News of the Week; February 12, 2020

COMMUNICATIONS The Broadcast Panel Report and Discoverability of Canadian Content: Searching for Evidence of a Problem (Michael Geist) The BTLR and USMCA, Part One: Why the Broadcast Panel Recommendations Conflict With Canada’s Emerging Trade Obligations (Michael Geist) Higher Costs and Less Choice: Why Consumers Will Pay the Price for the Broadcast Panel’s Plans to Increase… Read More

Facebook’s launch of Facebook Dating in EU delayed due to data protection concerns

Facebook’s dating service, Facebook Dating, has decided to delay launching in the EU after the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC), the national authority for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), expressed concerns with the recent notification of the launch and the failure to provide a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA). Facebook Ireland only notified the… Read More

Response to Facial Recongnition Technology and Canadian Law Enforcement

This was a very interesting post. I was also reading about the controversies surrounding facial recognition software. Clearview’s Facial Recognition App Is Identifying Child Victims of Abuse by Kashmir Hill and Gabriel J.X. Dance. This article discusses how it is being used in law enforcement (including in Canada) to identify the victims of child… Read More

Facial Recognition Technology and Canadian Law Enforcement

A previous post dealt with facial recognition technology and its privacy implications. What some members of the class may be unaware of is that certain law enforcement agencies in Canada have begun to use facial recognition technology, and others are planning to implement it. Notably, the Calgary police department have been using facial recognition technology… Read More

Michael Geist interviews Janet Yale (Chair of the Broadcasting/Telecom Review Panel) I found this to be a frustrating episode. – I don’t understand the choice to focus on Canadians having choice at the level of an individual online media provider. Why does choice of content and discoverability of Canadian content need to be satisfied within Facebook or within Netflix instead of on the internet generally?… Read More

News of the Week; February 5, 2020

COMMUNICATIONS  The CRTC Knows Best: Panel Report Recommends Costly Overhaul of Canadian Communications Law to Regulate Internet Sites and Services Worldwide (Michael Geist) Not Neutral: Why the Broadcast Panel Report Weakens Net Neutrality in Canada (Michael Geist) Broadcasting report constitutes a stunning overreach Jonathan Kay: The federal government’s unsettling communications power grab – No one… Read More

First Responder Technologies – Canadian company using WiFi signals to prevent mass shootings

First Responder Technologies, founded by an ex-member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Kal Malhi, is changing the way our communities use wifi to combat the growing number of public attacks and mass shootings. The technology uses commercial WiFi networks to identify concealed weapons. The product itself is a fence which acts as a WiFi… Read More