News of the Week; August 14, 2019


  1. CRTC Establishes New Internet Code For Consumers
  2. CRTC’s latest report shows price decline in communications services
  3. CBC News: High cost of internet access leaving low-income families behind, report finds
  4. Competition Bureau Study on the Broadband Industry Paints a “Largely Positive Picture”
  5. It’s Back: The Netflix Tax Debate Returns for the 2019 Election (Michael Geist)
  6. Postmedia Announces Refinancing Transaction
  7. AT&T Employees Took Bribes To Plant Malware On Company’s Network
  8. CBS and Viacom merger: ‘It’s not a surprise, but it is a big deal’
  9. Courts Again Shoot Down FCC For Ignoring The Law, Making Up Stuff
  10. Ajit Pai loses another court case as judges overturn 5G deregulation 
  11. FCC Opens the 2.5 GHz Band for 5G Wireless Services
  12. Trump admin reportedly drafting order to counter social media “bias”: The proposal would reportedly put the onus of content regulation on the FCC.
  13. Texas AG Joins Lawsuit Against T-Mobile, Showing Bipartisan Opposition To Mindless M&As
  14. Frontier network outages get worse in NY, triggering state investigation
  15. Verizon: 5G speeds on low-spectrum bands will be more like “good 4G”
  16. Verizon demands $880 from rural library for just 0.44GB of roaming data
  17. Comcast Wireless Joins Verizon In Charging You More For HD Video
  18. Verizon selling Tumblr to owner, but porn ban won’t go away
  19. Verizon Selling Tumblr to Company That Owns WordPress
  20. With Tumblr Sale, Verizon Continues To Stumble In Bungled Pivot Away From Telecom
  21. Verizon sues city to avoid paying 5G fees, says the FCC has its back 
  22. Utility Provider Settles Call Recording Lawsuit for $3.7 Million 
  23. Trump Administration Issues Interim Rule Banning Agencies’ Procurement of Telecom Equipment and Services from Huawei, ZTE and Other Designated Chinese Companies 
  24. Federal Government Further Banned from Using Huawei 
  25. Huawei announces its first operating system, HarmonyOS 
  26. Ofcom Consultation on the protection of TV and radio programme participants


  1. White House proposal would have FCC and FTC police alleged social media censorship
  2. White House Once Again Circulating A Draft Executive Order On Social Media Bias
  3. Be Careful What You Wish For In Asking Silicon Valley To Police Speech Online
  4. Four Democratic Candidates Call on Walmart to Stop Selling Guns
  5. TikTok is fuelling India’s deadly hate speech epidemic: In small-town India, TikTok videos are a new hate speech minefield. Thousands of videos are being removed as users exploit the wild growth of the social network
  6. New Report Further Clarifies Foxconn’s Wisconsin Deal Was An Unsustainable Joke
  7. Fox News Commentator Calls For A ‘Backlash’ Against Big Tech… Because Wikileaks Released His Phone Number
  8. UK Moves To Give Regulators Power To Fine Internet Companies 5% Of Revenue If They Can’t Wave A Magic Wand And Make Bad Content Disappear
  9. If You Lament The State Of Politics Today, Lament The Loss Of Aereo
  10. Republicans suspend Twitter ad spending after boneheaded video takedown
  11. Twitter backs down, allows McConnell to post video of protestor threats
  12. What’s in a Tweet? Employer does not have to pay Settlement Funds After Grievor takes to Twitter
  13. Twitter’s latest test lets users subscribe to a tweet’s replies
  14. Has Twitter Declared You Dead?
  15. Giant Copyright Troll, Malibu Media, Sued By Investors
  16. Elsevier Says It’s Infringing To Link To Sci-Hub; Hypocrite Elsevier Links To Sci-Hub All The Time
  17. Elsevier Tries To Lie About University Of California’s Contract Negotiation; UC Shows Its Receipts
  18. Top University Of California Scientists Tell Elsevier They’ll No Longer Work On Elsevier Journals
  19. Amazon workers in Minnesota walk off the job over parking issues
  20. Schoolchildren in China work overnight to produce Amazon Alexa devices: Leaked documents show children as young as 16 recruited by Amazon supplier Foxconn work gruelling and illegal hours
  21. Senators demand Amazon explain how junk winds up in “Choice” listings
  22. Amazon says its facial recognition can now identify fear
  23. Amazon unveils first batch of casting for The Wheel of Timeadaptation
  24. ESRP Rebukes Yoga Company for Stretching the Truth About Influencers
  25. Russian State Watchdog Tells YouTube To Stop Sending Push Notifications About Mass Protests
  26. New Study Demonstrates YouTube’s Role In Far-Right Radicalization, Spread Of Conspiracies In Brazil
  27. ‘We can’t reach the women who need us’: the LGBT YouTubers suing the tech giant for discrimination
  28. YouTube should stop recommending garbage videos to users
  29. Ex-Googler Recently Held Up As A ‘Whistleblower’ And ‘Proof’ Of Anti-Conservative Bias At Google, Actually Supported Richard Spencer, Racist Skinheads
  30. Dennis Prager Peddles Complete Nonsense About ‘Google Censorship’ In The WSJ
  31. LGBTQ YouTubers Hit Google With Lawsuit For Alleged Discrimination: Eight video creators say that have been unfairly targeted and demonetized by YouTube.
  32. LGBTQ YouTubers are suing YouTube over alleged discrimination: Including suppressing video recommendations and demonetization
  33. YouTube Unequally Applies Policies, Giving Favor To Creators Who Bring In Big View Counts, Content Moderators Say
  34. YouTube lets biggest stars off the hook for breaking rules, moderators say
  35. YouTube Testing Program That Lets Certain Demonetized Channels File Immediate Appeals Via YouTube Videos
  36. LAPD Investigating YouTuber Brooke Houts For Hitting Her Dog On Camera
  37. In Wake Of Brooke Houts Incident, PETA Asks Platforms To Enact Zero-Tolerance Animal Abuse Policy
  38. YouTube Rolls Out ‘Super Chat’ Feature To 19 Additional Countries
  39. Tech firms face fines for harmful videos from regulator Ofcom
  40. Half Of Teens Turn To YouTube For News, Preferring Influencers Over Traditional News Organizations (Study)
  41. YouTube Debuts First Shoppable AR Ad With Beauty Vlogger Roxette Arisa And MAC Cosmetics
  42. YouTube tests letting ad bans be appealed by filming a YouTube video: Making it easier for creators to earn money
  43. New Jersey Attorney Ethics Opinion Blesses Competitive Keyword Advertising (…or Does It?) (Eric Goldman)
  44. Apple locks new iPhone batteries to prevent third-party repair, report says
  45. The Apple Card is launching soon – here’s how to apply for one directly from your iPhone
  46. Goldman Sachs, bank of the rich and powerful, is dipping into subprime lending with Apple Card
  47. Apple’s new credit card comes with forced arbitration—here’s how to opt out
  48. Apple Music For Artists Launches, Rivalling Spotify’s Analytics Tools
  49. Apple TV+ Gives First Glimpse At Billion-Dollar Originals Slate With ‘Morning Show’ Teaser, Starring Jennifer Aniston
  50. FAA Bans Recalled MacBook Pros From Flights
  51. FAA tells airlines MacBook Pros with defective batteries can’t fly
  52. Microsoft cuts Office 2019 one-time licenses through Home Use Program
  53. Spotify’s pitch to podcasters: valuable listener data: Spotify for Podcasters comes out of beta today
  54. Facebook Shielded by CDA Immunity against Federal Claims for Allowing Use of Its Platform by Terrorists 
  55. Biometric Class Action Against Facebook Greenlit by Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals
  56. Finding Article III Standing, Ninth Circuit Declines to Do an About-Face in Illinois Biometric Privacy Class Action against Facebook 
  57. Ninth Circuit finds Article III standing in case alleging Facebook violated the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act
  58. Ninth Circuit Allows Class Action Challenging Facebook’s Facial Recognition Technology Under Illinois BIPA
  59. Senate Members Ask DOJ to Take Action as Number of Website Accessibility Lawsuits Continues to Rise
  60. Facebook Tests Selling Subscriptions To Tastemade Plus, CollegeHumor’s Dropout, BritBox
  61. In strategy shift, Facebook seeks to pay millions to license news
  62. Facebook wants to be relevant in news again, and it’s willing to pay millions to bring back publishers: The company is building a new news effort
  63. Instagram Is Rolling Out The Ability To Natively Pre-Schedule Grid Posts, IGTV Videos
  64. Snapchat to Raise $1 Billion to Further Build Content, Gaming, and AR
  65. Snapchat Decides to Raise $1bn for Filters, Content, Acquisitions: The company owes its financial escalation to some of its AR lenses like the baby lens and gender-change filters which had gone viral.
  66. Snap announces Spectacles 3 with an updated design and a second HD camera: They’re $380 and go on sale in November
  67. Snap Unveils Third Generation Of $380 Spectacles, With Two Cameras To Create AR Effects
  68. Revealed: how Monsanto’s ‘intelligence center’ targeted journalists and activists – Internal documents show how the company worked to discredit critics and investigated singer Neil Young
  69. Google Maps AR Navigation comes to iPhones and Android devices
  70. Owners of defective 2016 Google Pixels can now claim up to $500
  71. Google is giving students three months of YouTube Premium for free: Or YouTube Music Premium, which is a less good deal
  72. Students Can Now Snag Three Free Months Of YouTube Premium And YouTube Music
  73. YouTube Rolls Out ‘Super Chat’ Feature To 19 Additional Countries
  74. Google, Cookies, and Cy-Pres-Only Settlements 
  75. Now you can use Android phones, rather than passwords, to log in to Google*
  76. Vice Appoints Former Munchies Exec Cliff Gulibert To Oversee All Digital Video Production
  77. Liza Koshy Gets Glam As Beauty Brand C’est Moi’s Very First Ambassador
  78. U.K. Vlogger Marina Joyce Found Safe By Police After Going Missing For 10 Days
  79. U.S. Navy Taps Kevin ‘VSauce2’ Lieber, Jake Koehler, William Osman For Inaugural Influencer Campaign
  80. Social Good Creators: Ashley Villa Is Changing The World For Female Entrepreneurs
  81. Did a trainee social worker’s offensive social media postings render him unfit to practice?
  82. Police say there is no danger after Twitch HQ threatened
  83. Twitch launches beta for all-in-one streaming app Twitch Studio
  84. Twitch has released its own broadcasting software: This is the company’s first broadcast offering
  85. Netflix Signs Reported $300 Million Overall Film, TV Deal With ‘Game Of Thrones’ Creators
  86. Game of Thrones creators sign $200 million Netflix deal to make exclusive shows and films: They’re also still helming Star Wars films for Disney
  87. HBO Max Adds Millennial Comedy to Lineup of Originals
  88. HBO Orders Female-Led Skateboarding Comedy From Crystal Moselle, Lesley Arfin
  89. HBO Is About to Spend $1.5 Billion on…Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men?: Fledgling streamer casting a wide sitcom net—but will this leave it unable to secure another big hit, as Seinfeld invites a bidding war?
  90. Blogger says she got an injunction for a post published five days earlier
  91. Uber’s no-good, terrible-rotten bad Q2 loses more than $5 billion
  92. Uber, losing billions, freezes engineering hires
  93. At Defense Distributed, few glimpses of life after Cody Wilson: Court cases and social media spats continue over 3D-printed guns.
  94. What a future without social media ‘likes’ could mean for the industry
  95. The Hidden Risks Associated with Social Media Background Checks 
  96. Companies Are Not Complying With the Safe Harbor Provision of the DMCA 
  97. Regulation of Digital Platforms in Australia and UK
  98. The Endless, Invisible Persuasion Tactics of the Internet: Online shopping turns your brain against you, but you can fight back.
  99. UK consumers switch to online streaming en masse
  100. Cody Wilson pleads guilty to lesser charge, will register as sex offender
  101. NY Times Publishes A Second, Blatantly Incorrect, Trashing Of Section 230, A Day After Its First Incorrect Article
  102. Cyber restraints of trade in the new era of digital markets 
  103. To Cajole to Threaten: How Best to Curb Online Counterfeiting 
  104. Transferring or cancelling a domain in USA
  105. EU Court Determines Responsibility for Social Plug-ins on Website
  106. Embedded EthiCS: Integrating Ethics Across CS Education
  107. The guy behind the ‘Storm Area 51’ Facebook event is hosting an alien-themed festival
  108. Geeky license plate earns hacker $12,000 in parking tickets


  1. AI researchers have a plan to pay patients for data
  2. Artificial Intelligence and Bias: Social Impacts of a Technical Solution
  3. Why AI needs more social workers, with Columbia University’s Desmond Patton
  4. Video: Using AI to build a better future for game art production
  5. All watched over by machines of loving grace: A critical look at smart contracts (Andres Guadamuz)
  6. Putin’s robo-nauts prepare for lift-off: Russia’s space agency releases eerie footage of human-like android Fedor as he gets ready to join the International Space Station crew next week
  7. A Tesla owner implanted the RFID chip from her Model 3’s keycard into her arm: Keyless entry
  8. Elon Musk’s Neuralink: Both an evolution and a plan for radical change
  9. Law in the Age of Artificial Intelligence
  10. Intellectual Property and Artificial Intelligence in the UK
  11. Breaking down the rich and complex AI of Hitman


  1. Class Action Lawsuit Hopes To Hold GitHub Responsible For Hosting Data From Capital One Breach
  2. Whitney Cummings shares NSFW pic on Twitter after ‘foolish dorks’ attempt to extort her
  3. Airline tracks Twitter user’s real-world ID, publishes her flight number: Southwest Airlines finally relents, after first insisting flight numbers aren’t PII.
  4. Ring Is Teaching Cops How To Obtain Doorbell Camera Footage Without A Warrant
  5. California Judges Nuke Two More SFPD Warrants Used To Search A Journalist’s Home And Office
  6. Unsealed Warrants Show SFPD Officer Told Judges He Was Targeting A Journalist, But Judges Approved Them Anyway
  7. Personal Email Management Service Settles FTC Charges over Allegedly Deceptive Statements to Consumers over Its Access and Use of Subscribers’ Email Accounts 
  8. Makers of Head Impact Sensors Avoid FTC Enforcement Headache
  9. Warren: FTC’s $125 cash option in Equifax settlement “misled” customers
  10. I Tried Hiding From Silicon Valley in a Pile of Privacy Gadgets: Avoiding digital snoops takes more than throwing money at the problem, but that part can be really fun.
  11. Google “Street View” Wiretap Allegations Settled for a “Modest” $13 Million 
  12. Microsoft contractors hear phone sex and more while reviewing Cortana, Skype audio
  13. They Grow Up So Fast These Days: Facial Recognition Tech Edition
  14. Consumer Reports Finds Numerous Home Routers Lack Even Basic Security Protections
  15. Found: World-readable database used to secure buildings around the globe
  16. These companies claim to provide “fair-trade” data work. Do they?: Companies like CloudFactory, iMerit, and Samasource promise data sets provided by workers who are well paid and cared for. It’s not an easy business.
  17. You’ve Been Hacked: Board Cybersecurity Liability and Risk Management
  18. Woman accused of Capital One hack had stolen data from 30 companies, authorities say
  19. Hack in the box: Hacking into companies with “warshipping”
  20. Will technology return shame to our society?
  21. Enforcement under the GDPR – the new paradigm
  22. Indian Counseling Company Files Criminal Complaint Against Blogger Who Informed It About A Sensitive Data Leak
  23. Hacker site’s incriminating database published online by rival group


  1. A long and winding road: Canada nears the end of an ambitious project to modernize patent, trademark and industrial design laws
  2. Blacklock’s Tendentious and Tenacious Litany of Litigation – the Latest (Lack of) Developments (Howard Knopf)
  3. Judge Dismisses Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Defamation Lawsuit Against The New York Times
  4. Combating Hate Speech Through Counterspeech
  5. Universal pulls The Huntafter most recent deadly mass shootings [Updated]
  6. Appeals Court Says Banana Costume Is Infringing
  7. City of Phanatic Love: Phillies Face Lawsuit Over Beloved Mascot
  8. Chequered flag to Ferrari: Competitors back to the drawing boards after Ferrari copyright ruling 
  9. Reaping What They Sowed: Recording Industry Now Quite Upset About Copyright Run Amok
  10. DC Opposes Trademark Application For ‘Algorithmic Justice League’ For Some Reason
  11. Brewery In Wales Changes Name Of 2 Beers After Fight With Hugo Boss
  12. North Carolina Court Says Retaliatory Arrests Over Protected Speech Are Cool And Legal
  13. NAAG Asks VOD Providers to Shield Kids From Tobacco Imagery
  14. Oops: Japan Anti-Piracy Proposals Probably Violate Its Constitution
  15. Keep Shining Upon Us, Our Guiding Star – Prof. (Dr.) Shamnad Basheer (1976 – 2019)
  16. IP rights in art in United Kingdom – England & Wales (England & Wales)
  17. IP Top 10 July: Copyright Infringement is a… Dark Horse


  1. Ubisoft loses Rocksmith patent suit: Judge dismisses publisher’s claim against music tutorial software maker Yousician with prejudice
  2. Twitter Data Shows Major Increase in Gaming Engagement on Platform 
  3. US tariffs on video game consoles imported from China delayed to December
  4. US delays tariff on game consoles: Trump says extra tax on some electronic products made in China won’t go into effect until December 15 to lessen impact on holiday shopping
  5. Game revenues rise as Tencent enjoys end of China’s approvals freeze: Chinese publisher released ten mobile games in Q2 2019, compared to just one last year
  6. Tencent doubling down on season passes as mobile titles drive revenue
  7. Trump’s video game scapegoating feels downright nostalgic | Opinion: In an era when the industry’s real problems are internal and divisive, a flashback to being united against an external foe feels deceptively good
  8. Walmart pulls video game ads — but not guns — after El Paso shooting
  9. Walmart tells staff to pull violent game ads and demos, but guns still for sale
  10. Walmart Reportedly Removing Violent Game Ads, Will Still Sell Guns: Despite the lack of evidence video games cause violence.
  11. Walmart, ESPN pull violent game marketing following shootings
  12. Walmart taking down violent video game demos, displays: Signs, displays containing “violent images or aggressive behavior” removed in wake of shootings; retailer still sells guns
  13. ESPN, ABC delay Apex Legends tournament broadcast in wake of shootings
  14. ESPN, ABC pull Apex Legends tournament show in wake of mass shootings: Broadcasters say decision was made “out of respect for the victims”
  15. You’re Not Helping: ESPN Delays ‘Apex Legends’ Broadcast After 2 Mass Shootings
  16. Strauss Zelnick says if violent games caused gun violence, he wouldn’t sell them – Take-Two CEO: “I wouldn’t choose to market substances that would cause people to get sick”
  17. G2A responds to Unknown Worlds’ accusations, calling them slander
  18. G2A fudges own history in response to developer complaint: Developer retracts accusations against marketplace, but remains frustrated with key reseller
  19. Subnautica dev demands G2A pay $300,000 to cover lost chargebacks: Studio calls for controversial marketplace to honour its offer of 10x compensation
  20. Twitch links to ‘porn account’, other Fortnite streamers via Ninja’s abandoned channel
  21. Twitch backtracks after accidentally showing porn on Ninja’s old page
  22. Twitch CEO apologizes after lengthy porn stream promoted on Ninja’s old page
  23. Twitch CEO Apologizes To Ninja After His Defunct Account Was Used To Promote A Porn Stream
  24. Ninja’s New Cross-Platform Video Strategy Since Leaving Twitch For Mixer
  25. Insights: With Ninja’s Nifty Mixer Move, Live Streaming Leaps To Its Next Era
  26. Newzoo: Fans watched 81.8m hours of the Fortnite World Cup across Twitch, YouTube – Official YouTube channel beat out official Twitch channel for viewership hours during finals
  27. $3 million Fortnite winner—and his parents—become latest swatting targets
  28. UTA Signs 21-Year-Old Twitch Newcomer BrookeAB
  29. eFootball transfers: Juve and Man U snub FIFA to sign for PES 
  30. UMG Media to acquire esports event company, Activate Entertainment
  31. Statespace raises $2.5 million for esports training platform: Seed round was led by First Mark Capital, with participation from Expa, Lux Capital and WndrCo
  32. Industry veterans launch payment platform for esport tournament winnings: “We want to help publishers…be more efficient by removing their hands-on time expediting the payments,” says Prize Payments CEO
  33. Riot’s League Championship Series announces partnership with Honda
  34. Epic is being sued over a security issue that left Fortniteplayer data exposed
  35. Epic Games hit with class action suit over Fortnite security breach
  36. Australian ratings board working to completely ban DayZfor promoting cannabis
  37. DayZ refused classification in Australia after Five Star Games submission: Five Star Games has confirmed it was denied classification for DayZ’s retail release in Australia — the game is still available digitally
  38. Bohemia Interactive will modify all versions of DayZ to avoid Australia ban
  39. DayZ will be modified worldwide to lift Australian ban: Bohemia Interactive confirms it will be tweaking zombie hit to avoid isolating Australian players
  40. FTC Gathers Video Game Industry to Talk Loot Boxes 
  41. Loot boxes a matter of “life or death,” says researcher: Academics discuss their studies and concerns surrounding game monetization at FTC workshop
  42. Epic Games commits to loot box transparency across portfolio: THQ Nordic also weighs in on ESA pledges: “We do not plan to implement casino-styled mechanics in our games”
  43. Animoca Brands acquires digital collectibles marketplace Quidd for $5 million
  44. Loots details new live streaming platform for the “TikTok generation”: Monetisation firm says its Twitch rival will open up new commercial opportunities for younger streamers
  45. Valve turns to hands-on moderation to solve Steam Workshop woes
  46. Devs are now required to contact Valve for release date changes on Steam
  47. Valve addresses release date exploit for Steam’s Popular Upcoming List
  48. Valve now requires moderator approval for some Steam Workshop submissions
  49. THQ Nordic confirms new Saints Row title after strong Q1: The publisher also said that development of Dead Island 2 is now being led by Dambuster Studios
  50. THQ Nordic acquires Darksiders dev Gunfire and racing studio Milestone
  51. THQ Nordic buys Milestone Interactive for €44.9m in cash: Acquisition of Italian racing studio could almost double in value based on earnouts
  52. THQ Nordic acquires Darksiders developer Gunfire Games: Value of the deal for Gunfire’s 63 staff and IP catalogue was not disclosed
  53. THQ Nordic strengthens portfolio with Goodbye Kansas Game Invest acquisition: Goodbye Kansas Game Invest has five investments in early stage games companies, deal includes royalty rights to Biomutant
  54. Managing the evolving state of Destiny 2: ‘the game cannot grow infinitely forever’
  55. Bungie: Working on Destiny 2 “starting to wear people down” – Working practices for Annual Pass will be changed in third year to break out of “unsustainable development cycle”
  56. Report: Riot Games workforce divided on diversity and inclusion push
  57. One year later, Riot leadership, employees, say things are improving: Chief diversity officer Angela Roseboro reflects on a year of change as current and recent employees confirm efforts
  58. Ustwo: Giving creativity the attention it deserves – Ustwo Games’ CCO and CEO discuss how to not lose creative people to business meetings
  59. 2K confirms sending private investigators to Borderlands streamer’s house: A rep said the company has been investigating SupMatto for nearly a year.
  60. Take-Two investigating streamer over Borderlands 3 leaks: Publisher says Twitch and YouTube user SupMatto has “a history of profiting from infringing our copyright”
  61. Kawhi Leonard dunking on the Raptors was the only screen time they got in new NBA 2K trailer
  62. Sharkmob on balancing social responsibility against revenue: “It’s not only about taking social responsibility, it’s also about the team being proud of what they make,” says CEO
  63. Infinity Ward says Modern Warfare isn’t political, debates how it ever could be: Game’s directors stress that upcoming Call of Duty reboot focuses on “thematic things” not current politics
  64. Activision Blizzard’s Q2 net revenue falls year-over-year to $1.4 billion
  65. Activision Blizzard sees sagging sales, profit, engagement
  66. Key metrics dip for publisher in second quarter as it prioritizes investments it expects to pay off in back half of the year
  67. Activision Blizzard’s net-revenue down year-over-year in Q2 2019
  68. Imperator: Rome plus multiple game expansions lift Paradox’s Q2 – Swedish publisher posts record Q2 revenues as long-term investments begin to pay off
  69. Swedish studio Isbit Games shuts down after running out of funds
  70. Isbit Games shut down: Former CEO Ben Cousins confirms Zlatan Legends studio closed its doors in June after running out of money
  71. Fig to pay Wasteland 3, Psychonauts 2 investors lump sum following Microsoft purchase
  72. Xbox head: Cloud gaming is inevitable but ‘years and years’ away from mainstream
  73. Multi-platform games from Xbox-owned studios must ‘make sense for the franchise’
  74. Xbox considers multi-platform options for some first-party studios
  75. Microsoft: Cloud gaming is “inevitable” but “years” from mainstream
  76. Mojang cancels Minecraft’s big graphics overhaul after performance struggles
  77. Mojang ends development on Minecraft’s Super Duper Graphics Pack: Feature announced at E3 2017 “proved too technically demanding to implement as planned”
  78. After two years of delays, Minecraft’s visual upgrade has been canceled
  79. Singularity 6 secures $16.5 million to fund tech and game development
  80. Square Enix shutting down Star Ocean: Anamnesis in the West after little over a year
  81. Report: Parent company of publisher Annapurna Interactive is exploring bankruptcy 
  82. Singularity 6 lands $16.5m investment: Former Riot devs’ social simulation studio scores Series A funding led by Andreessen Horowitz
  83. Industry veterans launch hyper casual development outfit JaffaJam: New Zealand-based studio looks to “perfect the way free-to-play games are made and monetised”
  84. Madden 20 just about squeezes into EMEAA Charts’ Top 10: Yes, Grand Theft Auto V is still No.1
  85. EA SPORTS Madden NFL 20 Scores Early With Biggest Ever Digital Launch in Its First Week on Sale
  86. FIFA 19 and New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe are best-selling games in Europe this year: Physical sales data paints uniform picture of European consumers
  87. UK spent £1.6bn on video games in the first half of 2019
  88. NetEase revenue and profit up in Q2 following strong international performance: “We will continue exploring overseas market opportunities and growing our games business on a global scale,” says CEO
  89. Nexon profits tumble in Q2 despite rising revenues: FIFA Online 4 drove Korean market, but China was the publisher’s single biggest region
  90. Spilt Milk Studios cancels upcoming sci-fi MMO, Lazarus
  91. The Final Fantasy XIV team is reworking base game content to be ‘more compact’
  92. What Sharp’s IGZO display technology will mean for the Nintendo Switch
  93. Dr. Mario World continues to lag after first month: Mobile puzzler falls well-below bar set by previous Nintendo titles
  94. “Blast processing” in 2019: How an SNES emulator solved overclocking
  95. Discord is launching in-server streaming later this month with new ‘Go Live’ feature
  96. No More Robots: “I’m just doing D&D, but in a Discord server” – Mike Rose on the marketing tactics that drove the small publisher to $3m revenue, and why Xbox Game Pass is good for sales (for now)
  97. Growing the industry with evening-sized games: Former Chinese Room lead Andrew Crawshaw on his romantic metal-detecting adventure that explores how people define success
  98. Sean Murray calls No Man’s Sky Beyond the game’s “2.0” version—we believe it
  99. Virtual reality streaming company Vreal has closed its doors
  100. VR streaming platform Vreal shuts down and lays off staff: “We were definitely ahead of our time,” says virtual reality startup
  101. Video: Designing great room-scale VR interactions theVacation Simulator way
  102. Oculus co-founder Nate Mitchell departs Facebook
  103. Nate Mitchell leaves Oculus: Mitchell becomes the last of the VR outfit’s original co-founders to leave Facebook
  104. Blow out your knee? Hope your surgeon’s got a VR headset
  105. UCLA Surgical Training Study Shows VR Beats Traditional Training by 130%
  106. British Airways testing VR headsets for first-class passengers this year
  107. XRDC Innovation Report reveals games remain the top focus for AR/VR/MR devs
  108. Unity brings Create with Code, Unity Teach programs out of beta: Educational initiatives enter classrooms to teach coding, offer sharing platform for educators
  109. Discoverability: A ‘hot or not?’ genre guide
  110. Video: A decade of improving the approachability of fighting games
  111. Blog: Understanding the reality of game development
  112. Blog: Avoiding helplessness – The worst feeling in games
  113. Blog: The big game branding 101
  114. Blog: Lessons learned from the development of Vicious Circle
  115. Blog: 7 must-read books for game designers
  116. Blog: Ancient Greek punishments as hypertexts
  117. Blog: How music enhances virtual presence – Part 2
  118. Blog: How to make a casual mobile game
  119. Watch Age of Wonders: Planetfall’s lead dev discuss updating the series for a new age
  120. Like a boss: The secrets behind great boss design
  121. How moving from 2D to 3D shaped the design of Risk of Rain 2
  122. Creature in the Well’s limiting, limitless unknown: Flight School Studios creative director Adam Volker shares how a two-person team turned constraints into creativity
  123. How Astroneer creates an enjoyably unsafe space – Why I Love: Student game developer Aden Webb explores the mood-building design decisions of System Era’s survival sandbox
  124. Don’t Miss: How data miners shed light on P.T.’s ghost story
  125. Don’t Miss: Training players right, so they don’t hate learning to play
  126. Don’t Miss: Exploring the secret depths of Bubble Bobble’s design
  127. After 24 years at id, Tim Willits is now Saber Interactive’s chief creative officer
  128. The hottest new board games from Gen Con 2019
  129. Are We Living in a Computer Simulation? Let’s Not Find Out: Experimental findings will be either boring or extremely dangerous.
  130. U.S. Patent No. 9,259,652: Time-shifted multiplayer game 
  131. U.S. Patent No. 9,616,329: Adaptive learning system for video game enhancement 


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