News of the Week; September 25, 2019


  1. Can Price Caps or Virtual Competitors Solve Canada’s Wireless Pricing Problem? (Michael Geist)
  2. Net Neutrality Proposals for Tech Platforms Raise First Amendment Concerns
  3. FCC loses in court, judges say agency would fail “intro statistics class”
  4. Courts Shoot Down Yet Another FCC Proposal For Being Factually Sketchy
  5. Sprint took FCC cash for “serving” 885,000 people it wasn’t actually serving
  6. Cable Giant Spectrum On Quest To Outlaw ‘Insane’ Streaming Password Sharing
  7. Something Has Spooked AT&T Enough To Warrant Bringing Their Top Lobbyist Out Of Retirement
  8. AT&T Ponders Dumping DirecTV After Investor Backlash, But It’s Not Likely To Help
  9. Comcast promised not to raise prices—guess what happened next
  10. ‘Subscription Fatigue’ Looms As Comcast Reveals Yet Another New Streaming TV Platform
  11. Complexity Investing Applied to ViacomCBS
  12. Significant Changes to Media, Communications, and Data Claims in the English Courts


  1. Facebook Is Making Millions by Promoting Hate Groups’ Content: Despite a company policy banning hate speech, the social media giant has taken in nearly $1.6 million from hate groups since mid-2018.
  2. Top Court Rules Google Doesn’t Have to Censor Around the World Because of European Privacy Laws
  3. Other Big CJEU Case Says Google Must Put Certain Links At The Top Of Search Results
  4. Paper leaks showing a quantum computer doing something a supercomputer can’t
  5. AT&T tells court: Customers can’t sue over sale of phone location data
  6. Missing Link: Tibetan Groups Targeted with 1-Click Mobile Exploits
  7. Inside the campaign that tried to compromise Tibetans’ iOS and Android phones
  8. Defense media tweet threatening Area 51 “raiders” pulled, DOD apologizes
  9. Google takes hard line, refuses to pay French news sites despite new law
  10. No, it wasn’t a virus; it was Chrome that stopped Macs from booting
  11. Another Day, Another Major Disinformation Effort Facebook Thinks Is Ok
  12. Snapchat reportedly has “Project Voldemort” dossier on Facebook’s bad behavior
  13. Snap Detailed Facebook’s Aggressive Tactics in ‘Project Voldemort’ Dossier: Antitrust investigation gives competitors chance to air complaints about Facebook’s hardball tactics
  14. Meet Facebook’s latest fake: An “Oversight Board” programmed by Facebook should not be confused with democratic oversight
  15. Facebook and Google have ad trackers on your streaming TV, studies find
  16. The Best People: White House Emailed Talking Points Meant For Surrogates To Dems, Tried To Recall Email Afterwards
  17. Facebook confirms its “standards” don’t apply to politicians
  18. Facebook is Building an AR Headset, Starting By Making a Digital Copy of the Real World
  19. Facebook will be sticking ads with polls, games and AR into News Feed: The interactive advertising formats were already being tested in Instagram and other parts of the Facebook universe. Now they’ll be in your feed.
  20. Facebook suspends tens of thousands of apps in ongoing privacy investigation
  21. Facebook Watch And ESPN Team Up For New Slate Of Interactive Sports Shows
  22. Coder deletes open source add-on for Chef in protest over ICE contract
  23. NYAG Sends Cease & Desist Letters to Online Gun Marketers
  24. Clickwrap Litigation Trends 2019
  25. Jerks ‘Reporting’ Women Who Swipe Left On Them In Tinder, Once Again Highlighting How Content Moderation Gets Abused
  26. Defamation and Social Media – the ordinary, reasonable tweeter
  27. Deepfake Legislation: A Nationwide Survey – State and Federal Lawmakers Consider Legislation to Regulate Manipulated Media
  28. SCC rules that class actions in lawsuits against tech giants can proceed
  29. Source Hacking: Media Manipulation In Practice
  30. Voltage v. Salna & ~55,000 – the “Reverse Class Action” (Howard Knopf)
  31. Twitter rolls out ‘hide replies’ to let you tame toxic discussions: Trying to win back its reputation as a platform for healthy conversations
  32. Twitter details new policies designed to crack down on financial scams
  33. Romance Scams Harm Victims and Lead to Prosecutions
  34. Cyber-dystopianism: The Internet seen through the lens of nightmares (Andres Guadamuz)
  35. Jeff Bezos pledges that Amazon will swiftly combat climate change: Retail giant vows to meet climate goals ahead of schedule
  36. Amazon orders 100,000 electric trucks to fight climate change
  37. “Grassroots” anti-Amazon nonprofit turns out to be retailer astroturfing
  38. People Freaking Out About Amazon Copying A Shoe Are Totally Missing The Point
  39. Apple says it will make the new Mac Pro in Texas: Media reports had suggested Apple could shift Mac Pro work to China.
  40. Apple Watch Series 5 review: A better, more independent timepiece
  41. After a five-month delay, the $2,000 Galaxy Fold arrives in the US on Friday
  42. Huawei’s new flagship smartphone ships without Google apps: Trump’s export ban means no Google apps for the Mate 30 Pro.
  43. Xiaomi’s crazy new $2,800 phone has display on the front, sides, and back
  44. YouTube Security Warning For 23 Million Creators As ‘Massive’ Hack Attack Confirmed
  45. YouTube Exec Says Some Conspiracy Videos Aren’t “Causing Harm,” And Can Remain Uploaded
  46. Susan Wojcicki Says YouTube Won’t Remove Politicians’ Content Because “It’s Important For Other People To See”
  47. YouTube will remove politicians’ content if it breaks rules, but there are some exceptions: Context of videos is important, CEO says
  48. YouTube creators may lose verified badges as company makes verification program even stricter
  49. YouTube Apologizes, Reverses Course After Creators Balk At Verification Update
  50. Creators Lash Out After YouTube Retroactively Strips Them Of Verification
  51. YouTube Revamps Verification System With New Look And Eligibility Requirements
  52. YouTube Launches New ‘Video Reach Campaign’ Ad Format, Brings ‘TrueView For Action’ To Home Feeds
  53. Jellysmack’s New ‘Creator’s Program’ Invests Time, Money, And Tech In YouTubers
  54. How Mattel Harnessed YouTube To Help Bring Its Iconic Barbie Character Down To Earth
  55. Louis Vuitton Launches ‘LV TV’ YouTube Series With Emma Chamberlain, Dolan Twins, More
  56. Journalists Seek Answers To YouTube Users’ Burning Questions In Upcoming Vox Original ‘Glad You Asked’
  57. YouTube Music Spins Itself Up As Spotify Challenger With Weekly 49-Song ‘Discover Mix’
  58. YouTube Backs 14 More Independent Artists Via Its Foundry Development Program
  59. Spotify artists can now see how many listeners they have in real time: Thanks to the revamped Spotify for Artists app
  60. Play It Again, Sam: Spotify’s Newest Playlists Are Based on Repeat Listens
  61. Snap Sets Series With Nikita Dragun, Bhad Bhabie, Will Launch New ‘Shows’ Page To The Right Of ‘Discover’
  62. Every Single Video MrBeast Has Made In The Past Year Got More Than 10 Million Views
  63. Emma Chamberlain To Drop Sunglasses Collection With Eyewear Brand ‘Crap’
  64. Issa Rae Takes Stake In Streamlytics, Which Lets People Monetize Their Own Streaming Data
  65. SeatGeek Taps David Dobrik To Launch Its First Branded Series, ‘Postgame Press Conference’
  66. Russian national confesses to biggest bank hack in US history
  67. In India, you don’t need a Google phone to have a Google Assistant
  68. How Google Changed the Secretive Market for the Most Dangerous Hacks in the World: Google has funded a team of hackers with the mission of finding bugs in software. Are they making the internet safer?
  69. Nielsen Now Tracks Interactions With TV Stars’ Social Media Posts, Which Drive 60% Of Engagement For Shows
  70. Nielsen Buys Minority Stake In OpenSlate, Which Measures Brand Safety In Online Video
  71. Vimeo Debuts ‘For Hire’, A Marketplace For Video Professionals To Find Clients (And Vice Versa)
  72. Insights: Apple And Comcast Giveaways May Net Tens Of Millions Of Subscribers And Send SVOD Super Derby Back To Where TV Started
  73. Meet the Women Leading Netflix Into the Streaming Wars: Apple, Disney, and others are challenging its dominance like never before. Here’s the team behind the tech giant’s big bet on original content.
  74. Facebook Watch And ESPN Team Up For New Slate Of Interactive Sports Shows
  75. 21% Of U.S. Households Will Buy A Disney+ Subscription (Study)
  76. Website Accessibility Claims on the Rise: A Higher Education Perspective
  77. BuzzFeed Hires New York Times Vet In Bid To Better Monetize Its News Business
  78. Levi’s CMO Jen Sey Talks Importance Of Taking A Social Stand
  79. E-Sign of the Times: Law Commission report promotes confidence in e-signatures
  80. Tristan Harris — Fighting Skynet and Firewalling Attention (#387)
  81. The Mysterious Death Of The Hacker Who Turned In Chelsea Manning
  82. How Peloton made sweat addictive enough to IPO: 13 reasons this bike has a cult
  83. The rise and fall of Flash, the annoying plugin that shaped the modern web: The web was a static, dull place. But the accidental creation of Flash turned it into a cacophony of noise, colour, and controversy, presaging the modern web
  84. The Unsolved Case of the Most Mysterious Song on the Internet: 12 years ago, a New Wave anthem appeared on the internet. Amateur detectives have spent thousands of hours since trying to figure out where it came from…


  1. Chinese Authorities Call For Internet Companies To Add Bias To AI Algorithms — In Order To ‘Promote Mainstream Values’
  2. Google Says It’s Achieved Quantum Supremacy, a World-First: Report
  3. ­­
  4. How “information gerrymandering” influences voters: Study analyzes how networks can distort voters’ perceptions and change election results.
  5. Harnessing machine learning to make managing your storage less of a chore 
  6. Human vs. Algorithmic Recommendations
  7. A facial recognition ban is coming to the US, says an AI policy advisor 
  8. Pentagon seeks ‘ethicist’ to oversee military artificial intelligence: General says ‘We are thinking deeply about the ethical, safe and lawful use of AI’ as US seeks to catch up with China’s early lead
  9. Teaching machines to autonomously write stories
  10. For India’s Caste-Based Sewer Cleaners, an Uncertain Robot Rescue: Sewer robots and other new technology aim to end caste-based scavenging, which regularly costs lives. But are they enough?
  11. No Rage Against the Machines: Threat of Automation Does Not Change Policy Preferences (Baobao Zhang) 
  12. MegaBots calls it a day, puts fighting robot up for sale on eBay


  1. Busy North Korean hackers have new malware to target ATMs
  2. Yahoo data-breach settlement: You’ll get $100, if you’re lucky
  3. California Senate Passes Statewide Ban On Facial Recognition Tech Use By Law Enforcement
  4. Ninth Circuit Allows Class Action Against Facebook under Illinois’ Biometric Information Privacy Act to Proceed in California
  5. Ninth Circuit Declines to Shelve Lawsuit Alleging Facebook Violated Illinois Biometric Privacy Statute
  6. Court Says Compelled Production Violates Fifth Amendment… Unless The Gov’t Takes Certain Steps First
  7. Private Companies Gathering Plate Data Are Selling Access To People’s Movements For $20 A Search
  8. CJEU Judgment C-40/17: what are the implications of the ‘like’ button in terms of data protection?
  9. YouTube will Pay $170 Million Fine for Children’s Privacy Law Violations
  10. Should The Media Voluntarily Embrace A ‘Right To Be Forgotten’?
  11. European Court of Justice Rules on the Scope of the Right to be Forgotten for Search Engines
  12. Google wins case as court rules “right to be forgotten” is EU-only
  13. Google wins landmark right to be forgotten case
  14. Google wins CJEU right to be forgotten case
  15. Europe’s Supreme Court Places Limits on the Right To Be Forgotten
  16. ‘Right to be forgotten’, but only in Europe?
  17. The Right to be Forgotten Held to Apply Only to Europe in Landmark European Court of Justice Decision
  18. Forget-me-not: Google v. CNIL defines territorial scope of the right to be forgotten
  19. Google Search is not required to forget us outside the EU
  20. Phew: EU Court Of Justice Says Right To Be Forgotten Is Not A Global Censorship Tool (Just An EU One)
  21. Edward Snowden wants to come home: “I’m not asking for a pass. What I’m asking for is a fair trial”
  22. The FBI Tried To Get A Secure Phone Company To Create A Backdoor In Its Encrypted Network
  23. World’s most destructive botnet returns with stolen passwords and email in tow
  24. IE zero-day under active attack gets emergency patch
  25. Payment card thieves hack Click2Gov bill paying portals in 8 cities
  26. A New Era of COPPA Enforcement?
  27. CCPA Privacy FAQs: Does the CCPA require that a company allow consumers to opt-out (e.g., toggle off) analytics cookies?
  28. CCPA Privacy FAQs: Are businesses required to display the “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” link during subsequent visits to the business’s homepage where the consumer does not “opt-out” during his/her first visit?
  29. Meaningful Consent: An Evolving Standard under Canadian Privacy Law
  30. Enhancing Understanding of Legal Trends Impacting Freedom of Expression and Privacy in the ICT Sector
  31. Fake veteran hiring site downloads spyware instead of jobs
  32. Milan Fashion Week and Fashion Law Trends – Is the retail and fashion sectors ready for the IoT revolution?
  33. Forget erasure: why blockchain is really incompatible with the GDPR
  34. Automatic License Plate Readers Are The Latest Neighborhood Perk


  1. Pro-China groups to tear down pro-democracy graffiti in Hong Kong
  2. Global Freedom Declines as Chinese, Russian Info Control Practices Spread, Says Study
  3. During A Police Raid, Russian Activist Uses Drone To Whisk Sensitive Data To Safety
  4. US Court Says Fair Use Nullifies French Rightholder’s Attempt To Extract $2.25 Million From A California Art Scholar
  5. French Picasso Judgement is Abstract Expression to U.S. Law
  6. The Controversial Use of Rap Lyrics as Evidence
  7. Mercedes Drives Suits Against Artists Forward
  8. Copyright clarification from Europe’s top court
  9. Copyright dispute over ‘Stairway to Heaven’ continues to climb in the courts
  10. The Differences Between Copyright And Possession: Gilda Radner Interview Copyright Lawsuit Dismissed For Lack Of Registration
  11. Strange changes discovered in Banksy painting ahead of auction
  12. Chuck Yeager Sues Airbus For Mentioning That Chuck Yeager Broke The Sound Barrier
  13. Chuck Yeager sues Airbus for writing “Yeager broke the sound barrier”
  14. Louisiana’s Terrible Criminal Defamation Law Again Being Used To Unconstitutionally Target A Critic Of Law Enforcement
  15. How Canada should deal with obscene trademarks
  16. LeBron’s “Taco Tuesday” Trademark Blocked
  17. LeBron James Declares Victory In Losing Bid For ‘Taco Tuesday’ Trademark
  18. The New Consumer Gatekeepers: Inside the Hidden Power Of The DJ Industry 2.0
  19. IP/Internet/Antitrust Professor Amicus Brief in 1-800 Contacts v. FTC (Eric Goldman)
  20. Duels, Dualities, and Destiny in Canadian Copyright – a Snapshot at Summer’s End 2019 (Howard Knopf)
  21. Milan Fashion Week and Fashion Law Trends – Karl Lagerfeld’s heritage: who is going to award the rights on his image? Does the cat really take it all?


  1. Steam must allow digital games to be resold, rules French court
  2. French court rules country’s Steam users can resell their games: Ruling contradicts EU law and would be “disastrous” for consumers and industry, says ISFE CEO
  3. French Court Declares That Steam Gamers Actually Do Own What They Bought
  4. Bandai Namco is suing AtGames over Ms. Pac-Man copyright infringement
  5. Ubisoft is taking legal action against Rainbow Six Siege DDoS attackers
  6. Suspect arrested in conjunction with World of Warcraft DDoS attack: Blizzard confirms individual believed to be behind wave of server outages this month is in custody
  7. Games professor accuses Kingdom of Loathing designer of abuse: A.M. Darke shares her story of physical, emotional abuse at the hands of ex-husband Zack Johnson
  8. UK Parliamentary Committee says ‘loot boxes’ should be considered gambling and regulated accordingly
  9. Dynamic and Nonliteral Elements Win Protection in Blizzard Copyright Suit
  10. RomUniverse To Attempt To Crowdfund Legal Defense, Which Isn’t Going Well At All
  11. Blog: How the California AB5 Labor Bill might affect game companies
  12. Ustwo: Apple Arcade “unshackles the finances” from mobile gaming – The developer of Monument Valley and Apple Arcade launch title Assemble With Care on the benefits of subscriptions
  13. Apple Arcade’s debut heralds the launch of dozens of games on iOS (and Steam?)
  14. Xbox’s Project xCloud launches in public preview this October
  15. Microsoft launching public xCloud streaming test on Android in October
  16. Google Stadia ‘Founder’s Edition’ pre-order bundle has sold out in Europe
  17. Google announces Play Pass subscription service: Android’s answer to Apple Arcade includes over 350 premium apps and games at launch for $4.99/month
  18. Play Pass and its library of 350 apps offers a different take on mobile subscriptions
  19. Devs that sign on to Play Pass are paid by the time players spend in their games
  20. Niko Partners: Cloud gaming revenue to reach $3bn in Asia by 2023 – Projections suggest there will be 500 million cloud gamers in Asia by 2028
  21. Control’s Epic Games Store exclusivity initially cost Epic $10.45 million
  22. Epic seems to have paid $10.5 million for Control’s PC exclusivity
  23. Epic paid 505 Games parent over $10m for Control PC exclusivity: Digital Bros financial statements reveal exclusivity deal payout for Remedy’s latest release
  24. Steam Labs rolls out new discoverability experiments
  25. Steam Labs adds two more experiments: Deep Dive, Community Recommendations – Prior experiment Interactive Recommender gets promoted to Steam Store home page
  26. TurboPlay’s grand ambition to be the Spotify of games: Co-founder Vince McMullin wants to take on other PC storefronts with different takes on algorithms, revenue sharing, and community
  27. Nicalis delists Ittle Dew 2 from console storefronts: Developer says he was ghosted by publisher for six months after terminating publisher’s license
  28. Do you need a publisher to ‘make your game sell’?
  29. NBCUniversal is closing its game publishing division
  30. NBCUniversal shuts down game publishing arm
  31. Summer games drought slowed inflation in the UK: Office for National Statistics points to video games as prime contributor to lowest inflation rate since December 2016
  32. Unity acquires game marketing and analytics specialist deltaDNA
  33. Unity acquires deltaDNA: Engine maker says live ops analytics firm will continue to operate independently as engagement tools are integrated into Unity Engine
  34. Borderlands 3 is the fastest selling game in 2K’s history: And 70% of all sales in the first five days were digital
  35. Borderlands 3 has sold over 5 million copies in five days
  36. New releases, led by Borderlands 3, shake up EMEAA charts: eFootball PES 2020 and Greedfall debut at No. 2 and 3, NHL 20 arrives at No. 5
  37. The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening topples Borderlands 3 in UK Charts – The most successful Zelda remake so far
  38. Zelda: Link’s Awakening review: This beach adventure looks 2019, feels 1993
  39. Link’s Awakening: Critical Consensus – Faithful modern-day remake of original Game Boy game charms reviewers despite underwhelming dungeon creator, frame rate issues
  40. PUBG becomes first mobile battle royale to surpass $1bn revenue: Since Chinese re-launch, PUBG Mobile has seen 540% growth year-on-year
  41. Pride Run developers: “We didn’t expect so much resistance” – The IV Productions team discuss the challenges they’ve faced in making a game that celebrates LGBTQ+ culture
  42. Call of Duty Modern Warfare expected to be US best-selling title of 2019: NPD – NBA 2K20 predicted second, Pokemon Sword and Kingdom Hearts III also make top ten
  43. Pokemon GO just saw its best month since 2016 – SuperData: Niantic’s deluge of summer events helped the game gross $176 million in August
  44. Can Nintendo learn from its mistakes with Mario Kart Tour? | Opinion: All eyes are on Mario Kart Tour, Nintendo’s most important mobile release so far
  45. Nintendo’s free-to-play mobile Mario Kart now offers a monthly subscription
  46. Nintendo fought hard to lower the Switch Lite’s price to $200, say suppliers
  47. Nintendo Switch Lite is the best portable system Nintendo has ever made
  48. Nintendo Switch Lite: Critical Consensus – Few see any faults with Nintendo’s new hardware, and even its critics concede that it’s just about perfect for handheld gaming
  49. Report: The Switch Lite has already sold over 170,000 units in Japan
  50. How do you manage software and saves on a second Switch? It’s complicated
  51. Dead Cells crosses 2.4M sales due to ‘ridiculous’ Switch performance
  52. Twitch Acquires ‘Internet Games Database’ (IGDB) To Improve Search Functionality
  53. Content Moderation At Scale Especially Doesn’t Work When You Hide All The Rules
  54. Esports investment: Building resilience in a volatile space – New Wave Esports CEO Daniel Mitre on the glamour of teams versus the sustainability of platforms
  55. UTA Adds To Burgeoning Esports Roster With Call Of Duty Star Seth ‘Scump’ Abner
  56. Is it time to retire virtual currency? | Opinion: The industry doesn’t want to curb loot boxes, but it could address some concerns by giving up another consumer-unfriendly tactic
  57. Take-Two: Next-gen won’t see dev costs spike – CEO Strauss Zelnick says the days of console transitions putting significantly increased burden on publishers are long gone
  58. Revealed: The 2019 Best Places To Work Awards winners
  59. LVP raises $80 million to fund new game startups
  60. Manticore Games raises $30m for accessible development platform: Core platform aims to enable players to quickly and easily make high-quality games
  61. Removing Denuvo DRM doesn’t improve performance for Arkham Knight
  62. Immutable raises $15m for blockchain card game Gods Unchained: Australian studio will also use investment to build out its Immutable Platform toolkit
  63. 21 game companies join Playing for the Planet Alliance to combat climate change
  64. PlayStation, Xbox, Stadia and more sign up to United Nations climate change initiative: Platform holders pledge to save the planet with carbon neutral Xbox units and low-power suspension mode for PlayStation 5
  65. PlayStation teams with UN to reduce carbon footprint of game hardware
  66. PlayStation 5 to increase energy efficiency—but only if users opt in
  67. PlayStation cuts out the middleman, starts selling its own consoles and more online
  68. 20% of the Oculus Store’s $100 million lifetime sales were Quest titles
  69. Where Oculus’ VR games go from here: Facebook’s Jason Rubin and Mike Verdu talk Vader Immortal, Respawn, and the future
  70. Oculus Quest’s secret trick: It can double as a wired PC VR headset
  71. Oculus announces plans to build augmented reality glasses
  72. Controller-free hand tracking comes to Oculus Quest in early 2020
  73. Oculus adding hand-tracking to Quest
  74. Oculus Rift games are coming to Quest via Oculus Link this November
  75. Oculus will add new social features powered by Facebook: The brand integration gets tighter and tighter
  76. Mobile AR game Dragon Quest Walk passes 5 million downloads in Japan
  77. Respawn’s first VR game is Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond
  78. Ex-Owlchemy devs land $4.4 million for new XR studio absurd:joy
  79. Absurd: joy aims to “invent a genre of content no one has ever seen before” –  Ex-Owlchemy Labs devs Alex Schwartz and Cy Wise launching new VR/AR company making things that may or may not be games
  80. MTG invests in emotional regulation app Mightier: Swedish outfit puts $250,000 toward app and subscription service intended to help children with ADHD, anger, or anxiety issues
  81. Manticore Games raises $30 million for its social game platform Core
  82. Unit 2 Games launches £100,000 fund indie development: Finance available to developers who want to make the first wave of games for multiplayer platform Crayta
  83. Untitled Goose Game review: HONNNNNNK
  84. Getting goosey with Debussy: Creating an adaptive score for Untitled Goose Game
  85. Unheadlined Goose Game interview: House House’s Jacob Strasser and Michael McMaster on the studio’s surprising growth from gosling to gander
  86. Video: Ars talks Civilization with the man himself: Sid Meier
  87. Video: Living a long, full, and fulfilling life in game development
  88. Making people understand and care about your game
  89. How to grow as a designer: What to read, where to get ideas, and knowing thyself
  90. Blog: Development stress, choices that matter, and language of games
  91. Blog: Why you should invest more in community management
  92. Blog: Strategies for growing player loyalty and retention rates
  93. Raven Software devs look back at the making of Jedi Outcast
  94. Video: How to be an effective, high-performance game producer
  95. Don’t Miss: How Everything connects the arts of animation and game design
  96. Don’t Miss: A 2007 look at the essential open-world games for game designers
  97. Don’t Miss: How Naughty Dog designed The Last Of Us’ brutal melee system
  98. Don’t Miss: A deep dive into the art that gives colors back to Dead Cells’ cryptic worlds
  99. Using the language of film & theater to entice new players in FMV game Erica
  100. Influencers and E3: Invasion of the tweens | Opinion – E3 as a festival for influencers and celebrities may horrify some, but is likely a good move – as long as we’re realistic about the age demographics it will reach
  101. GDC YouTube Top 5: NYU Game Center’s Mitu Khandaker
  102. U.S. Patent No. 9,308,458: Automatic movement of player character in network game


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