEOs won’t consider privacy until they face “personal consequences,” Wyden said.
  2. FTC Announces Settlement Over Fake Followers
  3. Fake Reviews and Fake Followers: FTC Cracks Down on Deceptive Online Posting
  4. Mark Zuckerberg Still Doesn’t Get It
  5. Zuckerberg doubles down on free speech—the Facebook way
  6. Sacha Baron Cohen Makes Nazi Analogy to Slam Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Policy
  7. Facebook, Under Fire For Political Ad Policies, Lays Out Election Protection Plan
  8. Facebook promises to beef up “election integrity” efforts heading into 2020
  9. Facebook Criticized for Not Censoring Candidate Ads – Even Though Congress Requires No Censorship from Broadcasters
  10. Facebook takedowns show new Russian activity targeted Biden, praised Trump: The company disabled accounts that posed at times as locals in swing states to post on divisive political issues and the upcoming election.
  11. Facebook Announces Additional Measures to Protect the Upcoming U.S. Elections
  12. Facebook’s new Oversight Board is a step forward – but it can’t help Kashmiris: If Facebook decides incorrectly that local laws in India require it to silence Kashmiri calls for self-determination, the Board will not be able to review.
  13. Facebook must face $35B facial-recognition lawsuit following court ruling
  14. Facebook’s Failure To Stop TikTok Shows, Once Again, That Big Companies Often Can’t Just ‘Copy’ Disruptive Upstarts
  15. The Libra Digital Currency Project: The (Long) Path Forward
  16. Cryptocurrency 2.0: Is Libra the Tipping Point?
  17. Instagram is banning plastic-surgery effect filters
  18. Instagram test helps you choose people to unfollow: Groups would help you cut users you rarely see in your feed.
  19. Bringing Free Speech Back: Trump Promises To Sue CNN Over Its Biased Coverage Based On Dumbest Legal Theory Ever
  20. IGTV Rolls Out Tools Enabling Creators To Publish Videos As An Episodic Series
  21. Cautionary Notes on Disinformation and the Origins of Distrust (Yochai Benkler)
  22. The New Copyright Directive: Are OCSSPs Now Required to Carry Certain Content?
  23. The ASA ruling on identifying ads – Brooks Brothers and Matthew Zorpas
  24. China’s Surveillance State Has Tens of Millions of New Targets: So-called key individuals, from drug addicts to religious believers, are singled out in police databases.
  25. The Ultimate Aim Of China’s 2016 Cybersecurity Law Is Now Clear: Nothing Digital Can Be Secret From The Authorities
  26. Insights: Doing Business In China Vexes Companies That Depend On Creators — And Creators Themselves
  27. Report On Global Social Media Censorship Shows Russia, India, And Turkey Are Still Leading The Censor Pack
  28. Stealthy Russian Hacker Group Resurfaces With Clever New Tricks: Largely out of the spotlight since 2016, Cozy Bear hackers have been caught perpetrating a years-long campaign.
  29. Hacking the hackers: Russian group hijacked Iranian spying operation, officials say
  30. Republicans storm ultra-secure “SCIF,” some with cell phones blazing
  31. White House kicks infosec team to curb in IT office shakeup
  32. Blocked: Twitter, Trump, and the Public Forum Doctrine
  33. A cacophony of self-pity drowns out r/The_Donald’s message as Reddit extends quarantine
  34. Rounding Up Two Online Contract Formation Cases (Eric Goldman)
  35. Roundup of the House Commerce Committee Hearing on Section 230 (Eric Goldman)
  36. Marc Benioff Calls For Section 230 To Be Abolished At The Same Time His Company Is Relying On 230 To Get Out Of A Lawsuit
  37. Senators propose near-total ban on worker noncompete agreements
  38. Congressional Reps Targeting Homegrown Terrorism Are Pushing A Bill That Would Allow Congress To Subpoena Citizens’ Communications
  39. Should all connected cars have a physical network kill switch?
  40. How meme culture changed the PSAT
  41. Cookies: A Coming-of-Age Story
  42. Accessibility, the future, and why Domino’s matters
  43. Supreme Court’s Avoidance of Web Accessibility Bodes Increase in ADA Demands and Lawsuits
  44. Navigating ADA Compliance Issues in an Online World
  45. Supreme Court Denies Review of ADA Website Accessibility Case, Leaving Businesses Subject to Ninth Circuit’s Guidelines
  46. The Good And The Bad Of The ACCESS Act To Force Open APIs On Big Social Media
  47. The latest Google shutdowns: Daydream VR, Google Clips
  48. Report: Home builders ditch Nest products after Google takeover
  49. Chrome rolls out new protections preventing password and data theft
  50. Penn State Study Posits YouTube’s Algorithm Isn’t To Blame For Far-Right Radicalization
  51. Guy Who Tried To Extort YouTubers With Bogus DMCA Takedowns Agrees To Settlement
  52. Tati Westbrook Launches Makeup Brand, As YouTuber Palette Season Kicks Into High Gear
  53. YouTube’s first interactive original is a heist show starring gaming personality Markiplier
  54. YouTube Founder Chad Hurley Raises $8.5 Million For Fan-Centric Sports Game Startup ‘GreenPark’
  55. Jeffree Star Cosmetics Forecasts Shane Dawson Collab Will Generate $35 Million In Morphe, Online Sales
  56. Netflix offers $2 billion in debt to fund more original content
  57. Netflix hit with interrogator’s libel suit
  58. Netflix releases first teaser trailer for Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045
  59. Ed Norton Calls Out Steven Spielberg & Hollywood For Demonizing Netflix
  60. Amazon Launches Ad-Supported ‘News’ Video App With CBS, HuffPost, Cheddar
  61. New ‘Watch Parties’ feature lets streamers watch Amazon Prime with their viewers on Twitch: You do, however, need to have Amazon Prime to watch those streams
  62. Amazon hits back at AAFA notorious markets submission with rare public rebuttal
  63. Amazon Launches Ad-Supported ‘News’ Video App With CBS, HuffPost, Cheddar
  64. Whistle To Launch First-Ever OTT Channel, WhistleTV, With Original Shows, Influencers, More
  65. T-Mobile To Serve As Exclusive Telecom Launch Partner For Katzenberg’s Quibi
  66. The 2019 iPad races to the bottom (price-wise), but it’s not so bad down there
  67. Patreon Founder Jack Conte Launches ‘Super Patron’ Endowment That Will Give Creators A Yearly Salary
  68. BroadbandTV Content Partners Nominated for The 9th Annual Streamy Awards Which Honor Excellence in Online Video
  69. Online Sports Gambling
  70. Adobe Announces Plan To Essentially Steal Money From Venezuelans Because It ‘Has To’ Due To US Sanctions
  71. TikTok Makes Some Users Ad Stars—Without Asking
  72. TikTok Collaborates With 12 Creators For New ‘You’re In Control’ Online Safety Videos
  73. Music Video Upstart ‘Triller’ Says It’s Taking On TikTok Amid $28 Million Series B
  74. Feds bust massive child porn sharing site—hundreds of users arrested
  75. After Four Years Of Failing To Bring Its Plan To Completion, UK Government Pulls Out Of Porn Blockade Effort
  76. Snapchat Beats Third-Quarter Expectations But Provides Weaker Guidance
  77. Snapchat Adds 7 Million Daily Active Users In Q3, Looks Ahead To Wearable AR Tech
  78. Snapchat goes after retailers and DTC brands with new Dynamic Ads
  79. BuzzFeed Launches Inaugural Creator Program For Its Travel Brand ‘Bring Me!’
  80. Hulu ramps up its personalization efforts, starting with launch of Like / Dislike buttons
  81. Yahoo is deleting all content ever posted to Yahoo Groups
  82. “You’re going to flip”: Motorola teases the new Razr in November event invitation
  83. What is Bitcoin good for?
  84. Blockchain helps busts bad guys in darkweb shutdown
  85. When MS Paint ruled the fandom world: An innovative webcomic, 10 years later
  86. Air Force finally retires 8-inch floppies from missile launch control system
  87. Expect that Our Romance with Tech Companies Might Be Over


  1. AI and Copyright: Who’s That Author Behind the Computer?
  2. One in three councils using algorithms to make welfare decisions: Machine-learning tools being deployed despite evidence they are unreliable
  3. AI and IoT Legislative Developments: Third Quarter 2019


  1. Canadian Supreme Court To Cops: You Can’t Arrest Someone Just Because You Think Something Illegal Might Happen In The Future
  2. Ed Snowden: Governments Can’t Make The Public ‘Safer’ By Undermining The Encryption Essential To The Public’s Security
  3. DOJ’s Latest Child Porn Site Takedown Shows Encryption Isn’t Really Stopping The Feds From Fighting Child Porn
  4. Alexa and Google Home abused to eavesdrop and phish passwords
  5. ICE in New York has a spy tool to hunt undocumented immigrants via their cell phones: ICE is spying on cell phones and acquiring call records to hunt down undocumented immigrants
  6. California Governor Signs Bill Banning Facial Recognition Tech Use By State’s Law Enforcement Agencies
  7. Warrantless Retrieval of Electronic Automobile Data Held to Be Unreasonable Search – Ruling Points to Private Nature of Digital Data Collected in Today’s World
  8. Civil Rights Groups Ask Legislators To Block Ring’s Surveillance Partnerships With Law Enforcement
  9. Anyone can fingerprint unlock a Galaxy S10—just grab a clear phone case
  10. The Pixel 4’s face unlock works on sleeping, unconscious people
  11. Google says a fix for Pixel 4 face unlock is “months” away
  12. Hackers steal secret crypto keys for NordVPN. Here’s what we know so far
  13. NSA Warns of Hackers Attacking VPN Service Applications
  14. CBP And Local Law Enforcement Are Mixing And Matching Surveillance Gear To Skirt Already-Minimal Constitutional Protections
  15. Colleges Held for Ransom: Responding to a Ransomware Attack
  16. UK Hospital Somehow Manages To Turn A Patient’s Private Message Into Its Voicemail Greeting
  17. Planet49: CJEU rules out opt-out consent for cookies
  18. Europe – European Court of Justice rules on the scope of the ‘right to be forgotten’ for search engines
  19. The Third Annual Review on the U.S.-EU Privacy Shield Notes the U.S. Is Doing Well, Are You?
  20. Reevaluating the COPPA Rule
  21. COPPA Workshop Explores Rule Changes
  22. Microsoft’s new Secured-core PC initiative short circuits firmware attacks


  1. The 30th (or 83rd?) Anniversary of Canada’s Copyright Board: Waiting for Version 3.0 (Howard Knopf)
  2. FTC Targets False Celebrity Endorsements, Deceptive Claims
  3. Phillie Phanatic Creators Fire Back with New Filing
  4. Chuck Yeager Sues Airbus for Right-of-Publicity Violations
  5. Banksy’s online ‘shop’ vets potential buyers with one simple question
  6. Copyright is for losers, trade marks are for Banksy — the Banksy trade mark case explained
  7. Controversial copyright bill inches closer to becoming law as House approves
  8. Congress Looks To Rush Through Unconstitutional Pro-Copyright Trolls Bill, Despite Promising To Explore Alternatives
  9. House Overwhelmingly Votes To Empower Copyright Trolls And To Bankrupt Americans For Sharing Photos
  10. Bad Laws And The Best Of Intentions: Law Designed To ‘Protect’ Gig Workers May Destroy Journalism Freelancers
  11. Cop’s Bogus Defamation Lawsuit Nearly Puts A Small Iowa Newspaper Out Of Business
  12. France Rejects Poland’s Bad Faith Efforts to Extradite Art Dealer Alexander Khochinsky
  13. New Federal Circuit Guidance on Design Patents: Key Takeaways for Companies Seeking Protection
  14. Foreign prosecution history evidence permitted under Section 53.1 of Patent Act
  15. CBS Rejects Commercial Depicting Menstruating Men
  16. Art Law in New York
  17. McDonald’s Bullies Local Canadian Burger Joint Over ‘Filet O’ Fish’ Trademark
  18. Society Of Professional Journalists Makes Itself Look Foolish In Strange Attempt To Trademark ‘Fake News’


  1. In These Partisan Times, The Only Thing That Gets Bi-Partisan Agreement Is That Blizzard Sucks
  2. Legislators condemn action against Hearthstone pro in letter to Activision Blizzard CEO
  3. Lawmakers express “deep concern” over Blizzard’s Hong Kong protest response
  4. US legislators: Blitzchung ban could have “chilling effect” on free speech – Bipartisan letter urges Blizzard to reverse decision to ban player for pro-Hong Kong statements
  5. Blizzard belatedly punishes college Hearthstone team for Hong Kong protest: Team member welcomes “expected” punishment, says he’s quitting Hearthstone anyway.
  6. Blizzard Digs Its Heels In And Issues 6 Month Ban To College ‘Hearthstone’ Team Over Hong Kong Message
  7. Adam Silver Reveals The Chinese Government Asked Him To Fire Daryl Morey
  8. Weaponizing The GDPR: Gamers Want To Use It To Flood Blizzard With Requests As Protest Over China Appeasement
  9. Magic: The Gathering pro uses win to show Hong Kong protest support
  10. raises €5m, launches €1m esports player fund: Fund will be used to help support amateur and semi-pro players and teams through travel, training
  11. Onmyoji server shut down in Vietnam for violating local sovereignty laws: Update to in-game map shows disputed South China Sea territory as Chinese against Vietnamese law
  12. Children’s Commissioner for England wants urgent action to combat loot boxes
  13. Children’s Commissioner calls for ban on all non-cosmetic in-game purchases: UK body also urges government to regulate loot boxes as gambling
  14. Oxford researchers say clinical ‘gaming disorder’ lacks sufficient evidence
  15. Study casts doubt on value of WHO’s “gaming disorder” diagnoses
  16. Academic research finds no evidence of gaming as a clinical disorder: Previous studies failed to examine wider context of young peoples’ lives, says professor Andrew Przybylski
  17. So long, supply drops: Call of Duty gets rid of randomized loot boxes
  18. Call of Duty tosses loot boxes along with Season Pass, DLC map packs: Modern Warfare adopts Battle Pass system, won’t be available at launch
  19. Call of Duty drops loot boxes in favor of battle passes in Modern Warfare
  20. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare won’t be sold on PS Store in Russia – Game will still be sold digitally on, Xbox console store
  21. Andrew Yang: “Games are intrinsic to the human experience” – Democratic presidential candidate shares views on loot boxes, Blitzchung situation, gaming addiction
  22. Yodo1’s AI-driven whale hunt is a bad look for the games industry | Opinion: Transformers players spending $150k grabbed headlines, but Yodo1’s GCAP talk raised tough questions about responsible monetisation in mobile
  23. Big spending whales aren’t the problem with free-to-play games | Opinion : A player spending $150k on a mobile game isn’t a problem — but we should still be conscious of players that struggle with compulsion
  24. Games Blamed For Moral Decline And Addiction Throughout History
  25. Riot’s automated filters accidentally censor Muslim minority: But League of Legends developer has now fixed the error and is reviewing all disallowed words and phrases
  26. How Riot Games’ Legends of Runeterra will bring “true free-to-play” to the CCG space: League of Legends developer ditches random packs for rewards scaled to play time and wild cards that let you buy anything
  27. Diversity isn’t only skin deep: Accommodating autistic and neurodiverse people: Austistica Play ambassador Dominic Shaw explains how to consider talent that is often overlooked and underused
  28. “All I understood was the company wanted me to work, so I worked, worked, worked”: At Game Connect Asia Pacific, Mega Man composer Manami Matsumae described the shifting attitudes towards crunch in Japan
  29. Autonauts: Motivating players without conflict – Former Grand Theft Auto creative director Gary Penn discusses changing relationship with violence and conflict with his new game
  30. National Literacy Trust and Penguin Random House researching link between games and literacy: Partnership with UKIE will survey secondary school children to explore whether gaming improves literacy skills
  31. FIFA 20 supporting Premier League’s No Room For Racism campaign: Branding will appear on in-game stadium dressing, LED boards and FIFA Ultimate Team player kits in the coming months
  32. FIFA 20 tops EMEAA chart for a third consecutive week: Codemasters Grid charts at No.5, new Yooka-Laylee scrapes the top 50
  33. NBA 2K20 slam dunks with best US launch month sales of any sports game ever: NBA 2K is now the sixth-best-selling gaming franchise in US history, beating out Guitar Hero
  34. Mario Kart Tour was the third most-downloaded mobile game in Q3 2019 – Sensor Tower: Nintendo’s racer doesn’t make it to top 100 grossing despite record-breaking downloads to start
  35. Ring Fit Adventure: Critical Consensus – Reviewers felt the burn of Nintendo’s RPG-minded Wii Fit successor, recommending staying hydrated, stretching, and doing more reps
  36. Downscaling, upscaling, same-scaling: Porting to Switch and under-powered consoles
  37. Nintendo has sold over 15 million Switch systems in North America
  38. Nintendo Switch has sold over 15m units in North America: Switch sales in NA are up over 20% year-to-date as of the end of September
  39. Eleven Engineering v. Nintendo
  40. UK Charts: Switch dominates as Ring Fit Adventure leads slew of new releases – But Mario Kart is the best-selling Switch game of the week, now past 1m units. Oh, and FIFA is still No.1
  41. Should Nintendo go third-party? answers gamers’ questions at EGX 2019
  42. Stadia’s wireless controller needs a cord to play on everything but TV at launch
  43. Google Stadia’s controller is wireless, but only on TV at launch: PC, laptop, and mobile will need the USB-C cable to connect for now
  44. Google can’t fulfill all Stadia preorders for Nov. 19 launch
  45. Study Says Broadband Caps Are A Big Problem For Google’s Game Streaming Ambitions
  46. Project Xcloud preview serves as a passable, portable Xbox One
  47. Xbox Game Pass users are playing 40% more games — including outside Game Pass
  48. Xbox software and services revenue remains flat as hardware continues to slow
  49. Microsoft kicks off FY20 with flat gaming revenues: Company no longer reporting Xbox Live MAUs as it prepares for next console generation
  50. Steam launches beta for Remote Play Together, taking couch co-op online
  51. Capcom plans to ‘revive dormant IP’ as Resident Evil, Monster Hunter take off
  52. Fallout 76 is offering premium features through a paid monthly membership
  53. Bethesda rolls out $100/year subscription for Fallout 76 with private servers
  54. Bethesda introduces Fallout 1st subscription to Fallout 76: $13/month nets players a private world for them and friends, other in-game conveniences
  55. Don’t Miss: 20 years of Fallout: Lessons learned shipping games in the wasteland
  56. Ubisoft’s VR Escape Rooms Have Quietly Reached 200+ Locations Across the Globe
  57. The Louvre is Bringing The Mona Lisa to Life Soon in a New VR Experience
  58. Sandbox VR raises $11 million thanks to celebrity contributions
  59. What Tilt Five learned from the funding, focus stumbles of CastAR: Tilt Five CEO Jeri Ellsworth shares lessons on VC backing and strategic focus from AR tabletop outfit’s VR/AR predecessor
  60. Microsoft’s DreamWalker VR turns your daily commute into a totally different one
  61. Epic’s HoloLens 2 Demo ‘Apollo 11: Mission AR’ Showcases Impressive PC-quality Graphics
  62. Youtubers Life has brought in more than $12 million in revenue
  63. YouTubers Life passes $12m lifetime revenue: U-Play Online’s streamer simulation game has sold one million units
  64. How Crows Crows Crows launches games multiple times for max marketing impact
  65. Unit 2 Games secures $5m investment from Makers Fund: Studio will use finance to build development platform Crayta, launching spring 2020
  66. Saber Interactive acquires Bigmoon Entertainment: World War Z developer also announces its zombie-fighting shooter has sold 3m copies
  67. THQ Nordic expands into Japan with new distribution office 
  68. THQ Nordic expands to Japan: Growing publisher has established second international distribution outlet to handle releases in Japanese market
  69. Syberia publisher Anuman Interactive has rebranded as Microids
  70. Anuman Interactive becomes Microids, opens Japan office: French publisher’s Japanese branch to focus on distribution, connections with Japanese developers
  71. Dash Valley dev MadBox raises $16.5 million
  72. MadBox raises $16.5m to broaden mobile portfolio: Startup also plans to open second office in Barcelona
  73. Tilting Point acquires monetization firm Gondola: User acquisition and marketing outfit picks up in-game offer and ad optimization company
  74. A look at the studio-building process at Avalanche Malmo
  75. Deca acquires four games from Gree: Indie publisher grabs midcore titles Knights and Dragons, Crime City, Modern War, and Kingdom Age from Japanese mobile outfit
  76. Bigmoon Entertainment acquired by World War Z dev Saber Interactive
  77. Tencent now owns 51.2% of Supercell-controlling consortium
  78. Tencent takes majority control over Supercell: World’s largest game company increases stake in consortium which owns Finnish mobile developer
  79. Jagex denies reports it has been sold (again): Rumours re-emerge but RuneScape developer says sale “remains one of various possible outcomes”
  80. Unity is raising Pro and Plus prices for new subscriptions in 2020
  81. Unity to raise subscription prices: Beginning in January, Pro subs will go up 20% to $150 a month, while Plus plans rise 14% to $40 a month
  82. Blog: A UI development diagram for Unity
  83. Blog: How commercial games are designed to develop players’ skills
  84. Video: Tuning the Halo plasma rifle’s muzzle velocity on Legendary difficulty
  85. Video: How changing Halo 3’s sniper rifle fire rate by 0.2 seconds changed the game
  86. Video: How to lead a healthier, more effective game dev team
  87. Video: Curating the Victoria & Albert Museum’s video game exhibition
  88. Don’t Miss: My Friend Pedro’s journey from Flash cult hit to indie success
  89. Don’t Miss: 7 influential immersive sims that all devs should play
  90. Video Game Deep Cuts: Fortnite’s End In Jedi’s Order
  91. Fortnite tumbles down digital spending charts: Superdata says September saw Epic’s shooter post 43% month-over-month sales decline as worldwide digital game spending slipped
  92. ‘Fortnite’ Sees Social Video Viewership Resurgence Amid Launch Of ‘Chapter 2’
  93. Fortnite’s black hole event broke Twitch and Twitter viewing records: More than 7 million people watched across social platforms
  94. Fortnite’s “The End” event set Twitch record for concurrent viewers of a single game: 1.7m people were watching a black hole on Twitch at the same time last week
  95. Explaining how fighting games use delay-based and rollback netcode
  96. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order hands-on: Tried, true, and tough
  97. Can Need For Speed turn up the heat after 25 years?
  98. New law means EA could revive NCAA sports games: CEO Andrew Wilson says he “would jump for the opportunity” to publish titles around $14 billion industry
  99. Haven is about “cooking, chatting, drinking, kissing — that’s very French”: The Game Bakers’ Audrey Leprince on finding the recipe for a quintessentially French game
  100. Starborne studio sees a universe of potential: Solid Clouds originally stemmed from CCP, but it’s aspirations are shaped more by Paradox
  101. YouTube Settles Lawsuit Against Man Who Attempted To Extort ‘Minecraft’ Creators With Copyright Flags
  102. Minecraft becomes a board game, and the results are faithful, fantastic
  103. Three million square miles of wilderness: How Silk advances a lost genre – Chris Bateman and Rob Hewson on the ’80s-style exploration game’s vast world and the choices that drive players through it
  104. Obituary: Former Eidos president Keith Boesky has passed away
  105. Former Eidos president Keith Boesky dies: Boesky’s law firm worked closely with game developers bringing IP across platforms
  106. U.S. Patent No. 8,992,321: Apparatus and method for displaying player character showing special movement state in network game


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