Tinder, Dating Apps, and Privacy Policy – Discussion Outline

Tinder, Dating Apps, and Privacy Policy
(Brendon Easton, Cayleigh Handford, Sarah Manschreck, and Margaux Ripert)

Discussion Outline

1. Foundations
a. What is personal data?
b. Why do we want to keep it private?
c. Risks
d. Issues: Grindr HIV scandal, Ashley Madison case, Guardian article on Tinder
2. Overview of Privacy Legislation in Canada
3. Privacy Policies
a. Policies in UK, Canada, EU
b. What is being collected?
c. Who is collecting it?
d. Why is data being collected?
e. How is it being collected? (Algorithms?)
4. Terms and Conditions
a. Overview of terms and conditions: who can contract with Tinder: Safety; Modification
b. Data Disclosure: Rights users grant Tinder; Exclusivity; Disclosure; Facebook
c. Liability and Recourse: Liability Limitation; Indemnification; Class Actions; Arbitration; and Jury Waiver.
d. Conclusions and potential challenges to your contract with Tinder
5. Issues
a. Contracting with minors
b. Pending litigation?
c. Cambridge Analytica and potential for misuse of data by dating apps
d. Conclusion and questions

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