News of the Week; February 27, 2019


  1. Enough is Enough: Bains Proposes CRTC Policy Direction Grounded in Competition, Affordability, and Consumer Interests (Michael Geist)
  2. Proposed Order Issuing a Direction to the CRTC on Implementing the Canadian Telecommunications Policy Objectives to Promote Competition, Affordability, Consumer Interests and Innovation
  3. The CRTC Opens a Penske File: Chair Ian Scott Commits to Little Action Despite Finding Misleading Telecom Sales Tactics (Michael Geist)
  4. A CRTC More Interested in Protecting Incumbent Companies Than Consumers: My Appearance on the Broadcast Dialogue Podcast (Michael Geist)
  5. Appeals court rejects government bid to reverse AT&T/Time Warner deal
  6. Judge Ruling In AT&T Merger Again Highlights Broken Antitrust Enforcement, Court Myopia
  7. AT&T Throwing FundRaiser For Senate Chair Ahead Of Privacy Hearings
  8. FCC Uses Cherry-Picked Stats To Justify Giving Consumers A Giant Middle Finger
  9. Super Bowl Commercial for “Us” Generates FCC Complaints
  10. Frontier demands $4,300 cancellation fee despite horribly slow Internet
  11. Trump Administration’s ‘National Broadband Plan’ Comically Refuses To Acknowledge A Lack Of Competition
  12. Trump Calls For “6G,” Which Doesn’t Exist: Let’s focus on actually setting up 5G first.
  13. Trump demands quick rollout of “6G” wireless tech, which doesn’t exist
  14. Is 5G Being Weaponized?
  15. 5G Is Going to Be an Incredibly Tough Sell in 2019
  16. HTC Did the Unthinkable and Made a Hotspot That’s Cool
  17. There’s No End in Sight to Our Robocall Hell
  18. Industry Claims That Cord Cutting Would Be A Fad Aren’t Looking So Hot 
  19. Investigators, Reporters Close In On The Origins Of Those Fake Net Neutrality Comments
  20. Verizon says phone-sale fraud is up, wants to lock new phones to fight it
  21. Windstream, ISP with 1 million customers, files for bankruptcy


  1. Digital rights are *all* human rights, not just civil and political: The UN Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights consults with the field
  2. Report: US Cyber Command took Russian trolls offline during midterms
  3. Does Twitter Have An Anti-Conservative Bias, Or Just An Anti-Nazi Bias?
  4. Latest Garbage Twitter/Terrorism Lawsuit Is The Stupidest Twitter/Terrorism Lawsuit
  5. Twitter co-founder Ev Williams has stepped down from the $24 billion company’s board
  6. Facebook Reportedly Let Marketers Advertise to Nazis: Advertisers can pay to make sure their messages reach neo-Nazis.
  7. Facebook decided which users are interested in Nazis – and let advertisers target them directly
  8. These Apps Reportedly Shared Sensitive Personal Information With Facebook
  9. Facebook Ups Surveillance Of Users To Keep Tabs On People Who Don’t Like Facebook
  10. Facebook VPN that snoops on users is pulled from Android store
  11. Facebook pulls the plug on its data snooping Onavo VPN service: Its research programs will also gain more clarity
  12. The Trauma Floor: The secret lives of Facebook moderators in America
  13. Facebook’s promised Clear History privacy tool to launch later this year following delay
  14. Facebook Orders Animated Comedy Series Starring Anna Kendrick and Zac Efron, Sets ‘Real World’ Reboot Fan Voting
  15. Beware The Rise Of Censorship Under The Guise Of Stopping Fake News: UK Regulators Push For Dangerous Plan
  16. Open Letter From New York State Budget Director Robert Mujica Regarding Amazon
  17. How a coat on Amazon took over a neighborhood – and then the internet: A case study of a trend that maybe wasn’t one.
  18. Amazon Is Now Ditching on Seattle Plans, Too
  19. When Kids Realize Their Whole Life Is Already Online
  20. YouTube loses advertisers over “wormhole into pedophilia ring”
  21. After Child Video Scandal, YouTube Says Ad-Friendly Videos Can Be Demonetized For Inappropriate Comments
  22. YouTube And Demonetization: The Hammer And Nail Of Content Moderation
  23. YouTube recommendations for ‘alt-right’ videos have dropped dramatically, study shows: But YouTube denies demoting content based on “specific political perspectives”.
  24. When the Alt-right Loves Your App
  25. Suicide instructions spliced into kids’ cartoons on YouTube and YouTube Kids
  26. YouTube Demonetizes Anti-Vaccination Channels Following Advertiser Outcry
  27. YouTube Music Launches New Mini-Series Format, Beginning With Billie Eilish
  28. Michelle Obama Joins YouTube’s Book Panel Discussion Special
  29. T-Series Surpassed PewDiePie For 10 Minutes Following Routine YouTube Audit
  30. “Despacito” Becomes First Video In YouTube History To Pass 6 Billion Views
  31. Legal Update: Influencing The Influencers
  32. Lilly Singh Comes Out As Bisexual, Urging Fans To Embrace Their Differences As “Superpowers”
  33. Crunchyroll, Portal A To Shine Light On Diverse Anime Fandom In New Docuseries
  34. Amid 1 Billion Downloads, TikTok Launches Video Series To Protect Its Young Users
  35. Police: Uber Data Helped Prove Jussie Smollett Faked Hate Crime
  36. Apple closes two Dallas stores in apparent bid to ward off patent trolls
  37. Apple Shutting Down Stores In East Texas To Avoid Patent Trolling Cases In The Troll’s Favorite Docket
  38. Report: Apple is working on a new SDK for painless porting from iOS to Mac
  39. Apple Car: Apple’s vehicle project, focused on building an autonomous driving system.
  40. How Apple and app developers will try to entice you to subscribe, not just pay once
  41. Investigating the Higbee & Associates Copyright Trolling Operation
  42. One Person’s Unsettling Experience With A $20k Higbee Copyright Troll Demand Letter
  43. Teen Musician Turns Down $3 Million Record Deal: No Need For A Label Thanks To The Internet
  44. European governments approve controversial new copyright law
  45. European Journalists Point Out That Article 11 Will Enrich Publishers At The Expense Of Journalists 
  46. New EU Directive threatens the Internet as we know it (Andres Guadamuz)
  47. Europe Against the Net
  48. Who Needs Article 13: Italian Court Finds Facebook Liable For Hosting Links
  49. Japanese Academics Issue The Tamest ‘Emergency’ Statement Over Proposed Copyright Amendment
  50. Inside the Rise and Fall of a Multimillion-Dollar Airbnb Scheme: Multiple misleading identities, more than 100 host accounts and 18 corporations were created to run an illegal hotel business in Manhattan, according to a lawsuit filed by the city. 
  51. After Child Video Scandal, YouTube Says Ad-Friendly Videos Can Be Demonetized For Inappropriate Comments
  52. YouTube’s Commenter Controversy Is Putting Creators in a Tricky Position
  53. Major Companies Are Pulling Ads From YouTube Over Pedophile Concerns
  54. One Month After Returning To YouTube, AT&T Once Again Yanks Ad Spending Following Discovery Of Pedophilic Comments
  55. Disney reportedly in talks to buy AT&T’s stake in Hulu
  56. Disney Pulls YouTube Ads Amid Child Video Scandal, As Platform Disables Comments On Tens Of Millions Of Videos
  57. Anti-Vaccination Videos May Be YouTube’s Latest Front In Battle Against Conspiracies
  58. YouTube Says No Ads on Anti-Vaccine Videos
  59. Influencing the Influencer – how to be #CMAcompliant
  60. Who Won The PewDiePie And T-Series YouTube Subscriber Battle? The Two Canadian Teens Behind FlareTV.
  61. Jimmy Fallon Becomes First Late-Night Host To Hit 20 Million YouTube Subscribers
  62. Netflix Is the Most Intoxicating Portal to Planet Earth: Instead of trying to sell American ideas to a foreign audience, it’s aiming to sell international ideas to a global audience.
  63. Netflix Spent As Much As $60 Million Trying (And Failing) To Win ‘Roma’ The Best Picture Oscar
  64. Netflix and the Economics of Bundling 
  65. ‘Bon Appétit’ Launches Free OTT Channel With Slate Of 3 New Series 
  66. Older Adults Are Especially Prone to Social Media Bubbles  
  67. Insights: Doing A Better Job Counting What Counts In Social Media 
  68. Surprise: Uganda’s New Social Media Tax Seems To Have Led To Fewer People Using The Internet, And Total Value Of Mobile Transactions To Drop 
  69. Be Careful What You Wish For: Demanding Platforms Delete Disinformation May Make It Harder To Understand What Happened
  70. Court Refuses To Allow Defendant In Copyright Trolling Case To Proceed, But Hints At Reform
  71. DoorDash Is a Bunch of Snakes
  72. Beyond HoloLens: Microsoft expands its augmented-reality vision with iOS, Android apps 
  73. Hands-on: HoloLens 2 is a More Than Just a Larger Field of View 
  74. Microsoft Significantly Misrepresented HoloLens 2’s Field of View at Reveal
  75. Employees urge Microsoft to pull HoloLens military contract
  76. Microsoft CEO defends ‘principled and democratic’ HoloLens military contract
  77. Nadella: Microsoft will sell war tech to democracies to “protect freedoms”
  78. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella defends HoloLens military contract: “We’re not going to withhold technology from institutions that we have elected in democracies to protect the freedoms we enjoy”
  79. Why IBM’s “Dear Tech” Ad Is So Enraging
  80. A New AI Draws Cats, and They’re Utterly Grotesque: No cats were harmed in the making of this creepy website.
  81. AI Writes Article About AI: Does The Newspaper Hold The Copyright?
  82. An NYU professor explains why it’s so dangerous that Silicon Valley is building AI to make decisions without human values 
  83. Humanity + AI: Better Together
  84. When Algorithms Think You Want To Die
  85. Twenty minutes into the future with OpenAI’s Deep Fake Text AI 
  86. How Google, Microsoft, and Big Tech Are Automating the Climate Crisis
  87. Google ends forced arbitration for all employees
  88. Google Fesses Up To Hidden Microphone In Nest Home Security Platform
  89. Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+, and S10e hands-on: Samsung is slowly getting better
  90. Guidemaster: The least-awful Android phones
  91. Oppo’s foldable smartphone is another futuristic wraparound display device
  92. LG’s V50 answers the foldable phone craze with a detachable second screen
  93. Forget Face ID, the LG G8 comes with palm-reading “Hand ID” biometrics
  94. USB 3.2 is going to make the current USB branding even worse: People already get the names wrong, so the USB group has doubled down on bad naming.
  95. Nike’s self-lacing sneakers turn into bricks after faulty firmware update
  96. Blockchain based smart contracts equal to written documents in Italy 
  97. Surge In Cryptocurrency Exchange Hacking Activity 
  98. Perhaps the QuadragaCX Story Will Have a Happy Ending
  99. Upcoming Tech IPOs Will Mint Hundreds of Overnight Millionaires and Silicon Valley Vultures Are Licking Their Chops
  100. Why Big Cap Tech is So Big
  101. New FTC task force will take on tech monopolies: And they’re going to look at previous mergers
  102. The FTC Probably Doesn’t Need A New ‘Big Tech’ Task Force. It Just Needs To Do Its Job
  103. FTC’s first case over fake paid Amazon reviews targets dodgy diet pills
  104. FTC Brings First Case Challenging Fake Paid Reviews on an Independent Retail Website 
  105. FTC Announces Settlement Involving Fake Amazon Reviews 
  106. For the First Time, FTC Fines Company for Fake Amazon Reviews: “When a company buys fake reviews to inflate its Amazon ratings, it hurts both shoppers and companies that play by the rules.”
  107. String of ions may out-compute best quantum computers 
  108. Ariana Grande Becomes Most-Followed Female Creator On Instagram
  109. Canada’s Internet Music Success Story: SOCAN’s Canadian Internet Streaming Revenues Surpass Radio Royalties (Michael Geist)
  110. Here’s why we’re entering the Golden Age of Podcasts, in 10 graphs
  111. Why Musicians Are Starting Their Own Podcasts  – and Why the Podcast Industry Should Pay Attention: In sidestepping media middlemen, artists are creating their own DIY music-media economy
  112. Spotify launches in India amidst legal battle with Warner
  113. Why Did Music Visualizers Disappear?
  114. Providing Software Source Code Key to Powering Future Software Development (UNESCO)
  115. Back to the Stratosphere: How the Rarest Music in the World Comes Back – Duster was a small, largely forgotten band from the late ’90s. Then their legend began to grow on sites like Discogs. Now, they’re the subject of a major reissue.
  116. Unmasking the internet’s favourite novelist: Todd Noy was said to be a Pulitzer Prize-winning author and a towering figure in the online fan-fiction community. His books were delivered around the world. But he may have never existed.
  117. Kickstarter to Remove That Rat From the End of The Departed Whacked By DMCA Takedown
  118. 2H 2018 Quick Links, Part 7: Content Moderation, Section 230, & More (Eric Goldman) 
  119. Top Internet Law Developments of 2018 (Eric Goldman)


  1. China Extends Its Censorship To Australian Books, Written By Australian Authors For Australian Readers
  2. Clarence Thomas Has a Point About Free-Speech Law: The constitutional foundations of New York Times v. Sullivan are not looking all that firm.
  3. Catholic School Teen’s Lawyers File $250M Defamation Suit Against The Washington Post; Fail To List Any Actual Defamation
  4. Be warned – you can be held liable for the defamatory comments of another! 
  5. ASA publishes new guidance to protect children from irresponsible gambling ads
  6. Wherein The Copia Institute, Engine, And Reddit Tell The DC Circuit That FOSTA Is Unconstitutional
  7. No Apologies: Nirvana v. Marc Jacobs
  8. The company that commissioned “Fearless Girl” is suing its creator.
  9. Ad Standards Announces New Dispute Procedure
  10. EU, Chile, Singapore and Spain IP offices named most innovative in the world


  1. ICO prosecutes Cambridge Analytica parent company
  2. 9 Years After: From Operation Aurora to Zero Trust –  How the first documented nation-state cyberattack is changing security today.
  3. Piracy v. Privacy – The Federal Court Significantly Restores the Balance in Canadian Mass Copyright Litigation by Insisting on “Best Available Evidence”
  4. Consent: Is It Meaningful?
  5. Yahoo! Data Breach Settlement Increases Risk for Companies’ Directors and Officers
  6. Plain wrong: Millions of utility customers’ passwords stored in plain text – “It’s ridiculous vendors are replying to researchers via general counsel, not bug bounty.”
  7. Court Says DOJ’s Attempt To Force Facebook To Break Encryption Can Remain Under Seal
  8. Amazon Echo and Google Home should be able to snitch on owners, says professor: Marija Slavkovik at the University of Bergen, Norway wonders whether your digital assistant needs a moral, ethical dimension. But of course.
  9. EU Law Enforcement Preps To Start Sharing Sensitive Data With A Number Of Human Rights Abusers
  10. 8 GDPR compliance tips explained by Queen songs
  11. How criminals are using the low-interest credit card scam to steal your identity
  12. Many websites threatened by highly critical code-execution bug in Drupal
  13. Google: Software is never going to be able to fix Spectre-type bugs
  14. Love (or hate) Data?
  15. Five UK Privacy and Data Protection Predictions for 2019


  1. THQ Nordic inexplicably hosts AMA in a notorious internet cesspool
  2. Three hours after allying with 8chan, THQ Nordic goes into full apology mode
  3. FTC to begin loot box investigation with public workshop
  4. FTC to hold a public workshop on loot box concerns this year: It will bring industry groups and advocates together
  5. FTC plans to examine loot boxes with public workshop later this year
  6. ZeniMax hit with trademark dispute over its application for ‘Redfall’
  7. The duo behind the Running Man challenge are suing Epic over a Fortnite dance
  8. Epic Games accused of exploiting African American talent in latest dance move lawsuit: Jared Nickens and Jaylen Brantley file for $20 million in damages over Running Man emote, despite questionable ownership of dance 
  9. Epic pulls YouTube ads after predatory videos discovered: Fortnite pre-roll ads removed as YouTube continues to struggle with recommendation algorithm
  10. Fortnite’s Marshmello concert beats game’s concurrent player record: 10.6 million players showed up to event, breaking past record by around 2.5 million
  11. Fortnite Players Sue for Alleged Exposure of Payment Information for Vbucks 
  12. PUBG’s dev team has turned to machine learning to fight off cheaters
  13. EA and Activision Blizzard CEOs featured in ‘The 100 Most Overpaid CEOs’ report
  14. Activision’s Bobby Kotick and EA’s Andrew Wilson among most overpaid CEOs in US: Latest study shows the two chief execs earn more than 300 times the average wage of their employees
  15. ESA’s acting CEO stays neutral on unionization, opposes ‘gaming disorder’
  16. A New Player Joins the Battle – The AFL-CIO Throws Its Support Behind Game Development Employees And Urges Them To Form A Union 
  17. Devs pull Devotion from Steam following review bombing spree
  18. Taiwanese developer under fire for mocking Chinese president: Red Candle Games’ Devotion removed from Steam for QA check after in-game art calls Xi Jinping “Winnie the Pooh moron”
  19. Starbreeze applies for extended reconstruction period as it looks to regroup  
  20. Starbreeze applies for extension on reconstruction period: Troubled publisher wants until June to “focus on its core business of internal game development and publishing” 
  21. Report: Amazon, Comcast, and EA now among potential Nexon buyers  
  22. EA, Amazon, Comcast reportedly bidding for Nexon: Companies join Netmarble, Kakao in pursuing founder’s controlling stake
  23. Report: EA makes layoffs at Australian mobile studio FireMonkeys  
  24. Massive layoffs at EA’s Australian studio: FireMonkeys will refocus on live services as up to 50 staff prepare for redundancy
  25. Anthem: Critical Consensus – Exhilarating flight and stylish combat dazzle the critics, but they can’t hide a lack of substance in BioWare’s latest title 
  26. Wave of layoffs expected at Guild Wars 2 dev ArenaNet 
  27. ArenaNet bracing for layoffs: Owner NCSoft CEO says current situation not sustainable, plans for cuts across the board and merging of publishing divisions
  28. Overkill’s The Walking Dead postponed, not cancelled on console: 505 Games confirms this is the same delay announced last month, despite confusion over PS4 pre-order refunds
  29. Capcom COO calls out the growing value of PC as a platform
  30. The Future of Gaming Is Subscription 
  31. Psychonauts and surviving the publisher shuffle: Tim Schafer says the studio’s experiences with partners aren’t that unusual, addresses struggles of Psychonauts 2 publisher Starbreeze 
  32. Superdata: Digital revenue down in January as major console franchises underperform – Premium PC games see largest decline, leaving Fortnite near the top on both console and PC
  33. Rising development costs forced Square Enix to find its soul | Opinion: When Final Fantasy was no longer enough, the venerable publisher dug deeper
  34. Brexit has fostered a culture of fear among British game devs  
  35. No Deal Brexit will mean “dark, dystopian UK” | Opinion: Andy Payne discusses the potential impact of a No Deal Brexit on the UK games industry
  36. Twitch’s fight against EU copyright laws continues with MEPs playing Mario Kart: Two members of the European Parliament will discuss how to combat the divisive Article 13 on Twitch’s official channel
  37. Nintendo of America head Reggie Fils-Aime retires, Bowser taking over
  38. How Reggie Fils-Aime Became A Nintendo Legend
  39. Nintendo Announces Pokémon Sword And ShieldFor Switch
  40. Pokémon Sword and Shield will hit Switch in “late 2019”
  41. $100K Mario seller: “It’s probably the wrong move, long term, to sell” 
  42. Mattel’s video game division eyes original IP: The joint venture between Mattel and NetEase plots three to four new games a year 
  43. Report: Microsoft plans to announce two next-gen Xbox consoles at E3  
  44. Microsoft to reveal new Xbox hardware at E3 2019 – Report: Code-named Lockhart and Anaconda to be shown, but not available until fall of 2020
  45. Microsoft takes a big step towards putting Xbox games on Windows
  46. Report: Xbox Game Pass headed to the Nintendo Switch
  47. Game Pass, Xbox-exclusive games reportedly heading to Switch: Ori and the Blind Forest, others may be streamable to Nintendo’s console sometime this year
  48. Why putting Xbox games on Switch isn’t as ridiculous as it might sound
  49. Crackdown 3 shows a vision of the future | Opinion: The new Xbox title points toward the radical changes that Game Pass will bring to the industry’s commercial and cultural landscape
  50. Fallout: Wasteland Warfare: A “rad” miniatures game full of Nuka-Cola flavor
  51. Halo Infinite now linked to next Xbox’s launch, rumor suggests RPG elements
  52. Report: Microsoft plans to announce two next-gen Xbox consoles at E3
  53. Microsoft puts mixed reality, high-speed 3D rendering, and Kinect vision into cloud
  54. Microsoft unveils HoloLens 2, promises greater mixed reality immersion
  55. Microsoft unveils HoloLens 2: twice the field of view, eye tracking
  56. Microsoft adds eye-tracking, doubles field of view for HoloLens 2: Will launch later this year for $3,500, Unreal Engine support on the way
  57. Microsoft Significantly Misrepresented HoloLens 2’s Field of View at Reveal
  58. Employees demand Microsoft cancels $479m HoloLens military contract: Engineers on the project believed it would “push the boundaries of gaming”, not “turn warfare into a simulated video game
  59. Razer lays off 30 from shut down projects: Organization’s “realignment” plans result in cut of 2% of workforce
  60. GOG lays off a dozen employees over reported financial strain
  61. Funcom enters partnership with Legendary to create Dune games
  62. Skybound cuts ties with Overkill’s The Walking Dead devs mid-release  
  63. GOG lays off “around a dozen,” reportedly due to financial trouble: Estimated 10% of total staff may have been affected due to revenue share competition from other storefronts
  64. GOG drops Fair Price Package program, blames rising dev revenue shares
  65. Ebba Ljungerud’s grand strategy: A chat with Paradox’s CEO
  66. THQ Nordic issues new shares to raise $225 million for future acquisitions
  67. THQ Nordic raises $225m for further acquisitions: “Substantially oversubscribed” share issue brings on a range of new investors for growing publisher
  68. Media Molecule to launch Dreams in paid Early Access this spring: Long-awaited game is among the first to introduce Early Access concept to PlayStation 4
  69. NetEase maintains revenue growth despite Chinese approvals freeze: Online games revenue was up 11% in 2018, with ten new games still waiting for approval in China
  70. Tencent and NetEase’s combined non-China mobile revenues leap 505% to $472m: IHS Markit says Chinese publishers’s efforts overseas helped weather game freeze, let by NetEase’s battle royale Knives Out
  71. Tencent partners with Intel on its streaming service, Instant Play
  72. Snail Games launches indie publishing label: Chinese outfit establishes Wandering Wizard to bring Western indie titles to the market, starting with Virtual Basement’s Outlaws of the Old West
  73. Paratopic haunts the walking sim with verbs and violence
  74. Blog: Why 2018 was a landmark year for accessibility  
  75. Kabam founder forms blockchain gaming startup Forte: Kevin Chou hopes to encourage adoption of blockchain in the gaming industry by building, supporting new projects 
  76. Embark Studios grows to over 50 people, working on first title: Patrick Söderlund’s new studio larger than anticipated as it starts work on co-op, free-to-play action game
  77. Technical deep dive: The wild and windy aerodynamics ofJust Cause 4
  78. FIFA announces eNations Cup tournament: Latest series is one of three officially hosted by the football association in partnership with EA Sports
  79. Overwatch League Boston Uprising, New England Patriots owner charged with soliciting prostitution: Robert Kraft, 24 others charged after eight-month-long investigation in southern Florida
  80. “China is saying is that esports is cool, and more healthy than gaming itself”: What role can “offline” esports events like summer camps play in repairing the industry’s relationship with the Chinese government?
  81. Female viewership of esports increasing: Interpret finds girls and women account for 30% of esports watchers, up more than 6% in just two years
  82. Hi-Rez Studios: Turning battle royale into an entertaining esport – Esports BAR Cannes speaker Alex Grimonpont explains why “we still haven’t seen a significant success” from battle royale in terms entertaining spectators
  83. Use of excerpts of videogames and eSports competitions without the right holder’s consent: is it fair use (or the Princess is in another castle)? 
  84. HTC is launching the Vive Focus Plus this year, complete with 6DoF controllers
  85. US Future staff to unionize with Writers Guild of America: PC Gamer, GamesRadar, others join growing industry push for unionization
  86. U.S. Patent No. 9,138,648: System and method for dynamically loading game software for smooth game play 
  87. U.S. Patent No. 9,266,022: System to pause a game console whenever an object enters an exclusion zone 
  88. U.S. Patent No. 8,882,594: Control scheme for real time strategy game 
  89. 5 Ways Black Panther’s Success Could Inspire Video Games
  90. How Black Women Made The Sims 4 Their Own
  91. 5 Awesome Black Video Game Characters: In honor of Black History Month, we celebrate some of the best black characters in video games.
  92. Jerry Lawson: The Black Man Who Revolutionized Gaming As We Know It – Meet Gerald “Jerry” Lawson, the man who pioneered the video game cartridge.
  93. Games Developed By Black Developers You Should Look Out For: In celebration of Black History Month, here are some indie games that should be on your radar. 
  94. No Doubt v. Activision Publishing, Inc. 
  95. Resident Evil 2 Remake: The Tofu Survivor Challenge- Hot Keys
  96. Resident Evil 2 remake ships 4 million copies in first month
  97. The Interactivity of Reading
  98. Amy Hennig calls single-player games ‘just a harder and harder proposition’
  99. Opinion: Civilization VI’s (Green) New Deal
  100. Blog: A student game postmortem (or how not to make a game)


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