News of the Week; June 26, 2019


  1. A Spectrum of Opportunities and Challenges: Canada’s 5G Future
  2. Ex-chair of FCC broadband committee gets five years in prison for fraud
  3. Robocalls Swamp Hospitals As The Trump FCC Pretends To Fix The Problem
  4. FCC Tees Up Mid- and High-Band Spectrum Auctions to Support 5G at July Open Meeting 
  5. FCC Releases Draft Order on Changes to Children’s Television Rules – Action Expected July 10
  6. Ajit Pai tries to kill San Francisco’s attempt to spur broadband competition
  7. FCC battles meteorologists again over plan to help wireless industry
  8. FCC lets Verizon lock cell phones to network for 60 days after activation
  9. Verizon Now Pretending That 5G Will Help Cure Cancer
  10. AT&T sued over hidden fee that raises mobile prices above advertised rate
  11. AT&T Ratchets Up The Content Wars
  12. States Flex Their Muscles and Antitrust Skills to Block Sprint/T-Mobile Merger 
  13. Dish To Buy Parts of T-Mobile To Save Sprint Merger, But It’s Not Likely To Help
  14. No, Your Kid Isn’t Growing Horns Because Of Cellphone Use
  15. Another EEO Audit Released – Looking at the FCC’s Current EEO Obligations
  16. House subcommittee approves bipartisan robocall bill 
  17. Deference to Agency Jurisdiction Still Unanswered: SCOTUS Fails to Resolve Whether an FCC Order Interpreting the TCPA is Binding on Federal District Courts
  18. Private Publishers Aren’t State Actors–Manhattan Community Access v. Halleck


  1. Once Again: It’s Not Clear The Internet Needs Creepy Targeted Ads
  2. Facebook usage falling after privacy scandals, data suggests: Actions such as shares and likes down nearly 20%, though user numbers still growing
  3. Facebook adds new limits to address the spread of hate speech in Sri Lanka and Myanmar
  4. Facebook to identify French hate speech suspects
  5. Exclusive: In a world first, Facebook to give data on hate speech suspects to French courts
  6. Australia Says Media Companies Can Be Sued Over User Comments On Facebook
  7. Court Declines to Dismiss Data Breach Claims Against Facebook Based on Access Token Incident–Bass v. Facebook
  8. Your Periodic Reminder That Facebook Isn’t a State Actor–Williby v. Zuckerberg
  9. If Facebook or Google create their own currency, they can control our lives
  10. Facebook Rolls Out Political Advertising Tools Globally
  11. After Months of Rumors, Facebook Officially Announces New Libra Cryptocurrency
  12. Facebook’s New Currency Has Big Claims and Bad Ideas: Libra is an ideological project, not a practical one.
  13. Why Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency Is Both More Interesting Than Expected And Less Interesting Than I Hoped
  14. Quadriga Founder Spent Client Money, Bankruptcy Monitor Says: Ernst & Young says Gerald Cotten, late founder of defunct Canadian cryptocurrency exchange, funneled client money into fraudulent accounts
  15. New crypto-currency rules come as enforcement ramps up
  16. Instagram will start putting ads within the Explore page: Ads everywhere
  17. Facebook makes another push to shape and define its own oversight
  18. District Court Finds Use of Third-Party Hashtags Created Implied Association 
  19. Fake news game confers psychological resistance against online misinformation
  20. Sudan court orders company to end military-ordered internet blackout: lawyer
  21. Indian Gov’t Uses National Security Law, Bad Information To Block Twitter Accounts All Over The World
  22. Russian Government Demands All Foreign Press Outlets Register For The Privilege Of Delivering News To Russia
  23. FedEx sues US government over export controls after Huawei problems 
  24. After Decades Of Demanding China ‘Respect’ US Patent Law, Senator Rubio Pushes Law That Says US Can Ignore Huawei Enforcing Patents
  25. If China Is A Glimpse Of Our Future Surveillance Nightmare, Maybe Hong Kong Shows How To Fight It
  26. Trump Ponders Banning All Chinese-Made Gear From US 5G Networks
  27. The LawBytes Podcast, Episode 17: What To Do About Huawei? – Christopher Parsons Unpacks One of Canada’s Most Challenging Policy Issues (Michael Geist)
  28. YouTube Reportedly In Late Stages Of Federal Investigation For Violating Children’s Privacy Laws
  29. YouTube reportedly under investigation over alleged child protection breaches: “An FTC investigation into YouTube’s treatment of children online is long overdue,” says US lawmaker
  30. YouTube spreads ‘misleading information’ about experimental stem cell treatments: Health Canada has warned unlicensed clinics are offering unauthorized cell therapies and making unproven, outsized claims
  31. LGBTQ+ YouTube Employees Could Face Consequences If They Protest Steven Crowder Decision At Pride (Report)
  32. Meghan Trainor To Headline VidCon Kickoff Concert ‘YouTube Onstage’ 
  33. In The Ever More Crowded Streaming Space, YouTube Is “Zigging Where Other People Are Zagging,” Susanne Daniels Says
  34. YouTube Rolls Out 3 Tools To Give Viewers More Control Over Suggested Videos
  35. YouTube Music Can Now Auto-Save 500 Suggested Songs For Offline Consumption
  36. Top 50 Most Viewed U.S. YouTube Channels • Week Of 6/23/2019
  37. Top 50 Most Viewed YouTube Channels Worldwide • Week Of 6/23/2019
  38. Google CEO Admits That It’s Impossible To Moderate YouTube Perfectly; CNBC Blasts Him
  39. YouTube Confirms Test Of Feature That Hides Comments By Default On Android App
  40. Google Hardware quits the tablet business, again
  41. Google is killing YouTube’s “Hangouts on Air” this year
  42. Kingsley Returns To YouTube After Yearlong Absence, Says #YouTubeBlack “Changed My Life”
  43. Firefighters Used YouTube Videos To Rescue Ducklings Trapped In Storm Drain
  44. ‘Siphoning off the crap’: Agencies prioritize buying premium content directly on YouTube
  45. Yoga Influencers’ Disclosures Show Limits of Flexibility 
  46. Andy Signore Settles Lawsuit Against Defy Media, Is “Looking Forward To Exposing The Truth”
  47. Cameo raises $50m for its celebrity-shoutouts app
  48. Cameo Raises $50 Million In Series B, Has Hosted 275,000 Video Shoutouts In 2 Years
  49. BBTV Signs Kwebbelkop, Family Fun Pack, And Athletes Anthony Adams And Tristan Jass
  50. UK May Have Finally Ditched Its Absurd Porn Filter Plan
  51. Before Demanding Internet Companies ‘Hire More Moderators,’ Perhaps We Should Look At How Awful The Job Is
  52. Review: Google Chrome has become surveillance software. It’s time to switch. – Our latest privacy experiment found Chrome ushered more than 11,000 tracker cookies into our browser – in a single week.
  53. Insights: The Young Turks Will Intertwine Their Values With Their Ad Dollars, But Can Other Media Sites Afford To Follow?
  54. After Teaming With Emma Chamberlain, Louis Vuitton Invites The Dolan Twins To Paris Fashion Week
  55. With new leadership, Snapchat makes friends among marketers and publishers in Cannes
  56. Sorry, ads are coming to TikTok
  57. Vice Media to shut down operations in Montreal
  58. Wattpad strikes Mediaset agreement
  59. BET’s Upcoming Streaming Service To Be Joint Venture With Tyler Perry
  60. Netflix Is Testing A Pop-Out Player On Desktops So You Can Multitask While You Watch
  61. The Obamas’ First Netflix Feature, ‘American Factory,’ Is Headed To Theaters
  62. Implications from New Hampshire Lottery Commission v. Barr
  63. Hulu Is Already The SVOD Growth Story of 2019
  64. Disney Is Saying All the Right Things About the Hulu-Disney+ Relationship: The company will work to keep its divided streaming offerings on the same page.
  65. Disney Pushing To “Significantly” Expand Hulu’s Original Programming, Says CEO Randy Freer
  66. The New Takedown Obligations in the EU for Online Content-Sharing Service Providers
  67. EU Intellectual Property Office Produces Dumbest Propaganda Film Ever, Pretending Without IP There Is No Creativity
  68. The Paywall Conundrum: Even Those Who Like Paying For News Don’t Pay For Much News
  69. The Raspberry Pi 4 launch site runs on a Pi 4 cluster
  70. Proposed Law Would Force Big Tech to Reveal Value of Consumer Data
  71. Explainer: How Letting Platforms Decide What Content To Facilitate Is What Makes Section 230 Work
  72. Legislators Propose Narrowing § 230’s Protections 
  73. Supposedly Disadvantaged Conservatives Not Exactly Rushing To Support Josh Hawley’s Anti-Section 230 Bill
  74. Self-Made Millionaire Loses Lawsuit Over Facebook’s Removal Of Videos Of People Urinating
  75. The Plaintiff Is Probably Pissed About Section 230–Fyk v. Facebook (Eric Goldman)
  76. Don’t Shoot The Message Board: A Data Driven Look At The Impact Of Section 230 On Innovation And The Economy
  77. Locksmiths Locked Out: Court Affirms Immunity for Use of Tools That Portray Third-Party Content Pictorially or as an Aggregate Metric 
  78. Concerns about misinformation could lead to limits on key media freedoms 
  79. Guy Pushing Hawley’s ‘Viewpoint Neutrality’ Concept In The Media Used To Write For White Supremacist Site
  80. States Limit Employer Access to Employee Social Media and Other Internet Accounts
  81. Amazon takes on TCL’s Roku TV with low-cost HDR Fire TV
  82. Amazon patents ‘surveillance as a service’ tech for its delivery drones: Including technology that cuts out footage of your neighbors house
  83. Amazon got clearance to build drones that can carry out surveillance on customers’ homes between deliveries
  84. Nicosia v. Amazon (U.S. District Ct., Eastern District of New York, Memorandum & Order June 14, 2019)
  85. Hackers, farmers, and doctors unite! Support for Right to Repair laws slowly grows
  86. Bill Gates calls failure to fight Android his “greatest mistake”
  87. Researchers develop ‘vaccine’ against attacks on machine learning
  88. Ontario Human Rights Commission looking at AI impact on racial profiling: OHRC to create policy guidance on artificial intelligence in policing
  89. Who’s that bot? California requires clear disclosure starting 7/1/2019
  90. McCormick’s concept grill plays music based on what you’re cooking: The SUMR HITS 5000 has a built-in DJ to (kind of) spice up your BBQs.
  91. How Machine Learning Turned Major Lazer’s ‘Make It Hot’ Into Vertical Video
  92. The trick to saving human factory jobs might be teaming up with the machines
  93. Queen’s Law partners with European business school for AI project: Collaboration could lead to breakthrough in IP law on both sides of the Atlantic
  94. Artificial Intelligence and Copyright Protection
  95. Report from AI Decoding IP: Day 1
  96. The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence
  97. Is Artificial Intelligence Set to Transform Private Equity Dealmaking? 
  98. Oxford Business Blog highlights Prof. Dignam’s work on AI
  99. Artificial Intelligence: The Very Human Dangers of Dysfunctional Design and Autocratic Corporate Governance (Alan Dignam)
  100. The company that owns TikTok now has one billion users and many are outside China
  101. German regulator says it discovered new illegal software on Daimler diesels
  102. A History of IP in 50 Objects: Internet (Jonathan Zittrain)
  103. A paper towel dispenser with an end-user license agreement is a special kind of hell
  104. Modern Courts and the Need for Judicial Technological Competence
  105. Major League Baseball’s Obsession With Cashing In On Everything Has Harmed The Game’s Popularity Online


  1. Why data ownership is the wrong approach to protecting privacy (Cameron Kerry & John Morris)
  2. “Gonna stand my ground; And I won’t back down”¹ – The OPC charges forward with its controversial consultation on transborder dataflows/transfers for processing
  3. Nation-sponsored hackers likely carried out hostile takeover of rival group’s servers: Like an episode of Spy vs. Spy, Russian-speaking Turla appears to hijack OilRig’s network.
  4. As The DOJ Continues To Complain About Encryption, Cellebrite (Again) Announces It Can Crack Any IPhone
  5. Australian Home Affairs Minister Says Government Still Considering Spying On Its Own Citizens
  6. DHS cyber director warns of surge in Iranian “wiper” hack attacks
  7. Iranian state hackers reload their domains, release off-the-shelf RAT malware
  8. A rogue Raspberry Pi helped hackers access NASA JPL systems
  9. Potent Firefox 0-day used to install undetected backdoors on Macs: So far, attacks are known only to target Mac users involved in cryptocurrency.
  10. A tale of two cities: Why ransomware will just get worse
  11. Can’t Have Copyright Enforcement Without Destroying Privacy Protections
  12. Canadian global leadership on data protection
  13. Data compliance goes global: Vivek Narayanadas, in-house counsel for Shopify, has his hands full navigating privacy and data protection laws around the world.
  14. Privacy FAQs: If a company receives a right to be forgotten request, is it required to delete records that show whether an individual opted-in or opted-out from marketing?
  15. Privacy Report: Three Dating Apps Removed from App Store After Potential COPPA Violations
  16. Maine and Nevada’s New Data Privacy Laws and the California Consumer Privacy Act Compared
  17. Want Companies to Comply with the CCPA? Delay Its Effective Date
  18. State Privacy Laws Continue to Proliferate
  19. Sshh: Alexa can hear you
  20. Top 5 ways GDPR impacted digital banking in its first year
  21. Interior Department Putting Even More Effort Into Dodging FOIA Request


  1. The Copyright Board Game (Howard Knopf)
  2. Unbalanced Witness List: Why the Copyright Review Was Right To Ignore the Canadian Heritage Committee Study, Part Three (Michael Geist)
  3. Limited Views: Why the Copyright Review Was Right To Ignore the Canadian Heritage Committee Study, Part Two (Michael Geist)
  4. Ignoring the Evidence: Why the Copyright Review Was Right To Ignore the Canadian Heritage Committee Study, Part Four (Michael Geist)
  5. Better Data, Better Results: Comparing the Gap Between the Copyright Review and Heritage Study on the Music Industry’s Policy Proposals (Michael Geist)
  6. Universal Music Cashed In On Insurance After It Let Thousands Of Master Recordings Burn… And Didn’t Give Any To Artists
  7. Just Don’t Infringe Copyright, Kawhi Leonard Tells Nike
  8. Kawhi Leonard v. Nike Inc.: How copyrights can trump trademarks? 
  9. Raptors Win but Trademark still under Claw 
  10. Stephen Curry’s “Holey Moley” Faces Trademark Complaint in California Court
  11. Appellate Court leaves open question of good faith in copyright litigation 
  12. Supreme Court to Decide Whether States Can Copyright Annotated State Law
  13. Supreme Court To Review Whether Or Not You Can Copyright State Laws
  14. Supreme Court to Rule on Whether Sovereign Immunity Protects States from Copyright Infringement Claims
  15. Have We Learned Anything from Pepe the Frog About Copyright Law?
  16. US Supreme Court Strikes Down Ban of ‘Scandalous’ Trademarks
  17. Supreme Court Now Says That The Trademark Office Can’t Reject ‘Immoral Or Scandalous’ Trademarks
  18. SCOTUS: Ban on “FUCT” trademark registration violates First Amendment
  19. F-*-C-T- U.S. Supreme Court strikes down ban on registration of immoral or scandalous marks 
  20. Supreme Court Says “Scandalous” Trademarks May be Registered
  21. Caterpillar Now Going After All The Cats For Trademark Cancellations
  22. Surge in Defamation Claims: What is Causing the Increase?
  23. French Museum filled with fakes still questioning how it happened a year on 


  1. Rovio files trademark lawsuit against hot chicken restaurant ‘Angry Birdz’
  2. Rovio sues California chicken restaurant over Angry Birds trademark: Finnish developer alleges Angry Birdz Nashville Hot Chicken violating trademark on both name and logo
  3. Law against account boosting goes into effect in South Korea
  4. Cease-and-desist transforms Mario Royale into DMCA Royale
  5. Don’t Miss: Dissecting the revolutionary game design ofSuper Mario Kart
  6. Super Mario Maker 2 review: A great sequel, playable on a better console
  7. Epic and EA execs squirm under scrutiny from British MPs: Testimonies arouse suspicion and dismay from members of immersive and addictive technology inquiry
  8. British technology inquiry chair says industry is only “paying lip service” to gaming addiction: King Digital, UKIE, TIGA, others struggle to convince MPs that games industry is taking issues like loot boxes seriously
  9. At U.K. Parliament Hearing, Electronic Arts Says Its Loot Boxes Aren’t Loot Boxes
  10. EA: Loot boxes actually “surprise mechanics” that are “ethical and fun” – Gaming reps at UK parliamentary panel also answer charges of addictive game design.
  11. Gimme the loot – United States proposes ban on loot boxes
  12. Anthem’s rocky launch hasn’t dissuaded EA, says CEO
  13. EA sees Bioware’s Anthem on “seven to ten year cycle”: CEO Andrew Wilson admits the publisher “might not invest further” if players were not compelled by the experience
  14. Jedi: Fallen Order hands-on: Finally, a solid EA Star Wars game⁠—is that enough?
  15. Patrick Söderlund’s $20m retention bonus didn’t leave EA with him: Stock grant reportedly returned to company pool used for initiatives including new hires
  16. Security firms demonstrate subdomain hijack exploit vs. EA/Origin
  17. Twitch takes action against trolls amid artifact’s downfall 
  18. Twitch introduces Subscriber Streams: New feature allows Partners and Affiliates to set some streams as only for paid channel subscribers
  19. YouTuber JacksFilms Accuses ‘Fortnite’ Of Stealing, Selling His Deep Dab
  20. Desmond ‘Etika’ Amofah found dead at 29: Nintendo-focused YouTuber had been missing since last week after video threatening self-harm
  21. YouTuber And Twitch Streamer Desmond ‘Etika’ Amofah Found Dead At Age 29
  22. Razer cuts ties with streamer following Twitter remarks about men: Brazilian streamer removed from company’s influencer program after tweeting that “men are trash”
  23. Popular Gamers Mini Ladd And BigJigglyPanda To Embark On 27-City ‘Demonetized’ Tour
  24. Saving Fallout 76: Bethesda’s Pete Hines on using the lessons from The Elder Scrolls Online to fix a rare misstep for Bethesda Game Studios
  25. The U.S. Government has blocked League of Legends in Iran and Syria
  26. League of Legends reportedly blocked in Iran: Riot Games’ message to Iranian users attributed block to “US laws and regulations
  27. Just 15% of European gamers are interested in Google Stadia and xCloud: According to the latest survey results from GameTrack for UK, France, Spain and Germany
  28. Teamfight Tactics is a super fun Auto Chess variant, despite frustrating RNG: League of Legends’ take on the mod is a winner.
  29. Square Enix “Ethics Department” advised changes on Final Fantasy VII character: Alterations to Tifa’s character model centred around wardrobe, not breast size, and were guided by internal ethics group
  30. Square Enix partners with Gary Sinise Foundation to raise cash for first responders
  31. Project Babel dev Colopl says employees inflated sales to boost app rankings
  32. CD Projekt Red: “Everyone is feeling the pressure on Cyberpunk 2077” – But the studio’s new crunch stance has been a boost to staff morale, says quest director
  33. QA bears the brunt of Treyarch’s crunch and culture issues, say staff
  34. Stories of crunch, neglect for QA at Treyarch: Call of Duty Black Ops 4 employees and contractors describe unfair treatment, disregard for contractor work force
  35. Bungie pushes back Destiny 2 fix to maintain dev work-life balance
  36. Bungie delays Destiny 2 patch to avoid crunch: Community asked to wait in the name of “preserving work-life balance”
  37. The Podcast: Why do we need unions?
  38. The subtle art of crisis management: From epic crunch to 8chan AMAs, the games industry is never far from a scandal — but PR professionals face many challenges when reacting to calamity
  39. Console makers seek to avoid 25% price bump driven by Trump’s trade war
  40. Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony pen letter against Trump’s game console tariff
  41. Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo: 25% tariff on consoles would cause “disproportionate harm”: Letter from leading hardware manufacturers says tariff on hardware made in China would hurt economy, jobs, innovation
  42. “Iwata Asks” developer interviews will become a book: Earthbound creator’s company to publish collection of discussions between late Nintendo president and developers
  43. Nintendo chooses Israel for its second official store: First new outlet in 14 years now open, Tokyo stored planned for later this year
  44. Tel Aviv is now home to Nintendo’s second official store
  45. Sega sees streaming’s potential to reach new audiences
  46. How id built Wolfenstein 3D using Commander Keen tech
  47. Ninja To Release How-To Gaming Guide, Graphic Novel As Part Of Three-Book Deal
  48. Alpha Protocol removed from Steam as music rights expire: Sega says it still owns the IP, but nine-year-old game contains songs that would need re-licensing
  49. Steam now has an official LGBTQ+ tag, hub page: Category appears following Nepenthe developer’s request on Steam forums
  50. Steam and Ubuntu clash over 32-bit libs
  51. Steam ending support for Ubuntu over 32-bit compatibility
  52. Don’t Miss: 20 essential real-world games to study (and play!)
  53. Subscription services unlikely to replace traditional game sales, says WBIE
  54. Microsoft’s Strategy to Become the ‘Netflix for Games’
  55. Report: The rumored second next-gen Xbox model likely won’t see the light of day
  56. Microsoft reportedly cuts internal content teams at Inside Xbox and Mixer: Change in strategy prompts layoffs and potential contract cancellation as company’s fiscal year nears end
  57. Report: Microsoft has laid off content creation staff at Mixer and Inside Xbox
  58. Minecraft: Education Edition is getting an Immersive Reader and new educator resources
  59. Commodore 64 gets retro re-release: Full-sized version of the 80’s gaming goliath set to launch December 5
  60. Charity livestream raises $3.7m for children’s hospital: Fortnite streamer Dr.Lupo breaks records, raising $1 million in four hours
  61. Bungie raises over $400,000 for children’s hospital during charity livestream
  62. Bungie raises over $400k for St Jude Children’s Research Hospital: Developer’s block on Guardian Con Charity Marathon Stream was largest block in event’s history
  63. Humble has raised $150M for charity through bundles and storefront
  64. Ubisoft: Watch Dogs Legion will encourage players “to think differently” – But the E3 hit will still allow players to “make their own minds up” about depiction of surveillance state Britain
  65. Ubisoft sees high acceptance for opt-out subtitles: Even in games that ship with subtitles off by default, publisher sees more than half of players turn them on
  66. Crystal Dynamics: The Avengers is the biggest thing we’ve ever done – The Square Enix studio on its transformation beyond Tomb Raider
  67. F1 2019 simulates the highs and lows of motorsport, on and off the track
  68. Square Enix launches charity fundraising campaign for first responders: Publisher will match donations made to Gary Sinise Foundation up to $50,000
  69. Sean Murray on No Man’s Sky: “I thought we were making a niche game” – Hello Games’ founder on the difficulties of transforming a live game, and pushing past a divisive launch
  70. Cory Barlog: “We’re now able to give actors meaty performances, as opposed to just doing voice” – God of War’s director expects more actors like Keanu Reeves to star in games
  71. Building interesting emergence in Dying Light 2
  72. Sea of Thieves is the game it is today because of Game Pass, says Xbox head
  73. Blog: Creating the the AI of Sea of Thieves – Part 3
  74. Blog: Consoles are resilient for now, but cloud gaming poses new challenges
  75. Blog: On narrative from a cognitive perspective – Part 4
  76. Blog: An archaeologist considers Heaven’s Vault  
  77. Blog: Creating natural looking geometry in Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer’s Legacy
  78. Blog: The love-hate relationship between marketeers and social media
  79. Blog: Localizing your game without making it suck
  80. Video: Learning from the doomed launch of Brigador
  81. Video: Rapid-fire animation insights from the GDC 2019 Animation Microtalks 
  82. Keeping up with the surprise success of Mordhau
  83. Cultist Simulator mobile: The all-singing, all-dancing data dump
  84. Amazon’s struggle is a reminder that content is still king | Opinion: Every tech giant wants a slice of the games business, but the difficulty of creating great games and valuable IP hasn’t changed
  85. GAME recommends shareholders accept Sports Direct offer: Company says 30 pence per share is a fair value considering industry challenges
  86. Valve launches first mobile game: Dota Underlords is company’s take on Dota Auto Chess, will also be available on PC, Mac, and Linux
  87. Dota Underlords has topped 170,000 concurrent users in 24 hours
  88. World War Z has topped 700,000 sales on the Epic Games Store
  89. Tim Sweeney: Epic Games Store exclusives will help devs everywhere earn more
  90. Tim Sweeney: “Unpopular” Epic Game Store exclusives are working – Epic CEO argues that the divisive strategy will benefit gamers in the long term
  91. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite generated $1.7m less than Pokémon Go on day one – Sensor Tower data shows more than 400,000 installs, $300,000 in revenue across the US and UK, but launch is flagging behind Niantic’s best
  92. Forge of Empires reaches €500m in lifetime revenue: InnoGames’ strategy title brought in over €250m in the last two years
  93. This brilliant GTA 5 zombie RP mod is a DayZ-esque nightmare: RottenV adds purpose and structure to GTA 5’s often unpredictable roleplay scene.
  94. It’s possible to build a Turing machine within Magic: The Gathering
  95. Azerion has purchased Spil Games’ mobile game division
  96. Spil Games sells mobile division to Azerion: Founders remain owners of Spil’s web portals, will work in partnership with Azerion
  97. Esports Star Tfue Sues To Void His Contract With FaZe Clan 
  98. Lessons from the Lawsuit That Could Shake Up the Esports Industry
  99. Global esports director Kim Phan departs Blizzard
  100. Blizzard loses global esports director Kim Phan: Phan is the second high ranking departure from Blizzard’s esports department in recent weeks
  101. Trust Esport invests €1.5m in smartVR: French investment fund supports development of VR arcades and related esports services
  102. Valve launches VR Portal spinoff Aperture Hand Lab
  103. Magic Leap suing ex-employee for stealing tech to make his own XR headset: Florida start-up claims former engineer’s Nreal Light headset bears a “striking similarity” to confidential company tech
  104. Seven years on from Oculus Rift’s launch, how far have we come? | Opinion: Game Dragons’ Andrew Oliver ponders the current state of virtual reality, and how it might benefit from 5G and streaming
  105. Superdata: PUBG sells 4.7m digital units year-to-date – Fortnite still leader in digital earnings on console last month, though revenue remains down YOY
  106. Insights: Never Mind Peak TV, Are We Headed To Peak Game Service?
  107. Making the most of a digital office space: Sonderlust’s Lyndsey Gallant explains how the remote working studio’s all-day video conferences have helped the team
  108. Time to Chain Up: Is Blockchain About to Change the Gaming Industry?
  109. 28 years later, a no-disc version of the Sega CD finally exists—and it works
  110. 22 of the worst PC games of all time
  111. Myst to be adapted for TV and film: Village Roadshow Entertainment acquires rights to game’s mythology for “multiplatform universe”
  112. Fed. Cir. Spots Weak Claim Construction Arguments
  113. A Single Prior Art Reference Can Render a Patent Obvious
  114. Game and Tech. Co. v. Activision Blizzard  (U.S.C.A. Fed. Circuit, June 21, 2019)


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