The Gendering of Personal Assistants: Talk by Dr. Rachel Adams

A.I. is here and growing. The future of A.I. as both an engine of communications technologies and as a middleware interface to communicate with us is hard to doubt. A fascinating thing about technology which comes up again and again is how, no matter what the objective choices might be, we have the marked tendency as egotistical humans to anthropomorphize everything and make it all about us. The issue of A.I. bias is much discussed in law and ethics today. This lecture given earlier today by Dr. Rachel Adams and organized by Senior Lecturer Guido Noto La Diega at  Northumbria Law School in the U.K., is hugely interesting as it deals with the gendering of SIRI and the like. Moreover it also serves as deeper dive into how we directly bias A.I. and reinforce our own historical gender biases while we are at it.

One warning, the sound is a little on the low side to my fading ears so you may want to plug into a speaker and crank it up. Also you will not see much of the speaker as the camera ended up, extremely ironically, being set up perfectly for Guido and not for Rachel 😉


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