News of the Week; October 16, 2019


  1. CBC Sues the Conservative Party of Canada for Copyright Infringement Citing Campaign Video, Posting Debate Excerpts on Twitter (Michael Geist) 
  2. What Was the CBC Thinking?: A Closer Look at the Video Clips in its Copyright Lawsuit Against the Conservative Party (Michael Geist)
  3. CBC vs. CPC: Why the CBC’s Attempt to Use Copyright to Stifle Expression Backfired Badly (Michael Geist)
  4. Platforms or People?: The Liberals and Conservatives Outline Competing Visions of Internet Responsibility (Michael Geist) 
  5. CNN Rejects Trump Campaign Commercials
  6. Washington State keeps enforcing net neutrality as it hails FCC court loss
  7. T-Mobile and Sprint get FCC approval to merge in 3-2 party-line vote
  8. AT&T raises prices 7% by making its customers pay AT&T’s property taxes
  9. AT&T charged customers for a corporate tax that it doesn’t have to pay
  10. AT&T and other carriers want to hide detailed 5G maps from FCC and public 
  11. Wireless Industry Is Trying To Hide Where 5G Is Actually Available
  12. A Brief Overview of the EU Electronic Communications Code 


  1. Livestream of Germany shooting removed from Twitch: Streaming site is still investigating, will permanently suspend any accounts reposting footage
  2. Self-Regulation Of Social Media Platforms Failing To Curb Disinformation, Says New Report
  3. Political ads can lie if they want, Facebook confirms
  4. Inside Mark Zuckerberg’s private meetings with conservative pundits
  5. Warren escalates Facebook fight with ad targeting Zuckerberg
  6. #DeleteFacebook trends after report Zuckerberg secretly dined with conservatives
  7. Facebook can be forced to remove content on a global scale after landmark CJEU ruling
  8. Visa, Mastercard, Stripe, and eBay all quit Facebook’s Libra in one day
  9. Facebook launches Libra Association—and says 180 companies could join
  10. Third Circuit Affirms Dismissal Of Sprawling Anti-Competitive Conduct Complaint Against Facebook
  11. Facebook’s new Portal has a refined design but familiar limitations: It’s a better Portal, but it’s still a Portal
  12. Grace Helbig To Sit Down With Powerful Women In Studio71 Facebook Series
  13. Instagram’s latest security feature lets you better manage third-party app permissions: See who has your data at a glance
  14. How Pinterest Built One of Silicon Valley’s Most Successful Algorithms
  15. Rent-a-troll: Researchers pit disinformation farmers against each other
  16. In flip-flop, Apple bans app used by Hong Kong protestors
  17. Apple Signs Overall TV Deal With Oscar-Winning Auteur Alfonso Cuarón
  18. 10 Risks Associated with Inaccessible Websites and Mobile Apps
  19. Feds hit GirlsDoPorn owners with criminal sex trafficking charges
  20. Top Myths About Content Moderation (Eric Goldman)
  21. UK porn blacklist is dead after government abandons age verification
  22. Elizabeth Warren’s Feud With Facebook Over ‘False’ Ads Just Highlights The Impossibility Of Content Moderation At Scale
  23. Section 230 Helps Tumblr Defeat Nonconsensual Pornography Suit–Poole v. Tumblr (Eric Goldman)
  24. The PLAN Act Proposes to Amend Section 230 to “Protect”…Landlords and Hotel Chains? (Eric Goldman)
  25. New Paper Explains Why Technologists Should Rally Behind Section 230 (Eric Goldman)
  26. ASA rules Casumo ad was targeted irresponsibly
  27. Attorney Who Sued Grindr Responds Extremely Poorly To The Supreme Court’s Rejection Of Her Section 230 Lawsuit
  28. Why International Human Rights Law Cannot Replace Content Moderation
  29. How Photos of Your Kids Are Powering Surveillance Technology
  30. Avatar Alert! ASA uses child avatars to tackle irresponsible ads targeted at children
  31. The do’s and don’ts of sharing about your children online
  32. The Ellen Show Issues Copyright Takedown On Transformative Video Commenting On Her Friendship With President Bush
  33. Techdirt Podcast Episode 229: Pirate Shaming Lists Don’t Work
  34. ‘The Irishman’ Ban Once Again Shows Hollywood’s Disdain For Netflix is Stupid & Counterproductive
  35. Infamous Police Interrogation Firm Sues Netflix For Defamation Over Criticism Of Its Interrogation Technique
  36. How to protect your brand on social media — seven top tips
  37. Disney Bans Netflix Advertising on Most of Its Networks
  38. James Murdoch reportedly bought a stake in Vice, as his new company begins to make media investments
  39. OECD Publishes Digital Tax Draft Proposal
  40. Government Tells Supreme Court Not to Review Copyright Fair Use Decision In Long-Running Oracle-Google Dispute over Software Copyrights
  41. Supreme Court Passes on Challenge to Extension of Title III to Websites and Mobile Apps
  42. Supreme Court Denies Review in Website Accessibility Case Against Domino’s Pizza
  43. US Supreme Court denies review of Robles v. Domino’s Pizza, opening door to more lawsuits on website and mobile app accessibility claims
  44. Supreme Court Passes On Domino’s ADA Website Case
  45. The Supreme Court Deals a Blow to Businesses Regarding Accessibility of Their Websites and Mobile Applications
  46. Wild West of Website Accessibility Lawsuits Continues
  47. Mobile App Sweepstakes and the Law
  48. Gathering social media as evidence in e-discovery
  49. Comments on Social Media about an Employee’s National Origin Could Lead to Allegations of Discrimination
  50. Electronic signatures – no new law required, says Law Commission
  51. Twitter releases new Catalyst app for macOS Catalina
  52. Whoops, Twitter The Latest To Use Two Factor Authentication Phone Numbers For Marketing
  53. Influencer Advertising: How Brands Can Successfully Navigate Using Influencers or Dealing With Employees Posting About Work on Social Media
  54. David Dobrik, Joey Graceffa, Brandon Rogers Lead This Year’s Streamy Awards Nominations
  55. HBO Max Taps YouTubers LaurDIY, Michelle Khare To Host Kids’ Competition Series
  56. Greenlights Shows With The Onyx Family, Eh Bee Family, Expands Hulu Pact
  57. Viral Video Upstart ‘Doing Things Media’ Appoints Former Group Nine Exec President, Taps Starry Advisers
  58. YouTube Continues Crackdown On ‘Pick-Up Artist’ Vloggers Globally
  59. YouTube Drops Trailer For Original Series ‘BookTube,’ Featuring All-Star Authors Chatting With Creators
  60. ‘Bon Appétit’ Magazine Is Making Cover Stars Out Of Its Beloved YouTube Crew
  61. YouTube Star Jordyn Jones Drops Self-Titled EP, Will Embark On ‘Eyes On Me’ Tour
  62. YouTube Pacts With Michelle Obama On Third Series To Spotlight Global Girls’ Education Initiatives
  63. YouTube Pacts With MerchBar To Help ‘Official Artist Channels’ Drive Merch, Vinyl Sales
  64. YouTube Drops Trailer For Latest Learning-Focused Original, Starring VSauce3’s Jake Roper
  65. Man agrees to pay $25,000 for abusing YouTube’s takedown system
  66. Guns N’ Roses Lays Claim To Only Music Videos From The ’90s — And Now The ’80s — With 1 Billion Views
  67. Sardonic Twitter Account ‘Dril’ Nabs Weekly Web Series On Adult Swim
  68. Jenna Marbles Celebrates 20 Million Subscribers By Taking A Well-Deserved Nap
  69. After Near-Death Experience, ‘Threadbanger’ Star Says Merch Sales Helped Pay Off Hospital Bills
  70. Shane Dawson Launches Online Store With Jeffree Star’s Killer Merch, All Items Promptly Sell Out
  71. Gigi Gorgeous To Launch Eponymous Makeup Brand In Collaboration With Ipsy
  72. Rooster Teeth’s Podcast Network, The Roost, Unveils Slate Of 3 Scripted Series
  73. Trump Signs Up For Twitch, Will Livestream Campaign Rallies
  74. Amazon Pacts With Howard University On College Program To Diversify Entertainment Pipeline
  75. Amazon’s massive investment in food delivery startup Deliveroo faces further delays thanks to a formal antitrust probe
  76. EU orders Broadcom to halt exclusivity deals while investigation deepens
  77. Hulu Finally Adds Download Feature, But Only For $11.99-Per-Month Subscribers
  78. Adobe backtracks, will refund customers after canceling their accounts
  79. LinkedIn Data Scraping Case—9th Circuit’s Trigger for CFAA Liability
  80. Alert: IRS Issues New Guidance and FAQs on Virtual Currencies
  81. U.S. Internal Revenue Service Takes on “Hard Fork” and “Airdrop” as Part of New Guidance on Virtual Currency
  82. Cryptocurrency Industry and Investors Receive New Guidance on Key Tax Issues: Hard Forks, Airdrops and Other Virtual Currency Transactions Addressed by IRS
  83. The legal challenges of Blockchain and smart contracts according to a recent EU Flagship report
  84. Why it’s time to start talking about blockchain ethics: Blockchain technology is changing the nature of money and organizations. We should probably start pondering the potential consequences.
  85. Patent Attacks Against Open Source Intensify!
  86. Riot will use League of Legends as springboard for deluge of new games
  87. After a decade of League of Legends, Riot to expand with new games
  88. Legal Research Services Are Struggling With Emojis and Emoticons (Eric Goldman)
  89. The Lines of Code That Changed Everything: Apollo 11, the JPEG, the first pop-up ad, and 33 other bits of software that have transformed our world.
  90. The biggest lie tech people tell themselves — and the rest of us: They see facial recognition, smart diapers, and surveillance devices as inevitable evolutions. They’re not.
  91. Ethical Open Source: Is the world ready? – Open source status quo is challenged by developers unsatisfied with current state of ethics, writes Lisa Lifshitz


  1. Digital dystopia: how algorithms punish the poor
  2. Is a popular machine learning text tool trained using copyrighted material? (Andres Guadamuz)
  3. Is A.I. The Next Step For Influencer Marketing? Meet Lil Miquela. 
  4. The Next Word: Where will predictive text take us?
  5. Microsoft wants to use AI to bleep out bad words in Xbox Live party chat
  6. Video: Using data-informed design to make more accessible games
  7. Ethics and Governance of AI at Berkman Klein: Report on Impact, 2017-2019


  1. Why Political Parties + Mass Data Collection + Religious Targeting + No Privacy Laws = Trouble (Michael Geist)
  2. US claims cyber strike on Iran after attack on Saudi oil facility
  3. Federal Trade Commission Hosts Workshop to Review the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule
  4. Court of Justice of the European Union rules on Cookie Consent
  5. The Cookie Consent Form Crumbles as EU Now Requires Users to Opt In to Website Tracking
  6. EU’s Highest Court Crumbles Cookie Consent Via Pre-Checked Box
  7. Forum cracks the vintage passwords of Ken Thompson and other Unix pioneers
  8. Activists’ phones targeted by one of the world’s most advanced spyware apps
  9. Low Cost Phones Are Turning Privacy Into A Luxury Option
  10. Data for a whopping 26 million stolen payment cards leaked in hack of fraud bazaar
  11. New French Mandate Will Use Facial Recognition App To Create ‘Secure Digital IDs’
  12. Planting tiny spy chips in hardware can cost as little as $200
  13. After Jack Hack, Government Starts Taking Wireless ‘SIM Hijacking’ Seriously
  14. The European Court of Justice Issues Two Important Decisions Clarifying the Scope of the Right to Be Forgotten and ISPs’ Liability
  15. How A Right To Be Forgotten Stifles A Free Press And Free Expression
  16. New Draft ePrivacy Regulation Released
  17. Cyber and data breaches: the questions that always arise
  18. New Bill Would Force Hardware Makers To Disclose Hidden Mics, Cameras
  19. The Long Arm of UK Law Enforcement Reaches a Handshake Deal with U.S. DOJ on UK-U.S. Electronic Data
  20. The City Of Baltimore Blew Off A $76,000 Ransomware Demand Only To Find Out A Bunch Of Its Data Had Never Been Backed Up


  1. Can You Copyright a Powder? Charlotte Tilbury Wins Over look-a-like Contender from Aldi
  2. Banksy’s Fake Store Is An Attempt To Abuse Trademark Law To Avoid Copyright Law
  3. Harry and Meghan take on the press – what is the likely outcome?
  4. Copyright fit for a princess
  5. New guidance on works of joint authorship under the Copyright Act
  6. CJEU and German Courts Rule on the Copyrightability of Non-Fictional Literature
  7. The Latest: Hollywood Writers Guild and Talent Agencies Entangled in Labor/Antitrust Lawsuits and Countersuits
  8. Anti-Safe Space Crusader Bret Stephens Apparently Needs A Safe Space: Backs Out Of Bedbug Debate
  9. True North and Rebel News seek judicial review on press accreditation denial for debates
  10. How A Key Story About The 1919 Black Sox Scandal Was Completely Made Up… Due To A Confused Understanding Of Copyright
  11. Portland Police Review Board Says It’s OK For Officers To Lie To Get Someone To Stop Filming Them
  12. Tax Preparation Patent Directed to an Abstract Idea
  13. GMR Sues Entravision for Royalty Payments – Looking at the Issues Raised By This New Development in the Music Royalty Wars


  1. US Hearthstone players banned for Hong Kong protest: Team that held up a “Free Hong Kong, Boycott Blizz” sign punished “for engaging in behavior disruptive to” tournament broadcast
  2. College Hearthstone team hit with 6-month ban after showing ‘Free Hong Kong’ sign
  3. Nintendo NYC Overwatch launch event cancelled by Blizzard
  4. Blizzard cancels Overwatch live event at Nintendo World in New York: Launch event for Overwatch on Nintendo Switch cancelled amid hostility over Chinese censorship furore
  5. Blizzard employees organise walkout following Hong Kong controversy: Popular caster Brian Kibler also withdrew his participation to the Hearthstone Grandmasters final
  6. Thanks Blizzard: Riot Games Forced To Let Everyone Know They’re Allowed To Use Hong Kong’s LoL Team’s Name
  7. Blizzard’s Face Plant Creates Marketing Opportunity For Companies With A Spine
  8. The Podcast: Can Blizzard recover from Blitzchung?: We discuss the wider impact of the backlash against the World of Warcraft publisher
  9. Blizzard reinstates Hong Kong protestor’s prize, says “China had no influence”
  10. Blizzard reduces ban for Hearthstone player, but stands by its initial reasoning
  11. Blizzard: Chinese interests “had no influence” on Blitzchung ban – Hearthstone developer reduces punishments for pro player’s support of Hong Kong protesters
  12. Publishers risk being trapped between the US and China | Opinion: Publishers are on the frontline of a battle that goes beyond trade — and will far outlast the Trump administration
  13. Blitzchung says he will “be more careful” following Blizzard statement: The Hearthstone pro player says he has “no idea” if he’ll still want to compete after his six months ban
  14. More Fallout From The Hong Kong Protests Hitting eSports
  15. Riot calls for esports casters, players to avoid ‘sensitive topics’ during its broadcasts
  16. Riot Games: “We aren’t telling anyone to avoid saying ‘Hong Kong'” – League of Legends firm clarifies confusion as rumours spread it is censoring esports team name Hong Kong Attitude
  17. Riot Games directs casters and players not to discuss politics on air: Global head of League of Legends esports says it wants “to keep broadcasts focused on the game”
  18. After a decade of League of Legends, Riot to expand with new games
  19. Riot Games files trademark lawsuit against esports organisation Riot Squad: The League of Legends developer says the copyright infringement has caused “irreparable damage”
  20. Paradox takes Stellaris: Galaxy Command offline over stolen Halo 4 artwork
  21. Two Hat: Stop tweaking your game and start fixing your community – Security expert Two Hat teams up with Image Analyzer to tackle harmful online content and toxic communities
  22. A case for ethical game design from BioWare’s Åsa Roos
  23. A guide for devs to battle (and convert) their online haters
  24. German regulator begins process to ban Coin Master game: Review board considers blacklisting game with gambling-like elements as harmful to minors, decision could set precedent for other titles
  25. FTC Takes a Peek at Loot Box Regulation
  26. Ustwo Games accused of union busting: Independent Workers Union of Great Britain has taken legal action against Monument Valley developer
  27. Gay World of Warcraft guild forced to change name because of user complaints
  28. Blizzard forces name change for gay guild: Publisher renames “Gay Boys” as “Guild ZFXPK” in response to player reports, changes it back but says it can’t stop it happening again
  29. Video games help people with disabilities find friends and transcend real-world limitations
  30. Rocksteady and Creative Assembly under fire over Video Game Tax Relief: TaxWatch UK highlights ways multinational companies are using scheme to shift profits
  31. Changing mental health depictions in games: Developers say the industry is getting better at incorporating real conditions into their stories, but more progress is needed
  32. New charity Safe In Our World focuses on mental health in the games industry: Organisation aims to raise awareness of mental health issues among both gamers and developers
  33. G2A: “There’s no place in a business like ours for shadiness or fraud” – Communications boss Maciej Kuc addresses the biggest complaints against the divisive marketplace
  34. Steam will soon let users play local-multiplayer games over the internet
  35. Steam to add ability to play local co-op games with friends online: Support will be added automatically week of October 21 for all applicable games
  36. Steam’s next big feature will make any “local multiplayer” game work online
  37. Case study: Steam’s ‘Deal Of The Day’ and DLC attach rates4
  38. Untitled Goose Game passed 100,000 sales in first two weeks
  39. “Troll Factory” turns disinformation campaigns into teaching game
  40. PlayStation 5 to Launch Holiday 2020, Including New Controller with Improved Haptics
  41. After All That, Sony Unceremoniously Rolls Out PS4 Remote Play To All Android Devices
  42. World of Warcraft sees Q3 streaming rise – StreamElements: WoW Classic interest persists as Fortnite continues to dip
  43. Sony Reveals AR Headset Prototype in New Ghostbusters Location-based Attraction
  44. DIY thumbsticks and clay creations: How Google designed its Stadia gamepad
  45. Google Stadia finally has a concrete launch date
  46. Google Stadia launching at 9am PST, November 19 for pre-orderers
  47. Google backs away from Daydream VR due to a general lack of interest
  48. Google ending Daydream: Company will stop selling View VR headset holder, citing decreasing usage and lack of adoption by developers and consumers
  49. Nintendo Switch sales in Europe pass 10m: Since launch, 36 million Nintendo-published games have been shifted
  50. Blizzard calls off public event to promote Switch Overwatch launch
  51. Video: How (and why) Blizzard finally ported Overwatch to Switch
  52. “The Switcher” is real: Witcher 3 on Switch is a blurry, tolerable compromise
  53. Apple now sells Xbox controllers on its official store
  54. Apple is selling Xbox controllers: Microsoft’s GamePad available through mobile giant’s online store following Apple Arcade launch
  55. Mixer’s other co-founder also leaves Microsoft
  56. Mixer co-founder Matt Salsamendi departs Microsoft
  57. Microsoft introduces swear filters for Xbox: Platform holder will roll out four levels of filtration later this year to all Xbox devices and apps
  58. Both Co-Founders Of Microsoft’s Twitch Competitor Mixer Are Departing The Business
  59. The public preview for Xbox’s streaming service Project xCloud is now live
  60. Analogue shows off Pocket retro portable: $199 handheld hardware set for 2020, will play original carts from Game Boy family, Game Gear, Lynx, and Neo Geo Pocket Color
  61. $199 Analogue Pocket promises FPGA accuracy for portable retro gaming
  62. The Analogue Pocket offers a modern way to play and make Game Boy games
  63. Snapchat partnered with Adidas to launch its first shoppable mobile game
  64. Hitman dev IO Interactive partners with Warner Bros. on ‘new game experience’
  65. Warner Bros partners with IO Interactive for new game: Hitman partnership transformed into multi-IP deal with both IO studios involved in development
  66. Niantic wants players to help expand location-games with new ‘Wayfarer’ tool
  67. Niantic announces Wayfarer program to improve in-game play locations: Program currently in beta for Ingress players, coming to Pokemon Go players later
  68. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery reaches $150m in revenue – Jam City’s title has been downloaded 54.6 million times across iOS and Android
  69. FIFA 20 tops EMEAA charts for second week since launch: Just Cause 3 makes surprise appearance in top ten, climbing from No. 123 last week
  70. Busy September charts see FIFA 20 take No.1: A strong slate of new releases battle for top five, with Borderlands 3 in second place
  71. FIFA 20 retains No.1 as Grid reaches Top Five: Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair debuts at No.31
  72. Daybreak Games lays off multiple employees in company ‘realignment’
  73. Daybreak Game Company suffers more layoffs: Company “realignment” leads to third round of redundancies in 18 months
  74. Report: 50 workers laid off at Bendy and the Ink Machine developer Kindly Beast
  75. Bendy and the Ink Machine studio Kindly Beast lays off just under 50 – CEO Mike Mood: “All current projects will continue as planned”
  76. PUBG Mobile is highest-grossing smartphone game in Q3: Sensor Tower report shows growth across all metrics in the mobile game sector
  77. Fortnite’s latest narrative turn has taken the entire game offline
  78. Fortnite “shuts down” ahead of battle royale’s Chapter 2: Latest live event sees iconic island devoured by black hole in livestream, game currently unavailable
  79. Fortnite is back after suddenly going dark for days to hype a big content update
  80. Don’t Miss: The unconventional launch of Fortnite
  81. Esports-focused mobile dev Meta Games nets $2 million in funding
  82. Nerd Street Gamers raises $12m for building esports facilities: Will start by constructing 3,000 square foot spaces for Five Below stores
  83. Esports’ ongoing data competition: PCU v. ACU v. AMA – Newzoo’s new head of esports Remer Rietkerk on the challenges of finding good data for the right occasion
  84. Millennial Esports acquires YouTube channel LetsGoRacing: The channel, created by Grand Central Entertainment, focuses on motorsports and, recently, esports racing
  85. Hiro Capital is “determined to fill the post-seed gap” with new €100m fund: Industry veterans will invest in around 20 promising games, esports and digital sports companies by 2021
  86. What we can learn from… successful game teams: Crunch and financial rewards don’t work, says Department of Play’s Will Luton, but there are strategies that can lead to more effective teams and projects
  87. Curve Digital owner Catalis Group acquired by NorthEdge Capital for $113 million
  88. NorthEdge Capital acquires Curve Digital parent Catalis: Company invests £46.6m in games group, deal values Catalis at £90m
  89. Summerfall Studios breaks new ground with Chorus: An Adventure Musical – Australian startup has assembled David Gaider, Austin Wintory, Troy Baker and Laura Bailey for its “interactive musical”
  90. The enduring appeal of simulation games: Simulation games find their audience among maturing gamers and wild-eyed influencers alike
  91. Divinity: Fallen Heroes placed on indefinite hold by developer Larian Studios
  92. How Ubisoft designed and refined its Assassin’s Creed VR escape rooms
  93. Owlchemy’s audio wizard offers tips on making the most of music in VR
  94. Using body language to create more compelling VR game characters 
  95. Fine-tuning for the ‘action hero’ feel in PlayStation’s VR game Blood & Truth
  96. How to get your game on the front page of Imgur: A practical guide
  97. Don’t Miss: An in-depth look at the physics of trains in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate
  98. Don’t Miss: 10 video game production lessons learned the hard way
  99. Don’t Miss: How the Surviving Mars devs built a city-builder on a barren planet
  100. Blog: Making games is easy – selling them, not so much
  101. Blog: The problem with the indie game pedestal9
  102. Blog: A look at scavenger hunts in two modern adventure games
  103. Blog: Rimworld, Dwarf Fortress, and procedurally generated storytelling
  104. Blog: The simple difficulty of bringing Frostpunk to consoles
  105. Blog: Accessibility and difficulty as barriers to art
  106. Blog: An exploration of map region-based narrative
  107. Video: The math behind predictable projectiles in games
  108. How Raw Data dev Survios succeeds by recycling its own tech
  109. Adi Shankar working on another video game TV series, this time for Far Cry 3 – Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Vibe to be a part of a greater Ubisoft multiverse of shows
  110. Ubisoft is making animated shows based on Rayman, Watch Dogs, and more
  111. Ukie releasing advice pack to help UK games industry prepare for no-deal Brexit
  112. UKIE prepares no-deal Brexit advice: Trade body to release free written, audio, and visual content as Britain prepares to leave EU
  113. Thousands of DOS games have been added to the Internet Archive
  114. U.S. Patent no. 9,180,378: Conditional access to areas in a video game


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