News of the Week; October 2, 2019


  1. Telcos And Rupert Murdoch Pushing Nonsense Story That Google Helping Keep Your Internet Activity More Private Is An Antitrust Violation
  2. Comcast Apparently Feels Qualified To Give Google Lectures On Monopoly Power
  3. Hidden Fees Mean US Cable & Broadband Bills Can Be 45% Higher Than Advertised
  4. Sprint Busted For Allegedly Defrauding The FCC Lifeline Program
  5. US federal appeals court rules states can pass net neutrality rules
  6. Court Says FCC Can’t Stop States From Protecting Net Neutrality
  7. D.C. Circuit Vacates FCC Order Preempting State Net Neutrality Regulation and Remands
  8. Appeals Court Largely Upholds FCC’s Broadband Internet Reclassification Order, But Vacates and Remands in Part
  9. Court upholds net neutrality repeal, but lets states pass their own: Mozilla’s case against the FCC largely fails, though DC appeals court says pre-emption of state and local laws goes too far
  10. Why Ajit Pai’s “unhinged” net neutrality repeal was upheld by judges
  11. Massive Study Proves Once And For All That No, Net Neutrality Did Not Hurt Broadband Investment
  12. Nonprofit fights TV networks in court to keep free TV service alive
  13. Nonprofit TV Service Locast Accuses Big Four Broadcasters Of Collusion
  14. AT&T Proclaims It Cannot Be Sued For Selling Your Location Data To Random Nitwits
  15. AT&T vows to keep DirecTV despite losing millions of subscribers
  16. FCC Bans Text Message, International Spoofing
  17. The US is gifting 5G patent leadership to others
  18. GSA Implements Restrictions on Certain Chinese-Made Telecommunications Services and Equipment
  19. Sports & Antitrust – Commercialisation of sports broadcasting rights under the spotlight
  20. From Innovation to Regulation: Why the Liberals Have Lost Their Way on Digital Policy (Michael Geist) 


  1. Microsoft: Customers are entitled to know about federal data requests
  2. DOJ reportedly launches its own Facebook probe at AG Barr’s urging
  3. Why You Can’t Really Consent to Facebook’s Facial Recognition: While the social media platform’s latest approach to facial recognition appears to respect user’s choices, the offer is so tainted we can’t truly agree to it (Evan Selinger & Woodrow Hartzog)
  4. Zuckerberg blasts Elizabeth Warren’s plan to break up Facebook and says it’s an ‘existential’ threat
  5. Elizabeth Warren Wants Congress To Be Smarter About Tech… While Grossly Overstating Google & Facebook’s Market Power
  6. Facebook tried to fight $5B FTC fine, is ready to fight antitrust probes
  7. Facebook, Like Instagram, To Test Hiding ‘Likes’, Reactions, And Video Viewcounts
  8. Instagram wants people to make more longform IGTV content, but it still isn’t giving them a way to monetize: The new @creators account encourages people to keep making content
  9. Coolest Man on Instagram Gets Copyright Case Tossed
  10. Top Oracle Lawyer Attempting To Gaslight Entire Software Community: Insists APIs Are Executable
  11. All I Ever Wanted Was a One-Trick Pony: Our devices do way too much – and not always on our behalf. (Zeynep Tufekci)
  12. How The U.S. Hacked ISIS
  13. At Least 70 Countries Have Had Disinformation Campaigns, Study Finds
  14. German police seize “bulletproof” hosting data center in former NATO  bunker
  15. The Internet’s horrifying new method for installing Google apps on Huawei phones: Just make a Chinese website your device’s remote administrator. It’ll be fine!
  16. Just As Everyone Predicted: EU Copyright Directive’s Link Tax Won’t Lead To Google Paying Publishers
  17. New Study On Effects Of Manga Piracy Show Piracy’s Effects Are More Nuanced Than Good Or Bad
  18. Why big ISPs aren’t happy about Google’s plans for encrypted DNS
  19. Google adds password “checkup” into Web account password manager
  20. Maria Ressa: “Facebook Broke Democracy in Many Countries around the World, Including in Mine”: Manila-journalist discusses how Silicon Valley has “forever changed” our societies
  21. Launch of Facebook’s Libra could be delayed over regulatory concerns: executive
  22. Facebook’s new VR chat app will throw paid staffers at “on-boarding” trolls
  23. Facebook is rolling out a test to hide your likes
  24. Facebook’s new VR chat app will feature paid in-game hosts to model community behaviour: Facebook Horizon Guides will act more like hosts in a physical space, than moderators in a digital one
  25. Kazakh Government Takes Down 93k Websites To Site-Block A Single Massage Parlour
  26. TikTok Says It No Longer Uses Guidelines That Could Censor Content Criticizing Chinese Government
  27. How TikTok Holds Our Attention: On the popular short- app, young people are churning through images and sounds at warp speed, repurposing reality into ironic, bite-size content.
  28. WarnerMedia CEO John Stankey on Diversity: ‘We’ve ot More Work to Do’
  29. Unpatchable bug in millions of iOS devices exploited, developer claims
  30. Developer of Checkm8 explains why iDevice jailbreak exploit is a game changer
  31. Competitor Gets Pyrrhic Victory in False Advertising Suit Over Search Ads–Harbor Breeze v. Newport Fishing (Eric Goldman)
  32. Product liability litigation for connected devices
  33. Grindr and Armslist Cases Reaffirm Core Protections for User-Generated Content
  34. 9th Circuit Takes Narrow View of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act in LinkedIn Data Scraping Case
  35. hiQ v. LinkedIn Redux? Ninth Circuit Decision Tested in New Case
  36. Nerd City Calls On YouTube For More Demonetization Transparency Amid New Study About LGBTQ+ Video Titles
  37. YouTube just made it way easier for creators to search and filter comments: Including the ability to search via subscriber count
  38. YouTube Adds Ability To Auto-Delete Search And Viewing History
  39. YouTube Music is launching three new personalized playlists
  40. YouTube Music Will Now Come Pre-Installed On Android Devices, Replacing Google’s Play Music
  41. Google beefs up user privacy controls for Assistant, YouTube: You can now tell Google Assistant to delete your activity history.
  42. YouTube Just Implemented Creators’ Most Requested Feature To Date: Comment Filters
  43. “Netflix has forgotten more about product and tech than new services have built”
  44. Tesla Brings YouTube, Netflix, Hulu To New In-Car ‘Theater’ Feature
  45. Musk broke the law with anti-union tweet, judge rules
  46. YouTube’s First Exclusive MLB Live Streams Brought An Average Of 1.2 Million Views Apiece
  47. Snapchat takes the fight to Netflix and Disney Plus with eight new Snap Originals
  48. Vevo Looking To Supercharge OTT Distribution
  49. Catie Turner’s Song “Prom Queen” Sees Nearly 1M New Spotify Streams After Starring In Shane Dawson Trailer
  50. Spotify now lets you add podcasts to playlists
  51. Meet Electrophone, the streaming service you’ve never heard of: Long before Spotify, music buffs signed up to hear live concerts by telephone
  52. Victoria Beckham – Fashion Victim?
  53. Popular Blogger Breached Advertising Code for Endorsing Sleep Medicine
  54. eSignature and ePayment News and Trends
  55. Caspar Lee-Founded Influencer Marketing Firm Closes $3.6 Million Funding Round
  56. Influencer Sinead Burke Unveils Series With Just-Launched Podcast Network Lemonada
  57. Vice To Acquire Refinery29, Will Form Combined Entity Vice Media Group
  58. Vice Media Acquires Refinery29 in a $400 Million Deal
  59. Watching You Watch: The Tracking Ecosystem of Over-the-Top TV Streaming Devices (Hooman Mohajeri Moghaddam, Gunes Acar, Ben Burgess, Arunesh Mathur, Danny Yuxing Huang, Nick Feamster, Edward W. Felten, Prateek Mittal, Arvind Narayanan)
  60. Information Exposure From Consumer IoT Devices: A Multidimensional, Network-Informed Measurement Approach (Jingjing Ren, Daniel J. Dubois, David Choffnes, Anna Maria Mandalari,  Roman Kolcun, L Hamed Haddadi)
  61. IoT Inspector: Crowdsourcing Labeled Network Traffic from Smart Home Devices at Scale (Danny Yuxing Huang, Noah Apthorpe, Gunes Acar, Frank Li, Nick Feamster)
  62. Communication with locked-in patients in question after misconduct finding: The work claimed it was possible to interpret yes-or-no answers from brain waves.
  63. iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max review: High quality for high prices
  64. The Surface Phone is real! Microsoft surprises with a dual-screen Android phone
  65. Dependencies: Both Technological And Human, On Display In The Story Of A Developer Who Deleted Code Being Used By ICE
  66.’s Alleged Deceptive Marketing Practices Lead to Federal Action Under FTC Act/ROSCA
  67. Response to Yelp Review Costs Small Dental Practice $10,000 and Two Years of Monitoring to Settle HIPAA Complaint
  68. NLRB Memo Refines Position on Employer Social Media Policies
  69. Another Month, Another (Unhelpful) NLRB Advice Memo on Social Media Rules
  70. As Pushback Grows in Europe Against Facebook’s Libra, Walmart Considers its own Cryptocurrency
  71. Crypto founder pledges to fight the SEC
  72. The Failed Political Promise of Silicon Valley: Tech was meant to help us transcend our most intractable problems. What went wrong?
  73. Electronic signatures and contracts
  74. Men hack electronic billboard, play porn on it
  75. Woman who sleeps in $500 EMF-blocking sack wants area-wide Wi-Fi limits


  1. Should there be copyright protection for artificial intelligence works? (Andres Guadamuz)
  2. Can artificial intelligence be an inventor? 
  3. Monkey see monkey do – Copyright whimsy in an AI world
  4. This Picasso painting had never been seen before. Until a neural network painted it.: With help from a neural network, researchers reconstructed an image the artist created and painted over during his Blue Period.
  5. Unpacking “Ethical AI”: A curated reading list
  6. Tesla just bought an AI startup to improve Autopilot—here’s what it does
  7. YouTube is experimenting with ways to make its algorithm even more addictive: Platform says it’s trying to do what it can to minimize extreme content. But it’s still looking for ways to keep users on the site.
  8. If Software is Eating the World: What’s Alexa got to do with it?
  9. D-Wave announces the next generation of its quantum annealer
  10. What problems can you solve on a quantum annealer?
  11. Celebrating Ian Kerr (Michael Geist) 


  1. How Long Will Unbreakable Commercial Encryption Last?
  2. Privacy Harm Exceptionalism (Ryan Calo)
  3. Vimeo collected detailed facial scans without consent, lawsuit alleges
  4. Welcome To A World Of 500-Megapixel Cameras, And Surveillance Systems Able To Zoom In On Small Objects A Kilometer Away
  5. Ring Considered Using 911 Calls To Trigger Automated Streaming Of Camera Footage To Local PDs
  6. DoorDash hack spills loads of data for 4.9 million people
  7. Hey Doordash: Why Are You Hiding Your ‘Security Notice’ From Google Just Days After You Revealed A Massive Security Breach?
  8. Yahoo Hack Victims Line Up To Get $100 (Or Less) For Historic Hack
  9. Former Yahoo engineer admits using his access to steal users’ sexual images
  10. Plan for massive facial recognition database sparks privacy concerns: Identity fraud is justification for collecting photos from drivers’ licences and passports but critics say plan too invasive
  11. CCPA Privacy FAQs: Does the CCPA require that a company obtain consent from a website user before placing cookies on their browser?
  12. Cookies consent does not escape the GDPR: The CJEU issued its decision in the Planet49 case
  13. ECJ Issues First Cookie Decision After GDPR
  14. Balancing GDPR Rights And TM Owner Need For Domain Data
  15. When the Fight Against Online Piracy meets the GDPR
  16. Do we have a `right to be forgotten’ online?
  17. “Right to be forgotten” EU privacy law can only be applied inside the EU
  18. California’s New Privacy Law: Recent Amendments and Approaching Compliance Deadlines
  19. Proposed Digital Charter Could Bring Sweeping Changes to Canadian Privacy Laws
  20. No, The New Agreement To Share Data Between US And UK Law Enforcement Does Not Require Encryption Backdoors
  21. Councilman “mind-boggled” by Baltimore City IT department ineptitude
  22. Ransomware forces 3 hospitals to turn away all but the most critical patients
  23. The Rise of Networked Vigilante Surveillance: What happens when the neighborhood watch gets automatic license plate readers?
  24. If Signed by Governor, California Bill AB-602 Will Provide Private Right of Action for Victims of Sexually Explicit ‘Deepfakes’
  25. Facebook, Reddit, and others need a deepfakes plan now, senators say
  26. Documents Show The FBI Is Targeting Financial Institutions, Credit Reporting Agencies, And Universities With NSLs
  27. Can We Really Forget?
  28. Market Intelligence – Privacy & Cybersecurity – Canada
  29. Market Intelligence – Privacy & Cybersecurity – The United States
  30. Tech Companies Are Quietly Phasing Out a Major Privacy Safeguard: More and more companies are failing to issue transparency reports to tell consumers how much of their information governments have demanded.


  1. “A Broad and Liberal Interpretation”: The Supreme Court of Canada Expands Copyright Users’ Rights (Michael Geist)
  2. SCC dismisses appeal of Ontario land surveyors over breach of copyright
  3. Keatley Surveying Ltd. v. Teranet Inc. (2019 SCC 43)
  4. Supreme Court of Canada rules on Crown copyright
  5. Render Unto Caesar: Supreme Court of Canada Issues First Decision Considering the Scope of Crown Copyright
  6. When Copyright in a Work Transfers to the Crown: Keatley v. Teranet
  7. Now We Know Who Owns the Copyright in a Registered Plan of Survey
  8. Parker v. Winwood: Affirms summary judgment for defendants in copyright infringement case involving Spencer Davis Group song Gimme Some Lovin’, finding statements by band members hearsay.
  9. #StrikeAPose #CopyrightInfringement
  10. “Copyright Troll” Lawyer Gets Sanctioned (Again)–Sands v. Bauer Media (Eric Goldman)
  11. Australian State’s Proposed Ag-Gag Law Threatens General Right To Protest, Critics Warn
  12. New England Patriots Player Asks Judge to Throw Out ‘Trash Talk’ Lawsuit
  13. Fear Not: New York Times v. Sullivan Heartily Embraced by the Court’s Newest Jurist, Justice Kavanaugh
  14. Never Ever Getting Back Together: Taylor Swift Re-Records Back Catalogue
  15. Canadian ISPs Continue Quest To Bankrupt TVAddons, Site That Hosted Tons Of Legal Kodi Addons
  16. Being Designated A ‘Hate Group’ By The SPLC Isn’t Defamation, Says Federal Court
  17. Second Circuit Affirms Dismissal of Lawyer’s Libel Suit against New York Post
  18. McDonald’s ‘Mc’ mark partially revoked for lack of genuine use
  19. Sony, Marvel bury the hatchet so Spider-Man can stay in the MCU
  20. Devin Nunes Sues Again; He REALLY Doesn’t Want You To Read This Article About His Family’s Cow Farm In Iowa
  21. What’s Australian For Streisand Effect? Perhaps It’s Fatty McF—head
  22. Federal Court Blocks South Dakota’s Pro-Pipeline, Anti-First Amendment ‘Riot Boosting’ Law
  23. A Tale of Two (or 33) Copyrights: Calculating Statutory Damages
  24. Post-Creation Letter Exchange Doesn’t Constitute Work for Hire Agreement
  25. That’s Bananas: Third Circuit Examines Copyright Protection Under Star Athletica
  26. NAD Exonerates Perdue’s Art Department
  27. IP and counterculture: Who owns a tattoo?
  28. In Sweeping Ruling, Federal Appeals Court Invalidates Tennessee Billboard Law
  29. US Courts Rep Ignores Everything About The Internet, Says PACER Access Can Never Be Free Because It Costs Money To Operate
  30. EU’s Top Court Confirms Copyright for Design, but Looking Good Will Not Do the Trick
  31. Liverpool FC Denied ‘Liverpool’ Trademark Due To Its Geographic Significance
  32. MONOPOLY shown the boot
  33. Canadian patent rules streamlined
  34. Guide to Doing Business in Canada: Intellectual property
  35. Old Master discovered in elderly woman’s kitchen worth £5.3 million


  1. Abdin v. CBS Broadcasting: Court grants motion to dismiss claims that Star Trek Discovery tv series infringes video game concept involving fictionalized space-traveling creature, finding lack of substantial similarity.
  2. Zynga advises users to change passwords following data breach: Words With Friends and Draw Something players may have had usernames, passwords, other information stolen
  3. Duke Nukem 3D’s composer is suing Gearbox, CEO Pitchford, and Valve
  4. Duke Nukem 3D composer sues Gearbox, Pitchford, and Valve: Gearbox allegedly failed to pay royalties to Bobby Prince with Duke Nukem re-release
  5. Walgreens suing AtGames for breach of contract: Retailer alleges plug-and-play gaming company owes it nearly $1.62 million for unsold products it returned
  6. Frogwares says publisher Focus Home is wrongfully delisting games
  7. Frogwares games pulled after split with Focus Home Interactive: Sherlock Holmes studio says publisher has refused to transfer store listings to it, leaving some games permanently unavailable
  8. Google Play apps laden with ad malware were downloaded by millions of users
  9. Video Gaming: Is My Loot Box Legal?
  10. Rocket League is binning loot boxes in exchange for ‘blueprints’
  11. Counter-Strike: GO lets players in France reveal loot box contents ahead of purchase
  12. The rights to Ms. Pac-Man are caught up in a messy legal battle
  13. Joy-Con drift class action lawsuit expands to include Switch Lite issues
  14. Switch Lite added to Joy-Con drift class action lawsuit
  15. Nintendo is already working on new Switch Lite model amid Joy-Con drift concerns
  16. The Podcast: A tale of two Nintendos
  17. Nintendo nails the Switch Lite but leaves people scratching their heads with Mario Kart Tour
  18. Virtuos: Switch ports, co-development, and next-gen – Virtuos on its journey from small contract studio to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible on Nintendo Switch
  19. Nintendo is bringing Brain Training to the Switch: Almost 15 years after its debut, the 33m-selling series will appear on Nintendo’s latest console
  20. Switch Lite takes aim at a broader demographic | Opinion
  21. Nintendo Switch: A discoverability followup
  22. Mario Kart Tour downloaded over 10m times globally in its first day: Newest Sensor Tower numbers put first-day downloads at over 20m, player spending over $1m
  23. Report: Mario & Luigi developer AlphaDream has filed for bankruptcy
  24. Mario & Luigi RPG series developer enters bankruptcy: AlphaDream’s future in question due to sagging revenues and rising development costs
  25. Super Mario Maker 2 catches up with 1998, lets you play online with friends
  26. Hands- and legs-on with Nintendo’s mildly diverting Ring Fit Adventure
  27. Link awakens at the top of the EMEAA charts this week: Hero in green conquers on debut week despite exclusivity, only physical sales reported
  28. FIFA 20 and Xbox One dominate UK charts: FIFA boxed sales drop 7% year-on-year
  29. FIFA 20: Critical Consensus – A largely beautiful game is dominated by Ultimate Team, which still relies on monetisation that seems uglier by the day
  30. Cuphead has sold 5 million copies in two years
  31. Cuphead hits 5m sales in two years: Studio MDHR is celebrating the game’s second birthday with discounts and giveaways on all platforms
  32. Talking Tom dev Outfit7’s game library surpasses 10 billion downloads
  33. Why did Borderlands 3 re-cast Troy Baker’s role?: Voice actor says developer Gearbox “wouldn’t go union”; studio says it tries to meet or exceed union standards for pay, working conditions
  34. Excessive crunch is bad for business | Opinion: Crunch is a health issue for thousands of employees, says Unionen’s Henrik Ehrenberg, and it’s a counterproductive way to run a business
  35. Global game companies have claimed millions through Video Game Tax Relief in UK: TIGA defends scheme, saying it would be “very limiting” if large international companies could not benefit
  36. On average, it costs $35.42 to get a mobile gamer to make first in-app purchase – Liftoff: Costs to acquire and register users continue to increase, conversion rates dipped YOY
  37. Naughty Dog drops online mode from The Last of Us Part II to focus on single-player
  38. Can game makers rise to meet the challenge of climate change?: Activists and experts talk about the UN Playing for the Planet Alliance, and what more needs to be done
  39. Atari partners with Antstream, responds to VCS concerns: Throwback VCS console status update includes retro game-streaming app, statement that designer’s work on project is “largely concluded”
  40. EA is offering a free month of Origin Access to encourage 2FA use
  41. Astroneer’s Wanderer update is a tribute to late System Era co-founder Paul Pepera
  42. Ubisoft opens new mobile and instant game studio in Vietnam
  43. Blizzard’s President On Making Sure Nothing Changes
  44. Destiny maker Bungie wants to release a new IP before 2025
  45. Bungie plans to launch more franchises, build up publishing group by 2025
  46. Bungie: “Our vision is to become a multi-franchise entertainment company” – CEO Pete Parsons says company’s plans through 2025 include more than just the Destiny franchise
  47. Ubisoft opens new Vietnam studio: Da Nang location will expand Ubisoft’s mobile development business
  48. Ubisoft announces free coding game Rabbids Coding: Educational PC title launches October 8 targeting reading-age children and up
  49. Logitech acquires streaming software maker Streamlabs for $89 million
  50. Logitech acquires Streamlabs for at least $89m: PC and gaming hardware manufacturer picks up livestreaming software company following multi-year partnership
  51. Valve shares tips for designing touch screen controls for PC games
  52. Improbable acquires online game dev company The Multiplayer Guys
  53. PlayStation Now cuts price in half, adds time limited “marquee games”: Titles like GTA V and God of War will be available for limited periods at new $9.99 a month price
  54. Sony lowers price of PS Now streaming service and adds ‘marquee’ titles
  55. Sony slashes PlayStation Now streaming prices ahead of Google Stadia launch
  56. PlayStation starts selling console hardware direct to consumers: Customers in the US can now buy PS4 and PSVR hardware, games and accessories from the PlayStation website
  57. Enthusiast Gaming completes complex merger with Luminosity: Newly formed entity will be the publicly traded Enthusiast Gaming Holdings
  58. Pokémon Masters generates $33m revenue in first month: DeNA’s Pokémon offering becomes second highest grossing Pokémon mobile game
  59. One year in, Dragalia Lost revenue surpassed by Pocket Camp again: Nintendo and CyGames’ new mobile IP has made $106m since launch
  60. PlayStation quietly brings PS4 cross-play out of beta
  61. PUBG cross-play between Xbox One and PS4 has launched
  62. Limited cross-play enabled in PUBG: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds becomes latest game to find flexibility in Sony’s still rigid stance
  63. Fortnite US July revenues down 52% year-over-year: Edison Trends looks at consumer spending trends for Epic’s hit as well as Black Ops 4, Apex Legends, and PUBG
  64. Free-to-play PUBG arrives in Europe next week: PUBG Lite is designed for low-spec PCs, open beta launches in Europe and Russia on October 10
  65. Why tens of millions more Android gamers are playing PUBG Mobile than Fortnite
  66. FaZe Clan Scores Content Creation, Merch Partnership With Soccer Club Manchester City
  67. ESL, Dreamhack partner with Nielsen for esports data: MTG’s esports leagues will help tracking firm with sponsor valuation, brand impact, and consumer analytics efforts
  68. Esports BAR returns to Miami this week: Conference’s third year brings brands, publishers, and investors back to Florida for keynotes, mentorship, and roundtables
  69. Ninja Calls ‘The Masked Singer’ Stint “The Scariest Thing I Have Ever Done”
  70. Twitch Rebrands With New Logo, New Slogan: “You’re Already One Of Us”
  71. Twitch is rebranding for the first time, and it has a logo for everyone
  72. At TwitchCon, CEO Addresses Controversial Policy Enforcement, Reveals Sweeping Ad System Overhaul
  73. Twitch, In Bid To Lock Down Top Talent, Inks Exclusive Streaming Deal With ‘NickMercs’
  74. Gaming Talent Management Firm ‘Loaded’ Signs Jordan Fisher, Its First Traditional Star
  75. Video: Crowdfunding your video game in 2019
  76. The mysterious origins of an uncrackable video game: With the digital shovels, archaeologists are digging into the code of early video games to uncover long forgotten secrets that could have relevance today.
  77. Minecraft Earth “couldn’t have been made two years ago”: Torfi Olafsson and Jessica Zahn discuss the technical, social, and geographical challenges of bringing Minecraft into the real world
  78. More like Microsoft than Apple: Carmack wants Oculus to keep older VR games alive
  79. Oculus to be “more Microsoft than Apple” on VR software preservation: Oculus CTO John Carmack lamented that “every program I ever wrote for iOS is lost to the ages now”
  80. Oculus CTO Explains Why “Gear VR’s days are numbered”
  81. Oculus’ John Carmack calls Gear VR “a missed opportunity”: CTO offered a “eulogy” for the mobile VR headset, saying its “days are numbered”
  82. Carmack: Lessons from the Gear VR paved the way for Oculus’ current mobile VR
  83. Oculus CTO: ‘Rift S Still Worthwhile Even After Quest Gets PC-tether Feature’
  84. We put Oculus Quest’s two craziest new VR features through their paces
  85. The new MS Flight Simulator taught me how to fly an actual plane: Ahead of closed alpha, Microsoft takes the wraps off its ambitious return to the skies.
  86. Video: How vehicles replicate and collide in Watch Dogs 2 multiplayer
  87. Knights And Bikes: Turning aesthetic mood into gameplay
  88. Video: Ubisoft’s Alex Karpazis rates your Rainbow Six: Siege loadouts
  89. Rockstar wants to capture the appeal of RDR 2’s single player in Online
  90. Lab Zero Games: From killer girls to inner worlds
  91. Don’t Miss: Creating the inviting mini-world of Animal Crossing
  92. Dontnod: “If we didn’t talk about politics, that would be a political message” – Life is Strange game director Michel Koch on why the series doesn’t shy away from tough, divisive subjects
  93. Don’t Miss: Accommodating player failure and recovery
  94. Blog: Which are the most commonly used game engines?
  95. Blog: Steam has a lack of data scientists
  96. Blog: The science behind a fun and successful casual game
  97. Blog: Towards a language of video games – Part 1
  98. Video: Practical tips for designing memorable characters
  99. The former Witcher developers making a mobile game about travel and humanity
  100. Playing ‘Untitled Goose Game’ is the new punching a wall
  101. US reportedly considering restrictions on investments in China: Latest discussions in ongoing trade war still said to be in early stages
  102. Tencent becomes largest shareholder in Conan Exiles dev Funcom
  103. Tencent acquires minority stake in Funcom: Chinese gaming giant becomes largest single shareholder of Conan Exiles dev
  104. National Film and Sound Archive of Australia to begin preserving video games
  105. National Film and Sound Archive of Australia to start preserving video games: Initial eight additions include Shadow Run, LA Noire, Hollow Knight and Florence
  106. Watch Adam Saltsman explain how Overland was ‘tuned for drama’
  107. Gummy Drop dev Big Fish Games donates $250,000 to National Breast Cancer Foundation
  108. The Strong Museum receives grant to fund exhibit on the cultural impact of video games
  109. Strong Museum awarded $700k for exhibit on gaming’s cultural impact
  110. Welsh universities, government partner to form Games Talent Wales: Grassroots talent development program created to support budding, local, indie studios
  111. U.S. Patent No. 8,814,675: Method of operating an online game using terraformed game spaces
  112. DIGRA ’19 – Proceedings Of The 2019 Digra International Conference: Game, Play And The Emerging Ludo-Mix – 49 Articles Or Papers


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