News of the Week; October 9, 2019


  1. Why Do Canada’s Political Parties Have a Hard Time Saying No to New Internet and Wireless Taxes? (Michael Geist)
  2. The LawBytes Podcast, Episode 26: There Is No Crisis – Dwayne Winseck on the State of Canadian Communications, Media and Cultural Policy (Michael Geist)
  3. The War on Piracy and the Attacks on Privacy in Canada: Copyright and Collateral Damage
  4. Election 2019: The “Netflix Tax” May Be Hiding in Plain Sight
  5. Former FCC Boss Wheeler Says New Court Ruling Won’t Stop Net Neutrality
  6. Comcast incorrectly charged 2,000 customers for exceeding data cap
  7. AT&T, facing $158 billion debt, to sell Puerto Rico network for $2 billion
  8. The Cable Industry Makes $28 Billion Annually In B.S. Fees
  9. Surprise! Buzzfeed Links Bogus Net Neutrality Comments Directly To Broadband Industry
  10. Cable companies use hidden fees to raise prices 24% a month
  11. The FCC’s “Restoration of Internet Freedom Order” Largely Survives on Appeal; But Net Neutrality is Not Dead Yet
  12. WarnerMedia ratchets up layoffs across HBO, Turner, Warner Bros. 


  1. China-Based TikTok Actively Banning The Gay Away When Not Helping Authoritarians Be More Authoritarian
  2. Will Smith Is Now On TikTok
  3. Google’s Looking To Take On TikTok With Acquisition Of Competitor Firework (Report)
  4. UK Court of Appeal Permits Activist to Proceed with Claim for Damages Against Google
  5. Data Security and Cybercrime in China
  6. Commerce Adds 28 Chinese Organizations to the Entity List for Associations with Human Rights Violations and Abuses
  7. Turkish Gov’t Demands US Embassy Apologize For ‘Liking’ A Tweet The Turkish Gov’t Didn’t Like
  8. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter Refuse To Remove Trump Campaign Ad That Pushes Biden/Ukraine Conspiracy Theory
  9. Facebook to Pay $40 Million to Settle Claims It Inflated Video Viewing Data
  10. Twitter and Facebook could be facing billions in fines after Ireland investigations: Ireland Data Protection has concluded investigations. Companies can be fined up to 4% of global annual revenues for breaching data privacy.
  11. Twitter used phone numbers provided for security to target ads: ‘We’re very sorry this happened’
  12. EU nations can force Facebook to remove content worldwide, court rules
  13. EU Continues To Muck Up The Internet: Approves Broad Filtering/Censorship Requirements
  14. Facebook Can Be Forced to Delete Content Worldwide, E.U.’s Top Court Rules: The decision that individual countries can order Facebook to take down posts globally sets a benchmark for the reach of European laws.
  15. Facebook Responsible for Worldwide Removal of Defamatory Comments
  16. EU Court of Justice: Orders to remove defamatory content issued by member state courts can be applied worldwide
  17. PayPal becomes first member to exit Facebook’s Libra Association
  18. The Ties That Bind Facebook’s Libra: Facebook says its cryptocurrency will be managed by an independent group, but an analysis finds more than half of the members have links back to the social media giant.
  19. US wants Facebook to backdoor WhatsApp and halt encryption plans
  20. DOJ Boss Joins UK, Australian Gov’t In Asking Facebook To Ditch Its End-To-End Encryption Plan
  21. Deputy Attorney General Rosen: Companies Like Facebook Are Making Everyone Less Safe By Offering Encryption
  22. DOJ Using The FOSTA Playbook To Attack Encryption
  23. CJEU rules that an intermediary can be ordered to remove content identical and equivalent to that found illegal, also worldwide (Eleonora Rosati)
  24. Microsoft says Iranian hackers tried to hack a US presidential campaign
  25. Kaspersky finds Uzbekistan hacking op… because group used Kaspersky AV
  26. Twitter nixes Trump Nickelback meme after dubious takedown request
  27. Twitter Removes Nickelback Meme Trump Tweets, But Leaves All The Others Up
  28. Even Trump Can’t Turn Down a Nickelback Joke (but Twitter Did): The site removed a video posted by President Trump that showed a meme of the rock band’s lead singer, edited as an attack on Joe Biden.
  29. The broken record: Why Barr’s call against end-to-end encryption is nuts
  30. New York launches online whistleblower submission system
  31. Moscow man suing Apple because his iPhone turned him gay
  32. Kickstarter controversially sends unionization to a vote after staff firings
  33. Trudeau’s Blackface: The Chilling Effects of Disinformation on Political Engagement – During election season, journalists should be ready for even more sophisticated attempts to plant false narratives
  34. Music Piracy Continues To Drop Dramatically, But The Industry Hates To Admit That Because It Ruins The Narrative
  35. NY Times Opinion Section Gets CDA 230 Wrong AGAIN!
  36. Senator Mark Warner Repeats Senator Ted Cruz’s Mythical, Made Up, Incorrect Claims About Section 230
  37. Thumbs up to taking down defamatory content online
  38. The ‘right to be forgotten’ within the European Union
  39. The CJEU confines the scope of the ‘right to be forgotten’ to the EU
  40. Section 230 Helps Search Engine Defeat “Right to Be Forgotten” Lawsuit–Mosha v. Yandex (Eric Goldman)
  41. Partial Screenshot Qualifies as Fair Use (on a Motion to Dismiss)–Yang v. Mic (Eric Goldman)
  42. EUIPO publishes ‘IPR Enforcement Case-Law Collection’ on the liability and obligations of ISPs
  43. Supreme Court Declines to Review Ninth Circuit Decision in Robles v. Domino’s, Exposing Businesses to More Website Accessibility Lawsuits
  44. Domino Effect: Will SCOTUS Refusal to Hear ADA Website Case Yield Flood of Litigation?
  45. The Domino’s Effect—What to Expect as a Result of SCOTUS’s Denial of Cert
  46. U.S. Supreme Court Clears the way for Visually-Impaired to Sue Over Allegedly Inaccessible Websites and Apps
  47. Supreme Court Leaves in Place Ruling Requiring Websites and Apps to Comply with ADA
  48. Supreme Court Passes On a Case That Likely Would Have Clarified the Scope of the ADA Regarding Access to Private Businesses’ Virtual Platforms
  49. Adobe cancels all user accounts in Venezuela to comply with Trump order
  50. Here’s The No. 1 Reason People Cancel Their Streaming Service Subscriptions (Survey)
  51. Disney And Amazon Are Arguing About Ad Inventory, Which Could Delay Disney+ Arriving On Fire TV (Report)
  52. Crypt TV And Facebook Watch Scare Up Trailer For Horror Series The Birch
  53. Major League Baseball’s Playoff Teams Didn’t Necessarily Top Social Video Standings
  54. Company Behind YouTube DIY Channel Blossom Pulls Down Videos Showing False, Dangerous Hacks
  55. YouTube Millionaires: Adi Fishman Is A Trend-Tracking Master Who’s Amassed A Million-Strong Audience In 1 Year
  56. Aussie Children’s YouTube Channel ‘CKN Toys’ Inks Global Deal With Nickelodeon
  57. YouTube Fined US $170 Million. Could You Use A Safe Harbor From The Coming Storm?
  58. YouTube Originals Continues Push Into Music-Themed Docs With Mark Ronson Feature
  59. YouTube Terminates 2 Channels Linked To U.K.-Based ‘Pick-Up Artist’ Convicted Of Harassing Women
  60. American Teens Call YouTube, Not Netflix, Their Top Daily Streaming Destination (Survey)
  61. Kids’ Content Upstart Moonbug Launches ‘Little Baby Bum’ Merch At Amazon, Walmart
  62. Talent Firm Rare Global Forms Incubator Division For ‘Mid-Tier’ Influencers Like Genelle Seldon, Brittany Sky
  63. Group Nine Acquires PopSugar In All-Stock Deal That Will Boost Its Reach To Half The U.S. Population
  64. Italian Government Reportedly Investigating Netflix For Tax Evasion
  65. Hulu finally launches support for downloads, initially to ad-free viewers
  66. Hulu finally catches up with Netflix and Amazon, offers video downloads
  67. Whistle Acquires Elisabeth Murdoch-Founded, Snap-Backed Content Studio ‘Vertical Networks’
  68. Insta-Mural Infringement: Public Art in Instagram Ad Leads to Copyright Claim
  69. Instagram launches Threads, a Close Friends chat app with auto-status: Can it steal messaging from Snapchat?
  70. Instagram introduces Threads, a new messaging app for your close friends
  71. Instagram launches Create mode with On This Day throwbacks
  72. Instagram Rolls Out Long-Awaited ‘Dark Mode’ on Latest Versions Of iOS, Android
  73. Instagram makes its bully-blocking feature available to everyone
  74. Twitch And Music Startup Endel Partner On ‘Insomnia’ — A Channel That Uses AI To Put Viewers To Sleep
  75. Spotify and Twitch finally debut Apple TV apps
  76. Insights: How Smaller VOD Services Can Attract Subscribers Amid Epic Competition
  77. The gig economy’s deepest problem isn’t about tech at all
  78. Augmented Reality is making industrial work more productive


  1. Blog: Simple and effective character pose prediction in Cascadeur 
  2. Video: A game programmer’s guide to the math of deep learning
  3. Utopos raises $1 million to gamify machine learning with debut title Raivo
  4. Utopos Games raises $1m for machine learning game: Seed funding will support Raivo, a game where players and machine learning train AI robots to battle
  5. AI inventions and sufficiency of disclosure – when enough is enough 
  6. Beware of Automated Hiring: It won’t end employment discrimination. In fact, it could make it worse.
  7. How AI is shaking up legal practice: Displacement of junior lawyers at large firms could be a boon to smaller firms
  8. The USPTO seeks AI expertise to change the rules of the game internally and externally 
  9. “AI will drastically change the way in which we search trademarks”
  10. Next Level E-commerce with Responsible AI
  11. Protection of inventions in AI and digitalisation
  12. A Strategy for Protecting Artificial Intelligence Inventions in Europe
  13. AI, the Internet of Things, and the health care industry 
  14. Canadian and Other Privacy and Data Protection Authorities Address Anticipated Challenges Related to Artificial Intelligence 
  15. Why Navigation Apps, Working Properly, Can Make Traffic Flows Worse — And What To Do About It 


  1. Senator proposes mandatory labeling for products with mics, cameras
  2. Hospitals that are turning away patients reportedly pay ransomware attackers
  3. FISA Court Finds The FBI Is Still Violating The Fourth Amendment With Its Abuse Of NSA Collections
  4. Trump Administration Demands An End To Strong Encryption While Being Exhibit A For Why We Need It
  5. Twitter transgression proves why its flawed 2FA system is such a privacy trap
  6. FBI warns of major ransomware attacks as criminals go “big-game hunting”
  7. Attackers exploit 0-day vulnerability that gives full control of Android phones
  8. Yet Another Study Shows The Internet Of Things Is A Privacy S—show
  9. FBI Director Deploys Straw Men While Calling For The End Of Straw Men Arguments In The Encryption War
  10. The DOJ Is Conflating The Content Moderation Debate With The Encryption Debate: Don’t Let Them
  11. Inexpensive, unpatched phones put billions of users’ privacy at risk
  12. California Police Department Wants Five Days Notice And The Personal Info Of Requesters Before Turning Over Misconduct Records
  13. GDPR Updates: Two Judgements on Google’s Search Engine, Proposed E-Privacy Regulation and a New GDPR Code of Conduct
  14. Data privacy: Collective legal action against Google to proceed
  15. Google Sued Under Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act
  16. If You Think Google Is Too Dominant And Needs More Competition… You Should Actually Support Its Petition Concerning API Copyrights
  17. Cookies and Consent – An update on developments in the EU’s Draft e-Privacy Regulation
  18. Pre-checked box does not give consent to cookies under EU privacy directive and GDPR
  19. New European Judgment on Cookies
  20. New CJEU Decision on Use of Cookies
  21. Cookie consent clarity: ‘active consent’ is required
  22. Final verdict of CJEU in the cookie checkbox riddle
  23. Check the box: CJEU rules that pre-ticked checkboxes do not constitute consent to store cookies
  24. “Pre-Ticked” Boxes to Obtain Cookie Use Consent Fail Under EU Law
  25. More Teenagers Mistakenly Think “Private” Chat Conversations Will Remain Private–People v. JP (Eric Goldman)
  26. U.S. Draft Human Rights Guidance for Exporters of Surveillance Technology
  27. Guide to Doing Business in Canada: Privacy law – October 2019
  28. FTC’s COPPA Rule Workshop: A Summary of Priorities from Advocates and Industry, and the FTC’s Poker Face
  29. GDPR One Year On: What is the CNIL Position on Joint Controllership?


  1. Thin-Skinned Chinese Government Busy Making American Sports Orgs Look Silly On Free Speech Issues
  2. Ridiculous: Judge Says Devin Nunes’ SLAPP Suit Against An Internet Cow And Others Can Continue
  3. Banksy opens homeware store after card company legal dispute: The graffiti artist said the card company is contesting the trademark he holds to his art.
  4. Banksy: Card firm rejects ‘custody’ claim
  5. Banksy’s Parliament painting sells for record-breaking £9.9 million
  6. Peloton Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Expanded to $300 Million, Includes Over 2,000 Songs
  7. E*Trade Defeats Copyright Claim Over Dancing Old Man in Commercial–Vacchi v. E*Trade (Eric Goldman)
  8. Crowning Copyright – When Copyright Works are Deemed to Belong to the Government
  9. Copyright Troll Loses Jury Trial… Which Might Lead To Him Paying Legal Fees In Multiple Lawsuits
  10. Jerry Seinfeld Wins BS ‘Comedians In Cars’ Copyright Suit That Was Filed Way, Way Too Late
  11. Report: Musk’s $50,000 “pedo guy” investigator is a convicted felon
  12. Boldly going where no palate has gone before: A Star Trek wine tasting
  13. CBP Official Refuses To Give Journalist His Passport Until He ‘Admits’ He Writes ‘Propaganda’
  14. Walking Alone: Liverpool FC Fails to Obtain Namesake Trademark
  15. ‘Clash’ tennisrackets tegen het zere been van punkband The Clash
  16. Street art switches sweep Oxford
  17. In Cases Involving Publicity Rights and the Intellectual Property Exclusion, Facts, Not Labels of Causes of Action, Are Relevant to Coverage Analysis


  1. Epic failed to inform players of Fortnite addiction risks, argues law firm
  2. Epic Games Settles With Cheating Minor To End Lawsuit
  3. Epic, minor accused of cheating in Fortnite settle copyright suit: Confidential settlement concludes summer dispute between Fortnite YouTuber and game maker
  4. ‘Fortnite’ company may face class-action lawsuit over claims game as addictive as cocaine
  5. Amid Blizzard’s Hong Kong controversy, Epic says it wouldn’t censor players
  6. Epic won’t take action against Fortnite players who speak up about Hong Kong: “Epic supports everyone’s right to express their views on politics and human rights”
  7. Blizzard backlash escalates following Hong Kong supporter ban: US senators, Blizzard employees and Hearthstone communities decry developer’s attempt to avoid controversy with China
  8. Gamers propose punishing Blizzard for its anti-Hong Kong partisanship by flooding it with GDPR requests
  9. Blizzard bans pro Hearthstone gamer for statement supporting Hong Kong
  10. Blizzard dismisses Hearthstone player for supporting Hong Kong protests: “I’m not [regretful] of what I said,” says Chung ‘blitzchung’ Ng Wai
  11. Blizzard bans Hearthstone esports pro over ‘liberate Hong Kong’ interview
  12. “League of Legends” Maker Riot Sues Riot Squad Esports Over Name
  13. Randy Pitchford and ex-Gearbox general counsel agree to settle legal dispute
  14. Gearbox and its former lawyer agree to drop lawsuits: Suits dismissed after parties resolve “misunderstandings,” say evidence exonerated Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford
  15. SAG-AFTRA dismisses Gearbox’s stance in Borderlands 3 union row: Actors union says Gearbox was unwilling to apply SAG-AFTRA standards to all Borderlands 3 actors
  16. According to a French court, the principle of exhaustion applies to video games acquired via a game download platforms
  17. Man breaks into Valve, steals $40,000 of equipment, games: Same suspect has been previously arrested for burglary, stealing a FedEx truck
  18. EA leaks personal information of ‘approximately 1600’ FIFA 20 players
  19. EA leaks FIFA Global Series player data: Up to 1,600 players signing up for tournament series had their personal information exposed to other registrants
  20. FIFA 20 remains leagues ahead in UK charts: Electronic Arts’ annual football release remains on top by a wide margin, despite 66% sales decline from last week
  21. FIFA 20 arrives atop EMEAA charts: EA’s annual football franchise leads a trio of newcomers to the charts as Code Vein and Dragon Quest XI S also make top 5 debuts
  22. Monument Valley developer Ustwo threatened with legal action over union busting
  23. Ustwo Games accused of union busting: “The union will not stand idly by in the face of this unlawful and vicious act,” says Game Workers Unite
  24. Sauropod Studio responds to concerns surrounding layoffs, sexism, studio’s status: Management says studio remains open to support existing games despite termination of most of its staff
  25. GWU Australia survey shows 19% of direct employees aren’t making minimum wage: Only 27% of respondents felt their employment was secure in both long and short-term
  26. Co-founder Rick Fox files multi-million dollar lawsuit against Echo Fox partners
  27. Rick Fox sues Echo Fox partners for fraud: Ongoing dispute between organization owners sees Fox ousted as he accuses partners of “financially ruining” the company
  28. Stardew Valley creator distances from under-fire publisher Chucklefish
  29. Stardew Valley creator clarifies relationship with Chucklefish following exploitation accusations
  30. UK Video Games Tax Relief comes under fire for mostly going to triple-A companies
  31. Rocket League swaps loot boxes for transparent Blueprints system: Psyonix will implement a new system that shows users exactly what they receive for a set price
  32. Immersive and addictive technologies report published
  33. Immersive and addictive technologies Fifteenth Report of Session 2017–19 (House of Commons Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee)
  34. The UK games industry is at a regulatory crossroads | Opinion: Harbottle & Lewis’ Kostya Lobov breaks down the potential impact of various government initiatives and investigations
  35. NHS targets gaming addiction with new specialist clinic:
  36. “Compulsive gaming and social media and internet addiction is a problem that is not going to go away when they play such a key part in modern life”
  37. Atari VCS architect Rob Wyatt leaves project, calls out Atari for missed pay
  38. Atari VCS architect quits, citing six months of missed payments – Rob Wyatt: “As a small company, we have been lucky to survive this long.”
  39. Microsoft expands Windows/Xbox family settings to Android: More control for parents for the cross-play generation
  40. Sony indicates PlayStation cross-play has now left beta: Interview with SIE’s Jim Ryan reports that the in-demand feature is now widely available
  41. PS4 Remote Play is now supported on Android 5.0 phones and tablets
  42. PlayStation 5 set for holiday 2020: Sony confirms official name, rumble feature replacement, and varying resistance triggers for next-gen console
  43. Sony confirms the PlayStation 5 is coming in 2020, reveals new hardware details
  44. Sony confirms PlayStation 5 release window, teases new gamepad tech
  45. What’s going on with PlayStation? | Opinion: A look at why Sony has so far taken an understated approach to heralding the arrival of the next generation
  46. Report: Sony Interactive Entertainment lays off dozens in UK and US
  47. Sony Interactive Entertainment EU reportedly lays off “dozens” amid restructuring: US-based creative services also affected, employee notice given on same day as PS5 details announcement
  48. Sony temporarily removes Facebook integration from PS4: Users will no longer be able to search for Facebook friends or post clips and screenshots to the social network
  49. Catalina brings Apple Arcade to MacOS but kills support for 32-bit games
  50. Apple Arcade is a short-term fix with far reaching consequences | Opinion: Is Apple Arcade the ultimate solution to selling premium mobile games, or a walled oasis offering a reprieve from a larger problem?
  51. Monster Hunter: World shipments and digital sales cross 14 million units
  52. Former CEO of Bungie founds new multi-studio AAA game company
  53. Harold Ryan sets up ProbablyMonsters: Former Bungie CEO’s developer of developers lands $18.8 million in funding, reveals Cauldron Studios and Firewalk Studios
  54. Call of Duty: Mobile passes 35 million downloads within days of launch
  55. Call of Duty: Mobile surpasses 35m downloads in just three days – Mobile spin-off becomes No. 1 app in over 100 countries on App Store
  56. Call of Duty Mobile sees best first-week downloads of any mobile game
  57. Oxenfree has been downloaded 3 million times through Xbox Game Pass
  58. Oxenfree reaches 3m downloads: Within that, Night School Studio’s indie hit has sold one million copies
  59. NPD Group: 73% of Americans play video games – Survey finds “notable increase” in both engagement and spending among younger audience
  60. Mario Kart Tour racks up 90m downloads in its first week: New mobile title downloaded six times more than any other Nintendo mobile game
  61. Mario Kart Tour’s Gold Pass has potential – if done right | Opinion: GameRefinery’s Joel Julkenen analyses how Nintendo is experimenting with the increasingly popular Battle Pass model
  62. It’s Amazing All The Cool Stuff We Could Have If Nintendo Didn’t Insist On Nintendo-Ing
  63. Video: Working up a sweat with Ring Fit Adventure
  64. Obituary: Former Nintendo lawyer John Kirby
  65. Former Nintendo lawyer and Kirby namesake John Kirby dies: Legal expert saved Donkey Kong in case against Universal
  66. World of Warcraft celebrates 15 years with a $100 Firelord statue
  67. John Wick Hex game review: Become the bloody Baba Yaga of legend
  68. Rovio warns brand licensing restructure could result in layoffs
  69. Redundancies expected as Rovio reshuffles its licensing division: Up to 20 employees could be made redundant as the mobile developer refocuses its brand licensing division on key products
  70. Doom Eternal delayed to March: id Software pushes back game launch into packed Q1 “to live up to our standards of speed and polish”; Switch version postponed further
  71. Doom Eternal joins this year’s game-delay club, will launch March 2020
  72. Acquisition and conversion costs threaten a mobile bust | Opinion: Acquisition and retention costs for mobile games show no signs of plateauing — for many firms, this segment is becoming unsustainable
  73. Discord makes layoffs due to ‘active shift in talent needs’
  74. Discord confirms layoffs: Chat platform says it “made an active shift in the talent needs of our marketing department”
  75. Egypt used Google Play in spy campaign targeting its own citizens, researchers say
  76. Report: Google plans ‘Game Certified Device’ standard for Android
  77. Google Stadia could sidestep latency issues by predicting button presses
  78. Croteam co-founder Alen Ladavac departs studio to join Google’s Stadia team
  79. Red Dead Redemption 2 arrives on PC next month: Wild wild news.
  80. Red Dead Redemption 2 officially announced for PC and Stadia
  81. Epic clarifies Fortnite matchmaking update amid cross-play balance concerns
  82. Overwatch League Snags 16% More Viewership This Season, Is Only Major Sports League To See Boost In Young Viewers
  83. Mixer viewership down in Q3 despite Ninja’s exclusivity deal: Report from Streamlabs and Newzoo paints mixed picture for Microsoft’s streaming platform
  84. Bringing non-endemic brands to esports… and keeping them: At Esports BAR Miami, Christopher ‘Monte Cristo’ Mykles shared how brands can make their way into esports
  85. Miami will get esports racing arena in early 2020
  86. Fortnite Professional Players Association formed: Group of 16 players aim to “provide a professional platform” for discussing the future of battle royale’s competitive scene
  87. Overwatch League’s Grand Finals Grows 16% in Average Viewers From Last Year
  88. NBA star invests to become co-owner of RektGlobal: Rudy Gobert joins already star-studded ownership team of esports organisation
  89. Can supporting esports communities deliver returns for publishers?: Hi-Rez Studios COO Todd Harris explains why the company invests in esports both within and beyond its own game communities
  90. PUBG Mobile envisions esports for casuals
  91. Update Required for Youth Esports
  92. Five Vectors raises $1m in seed funding to make music for esports: Music startup to partner with publishers for team, league, and game anthems
  93. Raph Koster’s new MMO studio Playable Worlds raises $2.7 million
  94. Raph Koster launches new MMO studio with $2.7m in seed funding: Bitkraft Esports Ventures leads investment in Ultima Online designer’s Playable Worlds, building “an online world where players can find a home”
  95. Playable Worlds has a ‘different mindset’ on engagement: CEO Raph Koster takes a look at the right lessons and wrong lessons the industry took from MMOs like Ultima Online and Star Wars Galaxies
  96. Ex-ArenaNet devs raise $3.3 million for new studio, Tenacious Entertainment
  97. Magic: The Gathering Reveals My Little Pony Crossover Set for Charity
  98. Unity acquires live game management platform ChilliConnect
  99. Unity acquires ChilliConnect: Live game management platform to join deltaDNA to improve Unity’s live ops offerings
  100. ArenaNet co-founder leaves to start new studio: Mike O’Brien departs Guild Wars developer to “make small games again”
  101. How one game studio is trying to tackle the loneliness epidemic: BetaDwarf sees opportunity in crisis as it builds a game to foster friendship among lonely people
  102. Five misconceptions about the Chinese games market: Apptutti’s Daniel Camilo on the myths around console sales, PC gaming, rampant piracy, and more
  103. Independent film producer looks to adapt ten game IPs: UK-based Goldfinch is searching for games built on Unreal to adapt into film, TV, podcasts or graphic novels
  104. Video: Go behind the scenes of Forza Horizon 3’s mesmerizing skies
  105. Video: A game dev’s guide to better representing and supporting disabilities
  106. Deep Dive: Telling Lies – Making a mechanic out of scrubbing video
  107. Don’t Miss: Producing Silent Hill and the challenge of making portable games scary
  108. Don’t Miss: The aesthetics of frustration in Getting Over It
  109. Don’t Miss: Punishing difficulty conveys a personal story in The End is Nigh
  110. Don’t Miss: Building game mechanics to elevate narrative in Oxenfree
  111. Blog: A guide to lucid storytelling in games
  112. A closer look at Control’s reality-bending VFX
  113. Behind the HONK: An Untitled Goose Game Q&A
  114. An untitled Untitled Goose Game analysis
  115. Neo Cab is the dystopian gig-economy Crazy Taxi we’ve always wanted
  116. Wendy’s has released a tabletop RPG where you have to fight McDonalds
  117. Charting the darker periods of history in Humankind: Amplitude’s Jeff Spock on creating a historical strategy game that doesn’t shy away from religion, slavery and colonisation
  118. When “easy mode” isn’t enough: An analysis of unclear lessons in video games
  119. WGA removes video game writing category from 2020 awards
  120. WGA drops video game award category: Writers Guild Awards suspends game honor saying there aren’t enough eligible titles for “a meaningful award selection process”
  121. U.S. Patent No. 9,186,575: Online game with animal-breeding mechanic
  122. In Major Blow To Sony’s Upcoming PlayStation 5, Microsoft Announces PlayStation 6 (Onion Gamers Network)


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