News of the Week; August 21, 2019


  1. Telus customers’ blood boiling after two days of email outage
  2. 4-day Telus email outage caused by mishap during repair of data storage service
  3. Telus offers bill credits as email disruption hits 5th day
  4. CRTC sets final wholesale rates for access to high-speed broadband networks
  5. Bell scales back rural internet plans after CRTC decision on rates: Bell will nix 200,000 customers from expansion, Rogers says it is reviewing options 
  6. FCC Chairman Pai Formally Recommends Approval of Sprint/T-Mobile Merger and Associated Dish Requests
  7. FCC Forgets About, Then Dismisses, Complaint Detailing Verizon’s Long History Of Net Neutrality Violations
  8. FCC Expands Anti-Spoofing Prohibitions to Foreign-Originated Calls, Text-Messaging Services 
  9. How malformed packets caused CenturyLink’s 37-hour, nationwide outage
  10. Huawei Busted Helping African Governments Spy On The Press, Political Opponents
  11. Huawei’s futuristic foldable smartphone gets delayed for a second time
  12. Report: US expected to give Huawei another 90-day export license
  13. Report: United States will give Huawei another 90-day export license
  14. AT&T brings cable TV prices to online streaming with $135 monthly plan
  15. Useless dads and passive women – first ads banned under the ASA’s gender stereotyping rules
  16. A new regime for English media and communications cases


  1. Latest ‘Google Whistleblower’ To Prove Anti-Conservative Bias Doesn’t Prove Anything And Appears To Be Bigoted Conspiracy Theorist
  2. Facebook audit of alleged anti-conservative bias fails to pinpoint any
  3. Facebook, Twitter accuse China of spreading Hong Kong disinformation
  4. Facebook and Twitter uncover Chinese trolls spreading doubts about Hong Kong protests: Close to 1,000 accounts were found on Twitter alone
  5. Twitter and Facebook say China-linked accounts sought to fuel political discord in Hong Kong: Twitter said it  pulled down 936 troll accounts, many of which pushed conspiracy theories about the protest groups.
  6. Twitter and Facebook take first actions against China for using fake accounts to sow discord in Hong Kong: Social media giants taking action against a ‘significant state-backed information operation’ related to the protests
  7. Twitter, Facebook Turn Off Hundreds of Accounts Linked to Chinese Disinformation about Hong Kong Protests: In press releases, the companies say they have shut down Bejing-controlled activity.
  8. Twitter And Facebook Removing Chinese Disinfo Campaigns Shows That, Contrary To Popular Opinion, They Do Moderate Against Disinfo
  9. Google, Apple, and Mozilla block Kazakhstan government’s browser spying
  10. States reportedly plan monopoly investigation of Google, Facebook, Amazon
  11. WSJ Rightly Attacks Senator Josh Hawley’s ‘Nannyish’ Laws Regarding The Internet
  12. Another Politician Unconstitutionally Censored Constituents on Twitter–Campbell v. Reisch (Eric Goldman)
  13. How Beijing wages its media assault on the credibility of the Hong Kong protesters
  14. Hong Kong Protestors Call for Disney Boycott After ‘Mulan’ Star Voices Support for Police Crackdown
  15. Hong Kong Protestors Call for ‘Mulan’ Boycott After Star Shares Support for Police Crackdown
  16. Pushing For Facebook, YouTube And Twitter To Ban Hate Speech Won’t Stop It From Migrating Elsewhere
  17. Is There A Conspiracy Among Legacy Media Companies To Push A False Narrative About Big Tech?
  18. 8 Ways to Stay Ahead of Influence Operations: With election meddling inevitable in 2020, the United States needs a powerful kill chain.
  19. Websites that peddle disinformation make millions of dollars in ads, new study finds
  20. Cutting the Funding of Disinformation: The Ad-Tech Solution
  21. It’s On: Details Emerge Of Polish Government’s Formal Request For Top EU Court To Throw Out Upload Filters
  22. Misinformation Has Created a New World Disorder: Our willingness to share content without thinking is exploited to spread disinformation
  23. Mainland Chinese netizens face ‘pink terror’ of patriotic trolls amid Hong Kong protests
  24. ‘Humiliating’: Chinese nationalist trolls target critics in Australia
  25. Anonymous “Anonymous Cowards” are, for now, not welcome on Slashdot
  26. Altruism Still Fuels the Web. Businesses Love to Exploit It: How open source projects reveal technology’s free rider problem. (Zeynep Tufekci)
  27. Global regulation threatens to take a bite out of the FAANGs
  28. Facebook Fined Again: Real Hypothetical Risks
  29. In New Facebook Effort, Humans Will Help Curate Your News Stories
  30. Facebook Is Rolling out a Tool to Limit Data Gathering
  31. YouTube Sues Guy Who Tried To Extort People Through Bogus DMCA Takedowns
  32. Man sued for using bogus YouTube takedowns to get address for swatting: YouTube sues man for multiple egregious abuses of the DMCA takedown process.
  33. LGBTQ creators accuse YouTube of discrimination in class-action lawsuit alleging it unfairly restricts and demonetizes queer content
  34. Lawyers Who Sued YouTube For Anti-Conservative Bias Are Suing YouTube Again… For Anti-LGBTQ Bias
  35. LGBTQ+ YouTubers Allege that YouTube Engages in Discriminatory Practices
  36. Lilly Singh Talks Late-Night Production, Says Her YouTube Uploading Schedule “Won’t Be So Rigorous”
  37. ‘Spill’ Is A Drama YouTuber Who’s Gotten Nearly 1 Billion Views In 11 Months. But She Might Not Be A Real Person.
  38. YouTube Testing Mega-Sized Thumbnails On Desktop Homepage, Much To Some Users’ Chagrin
  39. YouTube Will Prevent Manual Copyright Claimants From Monetizing Creators’ Videos With “Short Or Unintentional” Uses Of Music
  40. YouTube Is Finalizing Plans To Remove Targeted Advertising From Videos Aimed At Kids (Report)
  41. YouTube will reportedly halt targeted ads for videos that appeal to kids: But how do you decide when a video is targeted at kids?
  42. YouTube Originals become ad-supported and free after September 24th
  43. YouTube’s Original Programming To Become Free For All Users On Sept. 24
  44. The Streamy Awards Pact With YouTube For Exclusive Distribution Deal, Announce Dec. 13 Showdate
  45. YouTube Is Hiring Partner Managers To Work With Conservative And Liberal News Creators
  46. YouTube No Longer Commissioning Scripted Originals In EMEA, Orders 3 Education-Focused Projects
  47. YouTube Is Axing Its Two-Year-Old Direct Messaging Feature In September
  48. YouTube Links Up With Taylor Swift For Live Event Ahead Of ‘Lover’ Album Release
  49. Google Testing Monetization Tool That Would Enable YouTubers To Host Virtual Events With Fans
  50. The death of “Works with Nest” begins now with Google account migrations
  51. The Meme Generation: Social Media Platforms Address Content Curation 
  52. NBC Gives Lilly Singh A Superpowered Welcome With Hourlong Primetime Special
  53. Asian Streamer Viu Adds Wattpad Development Deal
  54. Whitney Cummings did a brave thing
  55. Using #BrandAmbassador As Your Influencer Disclosure?
  56. Premier League Social Video Standings Look A Lot Like Typical Season’s Table
  57. Disney+, ESPN+ Subscribers Might Face Crackdowns On Password Sharing After Disney/Charter Deal
  58. Disney fights streaming account sharing with help from cable industry
  59. Disney+ is set to launch on all the major streaming platforms except Amazon
  60. Disney+ To Launch In 5 Countries On Apple, Google, Roku, Microsoft, And Sony Devices
  61. Apple TV+ will launch in November for $9.99, facing off against Disney+ at $6.99
  62. Apple sues company that sells “perfect replicas” of iOS without a license
  63. Apple Card is now available to all US iPhone owners, adds new cash-back rewards
  64. Apple delays new rules for kid-focused apps to give devs more room to comply
  65. Insights: ViacomCBS, Tumblr, And Houseparty – The Companies We Keep, And Those We Can’t
  66. Twitter tests hiding direct messages it thinks are abusive: ‘Unwanted messages aren’t fun’
  67. Comments on Rep. Gosar’s “Stop the Censorship Act,” Another “Conservative” Attack on Section 230 (Eric Goldman)
  68. A Significant Section 230 Defense Win in the Ninth Circuit–Dyroff v. Ultimate Software (Eric Goldman)
  69. Beto O’Rourke Joins The Silly Parade Of Confused Politicians Looking To Destroy Section 230
  70. Companies Are Not Complying With the Safe Harbor Provision of the DMCA 
  71. Domain Name Registrar Isn’t Liable for Counterfeit Goods–InvenTel v. GoDaddy (Eric Goldman)
  72. FTC Settles Email Lawsuit with Unrollme 
  73. Instagram to let US users report false content: Facebook-owned company seeking to stem spread of misinformation by removing dubious posts from searches
  74. What’s not to like about Instagram’s latest test?
  75. Former Texas Governor Rick Perry fell for an old-school Instagram hoax
  76. Reddit Piloting New ‘RPAN’ Livestreaming Feature Over The Next Five Days
  77. Oh, (No) Snap! CARU Praises Snapchat for Safeguarding the Underaged
  78. Moviepass Changed User Passwords So They Couldn’t Use The Flopping Service
  79. Senators Ask for Answers About the Meaning of “Amazon’s Choice”
  80. Amazon outstrips Netflix on content marketing spend
  81. What does Amazon’s “Top Brand” badge actually mean?
  82. For Barstool Sports, Podcasts Are Now Around One-Third of Revenue
  83. Spotify Is Developing A Stories Feature For Its Playlists
  84. Spotify to Test a More Expensive Version of Its Popular Music Service
  85. Ryan ToysReview, To Premiere Five Specials On Roku’s Just-Launched ‘Kids & Family’ Channel
  86. Kenyan Government Risks Squandering The Long-Term Potential Of Mobile Transactions In The Hope Of A Little Extra Tax Revenue
  87. Résumés Are Starting to Look Like Instagram – and Sometimes Even Tinder: Employers see surge in Gen Z CVs containing photos and illustrations; ‘there’s a freaking bitmoji’
  88. Facebook’s Libra Currency Gets European Union Antitrust Scrutiny
  89. Law firm BakerHostetler develops blockchain-based smart legal contracts for the freight market
  90. The Past and Future of The Internet: A Symposium for John Perry Barlow (Duke Law & Technology Review)


  1. International AI ethics panel must be independent: France and Canada are establishing an international committee to advise on the ethics of artificial intelligence. The group should be supported and shielded from undue influence.
  2. Regulating unreality | The legal implications of “deepfakes”
  3. There Is No Tech Solution to Deepfakes: Funding technological solutions to algorithmically-generated fake videos only puts a bandage on the deeper issues of consent and media literacy.
  4. Update: The Illinois Artificial Intelligence Video Interview Act 
  5. A Looming AI War: Transparency v. IP Rights
  6. Don’t Miss: How enemy AI works in Dicey Dungeons
  7. Music to regulators’ ears? Antitrust, RPM, and AI
  8. AI – top tips for the board 
  9. YouTube Reportedly Deleting Battlebot Videos Citing Animal Fighting Ban
  10. AI reads books out loud in authors’ voices


  1. Privacy Rights in the Internet Age and the New Tort of Public Disclosure of Private Facts
  2. Attorney General William Barr Declares War On The General Public
  3. As The NSA Declares Phone Record Program Dead, Trump Administration Asks For A Permanent Reauthorization
  4. Ring asks police not to tell public how its law enforcement backend works
  5. California Police Officers Are Handing Out Free Doorbell Cameras In Exchange For Testimony In Court
  6. Gizmodo Media’s Clueless New Owners Tell Reporters They Can’t Use Encrypted Email Any More
  7. Ransomware strike takes down 23 Texas local government agencies
  8. While one Texas county shook off ransomware, small cities took full punch
  9. The year-long rash of supply chain attacks against open source is getting worse
  10. Microsoft bucks trend, maintains contractor reviews of voice recording
  11. Badge life: The story behind DEFCON’s hackable crystal electronic badge
  12. Kaspersky AV injected unique ID that allowed sites to track users, even in incognito mode
  13. New Attack exploiting serious Bluetooth weakness can intercept sensitive data
  14. The GDPR Is A Wide Open Vulnerability For Identity Fraud And Scams
  15. Concealed Registration Data Under the GDPR Complicates UDRP Complaints
  16. Can a company decide whether to deidentify information or delete information if it receives a ‘right to be forgotten’ request?
  17. Ninth Circuit Rejects Facebook’s Article III Argument; Biometric Lawsuit Will Proceed
  18. Facebook pivots privacy failings into pop-up cafes: The company cares about your privacy. Honestly.
  19. Ninth Circuit Affirms Ruling that Plaintiffs Have Article III Standing in Illinois Biometric Privacy Class Action
  20. Cybersecurity and the Internet of Things – is it Time to Regulate?
  21. NIST Unveils IoT Baseline of Core Cybersecurity Features for Comment 
  22. A cyberattack could wreak destruction comparable to a nuclear weapon
  23. Still much to be determined on insurance coverage after cyberattacks: Case law on coverage after social engineering fraud is sparse
  24. FCA introduces 18-month grace period for two-factor authentication for online transactions 
  25. Security Researchers Find Several Bugs in Nest Security Cameras


  1. Copyright law: set for an overhaul? – A look at the key recommendations of two recent House of Commons reports concerning Canadian copyright law
  2. SCOTUS: Full Costs in Copyright Cases Limited by General Costs Statute
  3. DOJ/Copyright Office File An Amicus Brief In Support Of Led Zeppellin
  4. Spider-Man is out of the MCU thanks to Sony/Disney standoff
  5. THE Ohio State University Applies For THE Stupidest Trademark In THE World
  6. NC Appeals Court Withdraws Its Horrendous, Free Speech-Damaging Opinion On Retaliatory Arrests
  7. Loss for Sheriff Joe Arpaio
  8. They called you a troll, deal with it—court slaps down libel lawsuit
  9. New Hampshire Supreme Court: Of Course It’s Not Defamatory To Call A Patent Troll A Patent Troll
  10. White House Suspends Another Reporter’s Press Pass, Once Again, Raising 1st Amendment Concerns
  11. Missguided Missed Deadline in Kardashian Suit
  12. Bronze, Shape, Glow: A copyright tale destined for Broadway
  13. Artist Sues Singer for Shooting then Selling Artwork
  14. National Gallery discovers hidden secrets in Leonardo painting 
  15. NDA and IP deals
  16. The Matrix 4 is officially happening with Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss


  1. Why It’s So Hard to Stop Marketing Guns in Video Games: Video games don’t cause mass shootings, but they do serve as insidious advertisements for weapons.
  2. YouTube sues alleged copyright troll over extortion of multiple YouTubers: Chris Brady seemed to target the Minecraft community, according to the suit
  3. YouTube Sues User Who Allegedly Tried To Extort ‘Minecraft’ Creators By Filing Fraudulent Copyright Claims
  4. After canceling one upgrade, Minecraft gets another—and it’s Nvidia RTX exclusive
  5. Blizzard v Bossland Saga: a UK post-credits scene on account of profits
  6. DayZ has ban lifted in Australia following modification
  7. Ion Fury developers apologize for sexist, ableist, homophobic, transphobic remarks: Voidpoint pledges zero-tolerance policy, sensitivity training, game patch, and donation to The Trevor Project
  8. Ubisoft Entertainment, S.A. et al v. Yousician Oy
  9. PewDiePie Enters Nth Evolution Of His YouTube Channel, “Just Wants To Play ‘Minecraft’”
  10. Survey highlights culture of overwork and toxicity in UK games industry: Entertainment union boss describes results as “damning indictment” of industry’s problems
  11. Denuvo 6.0 has been cracked
  12. Denuvo launches new mobile game security solution to help devs prevent tampering
  13. Denuvo launches new mobile game security solution: Mobile Game Protection prevents debugging, reverse engineering, and changing the game
  14. Google Stadia exclusives push potential players to data centers
  15. Cyberpunk 2077, more games coming to Google Stadia: Stadia Connect reveals more titles for Google’s upcoming cloud streaming service
  16. Cyberpunk 2077, exclusive Orcs Must Die 3, and many more now headed to Stadia
  17. Robot Entertainment CEO: Orcs Must Die 3 “would not be possible without Google” – Patrick Hudson explains the decision to make the latest Orcs Must Die entry a Stadia-exclusive
  18. 85 Google Play apps with 8 million downloads forced fullscreen ads on users
  19. Google Play Store’s blindingly white redesign starts rolling out
  20. Apple delays new rules around data tracking in kids’ games: “We aren’t backing off on this important issue, but we are working to help developers get there”
  21. Report: Apple Arcade monthly subscription will cost $4.99
  22. Report: Apple Arcade will cost just $4.99 a month
  23. UK Charts: Crash Team Racing still No.1 (but it should be Minecraft) – Best-selling sandbox game just about outsold remastered racer, but listings quirk puts it lower in the Top 10
  24. Mojang ends development on Minecraft’s Super Duper Graphics Pack: Microsoft working with Nvidia to bring ray-tracing to Minecraft on PC
  25. Nvidia’s gaming business sees growth thanks to graphics demands
  26. Loot Crate files for bankruptcy, lays off over 50: Employees report no notice or severance despite promises that “operations will continue as usual”
  27. How Ark: Survival Evolved “fell into sustainable revenue” without skins or loot boxes
  28. Gears 5 “ahead of the industry” on monetising without loot boxes: Multiplayer design director Ryan Cleven says The Coalition has been working on “player-friendly” purchase systems since Gears of War 4
  29. Respawn devs roped into Reddit feud with fans over Apex Legends loot box furore: Respawn apologizes for comments made by developers toward players in response to loot box anger
  30. Respawn at the Apex of community dysfunction | Opinion: Fans and developers say they want an open, transparent relationship with each other, but their actions suggest anything but
  31. Embrace Fans: How One Mystery Modder Has Kept System Shock 2 Playable
  32. Section 230 Doesn’t Protect Print-on-Demand Vendor–Atari v. Sunfrog (Eric Goldman)
  33. Supreme Court Asked to consider section 230
  34. Herrick v. Grindr: Why Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act Must be Fixed
  35. Nintendo clamps down on YouTube game music channels: One channel received over 140 copyright claims against their videos
  36. Nintendo Hates You: Company DMCAs Over 100 Videos Celebrating Nintendo Game Music
  37. NPD: Nintendo sweeps July, though Madden takes the crown – “Fire Emblem Three Houses” saw the largest launch of a Fire Emblem game in US history
  38. Turning the Nintendo Switch into Android’s best gaming hardware
  39. Report: Nintendo continues its 2019 domination in hardware and software
  40. Guidemaster: The best Nintendo Switch accessories you can buy in 2019
  41. Microsoft contractors listened to user audio from Xbox consoles: Both deliberate and accidental Cortana, Kinect commands were recorded and heard, most reportedly from children
  42. Xbox Game Studios-published Ori and the Blind Forestheaded to Switch
  43. Xbox expands Nintendo Switch support with Ori and the Blind Forest
  44. Xbox open to some first-party games appearing on other consoles
  45. Microsoft has “no plans” to release more Xbox exclusives on PS4 or Nintendo Switch: Company says the focus is on its own platforms
  46. Don’t Miss: A look back at the development of Ori and the Blind Forest
  47. Don’t Miss: Surrendering control and trusting in players with Her Story
  48. Mojang partners with Nvidia to bring real-time ray tracing to Minecraft
  49. Kerbal Space Program 2 will take flight in 2020—here’s the first trailer
  50. You’re Not Helping: ESPN Delays ‘Apex Legends’ Broadcast After 2 Mass Shootings
  51. Echo Fox terminates its League of Legends players’ contracts
  52. Echo Fox lays off League of Legends players as franchise slot sale moves forward: Riot Games taking applications for new partner in league slot following dispute between Echo Fox founder and shareholder
  53. ELeague to broadcast Nintendo 2019 World Championships on CBS: Three-episode series to air summer competitions in Splatoon 2, Super Mario Maker 2, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  54. Gfinity Esports Australia shutting down this November: Esports tournament organiser ceasing operations after two years
  55. Rapper Offset Tenders Investment In Leading Esports Collective FaZe Clan
  56. The onslaught of regulation against games and esports | Opinion: Legal experts at Reed Smith reflect on the scrutiny the industry is under, and how the European Esports Federation might offer hope
  57. Underneath The International’s $33m prize pool, a flawed system in continuous need of repair
  58. Making money out of E-Sports Opportunities
  59. YouTube Millionaires: The Leaderboard Is Building An Inclusive Destination For Gamers Of All Sorts
  60. Sony open to PC versions of PlayStation exclusives
  61. Sony-owned studios may lean into a wider, non-PlayStation install base in the future
  62. Sweating the details of diversity in Marvel’s Spider-Man
  63. Sony announces it’s buying Spider-Man developer Insomniac Games
  64. Spider-Man developer Insomniac acquired, joins Sony Worldwide Studios
  65. Sony acquires Insomniac Games: Insomniac’s Spider-Man, a PS4-exclusive, has now sold over 13m copies
  66. Sony Acquires Insomniac Games, Delivering a Strategic Blow to Oculus Studios in the Process
  67. Insomniac Games acquired by Sony, calls out “a special relationship”
  68. ‘No Man’s Sky’ VR Review – A Wonderful, Deeply Flawed Space Odyssey
  69. Guidemaster: 2019’s best VR is a battle between Oculus Quest, everyone else
  70. Phoenix Labs acquires Bot School Inc: Dauntless developer invests further in cross-platform efforts
  71. Phoenix Labs acquires Bot School Inc to further Dauntlesscross-play efforts
  72. Epic apologises following release of re-skinned cosmetic item: Players refunded after complaints that new battle pet is nearly indistinguishable from previously released one
  73. Epic Games opens new Cologne studio with Factor 5 founders  
  74. Epic Games rolls out new store features as Cologne studio opens doors
  75. Epic Games and Factor 5 founders opens new studio in Cologne: Unreal firm’s third German branch will focus on interactive media and streaming technology
  76. Despite complaints, Epic stands behind Fortnite’s “anyone can win” mechs
  77. Epic Games Store rolls out more cloud save support, flashier store pages
  78. Unfold Games, studio behind DARQ, turns down Epic Games Store exclusivity deal
  79. DARQ dev highlights “double standard” of Epic Game Store: Unfold Games explains decision to turn down exclusivity deal
  80. Why one PC developer turned down the security of Epic’s exclusivity offer
  81. ReadySet Heroes is the first Sony-published game to debut on Epic’s Games Store
  82. Cracks Showing In Epic Store’s PR War As Developers Have To Plead With Public To Not Harass Them
  83. Sony publishes ReadySet Heroes on Epic Games Store: Robot Entertainment’s action-adventure title is the first Sony-published title on the storefront
  84. Steam’s ‘Follower’ counts: A discoverability gem hidden in plain sight
  85. Steam is heading to China as a separate marketplace
  86. Government regulation means Steam China will be a curated platform
  87. My.Games is launching its own PC video game storefront
  88. Klang Games raises over $22m in Series B funding for persistent MMO Seed
  89. Starbreeze posts $6.6 million loss amid ongoing reconstruction 
  90. Starbreeze attempts to stop Q2 FY19 bleeding with one-time revenue injections
  91. Ubisoft on politics in games: “We know we’re not taking it far enough” – Editorial VP Tommy François says he wants future games to better represent multiple viewpoints on the world
  92. Stop asking “is it political?” It always is | Opinion: Asking developers if their games are “political” has become an exercise in avoiding outrage; there are better ways to explore this complex, important question
  93. Bungie says current Destiny 2 development is “unsustainable”
  94. Activision Blizzard appoints its first-ever corporate-wide CMO
  95. GOG has fulfilled two million Community Wishlist requests: Digital distributor celebrates milestone, ten years after launching programme
  96. Fire Emblem Three Houses sold an estimated 800k digital units in July – SuperData: GTA Online Diamond Casino update brings in $69m across console and PC, PUBG sells another 1m units on PC
  97. Microsoft has no plans to bring Xbox first-party exclusives to other consoles
  98. Report: Microsoft used human contractors to listen in on Xbox-recorded audio
  99. PUBG is rolling out console crossplay to Xbox One and PS4 this year
  100. DuckTales makes a staggering last-minute comeback in EMEAA charts: Disney platformer rockets to No.3 before being delisted from stores 
  101. Report: Mortal Kombat 11 leads the way in second-quarter video game engagement
  102. Ubisoft rebrands its German studios: Blue Byte studios to become Ubisoft Düsseldorf and Ubisoft Mainz
  103. Lockwood Publishing closes funding round led by Novator, CCP Games CEO: Unity Technologies founder David Helgasson also participates, appointed chairman of the board
  104. Unity launches two new classroom tools to help teach programming  
  105. THQ Nordic AB board proposes name change to Embracer Group: Proposal would separate holding company’s nomenclature from that of subsidiary publisher
  106. My.Games to launch new PC gaming storefront: gaming division to distribute free-to-play and premium PC titles and other services starting late this year
  107. What we can learn from… Warframe: From a slow start, Digital Extremes built a service game to rival Destiny, defying every convention along the way
  108. U.S. retailers and consumers get stay of execution on Trump’s China tariffs
  109. Metaari: US surpasses China as top-buying country for game-based learning – Industry revenue is expected to rise to over $24 billion by 2024
  110. Valve to keep original Steam up in China: Company plans to have its global storefront freely available in the country even after the launch of the official Steam China storefront
  111. Superhot Team aims to support ‘weird but smart’ devs with new indie fund
  112. Superhot launches indie development fund: Director of special projects Callum Underwood details how the studio is giving back to the indie community with Superhot Presents
  113. Wikia’s Fandom is getting into the game publishing business
  114. Pre-tax earnings more than double at Stillfront Group in Q2: Group posts $49.9 million revenue and $15.9 million earnings
  115. Bloodborne and Mass Effect 3 composer forms new audio production company  
  116. Bloodborne composer co-founds new audio production company: The Audio Hive roster includes veterans from The Witcher 3, God of War, and Red Dead Redemption II
  117. Halo Infinite and Halo 5: Guardians creative director has left 343 Industries
  118. Defining ‘hyper-casual’ as a genre and exploring its long-term viability
  119. Blog: Creating a questlog people actually read in Pathologic 2
  120. Blog: How I translated Ancient Greek punishment games into Bitsy 
  121. Blog: Implementing data structures – Part 2
  122. Don’t Miss: A deep dive into the ‘old school’ save system ofAlien: Isolation
  123. Video: Inside the flexible music system of Plants vs. Zombies Heroes
  124. Don’t Miss: Designing Spider-Man 2’s classic web-swinging mechanic
  125. Designing communities for kindness
  126. Video: Designing multiplayer ranking systems like Elo and TrueSkill
  127. Video: Great game audio choreography for battle design
  128. Video: Designing for color blindness in games
  129. Video: Think you’re ready to pitch a publisher? You’re not, and here’s why
  130. Borderlands 3’s secret weapon is in the writers’ room: At Devcom, Gearbox Software’s Randy Varnell detailed the creation of a “narrative department” to meet the challenge of Borderlands 3
  131. Remastering Yakuza for the modern world: Series producer Daisuke Sato discusses how and why the newly announced remasters have been changed in various ways
  132. How positive relationships and slow, steady progress keep Raconteur Games smiling
  133. Engaging level design for combat
  134. Growing into Growtopia: Ubisoft Abu Dhabi head Yannick Theler talks about building a new studio in a non-traditional development scene
  135. From concept to doubt to reevaluation: Designing Creature in the Well
  136. GameStop lays off 120+ people, including some Game Informer staff
  137. GameStop lays off 120 corporate staffers as stock continues to tumble
  138. GameStop suffers another round of layoffs, Game Informer editors affected
  139. Game Informer lays off ‘many’ staff: Now-former employees break the news about cuts at GameStop-owned magazine
  140. What will be the biggest video games of Christmas 2019?: In the absence of Battlefield and Assassin’s Creed, there’s a big opportunity for alternative franchises to break through this Q4
  141. Sony, Ubisoft receive multiple honors in Gamescom Awards 2019
  142. U.S. Patent No. 7,717,789: Game program, game device, and game method 
  143. Guidemaster: Navigating the hazy world of gaming laptops in 2019
  144. Remembering the best shareware-era DOS games that time forgot
  145. Ars Technica’s favorite video games from our first 10 years, 1998-2008


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